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May 2, 2015

Did Mietek Grocher walk backwards out of the room after his lecture to students in Sweden?

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Monument of Struggle and Martyrdom at Majdanek

Monument of Struggle and Martyrdom at Majdanek where Grocher was a prisoner

The back side of the Majdanek monument

The back side of the Majdanek monument faces the camp

Holocaust survivor Mietek Grocher recently gave a lecture to students in Sweden, where skinheads interrupted his talk. Grocher is a survivor of the Majdanek death camp in Poland. He claims that he survived because he walked backwards out of a gas chamber in the Majdanek camp.

This quote is from the Jerusalem Post article about his speech:

Members of a Swedish youth movement launched an anti-fascist campaign at a high school where neo-Nazis interrupted a lecture by a Holocaust survivor.

The campaign began last week at the Peders Skrivares high school in the western province of Halland, where on April 22 a group of skinheads demonstratively walked in on a talk given to students by Mietek Grocher, 89, Sveriges Radio reported.

I previously wrote this blog post about Grocher, who survived the gas chamber at Majdanek by walking backwards out of the room: :


  1. Comment by hermie — May 3, 2015 @ 7:09 pm

  2. “Oy Gevalt.. I survived the deadly gas because I crawled out of de window.The Nazis forgot to close it just before the shower heads released the deadly fumes” — Morris Fraudberg

    Comment by David CHristie — May 2, 2015 @ 2:32 pm

  3. When is Furtherglory going to tell the “whole truth” and not merely some unimportant bits of truth–while simultaneously supporting the HOAX?

    Shame on Furtherglory for groveling and cowering, even behind a veil of pseudonyms.

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at
    Nazi Gassings Never Happened!

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — May 2, 2015 @ 9:18 am

    • Sorry if my blog posts offend you. My suggestion is that you avoid reading my blog. I find the HOAX to be endlessly funny and I usually write about the funny stories told by the survivors. For example, the following quote from a news article today

      Begin quote:
      For three days, [Max] Eisen was locked in a cattle car with 100 other Jews. Upon arriving in Auschwitz, he, along with his father, Zoltan, and his uncle, Eugene, were assigned to a labor force, made to drain and fertilize swamps. Eisen’s mother Ethel, nine-month-old sister Judit, two younger brothers Eugene and Alfred, aunt Irene and grandparents Fabian and Malvina were immediately selected for the gas chambers and killed in the camp’s Crematoria II. [How does he know which of the FOUR gas chambers his relatives were gassed in?]

      After the selection took place, Eisen went with his father and uncle to the showers. He remembers the following scene:

      “There was a strong man in his twenties from my town. He wore glasses and his glasses dropped in the shower and he got down on his fours looking for his glasses. An SS guy got livid and gave him a kick and stomped on his chest and I heard his ribs cracked. He died, and this was my initiation to Auschwitz.”

      End quote

      I once fell down and cracked a couple of my ribs, but I didn’t die. Cracked ribs heal themselves. This story is obviously a lie.

      Besides that, I don’t think that the prisoners wore glasses into the shower because this would have been dangerous if the glasses got dropped on the floor and there were shards of glass to pick up. The glasses would have fogged up in the shower. That’s why I don’t think that this story is true.

      My blog is basically about the funny stories told by the survivors. Their stories disprove the Holocaust in my opinion.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 2, 2015 @ 10:06 am

      • I don’t see why you need to apologize at all. I’ve said before you allow both sides to present their comments. For and against. You don’t erase any. That’s why I said,”unlike Walter Cronkite,you practice responsible journalism”. You question history. That’s not forcing your views on people. You write the articles and present them. If the readers wish to expound on a certain article,there’s a font of knowledge on the Internet . Okay. Probably about 90% of the Internet is written by socialist ,liberal pukes,so a person is gonna have to do a lot of digging

        Comment by Tim — May 2, 2015 @ 1:45 pm

    • Matthew. 18:9. King James Version
      “And if thy eye offends the, gouge it out and toss it from the”. The only thing that bothers me about this post ( other than the brainwashing the jew tried to give innocent kids),is that those “skinhead pukes” showed up. They ain’t nothing but a bunch of candy ass bitches. They can’t even fight with having to pick something up. They’re too chickenshit to go toe and bare knuckle. They only showed up outta hate. They don’t give a damn about the truth. An 89 yr old man and a boatload of bitch ass skins. 89 yr old man,yet they had to come in numbers.

      Comment by Tim — May 2, 2015 @ 1:32 pm

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