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July 31, 2015

Bill O’Reilly says that abortions are “Nazi stuff”

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Last night, when I heard Bill O’Reilly say “Nazi stuff,” like in the “Third Reich,” I at first thought that he referring to the murder of deformed children at Hartheim Castle. I had to watch the show, for the second time, before I realized that he was comparing today’s abortions in America to what happened in the “Third Reich,” which was Hitler’s Germany.

This quote is from a news article about Bill O’Reilly’s show:

After sounding off on the Planned Parenthood scandal in his Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly spoke to Republican presidential contender Chris Christie.

O’Reilly pointed out that some of the body parts that Planned Parenthood is harvesting come from 18-week-old fetuses.

He noted that to get those body parts, they have to kill the fetus in a certain way.

“Now many people feel this is Nazi stuff. This is what they did in the Third Reich with these experiments,” O’Reilly said.

The Nazis in the Third Reich did not perform abortions. No, it was the exact opposite.  The Nazis encouraged women to have as many children as possible.

Gold Star that was given to German mother who had lots of children

Gold Star that was given to German mother who had lots of children

A German woman, who had at least 3 children, during the Third Reich, was given a medal.

This quote is from Wikipedia, about the medals that were given to German women for having lots of children:

The Cross of Honour of the German Mother (German: Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter), referred to colloquially as the Mutterehrenkreuz (Mother’s Cross of Honour) or simply Mutterkreuz (Mother’s Cross), was a state decoration and civil order of merit conferred by the government of the German Reich[1][2] to honour a Reichsdeutsche German mother for exceptional merit to the German nation.[2][3][4] Eligibility later extended to include Volksdeutsche (ethnic German) mothers from, for example, Austria and Sudetenland, that had earlier been incorporated into the German Reich.[4]

The decoration was conferred from 1939 until 1945[5] in three classes of order, bronze, silver, and gold,[2][6] to Reichsdeutsche mothers who exhibited probity, exemplary motherhood, and who conceived and raised at least four or more children in the role of a parent.[7][8] A similar practice, that continues to this present day, was already established in France since 1920, by conferring the Médaille de la Famille française (Medal of the French Family), a tribute to the French mother who raised several children in an appropriate way.

Not only did the Nazi not encourage abortions, they set up Lebensborn homes where single girls could go to have a baby, fathered by a German soldier.  You can read about this at

This quote, from Wikipedia, is about Lebsenborn:

Lebensborn e.V. (literally: “Fount of Life”) was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the goal of raising the birth rate of “Aryan” children via extramarital relations of persons classified as “racially pure and healthy” based on Nazi racial hygiene and health ideology. Lebensborn encouraged anonymous births by unmarried women, and mediated adoption of these children by likewise “racially pure and healthy” parents, particularly SS members and their families.


  1. Watch my informative video on Lebensborn and leave a comment. Thank you.

    Comment by Adalgar Eisenlohr — February 6, 2017 @ 12:07 pm

  2. OT, Chutzpah #62768

    Holocaust survivors appeal to Pope because they are cheated on by … Jews.

    Comment by a reader — July 31, 2015 @ 10:41 pm

  3. FG
    The background to the Mutterkreuz is somewhat different to what you have published. Initially it was introduced to elderly mothers that had at least four grown children, mainly adult sons that were drafted and fighting on the front. Mothers complained to their sons , how they were pushed around at home, times were getting tough which created a demoralizing effect on the fighting spirits of what you call the Nazi solders. (By the way this is an offending expression you seem to love to use, no present day German politician would ever utter this old battle-cry of Thälmann’s lot). Generally those older mothers hated to wear these crosses, they themselves were of the older generation, had experienced WW1 with it’s disastrous after-effects and had little love for uncle Adolf. I could give numerous examples of my own Grandmothers.
    As to the Lebensborn, you are spot-on, yet it became soon apparent that the children, the so called Führerkinder, of these mating liaison did not came up to the expected Aryan race standards and the scheme was slowly curtailed towards the end of the war.

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — July 31, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

  4. O’reilly is a nazi. He’s the most ignorant bitch on the planet. Oreilly reminds me of that old Mac Davis song. “Oh lord. It’s,hard to be humble,when you’re perfect in every way”. The Krauts put family at the top of their list. I know this is ugly to say,but oreillys mom should’ve had an abortion. He’s pretty much the reason I don’t watch fox. He sounds like a liberal from hell. He don’t have no logic. What planned parenthood does is sick and heartless . They ain’t even human. I don’t give a f**k if the baby is 4 weeks along or 4 months along,it’s murder. Why haven’t we arrested these cocksuckers? Everybody comes down on the nazis? Clearly they didn’t buy into abortion . Wanna say nazis are evil. Fine. Then we’re gonna throw planned parenthood in there too. Someone tell oreilly to go home

    Comment by Tim — July 31, 2015 @ 6:17 pm

  5. Another example of the wide great ignorance concerning Nazism and Third Reich. That speacker is used to speack about matters he fully ignore.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — July 31, 2015 @ 12:55 pm

    • I think O’Reilly is confusing later human experiments done by Nazis in the concentration camps.
      This seems rather sloppy on his part. Some simple research on his part would have saved him from making this error.

      Comment by HCW — August 1, 2015 @ 8:20 am

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