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July 20, 2015

Herte Bothe, a cruel female guard at Bergen-Belsen, who served time in prison

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Herte Bothe looks haggard after working to remove dead bodies at Bergen-Belsen

Herte Bothe looks haggard after working to remove dead bodies at Bergen-Belsen

Before I began writing this blog post about Herte Bothe, one of the guards at Bergen-Belsen, I first checked with Wikipedia to make sure that I got the facts straight.

The following quote is from Wikipedia:

Nevertheless, she [Herte Bothe] was released early from prison on December 22, 1951 as an act of leniency by the British government.[2]

WHAT? Herte Bothe was a dangerous criminal who had committed crimes against humanity, or worse! Why would the British have taken pity on her, and released her from prison early?

Herte Bothe is the tall blonde on the left; she was 6 ft. 3 inches tall

Herte Bothe is the tall blonde on the left in the second row; she was 6 ft. 3 inches tall (click to enlarge)

This quote is also from Wikipedia:

During a rare interview[6] that was broadcast in 2004, Bothe became defensive when asked about her decision to be a concentration camp guard. She replied,
“ What do you mean, made a mistake? No… I’m not quite sure I should answer that. Did I make a mistake? No. The mistake was that it was a concentration camp, but I had to go to it, otherwise I would have been put into it myself. That was my mistake.[7]

Here is another quote from Wikipedia:

In September 1942, Bothe was conscripted as a camp guard at Ravensbrück concentration camp. The former nurse took a four-week training course and was sent as an Aufseherin to the Stutthof camp near Danzig (now Gdańsk). There she became known as the “Sadist of Stutthof” due to her brutal beatings of prisoners.[1]

I wrote about Herte Bothe on my website many years ago.  The following information is from my website

As of 2005, Herta Bothe was still alive and still defensive about her job as a female guard at Bergen-Belsen, maintaining that she had been conscripted in September 1942, at the age of 21, to work in the concentration camps; she claimed that she would have been put into a concentration camp herself if she had refused.

After four weeks of training at the Ravensbrück women’s camp, Bothe was first sent to the Stutthof camp near the city formerly known as Danzig, and then to the Bromberg Ost sub-camp in July 1944. She had previously worked as a nurse in a German hospital.

When Bergen-Belsen was voluntarily turned over to the British on April 15, 1945, Herta Bothe had been a guard there, in charge of 60 women prisoners, for no more than seven or eight weeks.

Herte Bothe is the woman on the far right; this photo was taken after she was arrested by the British

Herte Bothe is the woman on the right; this photo was taken after she was arrested by the British (click to enlarge)

Herte Bothe had arrived in the Bergen-Belsen camp between February 20th and February 26th 1945 in charge of a death march of women prisoners who had been evacuated from Poland.

Bothe was one of the 80 guards who volunteered to stay behind to help the British take over the camp, not realizing that under the Allied concept of co-responsibility, she would be put on trial as a war criminal.

In the photo at the top of this page, taken by the British at an Allied prison in Celle, Bothe looks haggard and has dark circles under her eyes after working for weeks in the camp to bury around 17,000 corpses including the bodies of 13,000 prisoners who died after the British took over.

Today, Herta Bothe is infamous because of her defiant attitude and her show of anger when the women were ordered by the British to carry the rotten corpses to mass graves with their bare hands. In interviews years later, Bothe described how she was terrified of contracting typhus because the guards were not allowed to wear gloves or masks.

She described how the arms and legs of the decomposed bodies came off in her hands when she tried to pick them up, and how lifting the emaciated bodies caused her back pain.

Although the British brought in bulldozers and shoved some of the bodies into the mass graves, they forced the former guards to do most of the work manually as their just punishment for the horrible conditions found in the camp.

Bothe was sentenced to ten years in prison after being convicted by a British Military Tribunal in 1946. She was released on December 22, 1951.   She lived to the age of 94.

Herte Bothe lived to the age of 94


  1. Looking over P.O. Truth’s post about SS shooting Jews before abandoning camps it appears they were killed at camps in the East liberated by the Red Army and left behind at camps liberated by other Allied troops. Also, if Nuremburg wasn’t a judicial farce why did the Allies try to blame the Katyn massacre of up to 20,000 Polish officers, intellectuals and other enemies of Communism in the Germans at the IMT? That series of famous photos of U.S. prosecutor Thomas Dodd holding up an Amazon Jivaro tsantsa (shrunken head) and testimony that it was a a Polish prisoner from Buchenwald killed for lookeing at a German woman askance proves, to me anyway, that justice wasn’t served there. In studying Soviet evidence used in the case against John Demjanjuk found to be fraudulent at his war crimes “show trial” in Israel I have a hard time believing anything they say about WWII.

    Comment by who dares wings — July 24, 2015 @ 7:48 am

    • “it appears they were killed at camps in the East liberated by the Red Army and left behind at camps liberated by other Allied troops.”

      A similar thing happened with the alleged homicidal gas chambers. Obliterated by the Nazis in order to “hide their crimes” in the concentration camps captured by the Soviets. (Except at Majdanek, because the Nazis were short on time, they say. And also at Sachsenhausen for nebulous reasons.) And left intact in the concentration camps captured by the Anglo-American Allies. Different propaganda offices, different narratives… 😉

      Comment by hermie — July 24, 2015 @ 8:55 am

    • Katyn was an embarrassment to the Western allies who all colluded to keep the truth from coming out to maintain the alliance with Stalin. See Laurence Rees WW2 Behind Closed Doors and Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands. The Western Prosecutors at Nuremberg refused to prosecute any German for Katyn and forced to Soviets to try the case on their own. Needless to say the case fell apart and no Germans were ever prosecuted for Katyn.

      Comment by P. O. Truth — July 24, 2015 @ 9:56 am

      The point I want you take from the above link is that the ISREALI Supreme Court overturned his conviction and sent him home after determining this was a case of mistaken identity. He was later convicted in Germany but died before appeal so Judicially he died innocent of any crime.

      Comment by P. O. Truth — July 24, 2015 @ 10:01 am

    • The examples I provided are entirely from Eastern Europe. None of those sites I mentioned were liberated by U.S. or British troops.

      Comment by P. O. Truth — July 24, 2015 @ 11:00 am

  2. Berlin prepares itself for the death in prison of a man who dared to ” deny the Holocaust” . Denial is a crime in Germany which today is a police state which allows no freedom of speech to those who question the Jews and their power.
    (sorry Ted /Tim I havent translated it for you, but try using the Google translate button )

    Comment by peter — July 21, 2015 @ 4:23 pm

    • Who the f**k are these are these people ! Jesus H Christ! These c**ksuckers are pulling shit that Joe stalin and Ho chi minh would be applauding! F**k ! Are these f**kin cheesedicks suffering from amnesia! How many people died trying to make it from east Berlin to West Berlin ? WTF ! Those people died because they wanted to be free! Does that mean anything to these God less sons of pigs. You know,I really try to see things from the jews point of view,but this f**kin shit is just gettin way outta hand . I’ll admit. It might take me awhile to see the proverbial “Forrest”,but I think I’ve finally figured it out. Israel ain’t nothing but a nation of masochistic pimps and Germany,their whores. F**kin pathetic ! Did these assholes forget how great they felt when they stood up to Russia and said ,” THIS ENDS NOW”! Germany has walmarts,right? Tell these spineless pricks,”Walmart sells balls. Go buy a pair”. I google that mans name ( clearly he’s one of the few real men left in Germany ). I should be able to get a current story about him. Thanks

      Comment by Tim — July 21, 2015 @ 7:29 pm

    • This mans wife is has the attitude of a bulldog. When she gets her teeth into something,she don’t let go. I found a lot of news articles on the net. The one I speak of here, is on It’s titled “no such thing as free speech with holocaust denial laws”. There’s also a link on that article that will direct you to YouTube . This lady spoke at the AZK (anti censorship coalition ) conference. The room was packed with 2,000 people. The lady got a standing ovation at the end of her speech. The language is in German ( subtitled in English so us Yanks can understand it). I really recommend that people watch this if they wanna see how precious free speech can be. If we can get the asshole,”Judge Reiders” email address , I’ll email him the link to Mrs. Stolzs speech where she gets a standing ovation. What’s the judge gonna do to me. I live in rural texas. We’re conservatives out here. All the libs live in Dallas ,Houston ,austin ,the big cities. He’d play hell trying to get me outta FAYETTE county. Our sheriff is a red,white and blue constitution lovin servant. Hey if we could get the video to that judge , that would really put a weed up his ass. I’m not a sexist,so I’ll have no problem adding Mrs. Stolz to my list of heros.

      Comment by Tim — July 21, 2015 @ 8:05 pm

  3. “Today, Herta Bothe is infamous because of her defiant attitude and her show of anger when the women were ordered by the British to carry the rotten corpses to mass graves with their bare hands. In interviews years later, Bothe described how she was terrified of contracting typhus because the guards were not allowed to wear gloves or masks.”

    I wonder why German camp guards were afraid of contracting typhus as – Holocaust propagandists now claim – nobody could contract typhus and die of it without Nazi neglect, abuse and deliberate starvation. Why would a German guard have been terrified of contracting typhus while in British custody? That makes no sense. Except if typhus and typhoid were in fact more contagious and lethal than we’re now told. 😉

    Comment by hermie — July 21, 2015 @ 2:09 am

    • Nazi guards did catch typhus at the camps, it’s one of the reasons why camp administration took steps to prevent epidemics, like fumigating clothing and washing clothing.

      Comment by P. O. Truth — July 22, 2015 @ 12:26 pm

      • I know that, P.O. Truth. If memory serves me right, 20 out of 80 guards died of typhus or/and typhoid at Belsen after cleaning the camp with the British “gloveless” revengeful method of sanitation.

        You’ve missed my point exposing today’s academic lie which claims that typhus/typhoid/tuberculosis epidemics in the last operational German concentration camps (for sure, great graphic atrocity propaganda literally keeping the Holo-myth standing) came from Nazi neglect, abuse and deliberate starvation (implying that all the inmates who died of those epidemics must also be regarded as victims of an alleged policy of extermination) while such diseases were visibly very contagious and could only become giant uncontrollable epidemics in a collapsing & almost paralyzed country at war like Germany in 1944-45 (especially in the last overcrowded prison/work facilities of that same country, of course). Will you nevertheless attempt to claim that the pictures of typhic dead and sick emaciated inmates at Belsen and Dachau prove any Nazi policy of extermination or abuse while 25% of the German guards cleaning the Belsen camp for the Brits died of it?

        And your baseless assertion that delousing procedures were established to protect the German camp staff aren’t in line with Himmler’s wartime orders to reduce mortality in German concentration camps. In the delousing procedures, everything points to a willingness to preserve and increase the performance of the German war factories there by saving the inmates’ life and health.

        Comment by hermie — July 23, 2015 @ 7:47 am

        • No, I don’t believe that this was a deliberate attempt at extermination at the end of the war. I think the Nazis wanted to hang on to as much labor as they could by emptying the concentration/labor camps in both the East and West and sending the surviving prisoners into Germany. Those that could not make the trip were either left in the camps or were killed. There doesn’t seem to be a coherent policy on what to do with the sick and dying, the Nazis left 7500 prisoners in Auschwitz but in other places they killed those that could not make the trip. Those forced to march did so in appalling conditions, even where trains were used to transport the cars were open to the elements.
          I think the in-rush of prisoners into the concentration camps overwhelmed the existing camp infrastructure, making it difficult to feed, clothe and clean the inmates, especially as German services collapsed at the end of the war.
          Now, I think the Nazis could have done themselves a huge favor in leaving the prisoners where they were when they packed up and left. It seems a little pointless to pack up and force starving/sick prisoners into Germany when you could no longer feed whatever small amounts the prisoners received in the camps, much less provide them medical care.

          Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 5:07 pm

          • You wrote “in other places they killed those that could not make the trip.” In what camp were the people who could not make the trip killed? Were they given a choice? “Do you want to march out of the camp, or would you rather be killed right now?”

            You wrote: “Now, I think the Nazis could have done themselves a huge favor in leaving the prisoners where they were when they packed up and left.” I think that the Nazis took the prisoners with them “when they packed up and left” because they wanted to turn them over to the British and Americans to take care of them. That is, in fact, what happened. Prisoners were marched to Dachau and Bergen-Belsen so that they could be turned over to the Americans and the British.

            Comment by furtherglory — July 23, 2015 @ 5:19 pm

            • Kovno, near Riga-before evacuating, SS troops burned the camp down and shot those Jews still remaining inside the camp.
              Klooga, a satellite camp in the Baltics-after most of the camp was evacuated the SS shot most of the remaining 2000 Jews, only a few were left when the Red Army liberated the site.
              Lieberose-a satellite camp for Sachsenhausen-1300 invalid prisoners shot before the SS abandoned the site
              Stutthoff main camp-SS left sick prisoners alone, liberated by the Red Army
              Gross-Rossen-SS left sick prisoners in some of the satellite camps, liberated be the Red Army
              I’d give you more but my fingers are getting tired.
              And when I say leave them be, I meant leave them in Poland, Lithuania, etc. This was kinder than forcing malnourished/sick/injured inmates out in the winter of 1944-1945.

              Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 7:39 pm

            • I don’t think I fully answered your question. As far as prisoners given a choice of leaving or dying, I can’t say. At Klooga the SS lined the remaining prisoners up in a roll call and then started marching them off into the woods to shoot them. I doubt they were given a choice but I cannot say one or the other.

              Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 8:50 pm

          • “Now, I think the Nazis could have done themselves a huge favor in leaving the prisoners where they were when they packed up and left. It seems a little pointless to pack up and force starving/sick prisoners into Germany ”

            Leaving their war laborers behind would have amounted to a military surrender. A few months later, Germany had to use 13 and 14 year-old boys to defend its homeland. I don’t think that a country compelled to resort to such lengths has any choice but using all the manpower available for its war effort.

            Comment by hermie — July 23, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

            • I’ll concede that the Nazis held on to the idea they still had a chance to win the war up until the Red Army surrounded Berlin and Hitler committed suicide. The incoming prisoners could still be considered a valuable source of labor. However, the thought you could still extract labor from prisoners who have walked or ridden in an open train car with very little food or water in middle of Winter seems a bit of a stretch.

              Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 7:48 pm

              • Not such a stretch. During those years, masses of German soldiers had walked very large distances (especially on the Eastern front) and they had fought fiercely in spite of that. And the evacuated inmates successfully built and operated underground war factories (producing “Wonder Weapons” that could have forced an armistice upon the Western Allies (at least upon the Brits)) in spite of their transfer from east to west after all. Of course, that was accompanied by a number of deaths among those evacuated laborers. But you can’t ask a country fighting for its very survival (the Kaufman & Hooton extermination plans, among others, had left little doubts about the predictable future of the entire German people in case of military defeat) to worry about forced laborers when its own men, women and children are falling by the millions. In such circumstances, everything that can be tried, must be tried.

                My thesis is that the Anglo-American Allies, with their carpet bombings, even created an unprecendented chaos in Germany DELIBERATELY in order to get very graphic atrocity propaganda (they say “visual evidence”) for their own “Good War” myth. A kind of full-scale field implementation of their Minnesota starvation experiment (Nov. 1944 – Dec. 1945) for propaganda purposes. That’s no rocket science to foresee that the inmates of a country’s penitentiary system and war industries will be the first ones to suffer if a complete chaos and paralysis are brought in that same country by a mean or another. I think that the Allied leaders were way cynical enough to do such a thing.

                Comment by hermie — July 24, 2015 @ 8:04 am

                • Besides, there were already millions of foreign workers in Germany for the Nazis to utilize without driving the prisoners from the camps in the East.

                  Comment by P. O. Truth — July 24, 2015 @ 10:11 am

          • “No, I don’t believe that this was a deliberate attempt at extermination at the end of the war. I think the Nazis wanted to hang on to as much labor as they could by emptying the concentration/labor camps in both the East and West and sending the surviving prisoners into Germany. ”

            So why are the photos of the titanic health disaster in the last German concentration camps in operation systematically used by mainstream mass media (and often also by academic historians) as ‘visual evidence’ of an alleged Nazi policy of extermination? Do you concede that it’s a very dishonest method bordering more with deliberate mass deception than with honest history? Very efficient trick, I know. (When asked questions about the “Holocaust”, most people answer immediately that they believe it took place because they have seen pictures of it. And we both know what pictures they’re referring to when they say that.) But an ‘argument’ as evidential and honest as myself claiming the US government attempted to exterminate all the Blacks of America with pictures of 1920’s lynchings by White mobs in Alabama or Mississippi to ‘prove’ my assertion.

            Comment by hermie — July 24, 2015 @ 8:33 am

            • I’ve written already about how I don’t like using the photographs from liberated camps as evidence of the Holocaust. That is misleading and gives the wrong impression of what the concentration camps were used for.

              Comment by P. O. Truth — July 24, 2015 @ 10:07 am

              • Indeed.

                Comment by hermie — July 25, 2015 @ 7:33 am

  4. 17,000 stiffs. Isn’t that gonna take up some serious real estate? Want someone to show me where 17,000 have been planted. Pretty much everything I read,the Jews are going on.” Boo hoo. Cry me a mutha f**kin river. I don’t know where o read this,but this article was talking about how the Jews went ape shit one day and started killing Romans left and right. They say hitler came up with all the shit aimed at the Jews? Think again. This article said,”jews can’t marry Christians . Christians are not allowed to convert to Judaism .” It gets better. One emperor said,” you can’t read the bible in Hebrew or build synagogues. You can’t testify against Christians in court or celebrate Passover before Easter “. Deja Vu. Isn’t this the same shit they tried to lay at uncle adolphs doorstep? Saying he fathered all these ideas. If ya ask me,it looks like hitler picked up the playbook that the Romans had. The shit he layed on the Jews,was nothing new. In Jerusalem the Romans bumped off about a million jews. They enslaved another 100,000. How come nobody wants to nail the Romans for their little stunt they pulled? There was a second part to the “auschwitz : hitlers final solution” show,but a movie called “zombie shark” is on the Syfy channel . I figure as long I’m watching something fictional,I should enjoy it. So I tuned into zombie shark instead of the rest of the auschwitz BS.

    Comment by Tim — July 20, 2015 @ 7:27 pm

  5. The German nation died in April 1945 and was replaced by US and Soviet occupation zones. In the east a Communist puppet state was established with many Jews in prominent positions . The Communist party of the east was named the SED ( Socialist Unity Party ) and its successor after 1991 was called the SPD which later became ” Die Linke” . One of its leaders was the half Jew Gregor Gysi . This party is still well represented in the German parliament and this is Mr Gysi s views on native Germans.

    Comment by peter — July 20, 2015 @ 11:29 am

    • This video was posted to his FB page — here, scroll down to May 24 — where it has almost 5k ‘likes’. Makes me recall what was said about Thilo Sarrazin and his book ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’.

      Comment by eah — July 20, 2015 @ 8:27 pm

  6. I read somewhere that a high proportion of those dastardly SS men who were jailed at Nuremberg on lengthy terms were released by 1951. My guess is the authorities knew what had really happened and knew there were no six million dead jews etc and so quietly sorted the mess out by letting these former guards etc slip back into society. I agree.

    Comment by Clent — July 20, 2015 @ 10:29 am

    • There were several Nuremberg trials, be specific. As far as the original trial, those not executed either served their full terms or were released early due to ill health, but none were released in 1951.

      Comment by P. O. Truth — July 22, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

      • You’re only talking about those who went to the Nuremberg kangaroo court

        Comment by Tim — July 22, 2015 @ 12:22 pm

        • That’s why I’m asking for specific trials.
          As far as Nuremberg being a “Kangaroo Court,” or a “Show Trial,” why is it that certain defendants were acquitted and others received sentences ranging from 10 years to life? A show trial is a trial that the sentences are already decided and everyone goes through the motions. The same thing with a kangaroo court. If the idea is that the Nuremberg trials were only for show, why weren’t they all sentenced to death? The Soviet judges tried to give everyone a death sentence but this was refused by the other judges.

          Comment by P. O. Truth — July 22, 2015 @ 12:32 pm

          • Cmon. I’m from a military family. I’ve served my time in the military. This was all for show. It’s how the military operates. Lt. Calley ring a bell ? My Lai? It’s about 80 or 90 south of Da Nang. All those people killed in that vill? That was a direct order from “the powers that be”. Calley went from a life sentence to a pardon from Nixon 3 years later. I never heard anything anout the Indianapolis in school. I heard about it on the history channel. They dumped it all on Capt. McVey. By the time they finally said,”okay. Not his fault”,it was too late. He done put a bullet in his head. Like we used to say. ” if we shoot the wrong people,hand em a band aid and apologize”. Judas H. Ted Bundy,Henry Lee Lucas. They killed way less than what these folks were accused of killing and Ted still got the chair. Henry Lee got the needle. Of course everyone and their cousin is gonna get death. The entire world wanted it. Look when they started commuting sentences . Nobody gave a shit. Everybody was too worried about the Ruskies starting WW 3. I was too busy with captain kangaroo and howdy doody. Why didn’t the Reds have to pay for that stunt they pulled when they rolled into Berlin? Ike would’ve probably got drug through the mud o that one. The Herminator sent me a link dealing with gorings trial. I read it . This worthless Ruskie kept trying to trip goring up. He wanted a direct answer . Didn’t matter that it was a proper place to give an explination or not . Criminal courts deal with facts. I don’t like the nazis,but if you’ve got someone on trial for their life,you can give them a little latitude. I probably wouldn’t give much thought to what happened to Germany in WW2 if it weren’t for WW1. They got f**ked. What’s everybodies excuse there.? I saw a gal on TV one time. Pretty lil German girl. She was in her early 20’s,cryin her eyes out. Said she was ashamed to be German. I would’ve told her,”ya ain’t got a damn thing to be ashamed of.” The only thing she needs to take away from all that is one thing. Nothing good comes from war. I was stupid enough to jnsist on infantry and beg to be sent to ‘Nam. That was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. Al I got was a boatload of regret . That’s all WW2 amounts to anymore. What happened to the jews. A discussion of WW2 may start off with Pearl or Poland,but you can bet your sweet ass it’s gonna end up about the jews

            Comment by Tim — July 22, 2015 @ 3:23 pm

        • That’s why I’m asking for specific trials. As far as a Kangaroo court, if Nuremberg was a “Show Trial” or a “Kangaroo Court,” how is it that some of the defendants were acquitted while the others received prison sentences? If it was all for show, why not give everyone a death sentence? The Soviets wanted this but the other judges shot them down.

          Comment by P. O. Truth — July 22, 2015 @ 12:39 pm

          • On German guilt, I agree with you. Most of the Germans alive now had nothing to do with what happened.
            My issue is with those who, for whatever reason, disrespect the dead by their denial what happened. Not just the Jews but the mentally and physically handicapped, the Poles, the Czechs, the Ukrainians and all of the other Europeans who lost their lives due to Nazi atrocities. This also includes the U.S. And British soldiers who lost their lives fighting the Axis.
            I saw someone post that Hitler was the greatest leader the Germans ever had. What “Great Leader” leaves his country in ruins and divided? What Leader leaves his countrymen with this legacy of shame? I’m still trying to figure out the great leader bit.

            Comment by P. O. Truth — July 22, 2015 @ 10:12 pm

            • Your so precious lost lives of WW2 came from the war itself, not from Hitler. And only complete morons swallowing academic/media lies without questioning anything and people with an agenda requiring that for any reason, still believe that WW2 was Hitler’s fault (or at least his fault only). Blaming the defeated side for the entire death toll of a war is no history. That’s a victors’ lynching party. That’s twistory. 😉

              Two sides are needed to make peace, while only one side is enough to make war. This is true on an interpersonal scale and on an international scale, as well as on all the scales between both.

              Comment by hermie — July 23, 2015 @ 8:03 am

              • Now, that feels a bit personal but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. After all, you might have taken some of things I’ve posted personally.

                Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 8:59 pm

                • I’ve tried to type out an answer about who started WW2 but frankly I’m getting tired and I have to get up for work early. I’ll revisit this with you some other time.

                  Comment by P. O. Truth — July 23, 2015 @ 9:18 pm

                • So long as you don’t direct anyone to the military channel and tell them to watch “hitler:evolution of evil”. I’m so f**kin sick and tired of that shit. That was last night. It’s now Friday 1 p m . Guess what’s on? Yeah. More shit dealing with hitler. These shows have been on 5 million times this month already . I messed myself up a few months back. Mixed it up with one of my sires in the sortin pen. Sals been running everything. Dr. Told me not to any work. So all I can do is watch tv or play on the computer . Not much on TV . Ancient Aliens,shows dealing with nazi Germany or Syfy channels’lmega shark vs mega octopuss”. I’ll watch the Syfy channel . It’s more realistic than the hitler shows

                  Comment by Tim — July 24, 2015 @ 11:15 am

                • Wrong impression, P.O. Truth. No personal attack on you intended. What, in my previous comment, made you believe that I was attacking you personally?

                  Comment by hermie — July 24, 2015 @ 8:10 am

                • Forget it, I saw the words complete morons in your reply. I took it of context and I apologize.

                  Comment by P. O. Truth — July 24, 2015 @ 11:09 am

                • No offense…

                  Comment by hermie — July 24, 2015 @ 4:46 pm

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