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June 15, 2015

anti-Semitism in the Baltics — what a revolting development this is!

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According to a news article, which you can read in full here, there is growing anti-Semitism in the Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Latvian man was a soldier in the Waffen-SS in WWII

Latvian man was a soldier in the Waffen-SS in WWII

The following quote is from the news story:

Across the countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Jewish leaders say their communities are feeling increasingly uncomfortable as anti-Semitism once again appears to be on the rise. An Estonian museum exhibition mocking the Holocaust, a stage musical celebrating the life of a notorious Latvian Nazi mass murderer and the repatriation of the remains of a Lithuanian leader long linked to Nazis have all contributed to a climate of hate that has Jews on edge.


In Talinn, Estonia, a highly controversial Holocaust-themed exhibition caused outrage last month when, among its exhibits, was a picture showing the iconic Hollywood sign replaced by the word “Holocaust,” which some perceived as a suggestion the genocide was an entertainment event. Another sick exhibit recreated a gas chamber and had 20 naked actors pretending to be Jews playing tag, seemingly suggesting there was humor in the gas chambers experience. The exhibits were eventually withdrawn.

Hatred of the German people is considered normal — there is no word for it. Only the Jews have a word for the crime of not idolizing them enough: anti-Semitism.

Fortunately, the Jews have plenty of places where they can go, when they are not wanted, including their own country of Israel. They can always come to America where they would be welcomed by the 6 million or more Jews that are already here.


  1. Wolf! Stop arguing with mentally deficient and uneducated people. Tell the goyim to create vaccines, discover cures for deadly diseases and rack up 34% of all Noble prices. We gave them G-d, they created their messiah and will never forgive us for not “converting”, and for the many things we are doing better. Shalom and l’haim!

    Comment by Mike Litvak — January 9, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

  2. The iconic Hollywood sign transformed into Holocaust ! Well that is the artistic work of a genius !
    With tinsel town producing a Shoah film every week it is rather apt as well.

    Comment by peter — June 21, 2015 @ 1:56 am

  3. Germanophobia? I know a lot of Germanophobes. The spell-checker, however, doesn’t know this word.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — June 15, 2015 @ 12:47 pm

  4. thank you, furtherglory. The lone sentence you composed : “Hatred of the German people is considered normal — there is no word for it. Only the Jews….”, states it perfectly.

    I’ve never seen this fact written down better. I will be using it from now on.

    The “American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee”‘s website regarding the Baltics says:

    “The Baltic countries were hit hard by the global recession, suffering some of Europe’s highest unemployment rates as GDP dropped by a third in Latvia between 2008 and 2010, and by almost 25% in Estonia and Lithuania. The effect on the emerging middle class was devastating, as many professionals lost their livelihoods and joined the ranks of the “new poor.” Sharp rises in food prices and heating costs devastated people living on fixed incomes and reduced wages alike, increasing need for assistance among the elderly and at–risk families.”

    This (above) would be what’s happened to the native Balts…

    While this below is what’s happening with the Jews:

    “In this historically significant center of Jewish learning and culture, Jewish life has staged a remarkable recovery in recent decades after being nearly extinguished during the Holocaust and Soviet eras. Dynamic Jewish communities have reemerged in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius, with strong progress toward self–sustainability slowed only by the economic downturn.”

    Was it Knut Hamsun who said that “Anti-Semitism follows Semitism as effect follows cause.”?


    Comment by Alan — June 15, 2015 @ 12:36 pm

    • I read where Estonias GDP is up. Their GDP per capita is up. Exports is up. Unemployment and inflation are down. What,are the jews pissed because they didn’t get a chance to wreck things

      Comment by Tim — June 15, 2015 @ 12:56 pm

  5. These day in the Baltic States<, but where next? To be a Jew is not only professing a faith but also suffering a fate of defamation and hatred leading to harassments, expulsions and destruction. Consider that the terrible Alfred Rosenberg came from the Baltic area. The Baltics seem to be more Aryan as the Germans themselves.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — June 15, 2015 @ 12:24 pm

    • suffering a fate of defamation and hatred

      Since you make the claim, can you offer an explanation? Why? Why are Jews so mistreated? Is there a reason for it? If so, then the dislike of Jews is rational, and it is not their “fate”, it is not ‘written in the stars’, and Jews could improve their lot by changing their behavior. Otherwise anti-Semitism is irrational, bizarre. Which is it?

      It is rarely mentioned, but the Nazis had a rational basis for disliking the Jews — they held Jews foremost responsible for instigating the (socialist) unrest in Germany toward the end of WWI, which in their view caused Germany to lose the war and suffer the national shame and burden of the Versailles treaty.

      In the US, Father Charles Coughlin was excoriated for using his radio broadcasts to point out that (secular) Jews were prime movers behind the Bolshevik Revolution and communist tyranny — as well as the persecution of Christians — in the Soviet Union.

      Comment by eah — June 15, 2015 @ 1:02 pm

      • Any comment Wolf?

        Comment by eah — June 15, 2015 @ 9:35 pm

        • A Jew changes behaviour converting to a Christian Church, but … already in 1882 the Evangelical Church of Prussia permitted an Evangelical Association to deny membership to people having jewish ancestors and in 1933 fired Pastor and Diacon of Jewish descent. Jean Marie Lustiger when Bishop of Orleans had been called while performing a ceremony “dirty jew”; offenders had not been sanctioned, I still remember – at Theresienstadt Ghetto – a friend Christian in thir generation (all four grandparents Jews who ad converted ) who wore the Jellow Star. On one side there had been Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht but on the orhter side there were thoiusands of German Jewish Army Officiers; many of them deported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz, Those who betray Judaism converting to one of the Churches continue to suffer the Jewish fate of defamation and persecution; that is the lesson of Shoah. Clear?

          Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — June 16, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

          • I just missed your comment — sorry.


            Not really, because I don’t think you answered the question: Why are Jews disliked and persecuted? Is it rational or irrational? If rational, what are the reasons for it?

            I know it has a long history — I remember being surprised to read unflattering things about Jews in the Sir Walter Scott novel Ivanhoe.

            Comment by eah — June 16, 2015 @ 1:25 pm

      • Still waiting for some thoughts from you about this, Wolf.

        Comment by eah — June 16, 2015 @ 1:16 pm

        • You compell me to answer again. So I think that we are hated for our faith: believing in a G’D who has not messengers or so. We say “HE AND NO ONE OTHER”. So many tyranns who want to be worshiped have very rational reasons to spread hatred against our selves. Similar tyranns and their many followers hate oor selves also for the COMANDS in the TORAH (Pentateuch) aimed for a sort of social justice and a better safeguarding of the soil. So following Jewish faith one has Jewish fate. Any further explaination exceeds the limits of a comment and would require an essat. And my English is not good enough to write such an essay.

          Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — June 17, 2015 @ 8:00 am

          • You wrote: “So I think that we are hated for our faith.” Your faith teaches that the “goyim” are not human, so it is O.K. to “lie, steal and cheat” the goyim. Remember Bernie Madoff? He lied, stole and cheated even his fellow Jews. Your faith teaches that there is no Hell, so Jews don’t have to worry about lying, stealing and cheating the goyim, who are not even human, according to the Jewish faith.

            Comment by furtherglory — June 17, 2015 @ 9:44 am

            • You are slandering Jews and Judaism: Read the TEN COMANDEMENTS where stealing and lying is forbidden. The TOHAH (Penstateuch) states the THE SAME LAW FOR YOU AND FOR THE STRANGER WHO COMES TO STAY IN YOUR COUNTRRY and YOU SHOULD NOT HATE THE EGYPTIAN AS YOU HAD BEEN STANGER IN HIS COUNTRY and YOU SHOULD NOT HATE THE EDOMITE; HE IS YOUR BROTHER. The truth is that many Churches are teaching that Jeiwsh People is damned to the eternal errand. The same Churches had no obkextion to the Nazi racial laws. etc. etc. As ro Madoff, he took advantwge and profit of the stupidity – at least – of many jeiwsh leading persons- The same because of the weakness/stupidoty of USA Banking Control laws.and authority. As to the Hell Judaism forbids to figure out what is out of the world or will happen after death.Your above slander of Jews and Judaism explaines me the reason of many posts on this site.

              Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — June 17, 2015 @ 10:15 am

              • Hey dog. Why you worry about people slandering jews. They doing a pretty good job of f**king themselves if you ask me. You think you’re Gods previous ones? Before Christianity the pickings were slim. Well jews or pagans. Not much to chose from. As for hell. Mark 9:43 is pretty clear. “Better to cut off your hand and enter into life,than enter into hell with 2 hands”. That’s not verbatim,but close enough. The book of Thesselonians. 1:9. “They shall be punished with ever lasting destruction,from the prescence of the lord and the glory of his power”. There’s only a billion more passages dealing with hell. Nobody ever said it was a physical place ( although Dante would have us beleive so),but it’s very real. Book of John 3:18. ” whoever believes in him is not condemned,but those who do not accept him are condemned already. They have not believed in the name of gods one and only son”. That’s not verbatim,but that’s close as I remember. Finally. John 14:16. “I am the way,the truth and the life. No one comes unto the father,unless through me. ” Yeah once again that’s not word for word. I can go on all about passages concerning hell,but I’m pretty sure you get my point. As far as Christ goes,you don’t accept him,you’re f**ked. Bottom line you reject him as the savior,it’s your ass. Gods quite clear on that. I don’t giving exceptions to the jews. Jews are so close to God,they need to ask him if it’s okay that they shit on him when it comes to accepting his son. That’s the problem with jews. Think They can do whatever they wish and not have to answer for shit. Jews aint no better than anyone else. They’re just stupid enough to think so. By the way. Hitler was no anti Christ. Hell anti christ is only mentioned a couple times in bible. For people that don’t believe in God,that’s right. I don’t look down on them. The Jews on the other hand,can kiss my ass. They think they’re better than the rest. They think they can force people into thinking what they say is the truth. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Tell Hebs they wanna convince me they’re good people,try to fight for the Mayans or Montagnards. They’re going through the same shit. Personally I think they’re better than the Jews. Problem is damn jews are so self centered,they don’t give a f**k about any other race

                Comment by Tim — June 17, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

              • The Jews slander themselves..The Talmud, which every Jew is required to study, states many passages about the Goyim, little Goyim girls being born into filth, Jesus is drowning in his own excrement, Mary was a whore, and many more disgusting things written about gentiles..You said above “They can always come to America where they would be welcomed by the 6 million or more Jews that are already here”…..How is it that 6 million were ‘gassed’, which is absolute rubbish and yet after the war , there were still six million Jews..Seems there are millions of stories of survival in these death camps…The six million story was used 4 times previously…Six million Jews supposedly perished in 1919, 1921, 1938, 1945..That’s quite a lot, don’t you think?….Jews were kicked out of 109 countries…Why ?..You bleat on about anti-Semitism and how it is being ignited again…People are finding out the lies regarding the Holocaust, the cruelty the Russian Jews inflicted on the Christian Russians, estimated to be over 100 million ( the real Holocaust) and the Germans were treated like non humans after WWII, the mass rapes of little girls, old women and anyone else they could lay their putrid hands on..They tore at those little girls bodies, raping thousands to death…Women were sexually mutilated in front of their families, husbands, sons, grandparents, neighbours and anyone else who had the misfortune to witness it..The world is waking up from their long slumber and brainwashing and it is unstoppable now..The laws in German about denying the Holocaust and most of Europe will soon be overturned as more and more brave people, who were young children back then, come forward… You would do well to learn the real history but i doubt you will…You will forever be a part of the hoax of the century.

                Comment by Lara Parkes — August 31, 2015 @ 10:14 am

          • Wolf,

            Thanks for the reply. But I did not “compel” you — I repeated the question because you did not answer it in your first reply.

            So I think that we are hated for our faith:…

            Quite honestly I think that’s ridiculous; and it seem rather more irrational than rational. But it does raise another question: What about Judaism causes non-Jews to hate Jews?

            Comment by eah — June 17, 2015 @ 11:41 am

            • Churches often theach that we are damned to eternal errand because Judaism does not acknoledge Jesus Christ as Saviour. So Rigjhtwing asLeftwing intellectuials are in general against the Jewish way of thinking. So various tyrannies see a despised minoity they easily can blame for all the wrong events, Churches and tyranns tell people that who does not acknowledges Jesus Christ as saviour is ready for all wrondoings, The rest is a history of persecutions. I cannot express better because of my poor English,

              Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — June 17, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

              • Then you better come up with one helluva an excuse when you stand before the ol man. He’s pretty clear on his son. Man didn’t write those words about accepting his son. God gave us those words himself. Like I said,jews think their shit don’t stink. They ain’t no better than the rest

                Comment by Tim — June 17, 2015 @ 12:28 pm

              • That’s where you got your head up your ass. My church teaches one thing.
                Matthew 7:2 ” the way you judge others is how you will be judged,using the same measure.” So drop this bullshit that the church teaches any kind of hate. Yours might,but mine don’t .

                Comment by Tim — June 17, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

    • The Baltic people remember very well who it was that fucked them royally in 1940 and 1944 when Stalin’s willing executioners murdered hundreds of thousands of their people in NKVD prisons or sent them by the trainload to die in the Gulags. Strangely, Wolf, their last names are very similar to yours.

      Comment by Schlageter — June 15, 2015 @ 6:46 pm

      • Yet Papa Joe remained innocent on everything. “I don’t know what you mean by all the people that I had killed”. With that nobody ever gave it a second thought. Sat there with Winston and Franklin. Makes me wonder how dirty their hands were.

        Comment by Tim — June 15, 2015 @ 7:15 pm

    • you are a repeat offender on the Turing Fail. On the Turing Fail Scale you are epic, no make that biblical. BWAHAHAAA.

      Comment by thestoker — June 16, 2015 @ 12:34 am

  6. they feel their communities are unsafe,because racism ( told you I’m not saying antisemetic. It’s racism period. I’m not gonna say that word so the Hebs can feel better than the other races by having their own word ) is on the rise. I don’t see how they notice the jews in Estonia . They make up 0.3% of the country . I don’t think anybody gives a shit about them. If you don’t like it there,move. Maybe their bugged because there’s talk about moving military equipment (USA equipment) into Poland . They said were thinking about that so Russia will cool her jets. They said Russia is acting out. I don’t think that’s a good idea. F**k Poland . Everyone thinks Russia is a joke anymore. They think she’s yesterday’s news . I wouldn’t push Russia . The Jews are pissed because of the naked people doing the gas chamber exhibit. At 0.2% of the population they should be happy people even recognize them.
    Could someone send them a map of the universe. Show them in spite of what they may think,the sun is the center of the universe

    Comment by Tim — June 15, 2015 @ 12:01 pm

    • Tim expect quick reaction, swaztika spinning, paratrooper rabbiis to be dropped into the Baltics to deface spraypaint synagogues as part of their never ending undercover psyop just to reinforce the popular grooming meme. Special semitic forces are always kept on QRA in a Tel Aviv warehouse, just in case there is not sufficient anti semitic activity in any ops zone.

      Comment by thestoker — June 16, 2015 @ 12:54 am

      • No way ! They got Airborne Rabbiis ! That’s the coolest! When they go to Jump School at Bennington,do they get get chutes that have a giant Star of David on top of them. Do they wear their Yarmulke,in place of the traditional Beret? I bet they carry a “decoy Torah. They probably stash their Beretta,jungle first aid kit,and a stack of Chu Hoi passes inside of it .”The Jumping Jew”. Americas latest weapon in the war on “terror/racism”. They can even have “their own song”
        “Fighting Rabbiis from the sky. Fearless Jews,who’ll jump and die”. Airborne Rabbiis. Who would’ve known.

        Comment by Tim — June 16, 2015 @ 7:28 am

  7. Judaism is Racism! If you are against racism, you must be anti-Semitic as well!

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at: (new window)
    Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!!
    There were NO “limited gassings!” There were NO homicidal Nazi Gassings at all!
    Please visit and support generously: (new window) (new window)

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — June 15, 2015 @ 10:56 am

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