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May 29, 2015

Lies about Dachau that are fed to the younger generation

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This morning, I read an article, written by Caitlin Burns, a young student who had recently taken a guided tour of Dachau.

My photo of the Dachau bunker is similar to a photo by Caitlin

My photo of the Dachau bunker is similar to a photo by Caitlin Burns which is included in her article about Dachau

This quote is from the article that she wrote about her tour:

The tour began with the prison [the bunker], and learning about the many horrific ways humans could find to torture one another. Of course, many never made it as far as the prison cells.

Perhaps the most haunting for me was walking through the rooms centered around the gas chamber. The Nazis originally told prisoners that they were to take a group shower — so they were herded into the building, told to disrobe, and led to their tortured deaths. The sign above the chamber even says Brausebad, which is the original way of saying “Showers” in German. This word has since been removed from the German dictionary for its connection to the concentration camps.

The horror that had occurred in that room brought me close to tears. I watched as teenage students took photos of the cavern like room, with holes in the ceiling that looked like fire sprinklers. I had never felt anxiety like this, willingly walking into this chamber with hundreds of other people. Unlike those during the war, I knew what this chamber meant. A mass killing machine — conceived by the human mind; built by human hands; designed to take human life in a way never seen before. The whole prospect of this room makes you question humanity’s capabilities to torture and kill each other.

My experience at Dachau evoked many dark nightmares from my subconscious. Even after reading about Holocaust stories, through Anne Frank’s diary and Night, my imagination could never delve to the dark waters necessary to be prepared for the horrific realities the people trapped in these camps experienced.

Door into the Dachau gas chamber with wiring going into the room

Door into the Dachau gas chamber with wiring going into the room

The tour guide at Dachau most likely pointed out, to the tourists, the Brausebad sign above the door into the shower room gas chamber. Did the tour guide point out the wiring above the door, that goes into the room ABOVE the ceiling. This indicates that the shower room was modified by the American liberators of the camp.

Do the tour guides at Dachau still point out the bins on the outside wall of the building, where the gas pellets were allegedly poured into the gas chamber?

Bin on the outside wall of the Dachau gas chamber where the gas pellets were allegedly poured into the room

Bin on the outside wall of the Dachau gas chamber where the gas pellets were allegedly poured into the room

You can read about the history of the Dachau camp on my website at

I have written several blog posts under the “tag” Dachau gas chamber:

It should be pointed out to students, before they go on a tour of the Dachau Memorial Site, that Germany is not a free country. Germany is still occupied by American soldiers, and the true story of the Dachau camp is against the law in Germany.

Students like Caitlin have the freedom to look up the facts about Dachau, and they should use this freedom to learn the truth.



  1. I agree with you, Germany today, is still not a free country. Still occupied by U.S. troops, and free speech and free press NOT allowed. Maybe they will pray to God more because of the persecution. U.S. is going downhill still.

    Comment by Dennis Gannon — March 13, 2018 @ 2:20 pm

  2. This is confusing ( that’s why this BS is being spoon fed to the kids). Dachau was or wasn’t an death camp? FG. Who’s this c**t ( it’s a sexist word and I apologize to any ladies reading this,but Deb here is the poster child for c**t) Debbie Schlussel? I ended up on her page from something I was looking for you wrote about. I ended up on her page. She was on a rant about Roger Waters ( ( Pink Floyd). She said,” Roger Waters is troubled by the power jews have in America “. I left a comment on the article. I started off my comment by telling her,” I saw Floyd when they did their Wish You Were Here tour back in ’75. Roger Waters kicked ass”. I had an epiphany after reading the article she wrote. Jews ( being the greedy bastards they are),don’t wanna share the limelight. I told her about some fine people . The Montanards. They helped us a lot in ‘Nam. I met a couple. Wonderful loyal people. I don’t know if this still happens, but back in 07 Hanoi said it was legal to hunt Yards that were fleeing to Cambodia. 20 to 40 for each one. I heard about this about a year ago. Don’t know if still goes on. Fifth Special Forces and MACVSOG have a 100 acres of land for the Yards. They raised the money to buy the land . President Bush and Clinton helped get a lot of them over here. The jews cry like babies about their race being wiped out? The Yards don’t have high numbers. The people that run this organization don’t get the exposure the douchebag Jews do. These people don’t wag their fingers at Hanoi . How come we can’t “kidnap” people from Hanoi that are responsible for allowing these people to murder the Montagnards? I’m guessing it’s legal ( not) . Countries these criminal jews kidnap the nazis from didnt get burned. We knew who the hell they were. There are still a few victories where the jews do get burned. I was talking with John on here ( he sent me a YouTube link to the ” Hitlers War” video. it’s taking me a while to get through it. I have to stop and look up things the movie talks about). I mentioned to him how the Jews piss and moan about being abused and they are “total,defenseless victims”. They’re not “racists”. If that’s not the case then why did earl krugel and irv Rubin ( of the JDL) conspire to blow up a mosque in Culver City and the offices of congressman Daryl Issa. They were refused bail. Outside they were acting like Billy Badass. They get locked down and they become lap dogs. That dumbshit krugel ran his mouth to an informant. Said he was gonna “blow up their filthy mosque”. I could be wrong,but does “that statement” sound racist.Turns out our boy irv bumped himself off. Seems that being locked down had an adverse effect on him. He was depressed . He slit his throat. Don’t do the crime if you can’t pull the time. Krugel ended up with 20 yrs. at Phoenix FCI. Third day of lockdown he met his fate by way of an AB. This ol boy picked up a brick and proceeded to bash earls head in. Awwww. Poor baby. They said there wasn’t much left to his head. Oh well . His ol lady boo hooing the whole way. Why was he on the yards with an AB there . If no threats are made,they’re not gonna worry about who is mixing with who. Clearly someone forgot to tell her he was convicted of a crime. The federal government gets a bit pissed if you try to kill a U S Congressman. I don’t like the ABs. I don’t like the Klan or the Panthers,but this AB soldier did us a favor. The way I see it, earl and his bitch got what they deserved. Talk the talk,but when push come to shove they couldn’t back it up.

    Comment by Tim — May 29, 2015 @ 11:42 am

  3. I was disappointed to discover last evening that U.S. Army pathologist Dr. Charles P. Larson who did autopsies on a number of the corpses found at Dachau repeats the gas chamber BS in the book about him by John D. McCallum entitled CRIME DOCTOR. He says that some corpses on “death trains” found at Seashaupt and Dachau were killed by small arms rounds, not 50mm machine gun rounds from the Allied planes that strafed them. So, he’s implying some on the trains were shot by their guards. He claims, too, that they found 10,000 corpses stacked six high in block long “death trenches” at Kauffring with 10 more trenches with thousands more bodies “stacked like chord wood” in the nearby woods. However, out of all the bodies he autopsied (with the trusty hunting knives he brought to Germany with him from Spokane, WA) he never found any with traces of cyanide gas or poisons of any sort.

    Comment by who dares wings — May 29, 2015 @ 10:16 am

    • I wrote about Kaufering on this page of my website:

      This quote is from my website:
      Begin quote:
      Dr. Charles P. Larson, a US Army doctor, examined 258 bodies at the Kaufering IV camp and reported that 189 had probably died of typhus or starvation, while 86 had apparently been burned to death, 11 had been shot inside the camp and 17 more had been gunned down outside the camp. Dr. Larson also did autopsies on some of the bodies at the Dachau main camp and determined that none had died from poison gas.
      End quote

      Dr. Larson also did autopsies on numerous bodies buried at Leitenberg, near the Dachau camp, and found that none had died from Zyklon-B in a gas chamber.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 29, 2015 @ 10:33 am

  4. The question is when the Gas Chambers had been installed at Dachau. I have read the notice that that had been done after the Auschwitz obes had been stopped by the last Commander of the Camp. That is like the attempt of Eichmann to build a Gas Chamber at Terezin.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — May 29, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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