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September 16, 2015

Dates and names of Jews who were gassed in the Holocaust

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For years, Bradley Smith has been asking for the name of one person who was gassed in the Holocaust.

Gate into the main camp at Aushwitz

Gate into the main camp at Auschwitz

The Nazis did not keep records with the names of the Jews who were gassed.  I wrote about this on this previous blog post:

Now the names of two people who were gassed are known, according to this news article.

This quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote:
The journey began on July 31 1943. Paula Bucholc was 11 months old and had already lost both her parents.

The first to die had been her father, Chaim Bucholc, who was led into the gas chambers at Auschwitz on September 10, 1942.

He was aged 38 and Paula – who became known as Paulette – had been born just a month earlier. Her elder sister, Sarah – who would come to be known as Suzy – was just one.

Her mother Ruchla went into hiding after Chaim disappeared. She was arrested on the streets of Antwerp during a desperate attempt to get food for her two starving children and was taken to a holding camp in Mechelen.

Records show Ruchla was sent to Auschwitz to be gassed as prisoner 950 on October 24, 1942. She was 31.

End quote

Selections for the gas chamber were made after the Jews got off the trains at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Selections for the gas chamber were made after the Jews got off the trains at Auschwitz-Birkenau

According to this news article, Chaim  “was led into the gas chamber”.  Why was he LED into the gas chamber? Was he blind, or maybe crippled?

As far as I know, the official version of the Holocaust story is that the Jews were first driven into the undressing room of a gas chamber, and then shoved naked inside the gas chamber.  I have never heard of any of the Jews being escorted or led into the gas chamber.

The news article says that Ruchla was “sent to Auschwitz to be gassed”. I thought that the Jews were sent to Auschwitz, and AFTER they arrived, selections were made.  Ruchla was 31 years old and had recently had two babies.  Why was a young woman, who was obviously in good health, condemned to be gassed BEFORE she arrived at Auschwitz?

Jews arriving on a train at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Jews arriving on a train at Auschwitz-Birkenau

As time goes by, the story of the Holocaust becomes more and more unbelievable, while more and more countries pass laws against Holocaust denial. Hopefully, I will be dead by the time that America passes a law against Holocaust denial, so that I won’t have to spend my last days in prison — for writing my blog.