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July 12, 2015

New book is a novel about Janusz Korczak who led Warsaw orphans to Treblinka

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According to a news article, which you can read in full here, there is a new novel, just out, entitled The Book of Aron, which tells about Janusz Korczak, the real-life Jewish man who led the children of the Warsaw ghetto to their deaths at the Treblinka death camp. Don’t worry: it’s all good; Korczak [not his real name] just wanted the children to have fun.

Janusz Korczak was a pseudonym for Dr. Henryk Goldzmit, who was a teacher, a social worker and a pediatrician. He also did a weekly radio show for children, and wrote a series of children’s books in which the central character was a boy king named King Matt. In July 1942, Korczak turned down the opportunity to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto, and instead accompanied 192 orphans to Treblinka where he was murdered in the gas chamber along with them.

Readers of this blog post might want to prepare themselves, by reading about Treblinka on my website at

Memorial stone at Treblinka in honor of Janusz Korczak

Memorial stone at Treblinka in honor of Janusz Korczak

This quote is from the news article, cited above:

Polish-Jewish doctor and educator Janusz Korczak was famous throughout Europe as director of the Warsaw Ghetto orphanage and an advocate for children’s rights. Despite offers of sanctuary, he chose to accompany his orphans to the gas chambers of Treblinka. This long-heralded hero is brought to life in Jim Shepard’s new novel, “The Book of Aron” (Alfred A. Knopf). Shepard, a National Book Award finalist, presents Korczak as an all-too-human figure who wrestled with his own demons and fought to retain his morality.

Why are so many Holocaust books written as novels? What’s wrong with writing the true story of Janusz Korczak?

The article about the new book ends with this quote:

Shepard’s children lie, cheat, steal and betray in order to stay alive. When Zofia tells her friends, “There’s not one good Jew among us,” Boris replies, “The good Jews buy what we bring in.” It’s a cynical sentiment, but cynicism can be a tool for survival as well.

Did you catch that? The Jewish children in the book “lie, cheat, steal and betray.” This sounds like something that a Nazi would say.

What is the proof that these children were gassed at Treblinka?  I wrote this previous blog post about Treblinka:

and also this blog post about the trains that traveled West to Treblinka:

Bridge over the Bug river on the way to Treblinka

Bridge over the Bug river on the way to Treblinka

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