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July 30, 2015

you know nothing, John Snow

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No, I am not writing about John Snow, nor about Game of Thrones; I just wanted to get your attention.

The man who knows nothing is Fred Leuchter, who has now gone into hiding, similar to John Snow, who is allegedly dead.

The claim of the Holocaust True Believers is that Fred Leuchter knows nothing because he has a degree in History, not a degree in Chemistry.

I am presenting a report, written by Fred Leuchter, about the alleged Dachau gas chamber.  My readers can decide for themselves whether Fred Leuchter knows anything about gas chambers.

My photo of the Dachau shower room, which was allegedly a gas chamber

My photo of the Dachau shower room, which was allegedly a gas chamber (Click on photo to enlarge)

Report written by Fred Leuchter:

The alleged execution facility at Dachau is located in a building called “Baracke X”. This installation was erected in 1942 and contained a crematory consisting of four (4) retorts.
It was constructed primarily as a replacement for the older and smaller two (2) retort crematory located nearby. The facility also housed a morgue, fumigation cubicles (delousing chambers), related work areas and a room identified by a sign over the door as a “Brausebad” (shower room). It is this shower room which has been alleged to be the gas chamber and which tourists today are informed was the “gas chamber”.
The alleged gas chamber has an area of some 427 square feet and a volume of some 3,246.7 cubic feet. It originally was a shower room but appears to have been modified sometime after Dachau’s capture by the Americans. The present ceiling is some 7.6 feet in height and contains some seventeen (17) pseudo-shower heads, fabricated out of what appears to be soldered sheet zinc. Additionally, it contains some eight (8) recessed lighting fixtures which are not explosion proof. It also contains two (2) alleged gas inlet ports (dumps) with internal grates measuring 15.75 inches x 27.25 inches which are welded open to the outside. This alleged gas chamber also contains a ventilation port clearly added after construction. The walls are of tile and the ceiling of concrete painted white. There are two (2) 20.5 inch x 26 inch floor drains connected to the other floor drains throughout the building and the camp. It has two (2) doors with provision for gasketing, as do many European doors.
It appears from construction that the alleged gas chamber was originally a shower room, as found in all the other investigated camps. The pseudo-shower heads are fabricated from sheet metal of a cylinder and a cone with a sprinkler type head as found on a garden type watering can. The end is sealed and not threaded. They are not connected, nor are they capable of being connected to any piping system. They are designed to appear as functional shower heads when observed from below. The ceiling with the phoney shower heads seems to have been added at a time later than original construction, apparently after capture of the camp. The ceiling is fabricated of poured concrete, cast around the pseudo shower heads. It is typical suspended-slab concrete construction. Document No. 47 of the 79th Congress, 1st Session, of the United States, includes an investigation of Dachau.
In this document, the gas chamber is described as having a 10 foot ceiling containing brass fixtures for introducing gas into the chamber. The present ceiling, as noted, is only 7.6 feet high and has none of the gas inlet fixtures described in Document No. 47.
Directly over the shower room are the steam and heating pipes, which is consistent with good and standard design for supplying hot water to the shower area. These pipes cannot be seen in the shower room today. Their existence, however, can be confirmed by observing the pipes entering into the shower room area from an off-limits corridor behind the shower room and visible only from a rear window of the building. It is an inept and extremely dangerous design to put hot, high pressure steam pipes over a chamber containing potentially explosive gas. At one end of the chamber the ventilation port was clearly added. The ports alleged to have been “Zyklon B” introduction ports, not different from apartment incinerator garbage shutes, were obviously added after the original tiling. Both these modifications are clearly discernible from the uneven replacement of the interior tiles and the exterior brick. At one end of the room there are two (2) recessed electrical boxes with grates, something which should not be in a room containing potentially explosive gas. There is no means for sealing the room to prevent gas leakage and there is no system for exhausting the gas after use or any suitable vent stack (40 foot minimum is standard). The doors are not gas proof, or even water proof. They are only water resistant. There is no system for evaporating (heating) or distributing a gas into or within the chamber. The use of the improperly designed “Zyklon B” introduction port would prevent proper evaporation of the gas from the “Zyklon B” pellets because of insufficient surface area exposure. Most, if not all, of the “Zyklon B” pellets would remain in the dumping mechanism due to insufficient angular motion of the gas pellet dump.
On a sign posted within the alleged gas chamber, Dachau Museum officials state: “GAS CHAMBER – disguised as a ‘shower room’ – never used as a gas chamber”. An examination of the alleged gas chamber clearly shows, however, that this facility was constructed as a shower room, used only for this purpose. The modifications to the room which include the addition of the ceiling, pseudo shower heads, air intake and gas inlet ports were made at a time much later than the original construction of “Baracke X” and the shower room, and for reasons and by persons unknown to this author. No samples were taken at this location due to excessively heavy tourist traffic inside the alleged gas chamber.
For the record, this alleged gas chamber would have held only forty-seven (47) persons utilizing the nine (9) square foot inclusion rule as accepted by standard engineering practice for air handling systems. Without an exhaust system or windows, it would require at least one week to vent by convection. This estimate is based on American gas chambers requiring twenty (20) minutes to vent with two complete air changes per minute, and a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours to vent a fumigated building with an abundance of windows.
An inspection of the four (4) new crematory retorts at “Baracke X” revealed that, although fired, none of these ever experienced much use, if any. These retorts were coal fired.
After an in depth investigation of the alleged gas chamber at “Baracke X,” Dachau, this investigator, in his best engineering opinion, categorically states that this installation could not have ever been utilized as an execution gas chamber. It was in fact a shower room (Brausebad) as originally labeled by the Germans.
(remainder of report on Mauthausen and Hartheim Castle deleted because it is not relevant)
Prepared this 15th day of June, 1989 at Malden, Massachusetts.
Fred A. Leuchter Associates, Inc.
Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

When I first visited Dachau in 1995, this sign was in the gas chamber.  It has since been removed.

Sign in Dachau gas chamber has been removed and the gas chamber is now claimed to have been real

Sign in Dachau gas chamber has been removed and the gas chamber is now claimed to have been real (click on photo to enlarge)

You can read more about the Dachau gas chamber at


  1. There were two Leuchrer Reports, a Luftle Report, a Krackow Report from the Jan Sen Institute and a Rudolf Report. These forensic chemical investigations of proven the homicidal gas chamber being shown to the thousands of tourists each year who visit Auschwitz doesn’t have enough HC2 (cynide) residue in the masonry to have have killed the numbers of persons claimed.Jan Sen, the Polish communist hanging judge (and probable zesty dill spear) who presided over the Auschwitz trials kangaroo court, was a fabulist. BTW this blog entry is about the Dachau gas chamber. Fred Leuchter never studied it. It’s a movie set left in place that was a retrofitted shower room built for Hollywood director George Stevens who needed a gas chamber for a newsreel he shot there a few days after the camp was liberated. “Honk if you’ve got a big honker!”

    Comment by who dares wings — August 1, 2015 @ 7:21 am

  2. Haha. Leuchter had even the Defense Dept fooled until the wily super-sleuths of the ADL found him out:
    …In spite of the malicious claims of his detractors, Fred Leuchter’s professional credentials were impeccable and his expertise has been repeatedly confirmed by reputable sources such as The Atlantic Monthly, (Feb. 1990), referring to Fred Leuchter as

    “the nation’s only commercial supplier of execution equipment…A trained and accomplished engineer, he is versed in all types of execution equipment. He makes lethal-injection machines, gas chambers, and gallows, as well as electrocution systems…”

    A five-page article in the New York Times (October 13, 1990), described Leuchter as “The nation’s leading adviser on capital punishment.”

    In his book America’s Capital Punishment Industry, film director and author Stephen Trombley confirms the fact that Fred Leuchter is

    “America’s first and foremost supplier of execution hardware. His products include electric chairs, gas chambers, gallows, and lethal injection machines. He offers design, construction, installation, staff training and maintenance.”4

    In fact, Fred Leuchter had also designed and built the first electronic sextant and developed a unique, compact and inexpensive optical drum sector encoder for use with surveying and measuring instruments. He designed and worked on astro trackers utilized in the on-board guidance systems of ICBMs and was trained in reading and interpreting aerial photographs. Leuchter also held a research medical license from both state and federal governments, and had supplied the necessary drugs for use in execution support programs.

    Comment by fnn — July 31, 2015 @ 2:18 pm

    • But the Leuchter Corp. supplying the USA murder justice with all the H/W needed for executions can not compete with the Nazi Hollocaust Mass Murder Technology developped and used but keeping strict secret. Electric chair require an electrotechnic engineer while Gas Chambers require an engineer of chemical equipment. No one can be expert in both fields. Leuchter clearly lacks the qualification to look into the secrets of the Nazi Hollocaust Technology which “produced” milions of victims.

      Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — August 1, 2015 @ 9:40 am

  3. You really don’t want to Bring Fred Leuchter back into this debate do you? This guy is a PROVEN Fraud. He actually claimed to have an engineering degree (He didn’t). Claimed that he couldn’t get one because BU didn’t offer one (they did)…stuff like that.

    Just for you average folks should know this is Mr. Leuchter’s testimony on various issues:

    His Qualifications:

    Q: Now, Mr. Leuchter, Mr. Christie, when he was reviewing your qualifications, said that, if my note is correct, you graduated from university in a field that entitles you to function as an engineer and you responded in the affirmative to that question?

    A: Yes. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    Q: You graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree?

    A: Right.

    Q: When?

    A: You mean what year?

    Q: What year?

    A: 1964.

    Q: 1964. And that’s the only University degree you have?

    A: That’s correct.

    Q: You don’t have a Bachelor of Science degree?

    A: No.

    Q: You don’t have a Master of Science degree; you don’t have a Ph.D in science?

    A: Correct.

    Q: You don’t have a degree in engineering?

    A: That’s correct.

    Q: Do you belong to any suprevising disciplinary professional body?

    A: I don’t understand the question, counsellor.

    Q: Well, do you belong to a governing body of engineers?

    A: I — governing body? I do not understand. Are you saying do I belong to any scientific societies?

    Q: No, is there any body of engineers that supervises you and disciplines you in your engineering function?

    A: No.

    He put food on the table by…get this…extortion. He would try and cell his product, and then if the State wouldn’t buy it he would file on behalf of defendants that the methodologies being used were cruel and unusual punishment. He makes himself out to be a “gas chamber expert” but was trying to cell his Lethal Injection System

    On July 20,1990, Alabama Assistant Attorney General Ed Carnes sent a memo to all capital-punishment states questioning Leuchter’s credentials and credibility. Carnes stated that not only were Leuchter’s views on the gas-chamber process “unorthodox” but that he was running a shakedown scheme. If a state refused to use his services, Leuchter would testify at the last minute on behalf of the inmate, claiming that the state’s gas chamber might malfunction . According to Carnes, Leuchter made ‘money on both sides of the fence’ . Describing Leuchter’s behavior in Virginia, Florida, and Alabama, Carnes observed that in less than thirty days Leuchter had testified in three states that their electric-chair technology was too old and unreliable to be used. In Florida and Virginia the federal courts had rejected Leuchter’s testimony as unreliable. In Florida the court had found that Leuchter had ‘misquoted the statements’ contained in an important affidavit and had ‘inaccurately surmised’ a crucial premise of his conclusion . In Virginia, Leuchter provided a death-row inmate’s attorney with an affidavit claiming the electric chair would fail. The Virginia court decided the credibility of Leuchter’s affidavit was limited because Leuchter was ‘the refused contractor who bid to replace the electrodes in the Virginia chair’

    Perhaps if Leuchter answered the question this way:

    THE COURT: How do you function as an engineer if you don’t have an engineering degree?

    THE WITNESS: Well, I would question, Your Honour, what an engineering degree is. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and I have the required background training both on the college level and in the field to perform my function as an engineer.

    THE COURT: Who determines that? You?

    Appreciate you recycling this guy, you would think that the denier movement would want to move away from him! But Alas when you have a poor argument just post as much misinformation and see if it sticks.


    Appreciate you recycling this guy, you would think that the denier movement would want to move away from him! But Alas when you have a poor argument just post as much misinformation and see if it sticks.

    Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — July 30, 2015 @ 11:48 am

    • Nice to see you back Numbercruncher. Nice job of demonizing Fred Leuchter. Leuchter is the one and only gas chamber expert in the world, so he had to be run out of town.

      Comment by furtherglory — July 30, 2015 @ 12:50 pm

    • His Qualifications:

      No one cares about his formal qualifications — it’s the soundness of his technical opinion that matters.

      Thomas Edison — perhaps the greatest inventor in history (so far) — had the formal equivalent of about a 6th grade education, or less.

      Mary Bono got into Congress because her husband skied into a tree.

      Etc etc.

      Get lost.

      Comment by eah — July 30, 2015 @ 1:11 pm

      • If you ever need brain surgery I’m sure that whole Doctor thing is unnecessary.

        By the way Leuchter represented hImself professionally as an Engineer. Moreover, his problems were not only his Holocaust Denier stuff, his methodology raised red flags as he was extorting a number of states, I deliberately used that part of the testimony relating to his con-job of many states. When the gig was up, other states GOT the memo. Basically Leuchter was trying to pedal his execution apparatus and when the state didn’t bit he would represent the know those guys who murdered people. Professionally his ideas have been challenged both in his claims about Auschwitz (Where his collection methods were ridiculous) as well as his full time job (his chemical ideas were also disputed by others).

        As for the foremost Gas Chamber Expert? Lets think about that….Who gave him that title. Well he gave himself that title…. Leuchter is an interesting character, I give him credit for trying to build a niche business (although it was built on a premise of extortion), but hey its America…Unfortunately for him the gig was up, but he made good friend at IHR…so he found some company. His wife bailed on him after all the hoopla, but who can blame her.

        By the way to be an expert, you have to have a degree or been peer reviewed or something . If you read transcripts of the various Leuchter (will call them disputes) his work was…lets put it this way not all that complete. Look I will grant you this not all scientists with degrees are Kosher…ooops sorry that word might not be so popular here…The scams that is Man made global warming make Fred Leuchter look like a petty criminal…but that doesn’t change the fact that Leuchter is still a fraud.

        I think Edison is rolling in his grave, Please don’t compare Leuchter to Edison. Edison patent many of his inventions and formed one of the largest companies in the world. Leuchter tried and failed to invent an execution device (Edison actually had a good hand with improvements on the electric chair- Leuchter would testify against it! Isn’t that ironic.

        With respect to Poor Fred Leuchter, look there are a lot of Jew haters in the world (starting with the guy in the white house) but they live freely… That said Leuchter ended up being hired by IHR so he eventually found some work there, I’m sure he is popular at IHR conferences.

        Comment by Numbercruncher Jones — July 30, 2015 @ 3:53 pm

    • I think I would have expressed this differently but I agree with the general thought.
      BTW, I’ve decided to change my name. PO Truth is goofy, it’s something I made up the first time I found this blog. My only excuse is it was late. I’m now going to go by HCW. What does that mean? Well, I’m hesitant to reveal that because it means blowing my cover.
      OK I’ll tell you if you don’t reveal it. It means Hasbera Cyber Warrior.
      I don’t want eah to know because I’m trying to conceal it.

      Comment by HCW — July 30, 2015 @ 1:56 pm

      • Or hermie. I don’t want him to know either.

        Comment by HCW — July 30, 2015 @ 2:05 pm

    • Dear Dumberfucker Jones,

      I thought I told you to get lost.

      Comment by eah — July 30, 2015 @ 6:50 pm

      • Numbercruncher:
        When you score points on eah he will tell you to get lost. You must have really gotten on his nerves, he’s never used dumberfucker with me before.

        Comment by P.O. Truth — July 30, 2015 @ 8:41 pm

        • He didn’t ‘score points’. I said what was important was the soundness of his technical opinion. Nothing here — or anywhere, that I have found — refutes the soundness of his technical opinions/work. It’s just a lot of quasi ad-hominem.

          The Wikipedia page on Fred Leuchter says:

          …he had been contracted by governmental authorities of several states of the United States to improve the design of instruments for capital punishment…Leuchter holds patents for a geodetic instrument and an electronic sextant…Leuchter started Fred Leuchter Associates, in which he sold services to several states to help them maintain, improve, document, and ascertain the effectiveness of their equipment for administration of capital punishment.

          So his lack of certain credentials did not prevent governments in the US from seeking his technical opinion, which I presume they felt was worth paying for.

          On the page for “Mr Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.”, it says:

          His fall began when Leuchter appeared as a witness for the defence of Ernst Zündel on trial in Canada for publishing “false news” concerning the WW2 Jewish holocaust.

          Oh, I see. His “fall” began when he used his technical expertise, which was heretofore unquestioned, to conclude the alleged “gas chambers” were not designed and could not have functioned properly as such.

          One more thing: Dumberfucker was too stupid to see that I wasn’t comparing Leuchter with Edison. They are just both examples of men who succeeded professionally in technical work without having typical credentials; there are many such examples. Of course regarding the achievements of the two, there is no comparison.

          he’s never used dumberfucker with me before

          That’s because your tag isn’t “Numbercruncher”. Duh.

          Look: you’re just a puerile sheep bleating belief in the ‘Holocaust’ — you don’t ‘score points’ with any of your comments either. So get lost as well.

          Comment by eah — July 30, 2015 @ 11:58 pm

          • Leuchter and his friends do not see the technical differences between individual executions in the Gas Chamber of an USA prison and the mass murders in Gas Chambers of Extermination Camps where Zyklon B had been used. Then, tests on remains of wall in order to see whether there are remains of Gas ought to be performed by an qualified team of experts equipped with proper instruments, expecially 50 or 60 years after events occured. So I could not care less about Mr, Lechter.

            Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — July 31, 2015 @ 9:08 am

          • Wolf,

            To apply the standard of Dumberfucker in his stead: What is your background? I mean your formal education — what did you study? Was it engineering? Do you have a degree? Are you a certified engineer? If not, then re the technical requirements of gas chambers, big and small, please be quiet.

            Comment by eah — July 31, 2015 @ 9:48 am

            • I am not engineer but my comment is common sense. By the way, I have an Italian degree in Economics and Commerce and worked also in the field of cost controll, reliability and maintanance S/W until my retirement 14 years ago. Now I am angering You and some other commentator here with my studies of history. I believe that the German company which built the Gas Chambers kept the secret carefully and did not leave designs of othe project material around. Indeed, when in Terezin Eichmann wanted to build a Gas Chamber there were no written project or design to follow; the engineer had to act according oral instructions. An this had risen the first suspects and …. Satisfied or finding other faults?

              Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — July 31, 2015 @ 10:19 am

            • I am not engineer but my comment is common sense.

              What about your comment is common sense? I have common sense — some at least — and it is not obvious to me.

              And BTW, Dumberfucker didn’t say anything about being able to apply common sense in lieu of proper credentials — so I still think you should keep quiet about the technical aspects of gas chambers, lest Dumberfucker chastise you.

              Comment by eah — July 31, 2015 @ 12:40 pm

              • In a well run company auditor would watch that high level technical problems are handled by fully qualified persons. See also the ISO 9000 rules of checking professional qualifications of persons.

                Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — July 31, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

            • Well, Leuchter didn’t have any training and didn’t belong to any professional organizations so Wolf has as many qualifications as does Leuchter. For that matter, so do I. I have a history degree too.

              Comment by HCW — July 31, 2015 @ 6:27 pm

    • “He actually claimed to have an engineering degree (He didn’t).”

      Not having a number from the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors [of Massachussetts] says nothing about somebody’s qualifications as an engineer. Over 85% of the guys working as engineers in Massachussetts in the late 1980’s were not registered at “the Board” and 85% of the roads, buildings and other facilities in Massachussetts didn’t collapse as far as I know.

      And I’ve never seen so far Holo-believers quibbling about Raul Hilberg’s degrees in…political science.

      Comment by hermie — August 19, 2015 @ 7:34 am

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