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December 18, 2015

New Holocaust movie “Son of Saul” is in theaters today


Update January 18, 2016:  This news article calls the movie Son of Saul “Jewish Propaganda.”

I greatly admire the photo above which is shown at the top of this news article about the film entitled Son of Saul, which was directed by Laslo Nemes:

In preparation for seeing the film, I read about it on the news article cited above.

Photo from the film Son of Saul

Photo from the film Son of Saul

The following quote is from the news article about the film:

In “Son of Saul” Laszlo Nemes Expands the Language of Holocaust Films

“Son of Saul” is filmed in long, restless takes, with no soundtrack besides the grim cacophony of a death camp — the slamming of doors, the sifting through possessions — and is set over the course of a day and a half in October 1944. It follows Saul Auslander, a Hungarian member of the Sonderkommando, the Jews forced to dispose of the human remains from the gas chambers, as he tries to rescue a dead boy’s body from meeting the fate of the ovens.


The film plays out on the face of Saul, a debut film performance by Geza Rohrig, a Hungarian poet whom Mr. Nemes met while studying at New York University’s film school. During the 28-day shoot, he had Mr. Rohrig rehearse for hours before filming takes, three to four minutes each, with a 35-millimeter camera placed about 20 inches from his face.

“I had to be superfocused, because every little bit of change” mattered, Mr. Rohrig said. “Like on the surface of water — even if you blow the water, you can immediately see, it shows everything.”

Mr. Rohrig, 48, who took a leave from his job teaching Jewish studies at a Brooklyn private school to promote the film, volunteers for a Jewish burial society. He spent months visiting Auschwitz as a student in Poland in the 1980s and wrote a book of poems about it. He said he regarded the Sonderkommando as victims, not perpetrators, adding that they were the only Jews in the camp to understand that they faced certain death and that his acting had to reflect that knowledge.

End quote


  1. According to ‘The New York Times’ who reviewed this newly released ‘Son of Saul’ movie, some of the money which went into the production came from the New York-based ‘Conference On Material Claims Against Germany’.

    But wait a minute – isn’t this treasure trove, held by the Claims Conference, supposed to be compensation for those poor holocaust survivors who escaped the gas chambers by crawling out through the peepholes, hiding behind the soup waggons, or climbing naked out of machine-gun pits? What are they doing using this money to sponsor an exceedingly shoddy Hollywood propaganda piece, that is purely designed to make the movie-going public feel guilty and depressed at Christmas time.

    But anyway, a critic named Manhola Dargis, who reviewed the film at Cannes, called it “a radically de-historizied, intellectually repellent movie”. Yes – absolutely – hip, hip, hurrah for that comment!

    Another interesting review came from a French philosopher no less! He is Georges Didi-Huberman, and he was inspired to write an open 25-page letter to the film’s director Laszlo Nemes. His opening words to Mr Nemes was to declare;- “Your Film, ‘Son of Saul’, is a monster.” – Wow!

    But he goes on to say that it is “a necessary, coherent, beneficial, innocent monster.” Oh yes, indeed! – all our old Zionist and Talmudic friends will be in full agreement with that assessment.

    Comment by Talbot — December 19, 2015 @ 6:07 am

  2. I saw the Bond movie, Spectre, instead.

    Comment by HAD — December 18, 2015 @ 4:53 pm

  3. Six Holocaust movies were released in November-December 2008. The Reader, Valkyrie, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Defiance Adam Resurrected and Good. Seems there aren’t enough this Christmas. What’s up with this dearth of depressing Holiday Season death camp dramas?!

    “…It’s especially humiliating for people to be made to bow beneath the yoke of manifest nonsense. Belief in the doctrine of transubstantion lingers on, but believers in it can no longer do much damage to those who disbelieve . The same cannot be said for the Holocaust.” – Nigel Jackson

    Comment by who dares wings — December 18, 2015 @ 11:00 am

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