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June 15, 2015

anti-Semitism in the Baltics — what a revolting development this is!

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According to a news article, which you can read in full here, there is growing anti-Semitism in the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Latvian man was a soldier in the Waffen-SS in WWII

Latvian man was a soldier in the Waffen-SS in WWII

The following quote is from the news story:

Across the countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Jewish leaders say their communities are feeling increasingly uncomfortable as anti-Semitism once again appears to be on the rise. An Estonian museum exhibition mocking the Holocaust, a stage musical celebrating the life of a notorious Latvian Nazi mass murderer and the repatriation of the remains of a Lithuanian leader long linked to Nazis have all contributed to a climate of hate that has Jews on edge.


In Talinn, Estonia, a highly controversial Holocaust-themed exhibition caused outrage last month when, among its exhibits, was a picture showing the iconic Hollywood sign replaced by the word “Holocaust,” which some perceived as a suggestion the genocide was an entertainment event. Another sick exhibit recreated a gas chamber and had 20 naked actors pretending to be Jews playing tag, seemingly suggesting there was humor in the gas chambers experience. The exhibits were eventually withdrawn.

Hatred of the German people is considered normal — there is no word for it. Only the Jews have a word for the crime of not idolizing them enough: anti-Semitism.

Fortunately, the Jews have plenty of places where they can go, when they are not wanted, including their own country of Israel. They can always come to America where they would be welcomed by the 6 million or more Jews that are already here.