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May 3, 2015

American liberators of Dachau recall atrocities committed by SS men in the camp

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SS 2nd Lt. Heinrich Wicker surrenders Dachau camp to Brig. Gen. Henning Linden on April 29, 1945

SS 2nd Lt. Heinrich Wicker surrenders Dachau camp to Brig. Gen. Henning Linden, under a white flag of truce, on April 29, 1945

Alan Lukens, who entered Dachau as a U.S. army private in 1945, attended the [70ieth] anniversary ceremony at the former camp, according to a news article which you can read in full here.

Alongside the joy, Lukens remembered that “SS snipers, after hanging out white surrender flags, shot several American GIs as we entered the camp.”

This is the first time that I am hearing about the American GIs who were killed by “SS snipers” at the liberation of Dachau. What were the names of these GIs? Is there a monument in honor of them at the Dachau memorial site? If not, a memorial with their names should be put up immediately.

At the very least, the names of the GIs who were killed during the liberation of Dachau should be honored at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Where were the “snipers” hiding when they shot these GIs? Was this the famous Tower B incident when several GIs SS men were shot after they had surrendered?

Bodies of dead German soldiers at Tower B

Bodies of dead German soldiers at Tower B

But it gets worse! Read the following quote from the news article:

Abba Naor, a Lithuanian-born former Dachau prisoner who now lives in Israel, was flanked by two of his great-grandchildren as he spoke at Sunday’s ceremony.

“I hope that they and all the children in this world never have to experience such crimes,” Naor said.

He recalled an SS guard ordering the killing of a new-born Jewish boy in December 1944 and reports that some SS commanders were “loving fathers who played with their children after they had driven thousands into the gas chambers.”

Gas chambers (plural)? Oh yes, there were four disinfection chambers where the clothing of the prisoners was disinfected with deadly Zyklon-B gas to kill the lice that spreads typhus. There was also a shower room where gas came out of the shower heads.

How many women with babies were there at Dachau in December 1944? I wrote about this at

I also wrote about the new-born babies that were brought to Dachau right after the liberation of the camp:

Note that Abba Naor was “a Lithuanian born Jew”. That means that he had only been in the Dachau camp for a few months.  Lithuanian Jews were brought to Dachau in August 1944, according to Wikipedia. Yet, here he is at the 70ieth anniversary of the camps, telling stories lies, which he thinks that no one will check out.

Waffen-SS soldiers wearing battle fatigue uniforms were killed in the Dachau reprisal

Waffen-SS soldiers wearing battle fatigue uniforms were killed in the Dachau reprisal on the day that Dachau was liberated

There is nothing in this news article about the “Dachau reprisals,” which is a big part of the story of the Dachau liberation. I wrote about this on this blog post:

This news story about the liberation of Dachau was written by two modern-day Associated Press reporters. Back in the old days, it was the custom to give BOTH sides of every news story. That is all in the past.

Today’s reporters give only one side of any news story: the side that is favorable to the Jews.  Old time reporters would have written something like what I wrote in this blog post about the liberation of Dachau: