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April 14, 2015

How many prisoners were “murdered” at Dachau?

My photo of the gate into the Dachau concentration camp

My 2001 photo of the gate into the Dachau concentration camp

The 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp, by American troops on April 29, 1945, will be coming up soon. There will be a big celebration and lots of news stories about the number of prisoners, who were murdered by the Nazis at Dachau.

This morning, I read a news article which had a photo of Newell West, with this caption:  “Newell West, WW2 veteran who served with the Army Air Corp, then with Army counterintelligence in the CIC investigating Nazi war criminals”

Newell West now lives in Tulsa, OK and he is speaking out about the number of prisoners “murdered” at Dachau. In the news article, there is no mention of how many Dachau prisoners died in the typhus epidemic in the camp. But forget that; nobody cares about the truth.

Printed below is the headline of the article:

World War II veterans remember: Newell West hunted Nazis with Counterintelligence Corps

You can read the article in full at

This quote is from the news article, cited above:

“Over its 12 years in operation, more than 200,000 people from across Europe were imprisoned in Dachau and its subsidiary camps. Ultimately, some 40,500 of them would be murdered.”

How were these 40,500 Dachau prisoners “murdered”? The news article doesn’t tell us, but they might have been murdered in the Dachau gas chamber. Or they could have died in the typhus epidemic in  the camp.

Even before World War II ended on May 8, 1945, American General Dwight D. Eisenhower had ordered that as many American soldiers as possible should be brought to see the gas chamber in Baracke X at Dachau, where a sign outside read, “This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here. Please don’t destroy.”

This sign has since been taken down.

There were also 5,380 dead prisoners at Dachau, whose bodies had been buried on Leitenberg hill before the camp was liberated; this means that the death toll at Dachau was over 243,000.

Since the total number of registered inmates at the main Dachau camp was only 206,206, according to the camp records, this means that the US military claimed that there were 37,000 more deaths than the number of prisoners who were registered. Yet, there were almost 32,000 cheering survivors who greeted the American liberators.

Later, a new sign was placed at the crematorium by Phillip Auerbach, a Jewish concentration camp survivor, who had been appointed the Bavarian Commissioner for Racial, Religious and Political Persecutees and the Commissioner for Restitution.

This new sign read “In the years from 1933 to 1945, 238,756 people were cremated here.”

The Rev. Martin Niemöller, a former prisoner at Dachau, saw this sign in November 1945 and was very upset by the high number of alleged deaths in the Dachau camp.

According to a report made by the International Tracing Service at Arolson, Germany in 1977, there were 31,951 deaths at the main Dachau camp during the 12 years that the camp was in existence. The International Tracing Service is part of the International Red Cross.

The International Tracing  Service report was based on the death records meticulously kept by the Nazis. The camp records were confiscated by the American Army and are currently being kept in the National Archives in Washington, DC.

Hans Zauner, the mayor of Dachau, claimed after the war that only 20,600 prisoners had died in the entire 12-year history of the Dachau concentration camp. If his claim is correct, this means that the American military inflated the number of deaths by more than a factor of 10.

A bridge over Würm river canal leads to the Dachau gatehouse on the right

A bridge over Würm river canal leads to the Dachau gatehouse on the right

According to the Dachau camp records, there were 3,752 deaths at Dachau in the first seven years that the camp was in operation, but the death toll escalated to 13,158 deaths in the first four months of 1945.

Just in the month of February 1945, there were 3,977 deaths at Dachau, more than in all of the seven years before the war. Most of these deaths in 1945 were due to a typhus epidemic in the camp which began in the fall of 1944 when prisoners were evacuated from the camps in Poland and brought to Dachau.

Until recently, it was not generally known that the increase in the death rate at Dachau in the Spring of 1945 was due to a typhus epidemic. Without this knowledge, one might reasonably assume that the number of deaths at Dachau escalated dramatically near the end of the war because the Nazis were trying to kill as many Jews as they could before they were stopped by the Allied liberation of the camps.

Regarding the last days of the war and the number of Jewish deaths, Daniel Goldhagen wrote in his best-selling book entitled Hitler’s Willing Executioners:

“Finally, the fidelity of the Germans to their genocidal enterprise was so great as seeming to defy comprehension. Their world was disintegrating around them, yet they persisted in genocidal killing until the end.”

However, it must be remembered that two-thirds of all the Dachau prisoners, including the prisoners in the sub-camps, were non-Jewish political prisoners with Polish Catholics in the majority.

The Official Report of the US Seventh Army claimed that 29,138 Jews had been brought to Dachau and murdered in five gas chambers there between June 20, 1944 and November 23, 1944. Contrary to this claim, displays at the Dachau Memorial Site in May 2001 stated that four of these gas chambers were used only to disinfect clothing with Zyklon-B and that the fifth gas chamber at Dachau was never used nor put into operation.

In May 2003, a new display in the Dachau Museum claimed that one of the five gas chambers, the one that is disguised as a shower room, was used to kill a few prisoners.

Door into the Dachau gas chamber

Door into the Dachau gas chamber

The sign  over the Dachau gas chamber door reads “Brausebad.”    Brausebad is the German word for “shower bath,” but don’t  let this fool you. This is really a gas chamber, and don’t you deny it unless you want to go to prison, for 5 years, in 19 different countries.

Some of the prisoners, who died at Dachau, are buried on Leitenberg Hill.  My photo below shows a Christian cross at Leitenberg.

Cross in honor of the Christian prisoners who died at Dachau

Cross at Leitenberg  hill  in honor of the Christian prisoners who died at Dachau

In the middle of the Leitenberg cemetery is a Christian cross, made of wood, which was designed by Klaus Backmund from Munich. It is shown in my photo above.

On all four sides of the cross are panels which are engraved with likenesses of Christian martyrs. Leitenberg was consecrated as a Christian cemetery on December 16, 1949. Most of the prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp in the later years were Catholic.


  1. The 86 year old UK chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust and Board of Jewish Deputies will not have to face any charges related to child sexual abuse . I would be more surprised if he had appeared before a court. He is after all above the law.
    His victims are devastated at the failure of justice.

    Comment by peter — April 16, 2015 @ 4:26 am

    • Not that it has anything to do with “this post”,but who is kitty hart moxen. I ask because she was on some documentary. As I’ve noticed with all documentaries of this nature,she’s telling her story of woe to ……..teenagers. No surprise there

      Comment by Tim — April 16, 2015 @ 7:07 am

  2. I read something today. This man bought up a challenge on his website.he said he don’t deny that Jews suffered in ww2. All he was asking for was 1 or 2 good pieces of evidence that the nazis had a plan to build and use gas chambers. He said all
    He got was personal attacks. I saw another article. It said the nazis tried to “steam” the Jews to death. Then stated they would try mass killing by way of electricity. It said after those 2 failed,nazis went to gas. Some Jew swine named Bernard Clarke wrote a book. In the book he talked about how he tortured the guy that ran Auschwitz. Rudolph hoess. He did it to get a false confession out of him. If everything was so “air tight” on this case,why would you need to do that? I read some place else,doctors did autopsies on a 1000 Jews . The one thing they were looking for was death by gas. None of the Jews tested positve for gas. They also said if that’s how they were killed,the bodies would be a bright red color. Shouldn’t we be able to charge the the douchebag nazi hunters with “kidnapping? They go to a sovereign nation and abduct nazis to put on trial . Last time I checked pretty much every nation has laws against that.

    Comment by Tim — April 15, 2015 @ 11:00 pm

    • There were FOUR real gas chambers at Dachau. The German word Gaskzeit was written right on the door, along with a skull and crossbones warning label. The photo of an American soldier, standing in front of this door, went around the world.

      I wrote about the Dachau gas chambers on this previous blog post:

      Comment by furtherglory — April 16, 2015 @ 9:18 am

      • I don’t recall exactly where I saw it at,but it said a thousand bodies ( it didn’t say where or what time span was) had autopsies done on them. Typhus,starvation,etc. were the causes of death on the bodies examined. Not one body show signs of being poisoned by gas. There was one picture you had on one of your posts. Picture of a soldier standing next to caskets. If they torched the Jews after gassing them, all the pics I’ve seen of firing squads,they didn’t put people in caskets after they bumped em off. What was the purpose for them taking that picture? I cant come up with a good reason for making all of our soldiers walk through the camps. Being given the guided tour. Our boys already saw more than any person should have to see of war. I think it was done so when they got back stateside, they can tell all their friends and family the “horror of the camps” . Get everyone over to buy the BS. There’s and Chinese saying. ” A lie that Is told a million times becomes the truth”.

        Comment by Tim — April 16, 2015 @ 2:08 pm

        • You might have read on my website that autopsies were done on dead Dachau prisoners in an effort to find evidence of gassing.

          The following quote is from my website:
          Begin quote:
          Soon after the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp on April 29, 1945, a US War Crimes Investigation Team was brought to Dachau and an attempt was made to find some of the bodies of the prisoners who had been gassed. It was the policy to burn the bodies in all the camps, but in the last months of the war, the bodies at Dachau had been buried on a hill called Leitenberg. One of the mass graves on Leitenberg was opened and Dr. Charles Larson, a leading forensic pathologist, who was with the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Department (JAGD), performed autopsies on hundreds of bodies without finding any that showed evidence of poison gas.

          Shortly before the proceedings of the Nuremberg IMT began on November 20, 1945, the trial of the staff members of the Dachau concentration camp by an American Military Tribunal started on November 15, 1945, but no charges were made against any of the accused with regard to killing prisoners in the 5 gas chambers at Dachau.
          End quote

          In spite of this, the Dachau Memorial Site now tells visitors that Jews were gassed at Dachau. If you deny this, you could be put on trial in Germany and sentenced to 5 years in prison. If you bring in a lawyer to defend you, the lawyer will go to prison.

          Comment by furtherglory — April 17, 2015 @ 6:18 am

          • Okay. Last I heard there was no influence in Germany dealing with the Russians. I’m gonna deduce that Germany is a “free” country. That means her citizens should have freedom of speech. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been ignorant on this subject for many years. Yes. I drank the kook aid. I wasn’t totally a 100% convinced of the holocaust. Even after I started reading your site. I went and did further study on the topics you’ve spoke of. I was able to have some other sites expound on what you spoke of. A lot of it leads me to more confusion. The confusion comes by way of the Jews . The reason there is they’ve got so many lies going,that they can’t possibly keep track of them. How do they think people are going to react when they find out the Jews are saying ,”please believe us”. At the same time they’re playing those people (like me) for f**kin fools. Remember the song,” there he goes,hes Cathy’s clown”? Substitute Jew for Cathy. That’s how I feel. Been siding with the Jews only to find out,they wouldn’t know truth if it bit them in the ass. When they started their campaign of BS,did they think the truth would never come. They thought they could propagate their lies and nobody would find out. Now that I think about it,Germany is no longer under Russian influences. Why,because it looks to me like the Jews are running the show. How the hell do you let one group of people have that much control. I don’t remember who quoted this,but it goes ,”things come apart much easier,when they’re held together with lies”. I apologize for dumping so many questions at your doorstep,but I’m pretty much lost considering pretty much everything I was taught was a lie. I trust people wether I know them or not. The minute they lie to me,they’re on their own

            Comment by Tim — April 17, 2015 @ 8:23 am

            • Germany is NOT a free country. Germany is still being occupied by American soldiers, so as to prevent the Germans from starting another Holocaust. There is no “free speech” in Germany. The Germans are literally afraid to speak for fear of offending the Jews. The Jews are now leaving Israel and going to Berlin, where they know that they will be safe. If anyone tries to exercise “free speech” in Germany, they will quickly be sent to prison for 5 years. There is no defense against “Holocaust denial” for anyone in a German court. If a lawyer tries to defend a Holocaust denier, the lawyer will be sent to prison. IOW, the Germans do what the Jews tell them to do, or they will be sent to prison.

              Comment by furtherglory — April 18, 2015 @ 7:38 am

              • May as well go on ahead and turn the country over to China or North Korea . Why don’t they ask Putin to lease Siberia to them. Speak out against the corrupt Jews ( my bad. They’re all corrupt) send em to the Gulag. I Had an epiphany after o read your response. The Jews write the rules to what they see as “their truth”. Makes me question the bible. Bible clearly states that the ol man upstairs says there’s only way to him. That’s through his son. Jews say they’re the ol mans pets. “You don’t get to me unless you accept my son”. No gray area there. I guess if you figure you can make yourself the exception to the ol mans word, then you can f**k over whoever you want. I saw a show on tv one time. It was made around ’99 or 2000. At the end of the show,the people making the film were talking to current residents of Berlin . They were talking with this young German lady. I’d say she was in her early 20’s. She was crying. Said she was ashamed to be a German . When I saw this shoe it was back in the day when ,” I still believed the Jews”. I didn’t think the young should’ve been crying. She didn’t wrong anybody. “Now “,I see why she was crying. Had to put up a good show for the “Jew gestapo”. I’m still at a loss as to why countries think they gotta kiss the nasty arse of the Jews . I remember Reagan saying,” tear down this wall”. Why? I don’t see where anything has changed. At least with the Ruskies they didn’t try to gain the sympathy of the world. I got sick of looking for stuff on bing or google. They’re liberal search engines. I found a conservative one. Google kept telling me it couldn’t find anything dealing with ” Andelot 12 September 1944″( yes my spelling was correct ). I went to the other website. Put in my search term. Wow! It did happen. These French douchebags from Gen. Leclerics group ran 500 Kraut POWs onto a barn ( I don’t know if it was 500 at once. I’ve got a huge sale barn where I have my production sales for my seedstock. No way I could get 500 in there.) . They took a tank and fired into the barn. Survivors were gunned down. That’s a big no no with POWs. Why didn’t they put those lil girls on trial for murder? Talk about Jews having the Krauts for lap dogs. That show is back on tv with that jew slug telling her “boo hoo ” story. Sad part about this, she dragging 2 teenage kraut girls through auschwitz with her,spoon feeding them her BS lies. Sad part they’re buying all of it. There’s another show where these guys are at some memorial at sobibor. The one guy is saying how we found all these “mass graves full of bodies”. Where’d the proof go? If that was me,I’d taken some pictures. If I’m gonna make a claim like that,im gonna make sure I have something to back me up. I Was in country for less than a month when I went to ‘Nam. I found out real quick how the truth can twisted just to make a few people happy. Well we’re finished in southeast Asia . We’ve pretty much figured out the truth with that. WW2 has been over for how long and people still want to buy the lies they’re fed

                Comment by Tim — April 18, 2015 @ 9:40 am

              • This is an afterthought. I promise not yammer on. The uprising at sobibor. Sounds like this was a well thought plan. This one jew boy mentioned,” we had to kill the guards quietly “. Here’s where I take issue. If these Jews are so damned malnourished,how the hell are they gonna be able to put together an elaborate plan like that.? How the hell can they even muster enough strength to “kill the guards quietly”? I saw one picture of this jew boy. They said in so many words,” he chose to be electrocuted by falling on the electric fence,before spending another day there.”here’s the interesting part. In the picture you can clearly see his hand on the fence. Picture was close enough to make out the features of that hand. Yet no where on his hand,was he burned. I guess nobody figured anyone would notice

                Comment by Tim — April 18, 2015 @ 9:55 am

  3. How many Nazis were hung by the American liberators at Dachau and if they didn’t gas prisoners there what were the capital crimes they were found guilty of by the military tribunal?

    Comment by who dares wings — April 14, 2015 @ 10:45 pm

    • who dares wings
      American Military Tribunal at Dachau between November 1945 and August 1948 tried 1,672 German alleged war criminals in 489 separate proceedings. 1,416 of them were convicted and then sent to War Criminals Prison at Landsberg am Lech for execution or incarceration. There were 297 death sentences, and 279 sentences to life in prison.

      Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — April 15, 2015 @ 2:26 am

      • I wrote about the “Dachau Trials” on this page of my website:

        This quote is from that page on my website:
        Begin Quote
        The first “Dachau Trial,” which began on November 15, 1945, is sometimes called “the trial of Martin Gottfried Weiss and 39 others,” but it was officially known as US vs. Martin Gottfried Weiss, et al. The proceedings took place in a courtroom set up in one of the buildings inside the former Dachau camp complex.

        The “Dachau trials” were actually the proceedings of an American Military Tribunal, not trials in the ordinary sense. The accused were considered to be guilty as charged, and the burden of proof was on them, not on the prosecution.

        The attorneys on both sides were American military officers, as were the members of the panel which acted as the judge and jury. The chief prosecutor was Lt. Col. William Denson. He was assisted by Captain Philip Heller, Captain William D. Lines, and Captain Richard G. McCuskey.

        Lt. Paul Guth was the chief interrogator who was in charge of getting signed confessions from the accused before the proceedings began. Lt. Guth was a Jew who had emigrated to the United States from Vienna, Austria in 1941.
        End quote

        Comment by furtherglory — April 15, 2015 @ 9:46 am

  4. Mayor Hans Zauner committed the (German) crime of Holocaust Denial. Or did he say that BEFORE those laws went into effect (around 1992)?

    Comment by Jett Rucker — April 14, 2015 @ 12:34 pm

    • Zauner said this long before the Holocaust denial laws went into effect.

      The American army appointed Dachau resident Hans Zauner as acting mayor of the town of Dachau, according to Harold Marcuse, who wrote that the outraged occupying soldiers required the townspeople to supply clothing and foodstuffs for the liberated inmates, and threatened the acting mayor with dire consequences if he did not fulfill the quotas.

      The mayor was forced to give coupons for free clothing to the ragged survivors, which soon exhausted the stocks of Dachau’s two largest clothing suppliers, according to Marcuse, who also wrote the following about the aftermath of the liberation:

      “In his memoirs, Zauner described how on May 1, 1945, two American soldiers, without a word of warning or explanation, pulled him out of his office, pushed him down the stairs and set him on the hood of their jeep, whereupon they took the 59-year-old for a joy ride around the hilly town. Eventually the GIs brought Zauner back to city hall and let him dismount.”

      Comment by furtherglory — April 14, 2015 @ 1:07 pm

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