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December 6, 2015

Should “stepping stones” be placed on the streets of Munich?

Stepping stones with the names of dead Jews

Stepping stones on city sidewalks in Germany show the names of dead Jews who were killed in the Holocaust

The photo above is at the top of a  newspaper article with this headline:

“Munich Jews feud over Holocaust remembrance”

The article was recently published at:

This quote is from the article:

For the one side it is a desecration of the names of those sent to their deaths by the murderous Nazi regime. For the other it is the largest and most democratic commemorative project in the world.

The argument centres on Stolpersteine – stumbling stones – small bronze plaques set into the pavement in front of the last place of residence of people murdered in the Holocaust.

A familiar sight in Berlin since 1996, Stolpersteine can now be found in 1,000 German municipalities and in 20 different European countries.

The photo below shows stepping stones on a street in Berlin.

A stepping stone on a street in Berlin

Stepping stones on a street in Berlin

Of the roughly 6 million victims of the Holocaust, 55,000 now have Stolpersteine as permanent markers of their murder.

But Munich stubbornly remains out of step. Not a single Stolperstein can be found on the southern city’s streets – despite the fact that at least 4,500 of the city’s Jews died in the genocide.

Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria (IKG), is fiercely opposed to the cobblestone memorials.

The 82-year-old Knobloch is herself a Holocaust survivor and, writing to the city parliament in 2014, criticized the Stolpersteine as “dishonorable and impious.”

Memorials to the Holocaust should never be placed on the ground, Knobloch argued, because they remind survivors of the dead and injured Jews who lay on the floor of concentration camps and the ruthless German soldiers who would step on them.

End quote

Oh no! The ruthless German soldiers stepped on the dead Jews?  Where were the dead Jews that were used as stepping stones?


The photo above shows Fritz Klein, a German soldier who is stepping on the dead bodies at Bergen Belsen.  Is this what Charlotte Knobloch is talking about?

In my humble opinion, Munich should NOT have stepping stones.  Leave the poor suffering Germans some pride.  Jews are now returning to Germany, and the Germans are being shoved out of the way, so that the Jews can take over again.

I have a section about Munich on my website at

My 2007 photo taken in Munich

My 2007 photo taken in Munich

The news article continues with this quote:

Constitutional right

“1,000 other communities in Germany looked at Stolpersteine before approving them and said they were in accordance with regulations for public space and the German Constitution,” says Swartzberg, a journalist who has lived in Germany for four decades.

“Munich agreed that all forms of decentralized commemoration are permissible but not Stolpersteine. We say this distinction can’t be made.”

End quote

To sum up:  The German people have no rights, not after killing 6 million Jews.  The Jews are back and they rule Germany. Every street in Munich must have stones on the sidewalks to honor the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.

My 2007 photo of a Jewish Synagogue in the heart of Munich

My 2007 photo of a Jewish Synagogue in the heart of Munich



  1. Germany has become lapdogs to the Jews . This is the biggest pile of BS history will ever know. Enough is enough already. Tell the Jews they want more money,then get off their fat ass and get a job. I read where Munich,”donated” two Subs to Israel. Israe split the cost of the third one. What worthless bums. Hey if you can’t provide protection on your own,for your nations people,then maybe you don’t deserve to have a country. Think about it. That’s pathetic having another country foot the bill for you. How are the folks in Germany ever gonna have any self identity? Putting stones in the streets with the names of the hebs. F–k that. Hey! They love that idea so much,why don’t they do it in Israel? That’s why I laughed my ass off when I saw where Earl krugel got bumped off by an AB at the Phoenix FCI and irv rubin took the pussy way out and offed himself while he was in the L A County Jail awaiting trial. They thought they could plot to blow up a mosque in Culver City. The Feds nailed those 2 bitches in heartbeat. The minute they got locked down with the real “badasses “,they were crying like babies. However if that happened in Germany,the government would’ve coddled them like the bitches that they were.

    Comment by Tim — March 10, 2016 @ 11:18 am

  2. Why can’t you talk about issues like this with any shred of decency or respect? Why can’t you discuss the differing opinions, without obnoxious, snotty asides like “Oh no! The ruthless German soldiers stepped on the dead Jews?”
    Wow! There is no acceptable reason to talk in such nasty, derogatory tones instead of just discussing the issues you bring up.

    (I’m also unsure what you mean by your question “Where were the dead Jews that were used as stepping stones?” when you then show a picture of a soldier stepping on dead bodies? I’m confused why you would ask where they were if you then show a picture of an example?)

    You then state your opinion – a perfectly valid one, as any opinion on the topic would be – but then go on to offer as a “reason” “Leave the poor suffering Germans some pride. Jews are now returning to Germany, and the Germans are being shoved out of the way, so that the Jews can take over again.”

    Really? What possesses you to speak in such vile, hateful ways? Yes, this is your blog, and yes obviously it’s “legal,” but that doesn’t make your nasty, vile terms and statements any less disgusting or morally reprehensible.

    Comment by Halli — December 6, 2015 @ 8:35 pm

  3. FURTHERGLORY. The STOLPERSTEINE are a useless way to remember the Holocaust – important part of the great tragedy that WWII had been. In my opiniom the only one to remember would be to prevent such tragedies from occuring again. Studying how events went on to the SUICIDE OF EUROPE = WWI and WWII and avoid political errors similar to those made by then time political and religious leaders.. And I am concerned.

    Comment by Wolf MURMELSTEIN — December 6, 2015 @ 12:25 pm

    • You are correct that World War II was fought because of the way World I ended. Germany blamed the Jews for the way that World War I ended. I wrote about this on this blog post:

      Comment by furtherglory — December 6, 2015 @ 2:14 pm

      • I am not a religious person, yet the notion is like having my parents name inscribed on Stolpersteine is like people trampling on their grave. To me, their place is sacrilegious. I am totally in agreement that no Stepping Stones should ever disgrace Munich’s footpaths.
        Although the Torah, the most important Jewish text, has no clear reference to afterlife at all and it never will bring them back, nor will people care what happened to them and how they died, just step on them!

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 6, 2015 @ 7:01 pm

      • FURTHERGLORY! In WWI 10.000 German Jews lost their life on battlefield and many returned as invalides. The Jewish manager Rathenau set up to logistic system of the necessary material and the Jewish inventor of synthetuc nitrogen made possible the production of munition but … died in misery at Theresienstadt. The Prussian military class had been too ignorant to use modern techniques and had not the courage to face its own bancruptcy by siguning the surrender let the new democratic government to do sign it and then -” great loyality” – moving the accusation of stabbing DOLCHSTOSS – against a phantomatic judeo-socialist cospiracy.

        Comment by Wolf MURMELSTEIN — December 7, 2015 @ 7:28 am

        • There may be some young people reading my blog who don’t know the meaning of der Dolchstoss. I wrote about this subject on this blog post:

          Comment by furtherglory — December 7, 2015 @ 7:39 am

          • FURTHERGLORY! About the bancruptcy of Prussian Military class: Note that Hitler when preparing WWII replaced old faschioned commanders by promoting officers as Generals and Feldmarschall who in WWI had been not over the rank of Captain.

            Comment by Wolf MURMELSTEIN — December 7, 2015 @ 12:04 pm

            • Dr Murmelstein
              Just remember that Hitler was only a ‘Gefreiter’ during WW-I (Pfc in the US Army) one of your countryman and set the world on fire, it did not make any difference what rank those Prussians Junkers had, they started a successful Blitzkrieg and almost succeeded. You seem to be living in a world of your own!

              Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 7, 2015 @ 4:28 pm

              • Stolpmann I am a real survivor – son of the last Elder of Ghetto Theresienstadt – and I am stuying how the events could occure since the Liberation when I was just nine years old. Studying I realized that Hitler had not been the fool as told for long time but a fanatical and clever individual who had a good knowledge of history and geography of Europe. Furhtermore he realized the need to put younger officers in comand posts. Those younger commanders had been able to run the BLITZKRIEG overcoming the rather elderly commanders of armies they defeated. The french High Commander had been general already in WWI I have read somewhere that in his table talks Hitler noted to have faced elderly politicians while heself had been in early forthies and therefore he could them overcome.The need of a BLITZKRIEG had been realized already after German surrender but it had been run by the commanders promoted just by Hitler. Never underestimate the enemy. Best,

                Comment by Wolf MURMELSTEIN — December 8, 2015 @ 9:13 am

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