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September 10, 2015

The Berlin Memorial to the Jews, the world’s worst eyesore

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Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Berlin

Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Berlin

At the opening ceremony, for the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, on May 10, 2005, Paul Spiegel, the head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, sharply criticized the new Holocaust memorial, saying that it was too abstract and that it failed to confront the issue of German guilt.

In his speech, Spiegel said that the Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe honors the victims of Nazism, but the Memorial does not refer directly to the perpetrators.

According to Spiegel, viewers are not confronted with questions of guilt and responsibility. Spiegel complained that the Memorial leaves an “incomplete message” and merely shows the Jews “as a nation of victims poured into 2,711 concrete pillars.” Spiegel said that the Monument fails to ask the question “Why?”

Why what? Why were the Jews Holocausted?

It was because Hitler, who was an artist, did not want a monstrosity like this, ever to be built in the heart of Berlin. He wanted Germany for the German people, not for the Jews, as it is now.

My photo, taken in 2002, shows the view of Behrestrasse

My photo, taken in 2002, shows the view of Behrestrasse before the monument was built

My photo of the eastern view in 2002 at the start of building the monumet

My photo of the eastern view in 2002 at the start of building the monument

The design for the “Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europes” was approved on 25 June 1999 by the German parliament. The vote was 314 to 209 with 14 members abstaining. The project cost the German tax-payers 35.1 million euro. The 5.5 acre site covers an area the size of three soccer fields.

Before 1945, this location was part of the Ministry Gardens; it was adjacent to the large complex of buildings which included Hitler’s Chancellery. After the war, it was part of the “death strip” along the Berlin wall.

The memorial covers an area very close to the underground bunker where Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. There is no access to Hitler’s bunker which still exists underground.

On the first day that the memorial was open, disrespectful teenagers used it as a playground and the site was desecrated with a swastika, which was quickly removed. The architect of the Memorial, Peter Eisenman, said that he was not worried about the threat of graffiti as he thought this might even make the Memorial more interesting.

My 2002 photo of the south end of the memorial before it was built

My 2002 photo of the south end of the memorial before it was built

The 19,000 square-meter Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe, which was opened to the public on May 12, 2005, consists of 2711 stones placed on sloping, uneven ground in an undulating wave-like pattern, giving visitors the feeling of insecurity as though the stones were on unstable ground.

Visitors can enter from all four sides, day or night, and wander on their own through the maze of stones, as though visiting a graveyard with nameless tombstones.

The columns are sunk into the ground to various depths and at some places, they are higher than the heads of the visitors.

There are no set paths or sign posts to guide viewers. The memorial was designed by architect Peter Eisenman to deliberately disorient visitors by having all the stones tilted slightly and paths that are not level.

The site of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Berlin was formally dedicated on January 27, 2000 in a “symbolic event” which could not be termed a ground-breaking ceremony because the project had not yet received approval from the German parliament. The 27th of January is Europe’s international day of mourning for the Jews who were murdered by the Nazis.

The first dedication ceremony for the Memorial was held on November 15, 1993. Originally expected to be finished by January 27, 2004, the Memorial was dedicated on May 10, 2005 and opened to the public on May 12, 2005, exactly 60 years after Germany was liberated from the Nazis in World War II.


  1. One of these blocks made for a handy absorption palette for me one fine summer evening a few years back. I was walking back to my hotel after paying homage to the last leader of free Germany who perished not far away. Sadly, I was out of euro coins and, as the policemen just turned the corner, the urge to leave my own memorial to the chosen people struck me, so i unzipped my jeans and let fly a steady stream. It was most gratifying, and i whistled a certain marching song quietly all the way back with a new bounce in my step”..marschieren im geist, in ersten reihe mit…” Boom! Boom!

    Comment by Schlageter — September 11, 2015 @ 9:20 am

    • Schlageter. You should hook up with Ozzy Osborne. Some years back he did a show in San Antonio. After the show,he was pretty wiped out from the vodka and pills. Now I don’t know how he got there,but he ended up at The Alamo. He drained his lizard just like you did. He didn’t see the cop that was close by. He was arrested and hauled off. Ask me I’ll say,”both y’all are crazy

      Comment by Tim — September 11, 2015 @ 9:38 am

      • Haha…I like Ozzy, but I wouldn’t disrespect the Alamo like that.

        Comment by Schlageter — September 11, 2015 @ 9:51 am

  2. I was watching an advert for a sintered block stockist on Irish TV last evening and that eyesore came to mind when they showed the stock yard. One has to ask, bearing in mind the other eyesores planted on European soil to celebrate fiction invented by Zionist terrorist collaborators with the NSDAP state, what are the Levites hiding there? I do love the fact that no one ever seems to notice that the Ziod Turing Fails, Commies and the Nazis are homicidal intolerant collectivists. Go on spend a minute or two in their stulted company and wait for the secret death squad to take you out if you are deemed non compliant. Neither of them had any common ground with the ordinary USofA corp citizen.

    As for the TF going on about “economic collapse” and recommending second and third hand, solutions, it does not seem to have dawned on the mokkerphuther that this is the desired result of “sacred commerce and sacrificial finance” staffed by believers. No matter what a society does, designed collapse is the end result desired by the very vehicle we expect to deliver our daily bread..Well of course I jest because when it comes to money fraud the TFs know exactly what is expected of them.

    Comment by thestoker — September 11, 2015 @ 1:02 am

  3. Stating that Hitler wanted Germany for the Germans and not for the Jews You show not to know at all how deep Hitler’s hatred of Jews had been. Hitler wanted the destruction of European Jews; expulsion through forced emigration had been only the first step while looking for the suitable moment to start the mass murder by mass executions, forced labor and Gas Chambers. For this aim Hitler did not care about the milions of young German soldiers who lost life or health on the various battlefields. So, at present, Germany – due to the increasing immigration of foreigners who are filling the demographic deficit resulted from WWII and Nazi crazyness – is becoming a multiracial and multicultural state.

    Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 10, 2015 @ 1:38 pm

    • From how many countries have the Jews been expelled? And how many times had they been attacked and killed before Hitler came along? You can read the list at

      The Jews have their own country now, but they don’t want to live in it.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 10, 2015 @ 1:48 pm

      • Many, many thanks for advising me on the page quoted. But … as You can see the main “why” had been religious quarels. By the way what had been told at the Catholic school You attended about Jews? As for the Jewish State. A lot of “statesmen” consider Israel as the main problem at M.E. and regret its foundation. So, defamed, persecuted and expelled in many countiries but a the existence of a Jewish state is regretted. And I would like to tell Herr Paul Spiegel that not only in Germany but also elsewhere there had been guilt of the Holocaust; consider among others the book full of hatred and slanders written by Henry Ford.

        Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 10, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

        • By the way what had been told at the Catholic school You attended about Jews?

          I also attended Catholic schools and was taught by nuns for many years. I do not recall anything at all being said about Jews.

          Comment by eah — September 11, 2015 @ 1:33 am

          • I attended Catholic school and was taught by nuns. We were told that Jesus was a Jew and that the Jews were God’s Chosen people, better than low-life Catholics.

            Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 8:18 am

            • To put it as plain as possible,they’re his chosen,because at the time nobody else would worship God . They were pagans . Look in the Old Testament. Time and again the Jews rebelled against God. Book of Matthew chp 15
              Talks about how Christ was sent for the lost sheep of the house of Israel . Goes without saying,the old man was getting a bit pissed. They were basically shitting in his son. The Jews are the ones responsible for Christ being strung up. Pontius Pilate was trying to play defense attorney for Christ. The Hebs in the crowd wanted his ass on that cross. Pilate asked them,” what laws did he break?” Their only come back was ,”crucify him!” Pilate asked,” shall I crucify your king? The head Jews spoke up and said,” we have only King. Caesar”. Pilate washed his hands (literally) of the whole affair. The Hebs spoke up and said,” fine. His blood shall be on our hands and our children. No matter how you slice it,that’s f**ked up. They’re basically condeming their children. It’s all there in the bible. I know you’re not a believer FG. As a human being,that’s most certainly your right. Tell you the truth,I think non believers are more honest than believers. The reason being, Christians got their “get out of jail free card”. Anton LeVey made a pretty good observation on Christians . Back before he gained notoriety.when he lived in New Orleans. He played piano at a bar. He said he would see both men and women at the bar,doing shit that make Sodom and Gomorrah proud. He said next morning (Sunday),he said he would see those same people in church,crying a river to the lord. I’m not sitting here judging those people,but they got their get outta jail free card,and they’re gonna exploit the hell out of it. No offense FG,but I’ve never much agreed with Catholics. At the same time though,I’m no better than them

              Comment by Tim — September 11, 2015 @ 9:30 am

              • I am a “fallen away” Catholic. I was baptized a Catholic and I attended Catholic school. I learned in Catholic school that the Jews were God’s Chosen.

                I did not have the privilege of meeting a Jew until I went to college. On my first day of classes, in my first class, I was seated next to a Jew. I did not say anything to him, but as soon as I sat down, he informed that he was a Jew and that he could not have anything to do with me because I was not a Jew. We were in assigned seats, so I could not move. This was when I learned that I was a low-life goyim who was so far beneath a Jew that I was not even allowed to speak to a Jew.

                Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 9:43 am

                • Let me ask you a question. I’m not sure when the Romans were fighting the Jews,but every accounting of that place in history, it always starts off the Romans taking advantage of the Jews . It was said that the first war of the Romans and Jews,the Jews pretty much started the problem. They started by protesting tax. That wasn’t good enough,so they start attacking roman cities. Rome moved on the Jews. I’ve read about the Jew roman war. Never once did I read what I just told you. The Jews weren’t wimps by any means. They kept fighting the Romans. Why don’t they just report on what really happened? If the Jews are portrayed as peaceful and helpless,does that gather more sympathy ? j

                  Comment by Tim — September 11, 2015 @ 1:17 pm

                • The first Jew You met at college should have belonged to a quite crazy family.That crazy boy – not You – lost the opportunity (not privilege) to speak with a school comrade/citizen. For long time Jews wanted to be allowed to talk and have normal relationships with fellow citizens. I regret that You had had to meet such a fool.

                  Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 12, 2015 @ 10:46 am

                • I’m glad somebody mentioned that. I ran across an article one time. A lady asked her rabbi of her daughter could marry a gentile. The rabbis answer was pretty much hell no. Is that pretty normal or an isolated case? Like I said,I’m trying to understand this. In order to do that,I have to understand both sides here

                  Comment by Tim — September 12, 2015 @ 1:47 pm

              • Catholics have confession so it is O.K. for them to sin. They can go to confession and be absolved of their sins. They can then receive Communion on Sunday, after which they go right out to sin again. I was such a good little Catholic that I had to make up sins to tell the priest in the Confessional box.

                Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 9:56 am

                • Next,you’re gonna tell me,” I gotta deal for you.would you like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?”

                  Comment by Tim — September 11, 2015 @ 1:20 pm

              • Dear Tim. Just read the Gospel of John, who had been Apostle and so the only of the four Gospel Authors who stood with Jesus Christ and considers the real conditions of power in Judea at those times. He states that Jesus Crist had been captured by the Roman police and questioned by Pilate who made clear the real power conditions: “So, You do not answer? Do You know that i myself have the power to free You or to Crucify You’?”. i could compare the condition of High Priest Caifas and that of an Elder of Jews in a Ghetto in Holocaust time; had been very very similar. And I could compare Pilate and Eichmann; very very similar. Considering the historical background of the facts Jesus Christ had been captured being suspect of ties with the Partian Empire then in contrast with Roman Empire; specifically with the Jewish vassal reigns of Adiabene and/or Nehardea. So under Nazi rule as under Roman rule a simple suspect of such connections with “hostile foreign power” had been sufficient for a death sentence. Ask and i will answer further questions. Best.

                Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 11, 2015 @ 10:38 pm

                • Okay I’m not gonna juxtapose eichmann and Pilates. It’s apples and oranges period. The book of John sounds like a broken record. He repeats the same shit,just worded differently. Truth be known,I’m almost willing to say Pilate was a puppet for the Jews. This whole thing was a popularity contest. The priests didn’t like him. Let’s get rid of him. Barabbas. A career criminal. Pilate asked the crowd,”who do you want me to release. Barabbas or the one who is called Christ?” The crowd didn’t decide. The priests talked all them into stringing Christ up. This is all in the book of Matthew. Jews flat out lied. They said Christ was going around saying he was God. BS ! He never said that. Book of John ch 14. Thomas asked him,”we don’t know where you’re going”. Christ told him,”I am the way the way.the truth and the life. No one comes to my father except through me” . That’s pretty clear. He said he’s Jesus,not God. Now he did say ,”the father is in him”,by way of what his father had him teaching. In chapter 15 he says ,” I’m the true vine. My father is the Gardner . He cuts off every branch that does not bear fruit”. I can go on,but it’s demonstrable,Jesus never said he was God. Jesus was more popular than the priests. Crowds followed him. I don’t care what anyone says,they wanted Christ gone,so they could keep the crowd under their thumb. They let a well known criminal go. No one had evidence against Christ. Pilate kept asking the Jews ,” what did this man do?” They couldn’t present any evidence at all. They just kept saying crucify him. The priests controlled the crowd and I’m thinking to an extent Pilate. The only answer they could give Pilate was ,” crucify him”. Pilate kept saying to Jesus,” tell them what they want to hear. He wouldn’t do it. Pilate finally got to the point where he told the Hebs,” you want me to kill your king next?” They answered ,”Caesar is our king”. Pilate was not referring to him. They gladly accepted his blood on their hands. They even said his blood will be on their children’s hands. Sounds to me like their pretty damn sure of themselves. Hope they got a good explination for when they stand in front of the ol man. His question is gonna be,”why did you f**k my son over?” Tribulation comes around,it’s to be time of the Gentiles,not the Jews. Clearly states “the church (meaning Christian church) will not go through the tribulation. God will remove them. The Jews will be begging for forgiveness. Rome could’ve very easily chose to side with the Jews. When the time came,Rome took the Christian path. Now you’ve got some Jew leaders taking second thoughts. “Let’s embrace Christ as one of our own”. End times are coming. People wanna be on the winning team. Christianity has never changed up the rules in the middle of the game. The roman soldiers made fun of Christ. Thank the Jews and their wickedness. They wanted Christ out of the picture period. Like I said.its obvious Pilate was their puppet. They pronounced sentence on Christ. All he did was carry it out. The Jews will be begging for forgiveness when shit hits the fan. Bible is pretty clear. Don’t believe in Christ,ain’t nothing his farher can do for you. So. Jews are gods chosen. However bottom line,you don’t accept his son,you’re screwed. I’ve heard people say,” the holocaust happened because the Jews pissed off God. Okay then how did the gypsies,gays etc. get thrown into the mix. Whatever may or may not have happened during the holocaust,was all mans doings. His wickedness. Everyone. Wether they buy into God or not,will stand before him to answer for their sins. I’m just going by what the good book says. Then again there’s always a possibility,all of us could be wrong . We wouldn’t know anyhow,because we’d be dead

                  Comment by Tim — September 12, 2015 @ 1:34 pm

        • I wrote about Henry Ford on another blog post at
          The following quote is from that blog post:
          While America and the rest of Europe were still in the depths of the depression caused by the stock market crash in October 1929, Germany had stabilized its economy and had virtually eliminated unemployment. Unlike the other countries in Europe in 1936, Nazi Germany was doing well, thanks in part to American investment capital. Many American businessmen, led by auto maker Henry Ford, supported Hitler and his Fascist form of government. Other prominent Americans who supported Hitler included Joseph P. Kennedy (the father of President John F. Kennedy), and Prescott Bush (the grandfather of President George W. Bush) and Charles Lindbergh.

          Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 8:31 am

          • Really interesting that so President Kennedy as Presidents Bush – sr and jr – had had in their familiies supporters of nazi-fascism.

            Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 12, 2015 @ 1:10 am

            • Hitler was much loved by the German people, and by people in other countries before he was demonized by the Jews. He was riding through the streets of Germany, in an open car, standing up and shaking hands with the people who wanted to touch him.

              Now Hitler has been demonized by the Jews so much that his name cannot be spoken in all of Europe. In fact, I think that it is a crime to speak his name in some countries. Everything that he did for the German people has been long forgotten. When I lived in Germany, years ago, many people still had his picture hanging on their living room wall.

              Comment by furtherglory — September 12, 2015 @ 8:35 am

              • In fact, I think that it is a crime to speak his name in some countries.

                I don’t know of any. However in Germany there are laws against displaying or glorifying Nazi symbols — eg German memorabilia from WWII can only be sold if they are ‘entnazifiziert’ — if the Nazi symbols, typically the swastika, have been removed.

                Here is an example — this is a foto of a piece of WWII memorabilia currently for sale on — you can see the Hakenkreuz has been removed. (Not sure how long this link will be good.)

                Comment by eah — September 12, 2015 @ 10:25 am

              • You lived in Kraut land? Did you get to see much of the original architecture ( or what was left of it)? People had a mind back then and used it. Look at our buildings today. Boring as hell. What’s that archway you see on one of those streets in Germany. It’s the one where there’s 2 horse statues on top of it. That’s badass period. I only saw the result of our bombing at the citadel in Hue. Everybody was so worried about saving face,that they weren’t gonna let the VC dinks outta the city alive. So they lifted the bombing restrictions and the rest is history. I’ll even admit hitlers house in the mountains was bad ass . Don’t know who the architect was,but he worked that house in with the environment perfectly. That huge picture window. How would you like to look out your window and see that?

                Comment by Tim — September 12, 2015 @ 2:13 pm

    • the demographic deficit resulted from WWII and Nazi crazyness

      You’ve said similar things before; honestly, I don’t think you are correct about the extent of whatever effect that had. Remember: millions of ethnic Germans were expelled from Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc — this added significantly to Germany’s population. And before the wall was built, emigration from East Germany boosted West Germany’s population. Total population climbed steadily post-war — it’s only fairly recently that sub-replacement level birth rates caused some concern.

      Comment by eah — September 10, 2015 @ 3:02 pm

      • You ought to consider the dempoghraphic structure. The loss of milions of young men – from 16 to 45 years of age – so of the Reichsdeutsche as of the Volksdeutsche (Germans of the Reich as ethnic Germans of East-Central Europe enlisted – had been a loss of possible births in decades following WWII what had had long term effects. The same applies to other European countries. It is not an accident that Chancellor Merkel is so friendly to refugees. It had been estimated that Europe should accept until 2060 about 250.000.000 – two hundred fifty milion – of newcomers in order to avoid an economic collapse. Hitler & C. when shitting out their racist doctrines enjoyed the free speech which they suppressed once on power and conducted Europe to this disaster, Clearly certain trouble makers like negationists are only dangerous …. for Europe in General and especially Germany and Austria. Clear?

        Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 10, 2015 @ 11:24 pm

        • The loss of milions of young men – from 16 to 45 years of age

          The point is, that was a long time ago. Here is a link to info re sex ratios in populations — organized by country. As you can see, Germany now has a fully normal ratio for a developed country: 0.97 (ie in total, 97 males for every 100 females — women generally live longer, which naturally skews the ratio lower). Other countries: Canada 0.98; Denmark 0.98; France 0.96; USA 0.97; etc. (Notable is Russia: 0.86 — there a hard life and eg alcoholism are to blame.)

          of newcomers in order to avoid an economic collapse

          Wolf, I really question your intellectual honesty. Hordes of muslims and Africans are not going to prevent “an economic collapse” (were one in the offing, which it isn’t) — they were no use in their home countries — that’s why they left — because they did not want to live in the kind of country created by people like them (the vast majority of these people are not from Syria — they are economic migrants).

          Denmark’s refugee integration has ‘failed’

          Three out of four refugees who came to Denmark in the early 2000s are jobless ten years later…

          Wolf, please explain: how is importing people like that going to help “avoid an economic collapse”?

          Get a grip Wolf.

          Comment by eah — September 11, 2015 @ 1:31 am

          • i reported here about studies worked out by European Comunity as pubblished by a leading paper here. At any rate the loss of milions of men of the age to assure birth of children means that the never born children could not grow up and not assure life to a further generation, etc. So now Europe, mainly Germany, is facing a demographic deficit. Unfortunately I have not studied demography so I cannot go further in this interesting debate. Here in Italy many works are done almost only by immigrants. Best.

            Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 11, 2015 @ 9:37 am

          • You ought to consider that the ethnic Germans had been enlisted in the WAFFEN SS – front combat units – where the losses had been higher than in the normal Wehrmacht units. So the arrival of ethnic Germans expelled from East Europe had not been a solution for the demographic problem of Germany. Then after WWII many Germans in suitable age with good skills emigrated so to USA as to South America or Australia; another demographic loss for Germany. In Italy, France and other European countries conditions had been and are similar. Before questioning my intellectual honesty or sanity take a moment more to overthink things in this debate. Best.

            Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 12, 2015 @ 1:23 am

    • It is true that Hitler wanted a country for ethnic Germans, not a country that was controlled by Jews.

      Remember the Nazi slogan: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, …

      Hitler is considered the most evil person that ever lived because he did not want Jewish volk, a Divided nation, and Jewish control. He wanted Germany to be a country for Germans, not a country for Jews to take advantage of the hard-working German people.

      Now the Jews have their own country, but they don’t want to live in it. They are coming back to Germany to take advantage of the hard-working Germans again.

      Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 10:24 am

      • The Nazi slogan had been EIN VOLK, EIN REICH, EIN FUEHRER. You repeat here the Nazi slogan of “jews to take advantage of the hard working German people”; pure antisemitism! In Germany Jews too worked hard; clear? Yes, there is now a Jewish state but many “statesmen” regret the existence of Israel which had been heaven for many Holocaust survivors wich survival Negationsts and others deeply regret.

        Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 11, 2015 @ 1:14 pm

        • The Jews worked hard? You mean like Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank. Otto Frank owned a bank and he was arrested for cheating his customers.

          I wrote this on a previous blog post at

          Quote from the blog post cited above:

          3. Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, was 56 years old when he arrived at the Auschwitz-Birkenau “death camp,” where everyone over the age of 45 was automatically sent to the gas chamber. Otto Frank was selected to work, but he didn’t want to work, so he paid a Jewish doctor in the camp to put him into the camp hospital, where he survived.

          4. Otto Frank was allowed to stay in the camp hospital at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when the other prisoners were taken on a “death march” out of the camp.

          There will soon be a new movie out about Bernie Madoff, who made off with other people’s money. Yes, the Jews worked hard — at cheating other people out of their hard earned money.

          Why is the word jew used as a verb? As in “He jewed someone down.” Hitler put the Jews in camps where they had to work. He was sick of the Jews lying, cheating, and stealing.

          Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 1:39 pm

          • I feel You are driven by antisemite prejudices. 1. The victims of Madoff had been all Jews and the behavior of some Jewish organization in this affair had been, at least, not cautious. 2. As to Otto Frank, in 1933 for a Jew prosecution had been first step of persecution as there had no fair trials in Courts any more. 3. Until 1942/43 jewish workers and engineers had worked for the … Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine, so in Germany as in Poland as in the Baltics. In February 1943 Goebbels overrulled Speer and ordered the deportation of the jewish workers. Similarly at Warshaw in summer 1942 Himmler overrulled the Military comander sending all jewish workers to Treblinka. Two meaningfull examples; are they?

            Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 11, 2015 @ 10:51 pm

            • The victims of Madoff had been all Jews

              That is not true — many so-called “feeder funds” invested pooled client money with Madoff — not all of the investors in these “feeder funds” were Jews. There were many Jewish organizations, and many of the known individuals were Jewish.

              List of investors in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities

              Comment by eah — September 11, 2015 @ 11:22 pm

              • Many thanks for this information. I will study this interesting list which seems not to be complete. From other sources I learnt that many Jewish middle class families lost most of their belongings by the Madoff affair. Furthermore, so the Madoff scandal and all the former ones – especially the general collaps of 1929 – are, and had been, due to the century long insufficient Goverment oversight on banks and various investment funds. As long as I know Congress had always blocked presidential attempt to tighten those controlls.

                Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 12, 2015 @ 1:41 am

                • I imagine there’s a lot of people out there,that are laughing at the Jews who lost everything. I’m not one of them. Madoff just thought about Madoff. I had to laugh at his wife when she had to take the subway. This was almost the same as Enron here in Houston. Lot of people worked for that company looking forward to retirement,only to find out it was gone. There is one thing I find ironic about the madoff situation. People have stereotyped Jews as being slick. Always looking to screw someone. They got screwed by madoff just like the gentile did.

                  Comment by Tim — September 12, 2015 @ 3:53 am

          • Otto Frank…was 56 years old when he arrived at the Auschwitz-Birkenau “death camp,” where everyone over the age of 45 was automatically sent to the gas chamber

            What about that, Wolf? The AUSCHWITZ: CHRONOLOGY page at the USHMM implies that selections and gassings were probably still going on when the Frank family arrived (likely in Aug, 1944), yet Otto Frank survived, his middle-aged wife survived until Jan, 1945, and his two teenage daughters –likely not much use as workers — were later sent to Bergen-Belsen.

            Comment by eah — September 12, 2015 @ 12:04 am

          • BTW, here’s what the Wikipedia page on Edith Frank (nee Holländer) says:

            On 30 October another selection separated Edith from Anne and Margot. Edith was selected for the gas chambers, and her daughters were transported to Bergen-Belsen. Edith escaped with a friend to another section of the camp, where she remained through the winter. While here she hid each scrap of food she would get and saved it for her daughters. Because of her refusal to eat any of the food she was saving for her daughters she died from starvation on January 6, 1945…

            Perhaps she should be added to the list of people who escaped the gas chambers.

            Of course the part about saving food makes no sense at all.

            Comment by eah — September 12, 2015 @ 12:14 am

            • I am not informed about, nor interested in, these details. Please be sceptical about this account like about others.

              Comment by Wolf MURNELSTEIN — September 12, 2015 @ 1:47 am

  4. Spiegal. Art critic or activist? “Monument don’t ask questions”. Who is this idiot,Kandinsky. Actually I think it looks like something Escher would’ve come up with. This isn’t about anything for him,but this. Hate. “Fails to address the issue of German guilt”. BS! This it not about about a nation of people,but rather one group of people with a certain ideology. That’s about like saying the niponese bombed pearl. BS.
    Yamamoto and his staff planned it. Tojo and others knew about it. Not the Japanese people. That’s piss ignorant blaming the German population. So you’re gonna tell me s child growing up then,is responsible for this shit. I’m telling you this guy was the one who got his ass kicked every day at school. The last one to be picked when they’d have kickball games. He’s just a miserable ass person who want everyone around him miserable. Hell. Hes the artist. Tell him to sit his fat ass down and come up with something better. Germany has stupidity running wild through her population. They need to tell the Jews ,”enough is enough). No future monuments for yall are gonna happen. You don’t like it,too bad. The door is right over there. Don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

    Comment by Tim — September 10, 2015 @ 1:18 pm

  5. Personally, I also regard the Jewish Museum in Berlin as an eyesore — a link to a foto.

    Comment by eah — September 10, 2015 @ 11:55 am

  6. The 5.5 acre site covers an area the size of three soccer fields.

    Not only that, it’s the prime-est of prime real-estate in Berlin — right in the center, just down from the Brandenburg Gate.

    A good many of the blocks now have cracks — some of them are bad enough that they are deemed unsafe. It will cost a significant amount of money to repair them.

    Comment by eah — September 10, 2015 @ 11:53 am

    • This monstrosity should be torn down and the remains should be shipped to Israel. What are the 800,000 people from Syria going to think about this eye sore?

      Comment by furtherglory — September 10, 2015 @ 12:09 pm

    • should be torn down

      Of course that’ll never happen.

      the 800,000 people from Syria

      Generally, the political mindset in Germany is heavily socialist — very heavily. The welfare benefits are pretty generous — income support and subsidized housing. This keeps the significant population of muslims already there — who are mostly unproductive economically (Deutschland schafft sich ab) — satisfied and quiet. They don’t want to kill the goose that lays all those golden eggs by acting up.

      Comment by eah — September 10, 2015 @ 12:22 pm

    • I have seen the pictures of those cracks in concrete blocks. Those cracks cannot be repaired, as they might have been made of very poor and cheap quality of concrete.
      The mayor of Berlin should declare the entire area as hazardous and scrap the goddamn thing.
      This pathetic monument is crumbling! Isn’t it the sign from The Supreme Providence?

      Comment by Gasan — September 10, 2015 @ 8:26 pm

      • The place where the blocks are located should be turned into a beautiful garden, which is well lit at night, so that people can stroll through it.

        Comment by furtherglory — September 11, 2015 @ 10:12 am

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