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July 13, 2015

20th anniversary of Schindler’s List

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I have seen the movie Schindler’s List several times, both in a movie theater and on TV, and I have also read the book several times. This morning, I read this news article about the anniversary of Schinder’s List.

oskar-schindler-on-arrival-at-lydda-airport-israel The following caption is on the photo above:

Photo : Keystone/Getty Images) Hundreds of Jews and their families turned out at Lydda Airport, Israel to welcome Oscar Schindler (1908 – 1974), a Sudeten-born German, of Frankfurt, who is said to have been responsible for saving 11,100 Jews from the Nazi persecutions during World War II. He employed the Jews in a factory he operated at Zabiceczech, near Cracow, and although often questioned by the occupation forces, always averted danger by exploiting personal contacts. He was brought to Israel as a guest of the government to take part in the ceremony of planting the first saplings in the 8th Avenue of Righteous Gentiles to commemorate non-Jews who helped Jews against the Nazis during the war.

Note that the article says that Schindler saved 11,100 Jews. I will have to correct my previous blog posts, where I wrote that Schlindler saved 1,200 Jews.

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