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May 26, 2015

Empty cannisters of Zyklon-B prove the Holocaust

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Empty Zyklon-B cans found at Auschwitz (Click to enlarge)

Empty Zyklon-B cans found at Auschwitz (Click to enlarge)

The title of my blog post today comes from a line in a newspaper article, written by Michael Curtis, which you can read in full here:

The newspaper article begins with this quote:

Everyone – except the idiots of the world – knows the truth about Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the Nazi death camps, and the one where an estimated 1.3 million people were murdered. It is preserved as it was in January 1945 when the camp was liberated. The gas chambers at Birkenau were destroyed by the Nazis to remove evidence of their atrocities. But the reminders of the horrors are the plentiful human hair, shoes, suitcases, and eyeglasses of the victims. Above all, there are the empty canisters of Zyklon B poison, and evidence of documentation of the Nazi planning of the genocide, mostly – at least 90 percent- against Jews.

Take that, all you deniers out there! Why would there be thousands of empty Zyklon-B cans at Auschwitz-Birkenau, if there were no gas chambers? The most amazing thing is that the Nazis didn’t even bother to haul away this incriminating evidence of the gassing of the Jews.

Zyklon-B in a display case at the Mauthausen memorial site

Zyklon-B in a display case at the Mauthausen memorial site

Notice the two pipes on the wall above the doors into the disinfection chambers at Dachau

Notice the pipe on the wall above the door into the disinfection chambers at Dachau concentration camp

American soldier looks at the door into a disinfecion chamber at Dachau after the camp was liberated

American soldier looks at the door into a disinfection chamber at Dachau after the camp was liberated

Zyklon-B was used to kill the lice in the clothing of prisoners in all the concentration camps. Lice spread typhus, a deadly disease, which was prevalent in all the camps.

I wrote a previous blog post about Zyklon-B being used at Auschwitz-Birkenau to disinfect the clothing:

Stains on the wall of a disinfection building  at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Stains on the wall of a disinfection building at Auschwitz-Birkenau

My photo above shows the stains on the outside of a disinfection building at Auschwitz-Birkenau. These stains were caused by the use of Zyklon-B to disinfect the clothing of the prisoners and the bedding in the bunk buildings. There were several buildings, like this, at Birkenau where the clothing of the prisoners was disinfected with Zyklon-B. The last time that I was at Auschwitz-Birkenau in 2005, these buildings were off limits; tourists were not allowed to see how Zyklon-B was used to save the lives of prisoners.

The news article ends with this quote:

Begin quote

The idiots [Holocust deniers] have had some success. According to an ADL 2014 Survey, 35 percent of those surveyed in 100 countries said they had never heard of the Holocaust and 32 percent believe it is a myth or has been greatly exaggerated. Even if one agrees that censorship is undesirable, the difficult question arises again. Should the Holocaust deniers, not intellectually respectable and historically fraudulent, be banned or punished? France has censored the comedian Dieudonne for his spreading of racism, anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial, and has emphasized the urgency to deal with manifestations of anti-Semitism. The secret meeting in London, expounding the Protocol of the Elders of Anti-Semitism, shows that all societies should engage in that urgent task.

End quote

P.S. I have updated this previous blog post about Chelmno:

You can see photos of the Chelmno camp on my website at


  1. The strange offset hole in the cans had me wondering. So I did some research and found a video of POW’S being deloused using a spray gun/wand. Right in the middle of the gun is a can of zykoln-b. Apparently the equipment punches an offset hole in the top of the can and some type of spray is used that makes a large cloud of smoke or vapor. I’m currently researching more about this equipment. But it definitely puts a large offset hole in the theory of the SS pouring it down shafts from the roof or pellets turning into gas for shower heads lol.

    Comment by Franklin smith — February 4, 2017 @ 9:10 am

  2. I just noticed something. Why is it all the cans in here have the tops taken completely off? Look at the top left corner of this picture. There’s a can there that was opened with a “can opener” . It’s so obvious Ray Charles could see it . You’re opening a dangerous chemical like that and you use a can opener

    Comment by Tim — May 29, 2015 @ 1:21 pm

    • I think that the can in the left corner, to which you are referring, was cut open with a knife. I sometimes cut open a can of soup with a knife, instead of using a can opener. That’s what a can looks like after it has been opened with a butcher knife.

      The other cans in the photo have been opened with a machine. The Degesch company provided a machine that automatically opened the can and poured out the contents into a basket. The used pellets were returned to the company to be refilled with poison.

      There is a photo of a Degesch machine on this blog post. (scroll down to see the photo of the machine)

      Comment by furtherglory — May 30, 2015 @ 7:06 am

      • Well the reason can opener came to mind,was because the cuts were uniform as in the width and distance between each cut. When I was on the army we had those little key chain size openers for our C rats. I used mine one time and tossed it. Pop done retired out of the Air Force by the time I did my tour in ‘Nam. He gave me his Barlow knife he carried all through his time in the AF. Pappy gave it to him. Pappy carried it with him in WW1. Great knife ,but still a pain in the butt to open anything with. Didn’t much matter. Unless we were back at base I couldn’t eat and keep anything down. I asked you about Debbie Schlussel. What’s this pig faced c**ts claim to fame? I stumbled across her because I was trying to find a picture of The memorial in Anzio,that Roger Waters ( Pink Floyd) had made for his dad Eric and the rest of the soldiers. Ol pig face deb has a major axe to grind with Roger. She said he’s anti Israel . Pig woman went on to say,if he’s anti Israel ,he’s a jew hater. He really put a weed up her ass when he said ,”he’s troubled by how much power jews have in America ( he owns a house in the Hamptons). He’s been to the region over there. I saw a pic of him standing in front of a huge wall built around Israel . Dionne Warwick isn’t a fan of his either. So what is this idiots claim to fame. I heard she was cheering Isis . They hacked off some American girls head. Pig woman said she supported some terrorist organization. This c**t is not right in the head. If that gal was supporting terrorists,fine. Wait for a time to catch her and tote her back over here. She’s an American . Make a case against her. No matter how bad she may or may not have been,she still has a family and I’m sure they love her. Like I said,something is not right with pig face Deb

        Comment by Tim — May 30, 2015 @ 9:23 am

      • Which section held the part that cut open the cans? It said the pellets were dumped into a basket . I’m guessing before they headed off to the basket,there would be a way to vent toxic fumes that build up in the can after it was sealed. Up at the top of the machine it looked like 2 pipes going out the top of the room. Was that the ventilation shaft? I also found something that were the instructions from the company on how to deal with the chemical after it served it purpose. I don’t see how the jews could haul the stiffs out of chamber after the Krauts dumped the pellets. It was a fairly decent amount of time that was needed to vent the place

        Comment by Tim — May 30, 2015 @ 9:37 am

        • I have added another photo to my blog post. The photo shows a pipe above the door into one the disinfection chambers at Dachau. Each of the four disinfection chambers had a pipe like this. The doors into the chambers were in a hallway which was open to the outside on each end. This could be an exhaust pipe to dispel some of the poison gas into the open air.

          The other side of the chambers opened into another hallway that was open to the outside. I have a photo of the hallway on my website in the section about the disinfection chambers.

          Comment by furtherglory — May 30, 2015 @ 1:36 pm

          • Im guessing if they run the amount of people through there that is claimed,they are going to have to vent the place from now untill the cows come home. Is this a gas that would dissipate quickly when it hits the outside? The reason I ask is because they would have to take that into consideration when they design the place. I’m not sure where guard towers are placed here,but if somebody didn’t look at historical weather patterns for that area you could have problems. A guard tower is built in the wrong place . People ignore the fact that the wind typically blows that direction and you end up with sick tower guards. Depending on how fast the chemical dissipates. I know the directions I was reading that said how to clean up after this,it made it sound like not all would vent. The directions said when people go in to clean after the building was vented,” keep gas masks close by”.

            Comment by Tim — May 30, 2015 @ 3:43 pm

          • Once again I’ve gone off the subject here,but I’ve found some other things that don’t jive. I got to thinking about Von Braun. He used slave labor to build his rockets. Slave labor. A lot of Hebs died ( I’m more willing to accept that,than the gas house story). Is this man not a war criminal? He’s no different than the kraut factories that used slave labor. A lot of those owners got burned in court. So what. Von Braun got us to the moon. Big deal. Hubertus Strughold. Father of space medicine. They said he froze jews and subjected them to low preasure experiments. Is he not a criminal ? Somehow or another I ended up reading about some hammerhead author named Michael Goldberg ( I’m sure you probably know of him). In his book ,”why should the jews survive”. It was said he wrote ,”Patton and the 761st liberated Dachau ( by the way when I was looking that up,I ran across the piece you wrote on “who really liberated dachau. As always,excellent work on your part). The reason he flat out LIED,was to make it meaningful and patriotic . Something like that. The part that leaves me pissed,is through his lies he’s pretty much shite on the 761st. If his worthless jew ass was gonna write about Pattons Panthers,the bastard should’ve wrote about SGT. Ruben Rivers of the 761st. To add proverbial “insult”,the jagoffs at the holocaust museum were part of the propagation of this lie. Do they still sell this assholes book of lies? I ran across something else. Chairman Weizmann . World Zionist organization. Whose this cheesedick? He makes Nixon look like a saint. Something about on 6 July 1945,foreign secretary Eden informs Churchill about a letter he got from this asshole. This idiot says Churchill should “takes steps to mitigate the appalling slaughter of Jews in Hungary “. I thought the allies didn’t know dick about this,untill “after the war”? Talk about obfuscation. It gets even better. Next day another letter arrived from this asshole. He said 1.5 million Jews died at this one camp alone in the past year and a half. Now that’s efficient. Hell if they were that damn good,close the other camps down . Send those boys from the other camps,to the front line. Found out something else. Holocaust museum in D C said,Auschwitz-birkenaw killed as many as 6,000 a day.
            BBC said,”capable of killing,6,000 a day
            Daily mail said,”Zyklon had a kill rate of 6,000 a day ”
            “Kill rate of 6,000 a day”. “Auschwitz kills up to 6,000 a day”. ” Kill rate” sounds like that’s a typical work day with that.
            Kills “up to”. Sounds like they didn’t have consistent numbers. The more I read up on this subject ,the more I see one contradiction after another. Jews must think people are just flat out piss ignorant.

            Comment by Tim — May 31, 2015 @ 9:16 am

  3. Right here FG. This why I said ,”you’re a responsible journalist”. Journalist “only”,report the facts and let us decide. Correct? Somebody should ask this hammerhead,”so you’re schooled in the art of crime scene investigation?” Isn’t this what the courts would call “circumstancial evidence”?

    Comment by Timm — May 26, 2015 @ 6:33 pm

  4. “Events in the British–Zionist conflict in the British Mandate for Palestine made Morgan feel conflicted between his role in assisting Jewish refugees at UNRRA, whom he regarded as special victims of the Nazis for being persecuted solely for their race, and supporting British policy as a British Army officer. In January 1946 he created an uproar by claiming at a press conference that there was a secret Zionist organisation that was attempting to facilitate an “exodus” of Jewish people from Europe to a new state in Palestine with Soviet encouragement. He later wrote:

    ‘I had been able to piece together a reasonably comprehensive picture of the way in which the UNRRA set up was being most skilfully used to promote what was nothing less than a Zionist campaign of aggression in Palestine. In defiance of the prohibition by the British Mandatory power, reluctant as ever to employ decisive means, the admirably organised Zionist command was employing any and every means of forcing immigration into the country irrespective of the hardship and sufferings of the immigrants, few of whom seemed to have spontaneous enthusiasm for the Zionist cause. The whole project evidently had Russian connivance, if not actual support, since its success would conduce to the elimination of British authority in a vital area of the Middle East.’

    With his military background, Morgan was appalled at the corruption, inefficiency and political diversion of UNRRA. A member of his staff said that “to serve such an outfit is degradation beyond description. In fact, [Morgan wrote], to have been rejected for such service I have always felt to have been a high honour.”

    Comment by who dares wings — May 26, 2015 @ 5:36 pm

  5. The Holocaust Believer’s ‘Logic’ Flowchart

    For “Holocaust” believers, click on your chosen answers in the Questionnaire to continue to the next point. (Hint: there is only one answer that results in a “pass”, but this can still be obtained after several “fails”.) After proceeding to the end, you will arrive at the explanation of how the various absurdities inherent in Holocaust dogma were derived from the evidence.

    For non-believers, you can either click here (not functional in this trailer) to jump down to the explanation of how this flowchart was derived, or might find it amusing to look into the mindset of a “Holocaust” believer by clicking on various answers. […]

    To try out other permutations, either scroll up or use the Back button on your browser. No matter which hoops the Holocaust believer jumps through in an attempt to rationalize his beliefs, he will always end up with a mixture of absurdities and denials, depending on which particular brand of Hoaxer lunacy he falls for.

    Comment by who dares wings — May 26, 2015 @ 5:14 pm

    • Very clever flowchart. The Holocaust is a RELIGION, and believers in a religion do not concern themselves with facts. That’s why a religion is a religion, and not history. A person like me, who is not a believer in any religion, can easily discern the facts by using logic.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 27, 2015 @ 11:37 am

  6. The Zyklon B had been produced in Gernany and so had been available in the quantities “needed” for the Gas Chambers while fuel to run exhaistion motors had been in shortage as there been only few oild field – Romania, Poland (Galizia), Hungary. The Germans produced fuel in a cumbersome and costly manner from coal. Prisionier clothes had to be disinfected in order to use it in Germany; il is well known that in the Camps prigionier had to wear a stripped uniform. Denying of the above matter of facts is idiocy or neo-nazi denial. Clear?

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — May 26, 2015 @ 10:57 am

  7. Those with the names Adolf Eichman, Heinrich Mathes, Jurt Franz, Willi Mantz, Erich Fuchs, Hans Stark, Wilhelm Bahr and Pery Broad (and there are many more ) would likely disagree with there being no evidence (I’m sure a few were quite proud of their work and would not like some faux 2015 Nazi wanabees insult their fantastic work!)…. not only have these Nazis testified to there being gas chambers they were quite detailed in their respective testimony. Sure you will say this was all staged (although I must say the detail to which these Nazis would discuss the gas chambers was extraordinary) but I know these condemned men (some were hung some were imprisoned) were forced by the Allies and Russians to say this before they met justice…I mean if you don’t have a good argument make one up.

    Boss: Numbercruncher we have to let you go you make too many mistakes
    Numbercruncher: Boss – its not me some crazy Jews messed with my excel spreadsheets screwing up my formulas
    Boss: We checked the spreadsheets after you’re last review they are fine
    Numbercruncher: You can’t prove that they didn’t mess with my spreadsheet – you were there, also did you know that there is a Jew in the office that has a lot of money; you can’t trust him he is part of a global conspiracy trying to take you and I down.

    OK I’m done trying to think like a Holocaust denier…I admit I need some work at it; was never good with fiction.

    By the way…

    Others have also testified to the existence of the extermination… one individual Franz Suchomel in the late 70’s would testify on his experience in Treblinka he was under no obligation as his prison time was served. Most recently Oskar Groening (who likely won’t out live his trial) has been public that the deeds committed by the Nazis were real, he was a low level guard who tracked the goods taken from the Jews and sent to the reich…perhaps he is lying no way he was there…here was just making it up..

    Of course the “other” evidence is the disappearance of some 6 million Jews about 1.5 million of them children. I know Jews can be tricky but that one is amazing. Lastly, the population records of Jews prior to the Holocaust and after as compared to current population would indicate that some 6 million Jews disappeared. When people try to cover up crimes the evidence may not meet the standards of Holocaust revisionist, but given testimony of survivors, lower level SS guards, senior officers and party members and the fact that so many Jews went missing after WWII, the evidence is pretty strong.

    Another funny thing that troubles me…Maybe you deniers can help me…my grandmother was a Bergen Belson survivor, but was from North East Romania… The Germans fighting a war on two fronts, why were they so concerned to bring my grandmother and about 70 members of my family on a 700 mile train ride from Romania to Poland (Auschwitz) then for may grandmother another 400-500 miles from Poland to Germany (Bergen Belson)…Makes a lot of sense if you ask me. Fighting a war on two fronts to commit resources to resettle Jews from Romania to Poland to Germany (thought you were trying to get rid of the Jews?) …While you are at it…can you explain where all the Jews in my grandmother’s home town ended up…most noteworthy where did all the kids go?

    Look I’m sure your movement will find another front person (getting harder I know). Maybe A fake engineer, or a disgraced chemists who at the Trial of David Irving – the attorney representing him wouldn’t dare put him on the stand…gosh a a chemical expert to once in for all prove that zyclone could not possibly have killed all those Jews…yet testimony withdrawn. Oh little facts like that. Oh by the way don’t blame the Jew here, it was Irving who sued Lipstadt…didn’t work out so well.

    I assume you’re all US citizens…its ok hate the Jews… Unlike Nazi Germany – those of us who still believe in America support the first Amendment which means you can’t nor shouldn’t be prosecuted for your speech (also shouldn’t prevent employers from firing you or refusing service…but that’s for another day – Socialists are the least tolerant groups on it National Socialists or American). I would however respectfully request that you stay true to your irrational hatred and just boycott the Jews, their inventions too, specifically on the medical side.

    Aryan Patient – Doctor before you prescribe that medicine/therapy/etc… I must know – was it invented by a Jew were there any Jewish researchers involved because you know doc Jews are inferior and I need to ensure that I have pure Aryan treatment for my ailments.

    Doctor (with sense of humor) – You have your will in order…correct?

    You know that makes me wonder…how the hell could Hitler call the Jews Inferior. I mean give me a freaking break…educated people inferior. How can you be cunning like the Jews and also inferior. Makes no logical sense….I know some claim that Hitler was very smart…perhaps…but his logic…yikes!

    Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 26, 2015 @ 10:23 am

    • Can you quote what Hitler said about the Jews being [intellectually] inferior?

      I have a page on my website, where I quote what Hitler said:

      I would like to add to my website the exact quote in which Hitler said that the Jews were inferior.

      It is well known that Jews suffer from inherited diseases, which was why Hitler did not want the Germans to mix with the Jews sexually.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 26, 2015 @ 2:01 pm

    • Well done numbercruncher you must have completed a course in advance Holocaust studies ! you ve managed to fit all the arguments of the High Priests of Holocaustianity into your post. On your famous 6 million where did they go question …
      World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 — world jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany
      World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population — 15,713,638

      Comment by peter — May 26, 2015 @ 2:47 pm

      • Hey Pete . I ran across something like that in the jew almanac too. this one said 15,750,000 before the war after the war, 15,300,000 and some change. Clearly the holocaust lovers don’t understand numbers. They think everyone has drank the “kool aid”

        Comment by Timm — May 26, 2015 @ 6:43 pm

      • Peter – you need some work on your Revisionist History Methods…The World Almanac in 1949 STATED that the computation was in fact based on 1938 population data. What do you think the World Almanac does a census every year? FYI they don’t! Census data is not taken every year anywhere its interpolated…the folks at the World Almanac cautioned as much as THERE WAS NO ACTUAL STUDY DONE!!! Today there have been multiple studies so if you want to smiss the revised data from 1949 you can but you would be wrong… and the folks at the World Almanac said as much once they actually started collecting data. Now the immediate Holocaust denier response to the updates is predictable: The Jews changed it (Jews are real sneaky and can do that). Well if they did the short run they could get away with it…. I guess…but in the long run it would be hard to hide 11 million Jews…I mean Oscar Schindler was a good man but 11 million that’s a tall task (Its a bad joke don’t expect you to get it). OK let me explain: Look at 2013, the data indicates that today there are about 14-18 million depending on definition (there is a lot more intermarriage so the extended Jewish population probably varies more so then in 1938 – I’m just going to use the 18 million number to be conservative. (2013 data)

        Now lets take a look at population growth rates, generally the population grows at about 1% per year, in the west a little less, but in the 50’s a lot more. Current Jewish rate is about 0.78%, given that 1/4 Jews murdered were children, probably didn’t get the baby boom in the 50’s and 60’s normal populations had (my guess is the 60 and 70’s which corresponded with a slight boom – at least from Europe), that said….I am going to arbitrarily use 0.85% which blends the lower current rate with times were western societies had more kids, but certainly not by much…also the religious multiply like rabbits and there are quite a number of them as compared to the entire Jewish population – so this helps…of course liberal Jews have less kids…then again Israel’s birthrate (a country with a lot of Jews is higher than the US) so I think I’m being very conservative with .85% if I use the US-Israel benchmark. Now lets do some advanced Basic Math (no Algebra here…but I have to use exponents so this might not be easily understood…going to go slow…after all I’m guess most of you are American and thus likely part of mixed races and that can drag you down.

        Step 1 2013-1938=75 years;
        Step 2 .85% birth rate (See above);
        Step 3 population in 1938 of 15.75 Million (Your citation);
        Step 4 15.75 * 1.0085^75 = 29.7 million Jews. (The “^” Is an exponent reference);

        Step 5 Same as Step for but taking 15.75-6.0 = 9.75;
        Step 6 .75 * 1.0085^75=18.4 Million.

        Step 7 Compare Step 6 with Step 4 and subtract 29.7 – 18.4 = 11.3 million


        So if there was a conspiracy then all the scientific bodies that count populations are undercutting Jews by almost 40%…very weird thing to do (most populations want to show they are higher not lower!)…But in Holocaust Revisionist world… where you use an article in the World Almanac that admitted that they were interpolating data from 1938 is a smoking gun…well…Houston we have a problem….Problem is you can’t hide the results forever… you look at the data today under with better ways of counting methods and your argument goes bye bye…unless you invoke chapter one of Holocaust Denierism when faced with overwhelming facts just claim massive conspiracy. In this case that Jews some how benefit by under representing population by almost 40% (by now that number would be 40%)…Yes that makes a whole lot of sense! Of course. A better argument would be that the 1938 data is inflated…but that would be something…Oops I might have given you another place to work on a new line of conspiracy…Jews inflated their numbers so they can create a false holocaust premise…. Of course there about 4 million names at Yad Vashem, representing a data base of people that went missing (sadly not all had witnesses and lots of missing kids), but True Deniers (although I believe Irving might have conceded this in one interview) that a lot of Jews died just not 6 million….needless to say 4 million is a lot too…although I would go with the 6 as pretty accurate based on a comparison of Jews living today versus 1938. If you all can concede to 4 million murders we would be making progress.

        At least Furtherglory – looked at my piece and picked on the weaker entry which was the the racial purity throwaway line.. Of course Hitler thought everyone who was not of northern European ancestry was inferior, so in this case the Jews were lumped in with the Slavic and people of color, ironically Japanese were Yellow Aryans (how long would that have lasted had Hitler won). So technically he has some point. Although doesn’t change the more pointed issue – where did all the Jews go! Why have so many Nazis admit to the atrocities. Would have liked to see an attempt on the letter from the Engineering firm that produced the Ovens. Like a good Revisionist you don’t touch those…and I noticed he didn’t touch that World Almanac entry either – frankly surprised it’s still in the Holocaust Denier database Library without at least a warning (You might look real dumb if you use this one). Oh well. Its not like Nazi supporters in the 30’s were very good at thinking for themselves…And those who post here are probably don’t care anyway…I guess I shouldn’t expect much.

        Shalom for now – praying for you everyday…even the old man… Further the Glory… you might see the folly of your twisted ways – not too late to repent, although not counting on it!

        Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 8:59 am

        • There are 800000 claimed “holocaust” survivors today, in their 80s and 90s. Given that the average age of the inmates must have been around 30 a simple look at 20th century survivorship curves of Europeans shows that 60 years ago in 1945 survivor numbers would have to have been at least 10 times higher! 8 million survivors. A miracle! Seems like being in an efficient German “death” camp does not take any years off one’s lifespan! Say…. if the evidence for the “Shoah” is so strong then why do they lie so much about it? Can’t the truth stand on its own without the lies of Elie Wiesel and Zisblat and the 100s of other obvious liars? And just why did the Soviets immediately destroy all the supposed evidence? And why did US Military Intelligence and Jewish Hollywood immediately bring out to film the atrocity props of lampshade and shrunken heads? Are not piles of typhus victims [mostly caused by Allied bombing] enough stage props?

          Those where rhetorical questions…. your claims are a bad joke. The Internet is waking people up to the holohoax, however much you smear them as hateful Nazis.

          Comment by Berserker — May 29, 2015 @ 11:49 am

          • The jew almanac said there was 15,700,000 and some change before the war. It said after the war it was 15,300,000 and some change. Somewhere along the lines,the Jews didn’t get their lies straight .

            Comment by Tim — May 29, 2015 @ 1:14 pm

    • “Maybe you deniers can help me…my grandmother was a Bergen Belson survivor, but was from North East Romania… The Germans fighting a war on two fronts, why were they so concerned to bring my grandmother and about 70 members of my family on a 700 mile train ride from Romania to Poland (Auschwitz) then for may grandmother another 400-500 miles from Poland to Germany (Bergen Belson)…Makes a lot of sense if you ask me. Fighting a war on two fronts to commit resources to resettle Jews from Romania to Poland to Germany (thought you were trying to get rid of the Jews?) …While you are at it…can you explain where all the Jews in my grandmother’s home town ended up…most noteworthy where did all the kids go?”

      Are you special needs?

      Comment by thestoker — May 26, 2015 @ 11:51 pm

      • North eastern Romania in 1944 was probably part of Hungary due to the frontier changes of 1940. The Jews of Hungary were seen as a particular threat to the German war effort in 1944 as the Red army was fast approaching . The eastern Jews were particularly favourable to Communism and formed a large proportion of Soviet partisans. Interning them and using them as labour for the German war effort was therefore logical and necessary. Your grandmother went first to Auschwitz and was then transferred to Belsen which up until the final weeks of the war was regarded as a model for conditions and food supply as the English doctor Dr Russel Barton, who was present at the handing over of Belsen in 1945 confirmed.
        In February 1945 everything changed at Belsen with the arrival of Hungarian Jews ( maybe the train with your grandmother? ) who brought Typhus with them and due to the lack of food and disinfection material caused by the carpet bombing of Germany by the allies caused the horrific scenes we know from contemporary newsreels of the time.
        As for the Jews of your grandmothers town, some died due to typhus, some due to malnutrition as a result of the breakdown of all transport in Germany in 1945. Many lived however and went to the UK, the US, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and of course Israel.
        By the way ” special needs ” is now politically incorrect and political correctness is a Jewish value.

        Comment by peter — May 27, 2015 @ 6:31 am

        • Wow – That’s twisted logic… By the way the conditions at Auschwitz were not model by any stretch…She got there and her kids were removed (never to be seen again), her parents too. She was there for about 6 months…then transported and marched…why…because Himmler needed some collateral (you can read about it…in the end Himmler was actually trying to save some Jews to protect his own ass) You Nazis know he betrayed Hitler and was actually marching Jews around to negotiate for himself. The conditions at Belson were horrific. It wasn’t just a Typhus breakout and some malnutrition it was starvation. The British were ENRAGED when they came to the camp, and it wasn’t some last minute haggling either. There was significant decay. The place was hell.

          And let me get this logic…the Jews were the only Hungarians who didn’t want to be part of Germany…what are you kidding me? I mean that’s amazing logic!

          …”the Hungarian Jews brought Typhus with them” Typhus is caused by poor conditions of the camp ….not the Jews who arrived there. I guess Auschwitz was better in that you were removed from the Barack and never seen again…In Belsen, which was not an extermination you didn’t disappear you just died and were piled up.

          Gosh you reaching now

          Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 9:13 am

          • Try reading the post again and you may better understand Numbercruncher or thestoker . Why do you use two names ?
            The condition of Belsen being described as good up until December 1945 was given by a British Doctor Dr Russel Barton ,who was there in May 1945 .He was not ” enraged ” he wanted to find out what had actually happened.
            The Hungarians were fighting not to be over run by your friends the Red army . Sadly they lost and suffered for the next 50 years under a vile brutal red regime.
            Typhus is due to the bacteria Rickettsia which is transmitted by lice . The Germans used Zyclon B to control this pest , however in 1945 due to the carpet bombing policy favoured by your friends there was little able to be delivered and the result was the conditions found at Belsen.

            Comment by peter — May 27, 2015 @ 9:44 am

            • I have two names but only because I forgot my log in. That said the Stoker isn’t one of them. So not guilty as charged. Anwyay as for your question why would the Germans also transport woman and Children…seem stupid if you asked me. I know all about Bergen Belson, as I am a grandchild of a survivor who was there. As for Zyclone it can be used as a cleaning agent…electricity can also be used to power my house and an execution. Nuclear power can power cities and blow up cities. Your point is weak. Zyclon was used for killing Jews, it was more efficient than some of the other methods, the factory was also put in place (if you read nazi testimony) because Einsatzgruppen methods were causing moral problems (A point I have come across within several Nazi transcripts I have read). But this direct testimony is false in your view. Like I said evidence that supports the Holocaust is a forgery in your view…but if you have a soul, just keep in mind that if one Nazi of dozens is stating things correctly, you’re wrong! Its can’t go both ways. That and of course the 6 million missing people.

              Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 9:58 am

              • The ” stroker” ain’t one? You’ve used it more than once here. Every site I’ve been to has a way to recover lost or forgotten log in information.

                Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 10:58 am

              • You wrote: “Anwyay as for your question why would the Germans also transport woman and Children…seem stupid if you asked me. I know all about Bergen Belson, as I am a grandchild of a survivor who was there.”

                Do you mean that one of your grandparents was a survivor of Bergen Belsen? Did your grandparent tell you that Bergen-Belsen was an EXCHANGE camp where prisoners were held for possible exchange for prisoners in American internment camps?

                You wrote: “Zyclon was used for killing Jews, it was more efficient than some of the other methods, the factory was also put in place (if you read nazi testimony) because Einsatzgruppen methods were causing moral problems”

                To what “factory” are you referring? Do you mean the “death factory”? The Einsatzgruppen were shooting people. Did this cause “moral problems”? Was this why “gas chambers” were used instead, in your opinion?

                Comment by furtherglory — May 27, 2015 @ 12:47 pm

                • That’s a question I was asking. Shooting the jews put a lot of those men at odds with themselves. Now if they couldn’t shoot these people,cause they couldn’t handle it. It’s seems to me gassing would be out of the proverbial “frying pan and into the fire” if they had to do that.? Well it shows they have morals.

                  Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 1:31 pm

                • Lot of dead Jews in Bergen Belsen…There was a lot of film. Some Exchange camp….and the residents of the camp…many civilians. Just because some exchanges happened does not mean it was an exchange camp. Frankly it turned out in the end to be Himmlers stash some jews so I can save my ass camp. Very interesting read here..


                  You say my opinin. Not mine. I amg going to provide you some real facts…testimony by the individual most responsible for the Hungarian Jewish transports…That man as you know is Adolf Eichmann.

                  This is the recorded Exchange between Eichman and Less during his interrogations. I wanted to keep the entire context so this is a bit long. The “*” is where I get to the Einsatzkommando and where the issue of firing guns in cold blood was becoming a strain. For you deniers to be right everything Eichmann is saying here has to be a fabrication…


                  Less: Mr. Eichmann, you wanted to speak about your visits to…

                  Eichmann: Yes…

                  Less …the extermination camps

                  Eichmann Yes, surely, yes surely, I suppose that…And so, 3 and 4, Minsk and Lvov – because I was sent to Minsk and Lvov, certainly, for I have already said previously that I do not at all remember what I had to do at Lvov, and this surely I would have connected. Mueller said to me “In Linz…in Linz” I mean “In Minsk they are shooting Jews, I want a report on how this is taking place.”

                  After this I went to Minsk. In Minsk there was nothing for me to do, nor did I get to know anyone there. I went across the first areas where the double battle had taken place, that which had been in two places: possibly it was…I imagine: Minsk and Bialystok.

                  I definitely went first to Bialystok and after that to Minsk, I presume – I do not know this exactly any more. I came to Minsk, going to the same authority – what was its name – how was it called? “The Commander of the Security Police” or it may have been called “Einsatzkommando.”

                  Himmler inspects a POW camp in Minsk

                  Really I don’t know how it was called, and there I asked for the Commander, and I still remember that he was not present. I spoke to someone else whose name altogether escapes me today and I told him that I had orders to watch it, in order to report to Gruppenfuehrer Mueller. That was that.

                  The next day – I remained in that city for the night – the next day I came there, but I came too late, because on that day in the morning the affair had already ended, was almost completed, a matter on which I, for myself, rejoiced.

                  When I got there I only managed to see how young marksmen, I think there were these marksmen with the death-heads on their coat collars…they were shooting into the pit, which was quite a large size, let us say four or five times this room, perhaps even six or seven times.

                  I have…I have…all my recollections of this instance are unreliable for I only saw this thing without any thoughts, without forming any thoughts about it whatsoever. I simply saw – and nothing more than that: they fired into the pit, and I can still see a woman…with her arms behind her…and then her knees buckled and I made off.

                  Less. You didn’t look into the pit?

                  Eichmann . Yes, I stood there, they fired, I saw it and I went away to…

                  Less. The pit was full?

                  Eichmann. Pardon?

                  Less. Was the pit full of bodies?

                  Eichmann. It was full, it was full. I went away to my car. I got in and started driving – I drove to Lvov. I had no orders to go to Lvov…even this I remember now but apparently the road passed through Lvov. Somehow I came to Lvov and saw the first encouraging picture, after the awful things I had seen there: This was the railway station building, which had been erected to mark the Sixtieth Anniversary of the reign of the Emperor Franz Josef.

                  Jews of Bialystok herded by German soldiers for deportation in the action

                  And seeing that I personally was overwhelmed with joy regarding this period of Franz Josef, possibly because I had heard an abundance of wonderful things in my parents’ home about this period, or about events that occurred during this period. My relatives on the side of my step-mother were, at this time, as you would say, of a high social standing…It was painted yellow.

                  This chased away for the first time – I still remember this today otherwise I wouldn’t have realized this, that this sixtieth jubilee…that the figures of this Jubilee were engraved on the wall of this station building – those terrible thoughts which had not yet departed from me since Minsk. I came there, and visited the local commander of the State Police…please…


                  I was…perhaps I even had an order, perhaps not, perhaps I went there only out of curiosity, and I paid a visit there to the commander since I was passing the place, and said to him: “Yes,” I said to him “this is terrible, what is going on there,” I said to him, “these young men are being brought up as sadists.” This is exactly what I said, incidentally, to Mueller as well – later on.

                  I also said so to Guenther, I said it to everyone; I even said it to Suhr, I said it to all of them. I also said this to Hunsche… I did not have… I told this to everyone and I said: “How can it be possible? Simply fire away at a woman and children? How can this be possible?” I said: “This cannot be possible, these people must become crazy or sadists and they are our own people.”

                  And then he said to me: “Exactly so, this is also happening with us here, they shoot here, too. Do you want to see it once? Do you want to see it once?” I said: “No, I don’t want to see anything.” He said “Anyhow we are going to pass by.”

                  Then I saw something else which was terrible: there was a pit, perhaps it was already closed. There welled up like a geyser blood…how should I say this…a jet of blood. I have never seen anything like it. As far as I was concerned this assignment was enough and I drove to Berlin and related this to Gruppenfuehrer Mueller.


                  Less. Who travelled with you in Lvov. Who was he?

                  Eichmann. What, if you please…?

                  Less. Who was this in Lvov?

                  Deportation of Jews from the Generalgouvernment

                  Eichmann. This was the Commander – I don’t know whether he was called “Stapolei” – this could not be – it couldn’t have been the Head of the State Police – it certainly must have been the Einsatzkommando, possibly the Einsatzkommando of Lemberg, the Einsatzkommando of the State Security and SD – it was an Einsatzkommando – this was its official name.

                  I am more inclined to believe this than that it was the State Police Office. State Police Offices were certainly not to be found at that time in Lvov but there were only operational units; surely Lvov used to belong to the Generalgouvernement? Or, at this moment I do not know if it belonged to the Generalgouvernement or to any other zone – I do not know, Captain. But at all events I said to Mueller, I said: “This is not a solution to the Jewish problem, this is not a solution.”

                  I said that to him, above everything else we were bringing up people to be sadists – we should not be surprised at all, we should not be surprised if they became criminals – all of them criminals. I still remember that Mueller looked at me with an expression which I recognized, and in it I read what he was saying to me.

                  “Eichmann, you are right, this is not a solution.” But he could do nothing, Mueller could do nothing about it. Mueller surely could not do anything, could do nothing, not a thing. I do not know any more who gave the order about those…about those things…gave the order…yes, gave the order…yes, of course the Chief of the Security Police and the SD gave the order – it was he who gave the order for this – this is absolutely clear.

                  But even he was obliged to receive an instruction from the Reichsfuehrer-SS – namely Himmler – he could never have done such a thing on his own. And Himmler too, must have had his detailed orders from Hitler otherwise, unless Hitler had ordered this, he would have been fired out of hand.

                  Less. But didn’t Hitler give an order in writing about this final solution of the Jewish question?

                  Eichmann. In writing? …For exterminating them? For exterminating them physically?

                  Less. For exterminating them physically?

                  Eichmann. I never saw such an order in writing, Captain. All I know is that Heydrich told me: “The Fuehrer has ordered the physical destruction of the Jews” – this he said clearly and as certainly in fact as I repeat it now. And these were now…these were the first consequences. These were…these were minor matters, these that I have now described. I even asked the Gruppenfuehrer,

                  SS Men from the Sobibor Deathcamp

                  I said to him: “Please do not send me there. Send someone else, someone stronger. You can see that on no occasion did they allow me to [go to] the front, I was never a soldier. There are plenty of others who can watch this; they do not collapse – I cannot see it.” I said: “I cannot sleep at night. I dream – I cannot, Gruppenfuehrer!” But this was not granted.

                  Less. So after this you had to [go to] Auschwitz?

                  Eichmann. I returned and received the orders. I was forced also to visit Auschwitz…because…not in order to see this there, first and foremost…but also on that, incidentally, he obliged me to report. I told him that I would see it because they were building extensions there – I did not know at all that there were other buildings.

                  I had to report to him on this as well…yes, furthermore, I must also say this, Captain…these people, when you came to them, made a special amusement for themselves of the whole matter, to give a man who had come to them directly from an office desk the most horrifying description and to intimate the whole thing in as abrupt a fashion as possible and they rejoiced.

                  Obviously, from time to time, if here, from the point of view of his nerves…the person could not retain his composure as they were accustomed to call it, in the way they did, is that not so? Hoess once said…I think that I was there three times, two or three times in Auschwitz. Three times, I was there once because of Storfer…he had said to me, Hoess said to me that Himmler was there and took everything in, he watched everything exactly and that even his knees shook, Hoess said to me.

                  He raised this…he obviously intended it as a condemnation, for Hoess was very hardened. It was on the same day about which Hoess said to me that Himmler saw this, he said – surely also in order to encourage his own spirits and so that his SS men of the concentration camp should not notice his weakness – which in fact Hoess noticed, otherwise he couldn’t surely have said this to me – he said that “these are battles which coming generations will not have to fight, will not have to fight.”

                  [END of Testimony quote]

                  Now once again you are faced with the following decision tree #1 Eichmann is lying or #2) Eichmann’s recollections are correct and your exercise and website is a silly farce. I have dealt with liars before, they usually have a purpose and are not that detailed…I can’t tell if you are deranged Jew hater or a liar. I think the former, but could be the latter.

                  As you know Eichmann’s was afforded an attorney of his choice, and when he choice an attorney from Germany who represented others at Nuremberg, Israel accommodated his request (had to change Israeli law). If there were no holocaust, Eichmann would not have chosen a defense that basically stated he was following orders and had no choice. Once again the deniers have to argue why someone would argue I was following orders if there were no Holocaust… Most criminals and their representatives…facing capital punishment would certainly choose a more rational defense. For if there were no gas chambers, killing squads and deaths of millions of innocents, this would be the defense….yet Eichmann would not go in this direction. He would provide vivid detailed testimony only saying that he was following orders, and knowing that he was not going to escape execution. He also would say that he was in fact proud of his work. My point about you being a faux Nazi. Moreover, Eichmann’s own son Ricardo Eichmann is quoted in saying that he does not blame the Israeli government for his father’s execution. Hardly rational words for someone who’s father was executed for something that “didn’t happen”.

                  You have stated on your posts that you are an older man. I fail to understand how a human could deny something like this, when those who committed these acts wouldn’t deny it. Eichmann showed no remorse at his trial. In the end he was found NOT guilty of being the “trigger man”, but was guilty of organizing the transports, knowing that those he transported, including many members of my family, would be murdered. He explained in his testimony that he did not have the stomach for this and it was not his orders…the court believed him…but they did not excuse him for his administrative actions, and did not accept the defense that his actions were acts of the State. In the end the Israeli Cabinet would consider the death penalty and would go forward. The Israeli Courts were quite fair to the Nazis; you might recall John Demjanjuk intial guilty verdict would be overturned by an Israeli Court and he would be returned to the US. I say this to demonstrate Israel took great care to administer a fair trial…far fairer than the fate these same men showed towards Jews.


                  Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 3:07 pm

      • Your answer is in the question you just asked. You’re fighting a war that takes lots of cash. Why would you want to take any money and put it into transporting people from point a to point b, then bumping them off. That’s money you’re gonna want to spend on your troops.

        Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 7:02 am

        • Two deniers two different answers…which one…Jews had to be removed for being partisans or they were never removed in the first place? At least the one who had the removal story had some bad logic…by the way they transported the Jews…You might want to check the testimony of Adolf Eichmann who spearheaded the operation!

          Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 9:15 am

          • Sally girl! Read what I wrote you. You said,”fighting a war on 2 fronts “. I told that’s gonna take some serious scratch. Close your piehole,open your ears. Guess what Debbie ? The sun is the center of “this” universe,not you. I’ve asked questions on this site so I may arrive at my own conclusion. I’ve said over and over. I’ll take answers from both sides and draw “my” own conclusion. I said as long as I get an answer from either side,I’ll respect and consider the answer on its own merits . If I get some snot nosed little shit,that sounds some scorned little school girl,I’m not gonna consider their response. I was raised to respect everyone’s opinion. I expect to be given the same f**kin courtesy sweet checks. My granny on my Momas side is 100% Seminole. A direct relation of Cheif Micanopy. That didn’t stop the U S Army from out right murder on the Seminole nation. Now if somebody would chose to think Seminoles or any other nation were not massacred,that’s their right as a human being,to have that opinion and I’ll respect it. There’s a term “best evidence”. Show me or direct me to that document that will back your ass up . So far you’re flinging numbers. Nothing to back your ass up. We had a saying when I was in ‘Nam. “Don’t write checks with your ,mouth,that your ass can’t cash. Anybody can present numbers. I’m not here to belittle you or trade barbs. I’m here to learn. The people I’ve spoke with on this site ( FG and John . Believe that’s the mans name) have pretty much been presenting exculpatory evidence in the defense of their beliefs. If you are trying to convict people on this site of denying something that existed (through your opinion) , then “you’re ” the one who has to start gathering the facts. Not just hurling insults. Oh yeah . If you want to be taken seriously,try a different handle . “The stroker”. WTF ! Does that describe how you spend your free time ? How f**kin old are you. Sounds like a nickname some ” inbred,backwoods,yee Haa , billy Bob son of a bitch ” would have. About the only women that would attract,are trailer trash.

            Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 10:55 am

            • I think the math is pretty strong evidence, as is the testimony by Nazis who did the deed. The math goes to the fact where did all the people go, if you can’t follow it don’t blame me. Fact is that if you subtract 6 million from population data before WWII and compare it to data 75 years later it comes out pretty accurate to existing population studies (Pretty solid stuff). Add that to the testimony of other Nazis involved in the operation and the physical evidence (albeit destroyed by the Nazis which is where the deniers pretty much go) the picture is pretty clear. Unless you have lost your mind. I suggest you read the transcripts from the Eichmann Trial. Those aren’t my words or opinions its the guy who organized the transports. Unless you tell me he made up the whole thing during his capital trial then your mind is locked.

              Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 3:36 pm

              • Don’t say my mind is locked. Comprende? I told you,”presents facts and don’t stand on your soapbox rambling . I told you,I don’t got a closed mind. I respect a persons opinion. You get your opinion/belief from what history has recorded. I salute you for giving us facts and not just a bunch BS because you’re right and the world is wrong. I’ll admit it. One time I was positive (100%) the holocaust was fact. Now I look and I’ve never seen a bigger group of zealots than the defenders of the holocaust. We’re human beings. You’re allowed your views on this subject. I’m not gonna fault you. Since I’ve started studying up on the validity of the holocaust,I’ve come to the conclusion it appears somebody is trying to hide something. You drink the kool aid and go along with the crowd,you be just fine. You question in the least bit,your racist. Some places a room is reserved for you at the Graybar hotel. Opression. Was that not what ww2 was partly about? Why do these idiots have such a hardon,for not only expecting but demanding you subscribe to what they say the truth? From where I sit this has nothing to do with racism or hate. I don’t hate anybody. Now someone crosses me and don’t back off,I’m gonna educate em. When I ask questions here,it’s because I’m trying to get both sides of the story. Now if that happens to ruffle some feathers,tough shit. Example. 6,000,000 jews bumped off. Jewish Almanac said, in 1933 the world population for jews was 15,753,000. In 1948 their population was 15,300,000. Those population numbers should reflect 6,000,000 killed. It don’t look like it. The jews wanna cry a river . They’re innocent and love everybody. They say they’re the innocent ones. Earl Kragel and irv Rubin . Names ring a bell? Conspiracy to send explosives to Congressman Darrell Issas office. Conspiracy to put a bomb in the King Fhad Mosque. Culver City. They were also the lead suspects in the fire bombing of some anti holocaust newspaper. Well Irvs fat ass couldn’t handle lockdown. He offed himself. Don’t do the crime,if you can’t pull the time. Well his boyfriend made it to court. Ol earl got 35 yrs. Later reduced to 20. They shipped his ass to Phoenix FCI. What I found funny about the whole thing,they didn’t think they were bad asses anymore. Our buddy earl was in the yards one day. He met his fate. Word comes down to one of the soldiers of the ABs from the top. ” Kill the jew”. Being the loyal AB,he carried out the order. I pulled 32 months at the walls in Huntsville. I’m not bragging here. Having a record aint nothing to brag about. I bring it up for the purpose of this conversation. I’ve seen the ABs “at work”. I can promise you,ol earls face looked like a pile of dog shit once that AB finished with him. His wife wants to know why he was on the yards with an AB present. I’m sorry for her loss,but he did that to his self. I can pretty much guarantee you they since we’re jews,we can get away with this. I found one thing a long time ago. Wether it be state or federal time,your life is no longer yours. Somebody goes to those links to get even with someone they feel is their enemy. Who’s the racist now. The mosque bombing was racial based. Earl boy refered to the mosque as a ” filthy mosque”. Kinda sounds racial to me

                Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 7:04 pm

    • There you go.

      Don’t kick your guide dog as the door slams your arse on the way out.

      Comment by thestoker — May 27, 2015 @ 12:48 am

    • “Those with the names Adolf Eichman, Heinrich Mathes, Jurt Franz, Willi Mantz, Erich Fuchs, Hans Stark, Wilhelm Bahr and Pery Broad (and there are many more ) would likely disagree with there being no evidence (I’m sure a few were quite proud of their work and would not like some faux 2015 Nazi wanabees insult their fantastic work!)…. not only have these Nazis testified to there being gas chambers they were quite detailed in their respective testimony. ”

      The “Holocaust” has no place in a history class or a department of research. Testimonial ‘evidence’ is farcical ‘evidence” No probative value. Otherwise, Sasquash, Bigfoot and Nessie should enter biology lessons, Alien abductions should be taught in universities, and Marian apparitions should be explained by physicists.

      And what do you make with the German soldier Arno Diere, who ‘confessed’ to being a perpetrator of the Katyn massacre? What do you make with camp staff members who ‘confessed’ to operating homicidal gas chambers at Buchenwald? What do you make with Dachau staff members who confessed to making leather goods out of human skin?

      What do you make with the very numerous Nazis who denied the “Holocaust” or any knowledge of it before the victors’ post-war mock trials ( You just put them aside??

      Should historians teach the alleged American germ warfare in Korea only because some talented North Korean interrogators have succeeded in getting some US POW’s ‘confess’ to that?

      Comment by hermie — May 27, 2015 @ 5:31 pm

      • I read somewhere that there was a lot of Kraut guards that were giving testimony at the trials. A lot of what they were saying was all hearsay

        Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 7:10 pm

  8. The horror! The HAIR! The HORROR!

    Comment by Jett Rucker — May 26, 2015 @ 9:23 am

    • I wrote about the hair and some of the other exhibits at Auschwitz on my website at

      On my trip to Auschwitz in 1998, I could not get a good photo of the hair, so I had to use someone else’s photo on my website. On my second trip, in 2005, I could not even get into the building because the line of tourists was too long.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 26, 2015 @ 9:33 am

      • Once again is this shit not circumstancial evidence.

        Comment by Timm — May 26, 2015 @ 6:56 pm

  9. Speaking as an idiot I’d like to tell him that his evidence proves nothing, zero, zip, de nada, rien. There are common sense and obvious answers to all the props used to fool people who are actually just like him into believing the holocaust myths. he fell for them hook line and sinker…

    Comment by Clent — May 26, 2015 @ 9:16 am

    • No Evidence…One of my favortie non-evidence was the designer of the ovens…this letter from Fritz Sander requested that a patent on the oven design….letter here Translation here:

      “The high demand for incineration ovens for concentration camps – which has recently become particularly apparent in the case of Auschwitz … – has prompted me to examine the issue of whether the present oven system with muffles is suitable for locations such as the abovementioned … In my opinion, with regard to the design of an incineration oven for the purposes of a concentration camp, the ideal solution would be an oven that could be continuously loaded and likewise operated …, i.e. the corpses for burning would be loaded on at respective intervals – without interrupting the incineration process – and on their way through the oven would catch fire, burn, burn out and reduce to ash, and then land in the ash-chamber beneath the grate in the form of burnt-out ash. Here I am quite aware that such an oven must be regarded purely as a facility for extermination, so that concepts of reverence, the separation of ashes and emotions of any kind must be dispensed with entirely. All of this is probably the case already, however, with the operation of numerous muffle furnaces. Special war-related circumstances prevail in the concentration camps, making such methods indispensable. … Bearing in mind the remarks I made above, it must be assumed that the authorities in question are also approaching other oven construction companies with regard to the supply of efficient, fast-functioning cremation ovens. In these companies, the question of the cheapest method of constructing such ovens for the abovementioned purposes will be examined as well. … For this reason I consider it urgently necessary to have my suggestion patented, so that we can secure priority.” (Excerpt of a letter from Fritz Sander to the Topf brothers,
      14 September, 1942)

      Of course to a denier this is a forgery from the Jewish conspiracy who used the blood of Christian Children to make Matzah…I know proves “nothing, zero, zip, de nada, rien”

      Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 26, 2015 @ 11:49 am

      • I was trying to read the letter but I cant enlarge the copy you have posted . I often find that English translations are not accurate . The crematorium at Auschwitz was built at the end of 1942 because of the typhus epidemic in the camp in that year ( several thousand died due to this ) . Half a million were supposedly gassed in krema ll in batches of two thousand at a time. “Wonderful ” design by German engineers supposedly ensured a small lift to elevate the bodies to the crematory ovens above as well as individual ovens. Sorry Numbercrucher but there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. .

        Comment by peter — May 26, 2015 @ 2:41 pm

        • Blow it up, or look it up yourself, its a historical document. They were gassed, and they were incinerated. This was admitted by many. There can be small deviations in translation but the document exists. Why not do some research! yourself and tell me what was mistranslated! Also tell me why so many Nazis have testified that the Gas Chambers existed. WERE THEY ALL LYING?

          Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 9:33 am

        • Might want to visit this place. Call them maybe they can get you a blown up copy and you can find some German to translate. Pretty damning evidence. But in your view absent a High Definition Camera it would only be circumstantial. You people believe a forgery like the Protocals of Zion yet you call the Holocaust Circumstanital evidence…like the 6 million missing people…the direct evidence through Testimony of Nazis, up through today. Either every Nazi who testified that there were gas chambers and mass extermination at times…and with plenty of details I would add…was lying or your wrong..can’t be both. Some of these Nazis have done so without threat (Suchomel look up his testimony)…either an engineering company designed ovens or they didn’t…can’t be both.

          What deniers do is take straw arguments as conclusive statements. But the bigger picture missing Jews, populations changes, and direct testimony no that can’t work. Look the Nazis tried to cover up what they did so not everything is there…but the missing people are still missing, mass populations were transported, you don’t move 1 million people including woman and children…your point was the Jews might rise up against the Nazis…so why transport woman and children? Answer because you were going to exterminate them too.

          Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — May 27, 2015 @ 9:50 am

        • You can see and read the document here – – Peter.

          Comment by hermie — May 27, 2015 @ 7:09 pm

          • Is there a translated copy somewhere? I can’t read Kraut.

            Comment by Tim — May 27, 2015 @ 7:15 pm

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