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July 1, 2015

“Bergen Belsen, for example” was a film made by the British

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Dead prisoners at Bergen-Belsen

Dead prisoners at Bergen-Belsen camp

Josef Kramer, the commandant of the Bergen-Belsen camp

Josef Kramer, commandant of Bergen-Belsen camp, who stayed to help the British

In the year 2002, I took a tour of the Bergen-Belsen memorial site, and as far as I know, I was the only American there that day.

I arrived, by bus, at the memorial site at 1:30 p.m. and by 2:30 p.m. I had finished my tour of what is left of the former camp. I then went to the Document Center to see the English version of a British-made documentary movie that was supposed to start at 3 p.m.

There was a large theater where the movie was being shown in German; the movie had just ended, when I arrived, and the audience of young German students was having a discussion period when I peeked into the theater.

Since I was the only person that wanted to see the movie in English, the film was shown to me in a small room on a TV set with a relatively small screen. Apparently, there were very few English-speaking visitors in the year 2002.

The title of the film was “Bergen-Belsen for Example.” This is obviously a translation of the German title “Bergen-Belsen zum Beispiel.” Zum Beispiel is a German expression which means “for example” but it is used more often and in more different ways than our English expression.

The film opened with scenes of the prisoners greeting the British soldiers as they entered the concentration camp on April 15, 1945.

Not all of the inmates at Bergen-Belsen were starving

Not all of the inmates at Bergen-Belsen were starving

The prisoners looked remarkably healthy, considering the ordeal that they had just been through; everyone was happy and smiling, as shown in the photo above.

Then a British soldier, who said his name was Arthur Bushnell, explained that when the British soldiers first arrived, they got a “false impression” because at first, they didn’t see any dead bodies or emaciated prisoners. All the inmates who rushed up to greet them appeared to be healthy and well-fed.

Bushnell said that there had been 400 German guards in the camp, but only half of them were there when the British arrived. For some strange reason, he didn’t explain why all of guards had not run away to avoid being captured and put on trial as war criminals.

What had actually happened was that the Bergen-Belsen camp had been voluntarily turned over to the British with the agreement that the guards would stay on in the camp to maintain order and help with the work of cleaning up the camp.

Nothing was said about what would happen to the guards, but it was implied in the negotiations that the German guards would be treated with respect and not arrested as war criminals. The movie did not mention that the camp was formally surrendered to the British after both sides had negotiated an agreement.

Instead, the movie led viewers to believe that the British had captured the camp and surprised half of the guards who hadn’t managed to escape like the other half.

According to Eberhard Kolb of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site Committee, there were only 80 guards who remained in the camp, 50 men and 30 women. The photographs taken by the British after the liberation show that this number is probably correct.

Bushnell went on to say that there was no food at all in the camp when the British arrived. What had happened to all the food?

Eberhard Kolb wrote that the 30,000 prisoners who had arrived in the camp on April 8, one week before the liberation, had raided the food supplies of the camp. Would it have killed the British to have mentioned this in their film that was made for German children who were not yet born?

The water pump, which pumped drinking water out of cisterns at Bergen-Belsen, had been destroyed by allied bombs and there was no water in the camp. Some water was being brought to the camp by the Germany Army, but not enough for the 60,000 prisoners who were in the camp by the time that the British arrived.

It was not mentioned in the film that the British proceeded to pump water out of a nearby creek, which caused the deaths of more Bergen-Belsen prisoners.

Was the bombing of the water pump mentioned in the film?  No, of course not.

At one time, Bergen-Belsen was an EXCHANGE CAMP. Were any prisoners ever exchanged? The film doesn’t tell us. [Read on]

German citizens and a few German-Americans had been rounded up and put into a prison on Ellis Island two days before Germany declared war on America.

For the German-American citizens, this was a violation of their civil rights under the Constitution of the United States because no charges were brought against them and they were never put on trial. They were held for as long as a year after the war ended.

For the most part, very few prisoners were ever exchanged, but a few lucky inmates were sent to Palestine in exchange for German citizens imprisoned in Great Britain who were released and sent back to Germany.

A few American Jews, who were stranded in Europe when the war started, were held in the Bergen-Belsen exchange camp, but this was not mentioned in the film. America did not offer to exchange any prisoners.

The narrator in the film, that was shown at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site, said that the “Germany Army” had refused to bury the dead in the camp. Bergen-Belsen was right in the middle of a war zone and the Germany Army was engaged in fighting in a last-ditch effort to save their country from Communism. Were they supposed to stop fighting in the war, and bury dead Jews who had died of typhus?

Some of the dead bodies at Bergen Belsen were buried near the German Army base, shown in the background

Some of the dead bodies at Bergen Belsen were buried near the German Army base, shown in the background

After the Bergen-Belsen camp was voluntarily turned over to the British, Hungarian soldiers in the German Army were assigned to maintain order at Bergen-Belsen for six days during the transfer of the camp to the British, according to the negotiated agreement. After six days, they had been promised that they would have safe passage back to the German lines.

When they were ordered by the British officers to handle the diseased bodies with their bare hands, the Hungarian soldiers refused because this was not part of the negotiated agreement; their job was to maintain order.

The narrator of the film did not mention that some of the Hungarian soldiers were shot, in violation of the agreement, because they had refused to help with the burial of the bodies.

The next person, who was featured in the film shown at Bergen Belsen, was Mike Lewis, who said he was a Jewish soldier in the British army. He said that it was purely an “accident” that he was sent to Bergen-Belsen as one of the liberators.

British soldier driving a bull dozer to shove the bodies of prisoners into a grave

British soldier driving a bulldozer to shove the bodies of prisoners into a grave

Mike Lewis said that he took photos and movie film at the liberation but he could never bear to look at the photographs afterwards.

The film that Lewis took was shown at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal; this was the famous footage of British bulldozers shoving the bodies into the mass graves. Remarkably, Lewis says that he took a turn driving the bulldozer himself while someone else filmed him.

Next, a short film clip is shown of a woman naked from the waist up, washing herself with water in a wash basin. The narrator explains that the prisoners were so demoralized that they thought nothing of doing their “body functions” out in the open.

In the film, Lewis asks “Why Germany?” Then he explains that “any race is capable of this.” So why the Germans?

Lewis says in the film that “some disease made them [the Germans] prone” to do this.

The implication was that the Germans had deliberately starved or killed the prisoners in the Bergen-Belsen exchange camp, and that they did this because of some strange disease  from which only the German “race” suffers.

It was not explained in the film that the emaciated corpses in the camp were those of people who had died of typhus in an epidemic that was out of control. Keep in mind that most of the visitors who were watching this film, when I was there, were 14-year-old German students.

The film shows the British feeding the prisoners only a clear broth, but says that many of them died, in spite of this, after the liberation. It was not mentioned how many died. (There were 13,000 who died in the six weeks AFTER the liberation.) The film doesn’t say what was the cause of these deaths.

Martin Gilbert, one of the foremost Jewish Holocaust writers, says that many of the prisoners at Bergen-Belsen died from being given too much rich food too soon by the British, and that the rest died from disease before the epidemics could be brought under control.

Next the narrator tells us that the prisoners who were from Eastern Europe didn’t want to return to their homes. The film doesn’t say why.

What the film didn’t tell us is that, the reason that some of the prisoners didn’t want to return to their homes, was that some of the prisoners had been selected for the exchange camp because they were Zionists who wanted to go to Palestine.

The prisoners who didn’t want to leave Bergen-Belsen stayed on, for TEN YEARS, in the German army barracks nearby where they were quartered in brick or stone buildings. This became the largest of all the DP camps, as the prisoners waited for years to get into Canada, Australia and Israel, according to the film. They had a long wait because Israel did not exist until 1948 and before that, the British were restricting Jewish immigration into Palestine.

The narrator then says that, 10 days after the British arrived, which would have been on April 25th, the local German people were brought to the camp to see the bodies which had not yet been buried. Since the burial had begun on April 18th, the bodies that were still to be buried were probably those of the typhus victims who had died after the camp was liberated.

A British soldier speaks to these elderly German civilians in German telling them, “Your sons and daughters are responsible for these crimes.” Then we see scenes of the German SS guards who had risked their lives to stay behind and help, as they take the bodies off the trucks and put them into the mass graves.

There is an audience of former prisoners, mostly healthy-looking women, who are screaming at the top of their lungs, in German, at the guards: “Who is responsible?”

The German civilians were forced to watch this horrible scene in silence while the Jewish soldier filmed it for posterity. The narrator didn’t mention that some of these German civilians were now homeless because they had been forced to move out so that Jewish survivors of Bergen-Belsen could live in their homes.

Former German guard at Bergen-Belsen after she was forced to carry bodies to graves at Bergen-Belsen

Former German guard at Bergen-Belsen after she was forced to carry bodies to graves at Bergen-Belsen

After seeing the film, I went to the Bergen-Belsen museum where I saw photos of the former prisoners. The photo below was shown in the Museum.

Photo of a Bergen-Belsen prisoner who survived

Photo of a Bergen-Belsen prisoner who survived


  1. Schindler has died.

    Comment by Cronie — July 3, 2015 @ 8:32 am

  2. By the way, Peter.
    The immigrants from Eritrea are “The Jews”. They are more “Jews”, than any “Ashkenazy” Jews from Europe. But, they have very limited labor skills and the positions of parking lot attendant, or nursing home assistant are the top levels of their possible careers.
    In the same time, they are displaying the attitude of being “chosen people” with all arrogance present.
    Good luck, Deutschland! You are destroying yourself.

    Comment by Gasan — July 2, 2015 @ 9:16 pm

  3. My grandmother survived the hell known as Bergen-Belson. You are missing a bunch of history. For one things Jews were transported here from other camps as the war was coming to an end. You also must know Himmler betrayed Hitler, in trying to negotiate for himself, part of his strategy was to use Jews as bait to save his own ass. The camp was infested with disease, but that was because what the Germans did. When the British entered Belsen, the prisoners were not well kept, at least most of them, in fact they were starved to death, and it wasn’t just the last two weeks. Typhus outbreak was because of the Germans utter mistreatment of the prisoners….In some regards one could argue (and the article above explains everything) that The Jews at Belson were saved by Himmler from gassing, and to that I cannot argue, as my Grandmother was a pawn in Himmler’s save my ass game.

    The starvation was particularly difficult to deal with as many of the prisoners would die in the days after the British entered due large in part because of the starvation. As for Typhus, the Germans guards never contracted the disease interesting…That place was a living hell, if you read the accounts by many of the British soldiers. Yes it is true some prisoners were well off, but most, specifically the Jewish prisoners were mistreated horribly. This was apparent as the British walked deeper into the camp.

    Frankly the fact that all those who were at the camp were not summarily shot in the head was an act of kindness by the British, that should be noted. There are crimes against humanity which are not comprehensible. My grandmother would lose two of her siblings in that hell along with two of my grandfather’s sisters.

    Of course you could try and argue. Alas, Himmler wasn’t such a bad guy, but of course if you would also have to give up the other denierism part about the gas chambers. Alas the facts come together.

    Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — July 1, 2015 @ 3:48 pm

    • Of course you could try and argue.

      Argue what? Reading your incoherent blah blah comment, I would not know where to begin.

      But thanks for the link — it’s another fine example of Holocaust “scholarship”, full of unsupported claims from beginning to end. In fact, it could serve as kind of a template.

      As World War II was drawing to a close, Hitler ordered the extermination of all remaining Jews in Nazi death camps throughout Europe

      Of course no one disputes the horrible conditions — “hell” — extant at B-B at the end of the war.

      Comment by eah — July 1, 2015 @ 7:03 pm

    • “The camp was infested with disease, but that was because what the Germans did. When the British entered Belsen, the prisoners were not well kept, at least most of them, in fact they were starved to death, and it wasn’t just the last two weeks. Typhus outbreak was because of the Germans utter mistreatment of the prisoners”

      Typhus outbreak at Belsen was because the delousing machine broke down on the day when a convoy of Hungarian (if memory serves me right) Jews arrived there. That, and the cut of all the supply lines by Allied bombings, as well as gross overcrowding in the last operational German concentration camps. And when lice had successfully entered the camp of Belsen, there was almost nothing that could be done to prevent a titanic health disaster from taking place. The British were almost as powerless to stop the Belsen epidemics as the Germans had been. Typhus outbreaks had also killed millions of people during the previous world war. Typhus outbreaks, wars and Eastern Europe have always been as linked together as Jews are linked to lies. 😉

      No need to look for anything else but war-linked natural causes in the Belsen health disaster. Only Zionist martyrology-based atrocity propaganda needed and still needs to add an evil factor to the Belsen epidemic equation. The Knesset should build the statue of a giant lice on Mount Herzl as the real founding father of the Land-Grabbing Colonial State of Israel was in fact the typhus-carrying lice. The WW1-recycled ridiculous atrocity lies that finally the illegitimate State of Israel into existence would have fallen apart quite fast after the end of WW2 (as fast as they had after the end of WW1) if the graphic atrocity propaganda of Dachau, Belsen and Buchenwald hadn’t saved them from oblivion.

      Comment by hermie — July 2, 2015 @ 5:44 am

      • edit: “that finally brought the illegitimate State of Israel into existence” instead of “that finally the illegitimate State of Israel into existence “

        Comment by hermie — July 2, 2015 @ 5:47 am

  4. People aren’t just “given” food. Sometimes, they FIND, PILFER, APPROPRIATE, and GORGE ON more food than is good for their shrunken digestive systems. Elie Wiesel is seen in his book to be one of these, though he passes the incident off as “food poisoning.” Yeah, literally, you might say.

    The impulse is understandable and I might do the same myself. Hope I never have the opportunity to find out. I wonder if the group in question could be more susceptible to greed than other groups, or better at “acquiring” such supplies under competitive conditions of continuing scarcity.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — July 1, 2015 @ 3:18 pm

  5. Rounding up German/Americans to go to Ellis Island. Well come on now. We paid a Haitin Witch Dr to predict the future. He knew these Krauts were be gonna trouble. He’s the same one that told us to lock up all the Niponese that were American citizens. It was okay for their kids to fight in the war,but they had to be locked up. Isn’t America great. I like the part about them being so demoralized that they were shitting and pissing in the open. We had a boatload of people come over here to texas when Katrina hit New Orleans . I was going into Walmart when we had a ton of them in our area. Walked by the side of the building and it smelled like shit. Turns out people were going around the side of the building and shitting and pissing there. Guess Katrina was a nazi hurricane. Demoralized everybody from New Orleans . Simple case of a lack of proper amount of working restrooms. Might that have been the case at this camp? So you’re gonna tell me the Limeys didn’t have a medic when they rolled up on that place to tell them,”don’t feed them”. A medic would’ve known feeding them would’ve been a disaster. Oh well. Bullshit cooked up by the jews to bolster the story.

    Comment by Tim — July 1, 2015 @ 3:04 pm

  6. The German people of 2015 have been so thoroughly ” re educated ” that they are welcoming the new world orders plan of racial replacement. This year about 1/2 million black Africans from Eritrea and other war zones are to be resettled in Germany. Without the magical workings of Holocaustianity this would have appeared absurd.

    Comment by peter — July 1, 2015 @ 2:12 pm

    • We got a bunch here in the U S of A. Been going on for a long time now.

      Comment by Tim — July 1, 2015 @ 3:05 pm

    • Not only in Germany, as Tim said. Everywhere in the formerly-White world.

      Bringing alien migrants en masse in a country and encouraging race-mixing between the locals and the newcomers was a Jewish project for the extermination of the entire German people – the Hotoon Plan. Post-WW2 Jewry and its Masonic puppets have visibly decided to apply it to the entire White race. In conjunction with the large scale sterilization of the Kaufman Plan (another Jewish project for the extermination of the entire German people after the war) as it is what Jew-led feminism was really about.

      Comment by hermie — July 2, 2015 @ 6:04 am

      • Apparently the Jews didn’t do a very good job of exterminating the Germans considering Germans and Germany still exist.
        As a matter of fact, Germany under went a remarkable economic turn around in the mid-fifties and, except for the occasional economic hiccup this has continued to this day.
        I just wanted to reassure everyone about Germany.

        Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 3:06 pm

        • They had the economic recovery,but the entire country was not totally rebuilt from the war,untill the early 80’s. F**k economic recovery. They should’ve introduced a “self esteem ” recovery program. Tell the people,”just because you’re german,don’t make you bad”. Hell. The Niponese never had to endure that and they were first class assholes too.

          Comment by Tim — July 23, 2015 @ 3:57 pm

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