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May 12, 2015

Oskar Groening wants to bear witness to refute Holocaust deniers

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Oskar Groening in court (Julian Stratenschulte/AFP) Is this the face of a depraved killer?

Oskar Groening in court (Julian Stratenschulte/AFP)
Is this the face of a depraved killer?

Former German soldier Oskar Groening is back in court today, after a short stay in a hospital, which interrupted his trial.

In the latest news report about his case, which you can read in full here, Groener explained why he has gone over to the other side and now wants to refute Holocaust denial, which is against the law in Germany.

This quote is from the news article:

Begin  quote

Mr Groening, who after his stint at the death camp was captured by Allied forces and spent time in a prisoner of war camp in Britain, described in a matter of fact tone some of the murders he witnessed at Auschwitz.

On his first day on the ramp where Jewish prisoners exited the trains, he saw an SS colleague grab a crying baby and slam its head against a truck until it was quiet.

He also told of an incident when he saw naked Jews herded into a farm house near the camp. A soldier then locked them in, donned a gas mask, and poured the contents of a can down a hatch.

“The screams became louder and more desperate but after a short time they became quieter again,” Mr Groening said.

End quote

Does anyone besides me see something suspicious about these stories told by Groening in the courtroom?

I recognize these stories as claims that have been told many times by former inmates at Auschwitz-Birenau. Slamming the heads of babies against a train or a truck is the Number One atrocity story told by the former prisoners. The “screams” of the prisoners as they were being gassed is the second most common story told by survivors.

According to the news article: “Mr Groening admitted to being an enthusiastic Nazi and to working as an SS guard at Auschwitz between May and June 1944, when more than 400,000 Jews from Hungary were brought there and at least 300,000 killed almost immediately in gas chambers.”

How is it Groening’s fault that 300,000 Hungarian Jews were killed in only 10 weeks time?  How was he supposed to stop the gassing of the Hungarian Jews?

If Groening is responsible for the gassing of the Hungarian Jews, he is also responsible for saving the Hungarian Jews, who are now in the courtroom testifying against him.

This quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Eva Kor, one of the co-plaintiffs, told The Telegraph she lost her parents and her two older sisters when the entire family was taken by the Nazis from Hungary and sent to Auschwitz.

“I can’t bring anybody back,” she said just before the trial began. “But I want information on how the system worked. How they decided on selecting who went to the gas chambers, and I want to see files on the medical experiments that were carried out on me and my twin sister by (Josef) Mengele,” said the 81-year-old, who now lives in the US.

End quote

The news article also mentions Susan Pollack [Zsuzsanna Blau from Felsogod, Hungary], who was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau at the age of 14.  Susan lost 50 members of her family, and she was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust. She was moved from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen where she was liberated after the camp was voluntarily turned over to the British.

Allegedly, everyone under the age of 15 was gassed at Auschwitz, but not Susan Pollack. Dr. Josef Mengele, who was one of the 30 SS men who selected the prisoners to be gassed, allowed her to live because he knew that some day old men, who had nothing to do with the selection of prisoners to be gassed, would be put on trial as war criminals and witnesses would be needed to testify 70 years later.

Oskar Groening hobbles into  court with the help of two men

Oskar Groening hobbles into court with the help of two men (Click  to enlarge photo)