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June 19, 2015

“Look Who’s Back” — it’s Hitler and he’s denying the Holocaust

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A recent news article in the Washington Post, written by Richard Cohen, is headlined “A novel about Hitler trivializes the Holocaust.”

This quote is from the article by Richard Cohen:

Look Who’s Back,” the Timur Vermes book on which this is based, was a huge bestseller in Germany. In America, it has been politely if not extravagantly reviewed. Here and there a grumpy critic has wondered about the propriety of a book in which Hitler speaks in the first person and we get into the mind of a man whose name is synonymous with evil. Hitler, however, does not think; he spouts and erupts — a walking placard. He’s a bore.

The photo below is shown at the top of the article.

The gate into the Dachau camp has been replaced after it was stolen Photo Credit: Getty Images

The gate into the Dachau camp has been replaced after it was stolen Photo Credit: Getty Images

How many times have I complained about inappropriate photos in news articles about the Holocaust!

What is Cohen trying to say? That Dachau was a death camp where Jews were killed?

Yes, tourists are now told that Dachau was a camp where Jews were gassed in the shower room.  Don’t deny this, or you will go to prison in 19 countries.  O.K. you can deny it if you live in America, but not for long.

This quote is from the news article:

A book such as this risks being accused of trivializing Hitler. After all, the fictional Hitler is something of a buffoon and at times is oddly empathetic to some of his colleagues. No doubt, he is being trivialized, as has been Auschwitz, where tourists now take selfies . Rock concerts are held nearby. In this way, the present thoughtlessly insults the past.

But where Vermes goes wrong is in his focus. It’s entirely on Hitler and the Germany that accepts him in his reincarnated state. Missing are Hitler’s victims — their deaths by the millions, their suffering. I understand what Vermes set out to do, and I happen to think that humor is its own justification. But by bringing the camera in so tight, we cannot see over Hitler’s shoulder. Behind him is a Holocaust that for some people consumed faith itself.

Here is another quote from the same article:

As I read “Look Who’s Back,” I wanted this Hitler to acknowledge how he made others suffer. He observes the absence of Jews and mouths his contempt for them, but they are all out there somewhere, faceless, emotionless. Nor does he have anything to say about how he starved Russian POWs to death by the millions and murdered gypsies and homosexuals and Poles and . . . . It is a very long list.

How many homosexuals were “murdered” in the Holocaust? I wrote about homosexuals in the Holocaust on this previous blog post:

Gypsies waiting to be gassed at Belzec death camp

Gypsies waiting to be gassed at Belzec death camp

The Gypsies shown in the photo above appear to be very calm; they do not know that they will soon be gassed.  Why would Hitler want to gas the Gypsies, who never did anyone any harm?

That’s all, folks. Come back tomorrow for more news about the Holocaust.