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August 7, 2015

Bones TV show has an episode featuring Zyklon B used at Majdanek

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One of my most favorite TV shows is the series entitled Bones, which is currently in its 11th season.  The series is loosely based on the life and writings of novelist and forensic anthropologist Dr. Kathy Reichs.

Reruns of the show are on TV and I like to watch them over and over again. Yesterday, I watched an old show which featured a crime that had occurred in Argentina. On this show, Zyklon-B was mentioned.

The main character in the show, who has the nickname Bones, is a genius who literally knows everything. As soon as she learns that Zyklon-B was found on some bones, she knows that this is somehow related to the Nazi concentration camps.

You can read about the gas chamber at the Majdanek camp on my website at  and also on this blog post at

On the Bones TV show, it was mentioned that a man named Haus (House) was involved in the crime.  In the show, Haus was the Commandant of the concentration camp called Majdanek.

Old photo shows the gate into the Majdanek camp in Poland

Old photo shows the gate into the Majdanek camp in Poland

The Majdanek concentration camp, in the Polish city of Lubin, was in operation from October 1, 1941 to July 23, 1944 when it was liberated by soldiers of the Soviet Union.

The old photograph above shows the original main entrance into the Majdanek concentration camp. On either side of the gate, there were sentry boxes, painted with black and white chevron stripes. Although there doesn’t seem to be much security at this gate, the interior of the camp was divided into fields or compounds, each surrounded by a double row of barbed wire fencing.

During a commercial on the Bones TV show, I rushed to my computer and looked up the names of all the commandants at Majdanek.

The names of the commandants at Majdanek were Karl Otto Koch, Max August Koegel, Hermann Florstedt, Martin Gottfried Weiss, and Arthur Liebehenschel.

Karl Otto Koch one of the commandants at the Majdanek camp

Karl Otto Koch one of the commandants at the Majdanek camp

Pictured above is Karl Otto Koch, the first Commandant of the Majdanek camp. Koch had previously been the Commandant of Buchenwald, but he was sent to Majdanek as punishment after he was arrested in Weimar for non-payment of taxes.

In 1943, Koch was brought back to Weimar and put on trial by SS Judge Georg Konrad Morgen on charges of ordering the murder of two prisoners at Buchenwald and taking bribes from Jewish prisoners. He was convicted and executed by the Nazis before the end of the war.

In the Bones episode, a former commandant of Majdanek is still alive, and living in Argentina, but he can’t be extradited for trial.

On the Bones show, it is discovered that a skeleton found in Argentina has traces of Zyklon-B which was used in the Nazi camps.

I give the Bones producers a lot of credit for doing a show featuring Zyklon B and the Majdanek camp.  I am sure that I was not the only person who rushed to a computer to look up the facts.

Unopened cans of Zyklon-B and a gas mask were found at Majdanke

Unopened cans of Zyklon-B and a gas mask were found at the Majdanek concentration camp

For those too lazy to look it up, here is what Wikipedia says about Zyklon-B:

Zyklon b was the trade name of a pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. It conisted (sic) of hydrogen cynaide (prussic acid)….

According to the Majdanek museum guidebook, the camp was initially called the Concentration Camp at Lublin (Konzentrationslager Lublin); then the name was changed to Prisoner of War Camp at Lublin (Kriegsgefangenenlager der Waffen-SS Lublin), but in Feb. 1943, the name reverted back to Concentration Camp. Throughout its existence, Majdanek received transports of Prisoners of War, including a few Americans.

Although the first prisoners at Majdanek were Russian Prisoners of War, who were transferred from a barbed wire enclosure at Chelm, the camp soon became a detention center for Jews after the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” was planned at the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942.

Mass transports of Jews began arriving at the Majdanek camp, beginning in April 1942, during the same time period that the Auschwitz II camp, which was originally a POW camp for Soviet soldiers, was being converted into an extermination camp for Jews.

The headquarters for Operation Reinhard, which was set up after the Wannsee Conference, was in Lublin, near the Majdanek camp. The clothing that was confiscated from the prisoners who were sent to the three Operation Reinard camps (Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec) was brought to Majdanek to be disinfected with a poison gas called Zyklon-B. The same gas was allegedly used in homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek to murder thousands of Jews. [Sorry, I have to use the word “allegedly” until I see some proof.]


  1. Bonjour ! Je tiens à vous signaler que le design de votre site bugge sous le navigateur NecroPedoSadoMaso 6.14 de SEWER… je suis sous Windows 8 🙂

    Comment by Webmestre — August 26, 2015 @ 2:20 pm

  2. According to Kogon, Koch at Buchenwald had had a row with SS General Prince Waldeck Pyrmont and so he had been sent to Lublin, Some time after there he, his wife and others had been set on trial – a farce – and he had been executed. The death of two prisoners had been only one of the pretexts.

    Comment by Wolf MURMELSTEIN — August 11, 2015 @ 12:53 pm

    • Here’s the story on Waldeck Pyrmont:

      Josias Erbprinz zu Waldeck-Pyrmont, the highest ranking prisoner among the Buchenwald accused, was an SS-Obergruppenführer and head of judicial matters in the district which included the city of Weimar and the Buchenwald camp. Waldeck was a member of the German royalty, who had joined the SS in 1929. He had to face the American Military Tribunal to hear his sentence of life in prison. His crime was that he had allowed Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, who reported directly to Hitler, to maintain a concentration camp at Buchenwald which was in his district.

      Waldeck was the one who blew the whistle on Buchenwald Commandant Karl Otto Koch in 1943 after he noticed the name of Dr. Walter Kramer on a list of political prisoners who had been executed on Koch’s orders. By that time, Koch had been transferred to the Majdanek death camp in Poland, but his wife, Ilse, was still living at the Commandant’s house in Buchenwald. Waldeck ordered a full scale investigation of the camp by Dr. Georg Konrad Morgen, an SS officer who was a judge in a German court. It was during this investigation that prisoners at Buchenwald told Dr. Morgen about the lampshades allegedly made from human skin.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 11, 2015 @ 2:04 pm

  3. Ahh, yet another Holocaust denying idiot. I hope one day you all become oxygen denialists and hold your breath.

    Comment by Heywood Jablowme — August 10, 2015 @ 6:51 am

    • I’ve heard of you Heywood. Nice to see you commenting here. My other readers might like to read about you here:

      Comment by furtherglory — August 10, 2015 @ 10:34 am

      • Goodness, you had to go to urban dictionary to figure that out? The master race, indeed.

        I’m pretty sure that neurosurgeons such as yourself took up Holocaust denial because you can’t count to six million.

        Comment by Heywood Jablowme — August 10, 2015 @ 11:53 am

        • Where did Hitler (he being the head of state, leader of the movement, thus the final authority in doctrine) ever say “the Germans” are “the Master Race” ? …or make the claim as to Germans being “Masters” over say “the English”? Or “the Americans”? I’ve read Mein Kampf through and didn’t see that claim. He does say that a people that work hard for success and act responsibly to further their own national development would likely attain such a lofty position – but he never says the Germans are that people on account of their “race” (or specific nationality). I’ve read transcripts of public speeches Hitler gave (“public” meaning recorded with several thousands of witnesses and so undisputed such that we can consider the event reasonably to have occurred) and never heard of him saying “the Germans are the Master Race”. Can you tell me where Hitler claimed this?

          Comment by Alan — August 21, 2015 @ 4:16 pm

        • Read Deuteronomy 7. It’s in the Jewish “Torah” or “Bible”. Think of the Torah as being the Jewish “Mein Kampf” . Because it states the doctrine of the Jews and governs and authorizes their behavior and attitudes toward others. Deuteronomy 7 states: “When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations—the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you— 2 and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. 3 Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, 4 for they will turn your children away from following me to serve other gods, and the Lord’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you. 5 This is what you are to do to them: Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire. 6 For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.”

          So here we see Jewish doctrine telling the tribe that they are “the Chosen People” and so they can and should “totally destroy” the non-Jewish people whose land the Jews want to take and “not to intermarry with them”.

          Hmmm. Total extermination of the enemy while maintaining strict racial purity for one’s own. That’s Nazi-level “Master Race” thinkin’ right there, isn’t it?

          But it goes on: “You must destroy all the peoples the Lord your God gives over to you. Do not look on them with pity…”

          “The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once…. But the Lord your God will deliver them over to you, throwing them into great confusion until they are destroyed. He will give their kings into your hand, and you will wipe out their names from under heaven. No one will be able to stand up against you; you will destroy them…”

          Lovely stuff. I’d imagine that you would be incensed if thousands of modern day Germans publicly refused to denounce Hitler’s views and thoughts found in Mein Kampf. Yet, I have never heard or come across one Jew who would publicly denounce the violent, hate-filled, racial supremacist doctrine of their own “religion” for what it is – much less seen this denunciation by a national Jewish organization or Israeli national group.

          Comment by Alan — August 21, 2015 @ 4:59 pm

  4. When I wrote that Bones is in it’s 11th season, I was using the possessive form. It’s can also mean “it is” or “it has” as in “It’s been a long time since I studied grammar, but I can still remember my English grammar lessons in school.”

    Comment by furtherglory — August 8, 2015 @ 8:03 am

    • Similar to the German genitive case on which it is based . The apostrophe in the English replaces the e in the es ending of the German genitive.

      Comment by peter — August 8, 2015 @ 11:57 am

  5. The MSM newspapers in Britain are headlining how racing driver Jensen Button and his wife were allegedly ” gassed ” during a robbery.
    However that great investigative organisation the BBC is skeptical about such claims.
    I wonder if one day it will ever be skeptical about other claims of gassing….

    Comment by peter — August 7, 2015 @ 4:04 pm

  6. Why do you say that Auschwitz was being converted into an extermination camp? An ironic tone of voice or frame of mind canNOT be detected from text appearing on a screen.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — August 7, 2015 @ 3:31 pm

    • Sorry, I slipped into True Believer mode for a second. I have lots of new readers now and I have to write in a way that they can understand. Auschwitz was originally a POW camp before it was converted into a camp for Jews.

      Comment by furtherglory — August 8, 2015 @ 7:36 am

      • Would this be a good time to mention the series “One Third of the Holocaust”? I mean, with “Nazis” and “death camps” and “solutions” and suchlike being brought up…

        Comment by Alan — August 21, 2015 @ 5:24 pm

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