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November 25, 2015

Anne Frank’s family in Amsterdam was denied entry into the USA

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Anne Frank at age 13

Anne Frank at age 13

My blog post today is a comment on a news article which you can read in full here.

This is the headline of the article:

Anne Frank was a refugee who was denied asylum in U.S.

I know what my readers are saying:  “What are you complaining about now?”

My complaint is about this quote, which is from the article:

Among the countless Jews denied refuge in the United States were the Frank family of Amsterdam, as personal letters discovered in a New Jersey warehouse in 2007 revealed.

The “Frank family” did not live in Amsterdam.  At first, only Otto Frank left Germany and went to Amsterdam.

Otto Frank was a fugitive from justice because he, and his brother, had been convicted of bank fraud.  His brother managed to enter the United States in spite of his criminal conviction, but for some unknown reason Otto, the bank fraud criminal, was denied entry.  Shame on the USA:  all Jewish criminals should have been allowed in.

This quote is from the news article:

The United States even denied refuge to the most well-known Holocaust victim of all, the young Anne Frank, whose father’s desperate efforts to save his family were met with cold indifference.

Anne Frank was not denied refuge.  She was waiting until her father got settled in the USA before undertaking this journey herself.

What if Otto Frank had brought his family with him when he tried to enter the USA?  Would Anne have written her famous Diary?  I seriously doubt it.  She wrote her diary because she was cooped up in an attic and had nothing else to do.

Anne Frank was no saint.  If she had been in America during the war years, she would have been “lying, cheating and stealing” with the best of them.

The article continues with this quote:

By the end of the 1930s, Jews in Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe had long been outlawed—they were officially declared subhuman, stripped of their citizenship and their wealth, banned marrying or even having sex with Aryans, barred from owning land, blacklisted from many professions and subjected to countless other dehumanizing indignities, large and small. They were forced to wear badges and carry special identification. Boycotts and violence plagued Jewish-owned homes and businesses, which were soon stolen as Jews were rounded up and forced into segregated ghettos where the awaited what turned out to be Hitler’s “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

The Anne Frank house

My photo of the Anne Frank house

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