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September 4, 2015

Every day, there is a new reminder of the Holocaust which offends the Jews

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In this Sept. 1, 2015 picture a Czech police officer marks a refugee with a number while detaining more than 200 refugees, mostly from Syria, on trains from Hungary and Austria at the railway station in Breclav, Czech Republic. (AP Photo, CTK/Igor Zehl) SLOVAKIA OUT

In this Sept. 1, 2015 picture a Czech police officer marks a refugee with a number while detaining more than 200 refugees, mostly from Syria, on trains from Hungary and Austria at the railway station in Breclav, Czech Republic. (AP Photo, CTK/Igor Zehl) SLOVAKIA OUT

The photo above accompanies a news article, which you can read it full here:

The following quote is from the news article:

Authorities in the Czech Republic decided it would be efficient to write numbers on the actual skin of Syrian migrants as they were pulled off trains this week at Breclav station. Immediately, human rights and Jewish groups expressed outrage over the apparent insensitivity to the historical resonance of Holocaust concentration-camp victims, who had identifying numbers tattooed on their inner arms. The Czech government said Thursday it had stopped the practice, even though the process had by their own account been initiated in ignorance of its associations.

Other incidents indicate the extreme touchiness around mordant symbolism from past European tragedy. The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum of Poland came under fire from at least one irate visitor this week for installing sprinkler showers at its entrance to combat the extreme heat, alluding to the infamous gas chambers in Auschwitz during the Holocaust that were structured as showers, with the sprinklers spewing poison gas instead of water. And Prime Minister David Cameron was castigated for using the word “swarm” – which has associations with vermin, a word often applied to Jews and Roma by the Nazis – to describe the throngs of refugees crossing the Mediterranean to European shores.

“the infamous gas chambers in Auschwitz during the Holocaust that were structured as showers, with sprinklers spewing poison instead of water.”  I don’t think so!

The idea that the shower rooms in the concentration camps could have spewed water OR gas is a myth that has long since been laid to rest.  I blogged about this at

Do the Jews ever think about anyone else besides themselves?  Apparently not!


  1. The Zionist elite now evacuating the illegal inhabitants (illegal only in accordance with the views of the Zionist land grabbers) of the soon-to-be-incorporated new provinces of Greater Israel to Germany, Austria and the rest of Europe, is that Jewish humor? That alleged “refugee crisis” is just a smokescreen for new Zionist mass deportations and land grabbings. One has to be really naive or stupid to not see that most of those refugees come from lands coveted by Zionists (mainly Iraq and Syria) and destablized by the Zio-wars of the past decades and of today in that area.

    The sight of the Zionist rulers now shitting their unwanted Arab waste on Europe is disgusting…

    Comment by hermie — September 4, 2015 @ 9:23 pm

  2. Imagine how the refugee crisis would evolve if some of the refugees were wearing Yarmulkes. It would change everything. The same slow politicians would be falling over themselves to FedEX the refugees everything they might possibly need including Kosher food–using overnite delivery,

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at
    Read: Nazi Gassings–thoughts on life and death

    Comment by Friedrich Paul Berg — September 4, 2015 @ 8:28 pm

  3. The Kalergi Plan is the playbook of the international elites. Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi is considered the father of the EU. His ideas about race and religion are important in understanding the basics of NWO Communitarian technocracy.–_kalergi_project_the_genocide_of_the_people_of_europe.html

    Comment by who dares wings — September 4, 2015 @ 4:48 pm

    • I love the picture in the article. What a crock of shit. No borders. Amnesty for all? What a bunch of crackheads. I was in Florida when the Mariel Boatlift hit. Castro cleaned out his prisons and asylums . South Florida was turned into the O K Corral. Watch the movie “Scarface”. There’s parts in that movie that ain’t fiction. All that was courtesy of Castro dumping his garbage on us. I don’t have nothing against a man wanting to move to the U S to give his family a better life,but those assholes holding that sign in the picture,are living in fantasy land.

      Comment by Tim — September 4, 2015 @ 5:23 pm

  4. It’s not quite THE JEWS. It’s CERTAIN FLACKS (many/most of them Jews), playing to the (not-necessarily-awake) sensitivities of a lot of people, both Jews and Jewish-indoctrinated, who are stirring this stuff up.
    Most Jews (the ones you’re friends with) want/know/care NOTHING about this stuff. And the rest are mostly dupes of the agitators. Oppose it. Damn it. Ridicule it. And yes, go right ahead and HATE it.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — September 4, 2015 @ 1:58 pm

  5. Pop always told me when I start crying about unfair life can be,”welcome to the world. Nobody is loved and nobody gives a shit about your problems”. Sounds like a good idea to me. Last time I checked,you can wash a marker off with soap and water. They gotta keep track of the people coming in to their country. How the hell you know that a maybe a couple of those ISIS fruit cakes might be trying to sneak into the country. The Jews are offended by having to see this going on? “If thy eye offends thee,pluck it out and cast it to the side”. Hell there’s still 4 states that have execution by gas chamber on the books. Last one took place in ’92,but they still have the option. Why don’t the Jews jump up and down about that? The past is the past. The shits over. Don’t anybody say,”we can never forget”. Hell the hell can you? There’s a damned museum on every corner. If the really want to convince me they give a shit about human rights,then fight for the Mayan Indians and Montagnards. I’ve not seen them do anything to help them out. So all they are is self serving. Till they help others,they can kiss my ass

    Comment by Tim — September 4, 2015 @ 12:12 pm

    • If you want love you buy a dog. Meanwhile, the Jews tell the Goyim that they have no right to their own countries.

      Comment by fnn — September 4, 2015 @ 12:53 pm

      • I’ll put you on the phone to my dog. He’s a mean little bastard. I call him son of satan. You wanna go that route fine. Hanoi has told the Montagnards they have no right to their country. They “are” the original peoples of ‘Nam. Now if they try to escape to Laos or Cambodia,Hanoi puts a price on their head. Any law enforcement official that drop a Yard gets like 20 or 30 dollars for each one. Mayans the original people of Guatemala . They’re getting bumped off . That’s their damn country,but others want them outta the way. I gotta man who works for me. He’s Mayan . He can’t ever go back to his country cause they get ahold of him,he’s dead. He lucked out and only managed to get torture when he was still down there. Tell the Goyim join the damn crowd. They ain’t nothing special. They just another statistic like the Yards and the Mayans. Only difference being,I don’t think the Jews have target on the Goy

        Comment by Tim — September 4, 2015 @ 1:35 pm

    • “Hell there’s still 4 states that have execution by gas chamber on the books. Last one took place in ’92,but they still have the option. Why don’t the Jews jump up and down about that?”

      Because they don’t want to disturb, Mr Leuchter. 😉

      More seriously, because that would be of no help to legitimize the state of Israel (while their feigned obfuscation at Auschwitz is) and because that could antagonize the largest fund provider of their beloved rogue nation in Palestine.

      Comment by hermie — September 7, 2015 @ 6:57 am

      • Herminator. California had it. Then the liberal crybabies started bitching. California went to lethal injection. Now all that shit has been put on hold. No. They need to bring the gas back. F**k the crybaby liberals. Richard Davis. Back in ’93 abducted,tortured,sexually abused and murdered 12 year old Polly Klass in Peteluma ,California. He’s been on death row since then. This piece of shit stole the life of a 12 year old girl and her family’s happiness. If they don’t wanna give him the needle,then drop his ass in population. The other convicts will take care of him real quick. They say gas takes to long for a convict to die,which means it’s inhumane. What Davis did to Polly,was in humane. I say gas him and sell tickets to closed circuit TV event. Take the money they raise and give it to the Polly Klass Foundation.

        Comment by Tim — September 7, 2015 @ 9:26 am

        • To me, it seems that the opponents of death penalty are just trying to dismiss all the methods of execution (by claiming they are all painful, inhumane and cruel) in order to prevent any execution from taking place until death penalty is finally abolished by law everywhere in the United States. Do you regard their behavior as I do, Tim?

          Comment by hermie — September 9, 2015 @ 2:21 am

          • Utah still has hanging on the books. There again it’s a Mormon state,so who cares. Death penalty don’t bother me. Eye for an eye. Forgiveness is between them and Their maker. Executioner is just there to arrange the meeting. What bothers me,is they focus on the gas chamber. I can’t help but think that goes back to the holocaust. Yes gas is inhumane to throw at innocent people,but not convicted murderers. Like I said,Richard Davis sitting on death since ’95? Raped,tortured and murdred a 12 year old girl,but gas is cruel and unusual punishment. BS ! Morgan backed Edison with the electric chair. That turned out to be one big goat f**k. They kept at it until it was perfected. The chair has pretty much become a thing of the past,but they don’t raise hell about it,like they do the gas chamber. Yes we have DNA to back up people that have been sent to death row,that didn’t do anything. They sit on death row forever. One appeal after another. You ask me that’s inhumane. Yet all that goes out the window,when the gas chamber is bought up. They don’t focus on anything else. I’m not talking about the people that protest the death penalty. It’s all the ones that focus on the gas chamber. I can’t help but think the memory of the holocaust has something to with that. People still around from that. Maybe it brings up flashbacks. I don’t know. Like I said there’s a difference between gassing innocent people and guilty people.

            Comment by Tim — September 9, 2015 @ 7:31 am

            • You didn’t answer my question, Tim. I didn’t ask if you’re in favor of death penalty or not. I asked if you regard the tactics used by the American opponents of death penalty as I do.

              As the opponents of death penalty attack lethal injections and homicidal gassings, somebody should come up with firing squads, so that the antis won’t be able to hide behind any suffering of death row inmates to prevent executions from taking place.

              Comment by hermie — September 10, 2015 @ 5:12 am

              • I don’t really pay attention to the liberal bleeding hearts against the death penalty. I live about 2.5 hours southwest of Huntsville here in Texas. Every time a condemned person is put to death,we got Mick Jagger’s first wife Bianca up there protesting. “This is not right. You’re going to murder a human being”? WTF ! That person is on death row for a reason. They wanna start,I just bring up 12 year old Polly Klass. Does Jesus forgive ? I don’t know ,but the convict will find out when they meet him. No. What got me thinking about the death penalty,it’s always the death by gas they go after . They’re talking about marking these people up in this article . The Jews don’t like it. Flashbacks. Okay. I can appreciate that. So I’m wondering if the Jews might be behind saying the gas chamber is inhumane. Yeah its inhumane if you kill innocent people,but not convicted killers. Some of the things I’ve read on here,I don’t think it’s a far fetched idea that the Jewish folk are the ones focusing on gas. No states use gas anymore,but I do know 3 states still have it on the books. I try not to listen to those against the death penalty. What about someone who sit on death row for 17 or 20 years. When their last appeal runs out,they know it’s gonna be time to take a dirt nap. That seems more inhumane to me. No I got off on the death penalty thing, because I thought about the Jews gettin pissed because of the immigrants getting marked up. What would stop them from getting on their soapbox saying gassing is cruel . They remember it from the camps.

                Comment by Tim — September 10, 2015 @ 8:20 am

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