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December 31, 2015

The gas chamber that tourists see at Auschwitz

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 Gate into the main Auschwitz camp

Old photo of the gate into Auschwitz I camp

Today’s tourists, who take a guided tour of Auschwitz, are first taken to the main camp, where they see the famous “Arbeit macht Frei” sign that is shown in the old photo above; then they move on to the gas chamber in the Auschwitz I camp that was reconstructed by the Soviets, who liberated the camp.

You can see photos of the gas chamber, which I took in 1998 and again in 2005, on my website at

Obviously, I did not take these photos on a guided tour. The two photos below show what tourists see in the dark gas chamber room on a guided tour today.

Tourists are shown a darkened room in the Auschwitz main camp

Tourists are shown a darkened room at Auschwitz

Tourists today are not allowed to walk around in the gas chamber

Tourists today are not allowed to walk around in the gas chamber

Prisoners allegedly entered the gas chamber through the oven room on the left in the photo

Prisoners allegedly entered the gas chamber through the oven room shown in my 2005 photo

As shown in the photos above, the view of the gas chamber that tourists see today does not reveal much about the alleged gassing procedure.

My 1998 photo of the alleged entrance into the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 1998 photo of the alleged entrance into the gas chamber

On my first visit to Auschwitz in 1998, I was told the the door in the photo above was the door into the gas chamber.  Now tourists are told that the victims were herded into the gas chamber through the oven room where the bodies of the victims were being burned.

Allegedly, the victims took off their clothing outside the building, as they were told that they would be going into a room to take a shower. When they got in the room, they saw that there were no shower heads on the ceiling, and they knew that they were doomed to endure an ignominious death.


  1. Hi there, have been reading this site and is confusing me but also intriging. If there were no gaschambers auschwitz then how can Rudolf Hoss talk about in during his interrogations ?

    Comment by Faith — February 8, 2016 @ 11:14 am

    • Faith….

      Great having you here….Hopefully you have an open mind and heart and learn some important truths
      Good question about Hoess….here is the info you can read for yourself….

      Plus Further Glory has more on it….I’m sure he will post something.

      Jim Rizoli

      Comment by jrizoli — February 8, 2016 @ 11:43 am

      • I have written several blog posts about Rudolf Hoess which you can read at

        I believe that Hoess was actually a nice guy, but he has been given a bad rap.

        I also wrote about Hoess on my website at

        The SS men were encouraged to have as many children as possible, by their wives and other women as well.

        Comment by furtherglory — February 8, 2016 @ 12:34 pm

        • I do have an open mind. Read some of the above links. So many questions come to mind. Besides the questions if or not there where gassings going on many people died of starvation, therefor whether hoess signed a false confession dont you think he would know he was finished anyway ? So therefore wouldn’t he fight this lie in a court session ?

          Comment by Faith — February 9, 2016 @ 9:46 am

          • Faith….Hoess was finished and he knew it…..thats why he gave such inflated figures of how many he said died.
            Lets not forget his figures are not recognized as true today.
            Most of the confessions that spoke of gas chambers, murders etc were forced either by torture or threats.
            It doesn’t take much to get you to admit things you don’t believe when your family is threatened with being sent to Russia or losing your pension etc…
            The allies were monstrous and should of been tried for crimes against humanity but like the say the victors get to write the history.
            Maybe we can get our resident HoloHuxsters here to defend these horrible torture practices of the allies.
            There must of been something good about how they tortured people. I notice the US still tortures people and uses the same psych methods ….gotta love the USA….
            Why give up something that seems to work so well.

            Jim Rizoli

            Comment by jrizoli — February 9, 2016 @ 10:01 am

  2. Having just visited Auschwitz in September, my questions pertain to logistics. Assuming the True Believers’ version(s), I’m curious how what? Several hundred people would be gassed (presumably round the clock to accounts for the numbers they claim in the time frame given) and then each would be cremated in the 4 ovens I saw.
    Wouldn’t that create enormous bottlenecks? Assuming the gassing took minutes and the cremations took hours, perhaps our True Beliefer experts can explain?

    Comment by Schlageter — January 2, 2016 @ 3:12 am

    • I did a video tour here using footage I’ve gathered on youtube.

      another shorter one..

      Jim Rizoli

      Comment by jrizoli — January 2, 2016 @ 7:46 am

      • I watched your videos and laughed out loud. A million thanks for putting up these videos. I don’t know if you intended the videos to be funny, but they most certainly are funny.

        For me, the most important thing that you said, several times, is that the Soviets blew up the so-called gas chambers. I believe that this is correct, but the official Holocaust story is that the Germans blew up the gas chambers just before they led the prisoners on a march out of the camp.

        Allegedly, the Germans blew up the gas chambers at the last moment before leaving the camp, for the purpose of destroying the evidence. This is not the way that German people act; they do not wait until the last minute to do something so important as that.

        I noticed that you included a photo that I took in 1998. I climbed up on the roof of Krema I gas chamber, while my private tour guide was screaming at me that it was forbidden to climb up on the roof.

        The way that you speak in the video makes it even funnier. You sound like a comedian as you describe the so-called gas chamber. Your whole video is a comedy.

        Comment by furtherglory — January 2, 2016 @ 8:48 am

    • I have photos on my website which show the ovens in the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp:

      The ovens were deep enough to hold two bodies, placed end to end. That means that 8 bodies could be burned at one time.

      The next gassing had to wait for several days because there was no place to store the bodies after the gassing. Some Holocaustians claim that 2,000 people were gassed at a time, so there might have been a long wait. Meanwhile, the next batch of Jews had to wait outside, naked in the cold, since there was no undressing room.

      Most visitors to Auschwitz now are young people who have been brainwashed since the age of 5, so they believe the gas chamber lie.

      Comment by furtherglory — January 2, 2016 @ 8:13 am

  3. The damned RECOSTRUCTION WORK done by the comunists aimed mainly to “dejudaize” the Shoah. Almost from 1945 on the comunist parties avoided more and more to mention that the main victims had been Jews only for being Jewish. Around of 1955 the Czechslovak regime came with the absurd tale of REQUIEM of Verdi – concert version of the Catholic Burial rite – as a wymbol of the “spiritual resistance” in the Jewish Ghetto Theresienstadt. Having dared in 2001 to say that the spiritual resistance at Theresienstadt had been reciting prayers I have had even legal trouble with the need of assistance by a lawyer.
    The RECOSTRUCTION WORK after the lose of the bricks makes every forensic test impossible and Your friend Leuter had to write “due to the circumstances, no expret opinion can be expressed”.
    The Governments of Poland and Czech Republic turned Auschwitz and Theresienstadt into tourist centers while in those places of sorrow only respectfull silence should be.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 1, 2016 @ 2:22 am

    • wolf wrote: “Almost from 1945 on the comunist parties avoided more and more to mention that the main victims had been Jews only for being Jewish.”

      Gathering everybody under the Soviet banner, instead of singling out the Jews and the other peoples of their huge empire according to their distinct ethnicities, was the Soviet policy to crush anti-Semitism and racism in general. Why does that get you so upset? Do you prefer the wearing of a yellow badge so that everybody can instantly see what you are? I do. Same for you? 😉

      wolf: “The RECOSTRUCTION WORK after the lose of the bricks makes every forensic test impossible”

      The Soviet ‘reconstruction’ work in the crematorium at Auschwitz 1 consisted of drilling four holes in the ceiling of the alleged gas chamber, in building up a chimney connected to nothing, and in reinstalling a few impressive crematory ovens in the incineration room. Nothing else. The walls of the alleged gas chamber are the walls of that time, as I’ve already told you in the past. Your pathetic attempts to keep science far from the bogus gas chamber of Auschwitz 1 is pure obscurantism. If you really believe that the Disneyland gas chamber of Auschwitz served for a homicidal purpose, why are you so afraid of seeing science interfere and prove you’re right? Makes no sense. Looks like what a conscious liar would do…

      Comment by hermie — January 1, 2016 @ 9:04 am

      • HERMIE. Your comment shows very well the dammage done by the RECONSTRUCTION WORK as any scientifica analysis is possible only when the remains are left without any change of things. So Leutner had to say simply NO FORENSIC TEST POSSIBLE DUE TO CHANGES DONE and no other research can be done in order to learn more about the Nazi murder technique there.
        A German lady wrote n a magazine how her father took the family to visit Auschwitz. Listening the Polish tour guide continiously wispered “this had not been so but … worse”. Later turned out that he knew things better than the tour guide havinf been an SS guard at Auschwitz and after war for some years in prison for his deeds.

        Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 1, 2016 @ 10:07 am

        • wolf wrote: “any scientifica analysis is possible only when the remains are left without any change of things”

          So archeology can be dropped for research purposes now, as time damages and human activities change any remain.

          wolf wrote: “So Leutner had to say simply NO FORENSIC TEST POSSIBLE DUE TO CHANGES DONE and no other research can be done in order to learn more about the Nazi murder technique there.”

          Unless you can show that drilling holes in a ceiling can remove all the cyanide residues trapped in the walls of that room, this is just untrue. Your desperate escape attempt amounts to claiming that one can’t study the engine of a car which has just been painted in a different color. Laughable, ro say the least.

          wolf wrote: “A German lady wrote…”

          A good one!! I concede your race is really good at story-fabrication and story-telling. 1st class bamboozlers…

          Comment by hermie — January 1, 2016 @ 2:38 pm

          • HERMIE: I read the story told by that German lady in a German Magazine and found it very interesting. Clearly the former SS guard had seen and watched things before the destruction and the reconstruction.

            Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 2, 2016 @ 9:05 am

            • And I’ve read a story about a young girl following a white rabbit in a hole and having a tea with a mad hatmaker. But I don’t base my own beliefs on that nevertheless. 😉

              Comment by hermie — January 4, 2016 @ 7:25 am

              • Hermie, Maybe that young girl followed a Nazi looking for gold hidden in the cave by the Temple Knights or looking for the treasury hidden in the Rhine. Or so.

                Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 4, 2016 @ 1:10 pm

                • Maybe. The girl’s name was Alice and it took place at a location named “wonderland” (not Mickael Jackson’s manor as far as I can remember). Some clownish academic historians will perhaps elucidate that mystery by collecting testimonies about that dark case.

                  Comment by hermie — January 5, 2016 @ 6:37 am

  4. Now tourists are told that the victims were herded into the gas chamber through the oven room

    Perhaps David Irving deserves some credit for this change — go to about the 4:40 mark of this video — there you learn he has been banned from the Auschwitz archives, and can hear him ridicule the claim this room was a gas chamber by pointing out it has a door with a (breakable) glass window, is not airtight, and can be opened from the inside.

    Comment by eah — January 1, 2016 @ 2:00 am

    • When I first saw the Aushwitz gas chamber in 1998, with a private tour guide, I asked her why the prisoners didn’t break the window, letting out the Zyklon-B fumes, which would have saved their lives. She told me that there was a guard standing outside the door, holding a rifle, ready to shoot anyone who tried to break the window.

      In 1998, the story was that the Jews entered through the front door, which was added by the Nazis when the room was converted into a bomb shelter. The German people in the hospital across the street could go into the bomb shelter when there was an air raid.

      Now tourists are not allowed to go through the front door; they enter through the oven room where they are told that this was the way that the victims entered. As they enter, they barely notice the door with the glass window because the room is kept very dark so that tourists can’t see anything. Tourists have to walk through ropes, like in a bank, and they are not allowed to walk around in the gas chamber.

      Comment by furtherglory — January 1, 2016 @ 6:58 am

      • Welcome to Auschwitz Disneyland horror park.

        Comment by jrizoli — January 1, 2016 @ 7:59 am

        • RIZOLI. You sooner or later will be wellcomed by a Devil – maybe a former SS guard of Auschwitz – in the deepest hell for all the cruel cinism shown.

          Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 2, 2016 @ 9:09 am

        • the cruel cinism

          Wolf, this building/room was simply never a gas chamber — you ought to be angry at the people who continue to claim that it was.

          Comment by eah — January 2, 2016 @ 3:11 pm

  5. Auschwitz 1 was a morgue, hospital, coal bin,bomb shelter, you name it. But it wasn’t a homicidal gas chamber. Not even close to having the gadgets to do the dastardly deed. It’s hard enough killing one person in a airtight iron Calderon of a room with all the airtight gadgets etc.. to do it correctly.
    Do you really think that people would be that stupid to stand naked in the winter waiting to take a shower? I guess they didn’t gas people in the winter right? Christmas time, and New Years Resolution time. We will not gas Jews in the winter not good for morale….
    Don’t think so. Are they that stupid to not break the window in the door to get some fresh air? Oh yes now the story changes…they entered through the crematoria, how creepy is that? Lets just climb over all these dead bodies that just happened to be piled up here waiting for there tun to be burned up…..LOL To think they say 700 people were gassed and then cremated in the next room in two days is pure nonsense. Where would all the bodies be stored to wait their crematorium fate? But sad to say we have people here that believe in this nonsense and they spread their nonsense to others who are just as stupid.

    My take on it….

    More on it…

    Comment by jrizoli — December 31, 2015 @ 1:01 pm

    • Do you think the Auschwitz authorities have finally thrown in the towel, and are accepting that Krema 1 is fake? What they are proposing about the victims entering the “gas chamber” through the furnace room is so absurd that no sensible person would believe it. But of course, Auschwitz forms only one part of the great holocaust industry, and it can’t just abandon official dogma without every institution in the scam agreeing.

      I suggest that what Auschwitz is doing here is signalling to the rest of the industry that they want to dump Krema 1, because it is such an embarrassment to their prestigious memorial museum – but for the time being they are prepared to continue with the fakery and allow the unwitting general public to wander around the facility pretending that they are inside one of the gas chambers that they’ve heard so much about.

      Comment by Talbot — December 31, 2015 @ 4:22 pm

      • You got that right……

        Comment by jrizoli — December 31, 2015 @ 4:23 pm

    • RIZOLI. Former SS guards and components of shooting comandos are now employed as Devil in the deepest parts of the Hell where they will welcome You sooner or later in order to show how stupid this cruel comments are and that things and events had been even worse than told by survivors.

      Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 2, 2016 @ 11:13 am

      • I thought that Jews don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. That is what the Jewish character on the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” said.

        Comment by furtherglory — January 2, 2016 @ 11:33 am

        • If I was consigned to the deepest level of hell, then I would much prefer to meet an SS man there, rather than a rabid Bolshevik Jew who had run amok across the Soviet Union during the 1920′ and 30’s.

          Comment by Talbot — January 2, 2016 @ 12:33 pm

          • Wolf

            Just like all these stories that you refuse to comment on….You only except what you want to hear.

            Comment by jrizoli — January 2, 2016 @ 1:41 pm

          • Why is Doctor Murmelstein so certain that SS men would be busily employed in the deepest levels of hell? After-all – he himself was saved by the SS, because SS Commander Rahm ensured that no insurrection, fighting, death or destruction broke out in Theresienstadt during the last weeks of the war. It was he – along with SS General Frank in Prague – who ensured that the Ghetto was peacefully handed over to the International Red Cross.

            So therefore, Dr Murmelstein should be grateful to these SS men, as we ourselves are – that the good doctor is still with us today, and able to contribute mightily to this website.

            Comment by Talbot — January 2, 2016 @ 1:43 pm

            • TALBOT. 1. You had the fortune not to stay in face of an SS and so ignoring what the BLACK CORP had really been: A group strictly obeying to any and every order of the Fuehrer without any doubt or moral scrupple. So they had been trained to cruelty and hatred against Jews and people of other lower ranking races. They had to leave their original churches and follow the German Christian Church.
              2. Rahm belonged to the working class – a brother as a comunist stood at Dachau – and therefore not so fanatical. This made possible to adress him – clearly in a right way and accurately chosing the word – and obtain not to put obstacles to the efforts to embellish the Ghetto making it fit for a visit of the International Red Cross which obtained from Frank – who wanted a personal deal with Allied Comands in order to go safe himself avoiding deserved punishments – that no one would be moved away from Theresienstadt. 3. Frank was an ethnic German of the Sudetes who hated Czechs and Jews and as Reichs Minister for the Protectorate followed the cruelst policy. But after July 20 plot he, like Himmler and other SS bosses, realized that the FINAL DEFEAT had been nearing and wanted to get safe “in after times”.
              4. As reported by the Red Cross Delegate at April 5 Eichmann explained that “the Reichsfuehrer SS (Himmler) changed policy on Jews and he, as soldier, obeyed.” Indeed, Eichmann aranged a farce of a revolt having a Wehrmacht unit ready to “act the reprisal of a revolt in war area” that meant liquidate us all. As You clearly regret, the Elder managed to have the inmates return to their dweeling before the Comander with all armed SS men appeared on the streets and …. 5. Rahm in December 1946 had been denounced at Vienna by a person my Father until war end considered as a “shwine” and an “informer” who simply turned his hat. At the trial Murmelstein had been the Crown Withness. In his evidence he told also about facts a real defense could use to plea for a prison sentence. But not even Rahm spoke about his trip to Prague and return with the order to stop constuction works of the planned Gas Chamber. I suppose who feared that telling the truth the ODESSA – hidden SS men – would take revenge on his family still at Vienna. Clearly Murmelstein would not have denounced Rahm. Again I advise You to seat down and study real history of those times of darkness avoiding the two branches of the Shoah Business. At Your disposal for any help in studying history.

              Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 3, 2016 @ 1:57 am

              • wolf wrote: “Eichmann aranged a farce of a revolt having a Wehrmacht unit ready to “act the reprisal of a revolt in war area” that meant liquidate us all.”

                This is one of your most ridiculous claims. The German armies of WW2 didn’t need any ludicrous excuse to liquidate a ghetto or execute a group of people. Had the Germans really wanted to execute all the inmates of the Theresienstadt ghetto, they would just have shot them all. There are similar stories of unimplemented mass executions and miraculous rescue about Dachau, Belsen, Mauthausen and probably other locations. That nonexistent mass execution order was seemingly disobeyed everywhere. How weird! But I guess one can expect nothing but such nonsensical extravagant stories from a Ufology-like testimonial pseudo-science like Holocaustology…

                Comment by hermie — January 3, 2016 @ 10:25 am

                • I wrote about Adolf Eichmann’s connection to Theresienstadt on this blog post:

                  Comment by furtherglory — January 3, 2016 @ 10:39 am

                • You have to remember that Wolf was a small child when he was sent to Theresienstadt. It is not surprising that he was scared to death about his father, who was the last Elder at the camp. His father was criticized by both sides.

                  There were three Jewish Elders (Judenältester) who served in turn as the head of the ghetto “self-government.” The first was Jakob Edelstein, who served as the ghetto Elder from December 4, 1941 to November 27, 1943. He was arrested for falsifying camps records and was sent to the Small Fortress across the river from the ghetto. From there he was transferred to Auschwitz where he was first put on trial in a Nazi court and was then executed at the infamous “black wall” on June 20, 1944 after being forced to watch as his wife and son were being shot.

                  The second Jewish leader of Theresienstadt was Dr. Paul Eppstein who was taken to the Small Fortress on September 7, 1944 and immediately shot without the benefit of a trial because he too disobeyed the orders of the Nazis. The last Jewish leader of the ghetto was Dr. Benjamin Murmelstein, who served from Sept. 7, 1944 until the end of the war. The ghetto guards were 150 Czech policemen; there was also an unarmed Jewish ghetto guard unit which helped to maintain order in the ghetto. On the wall near the entry door to the Museum in the Magdeburg building, there is a plaque which lauds the Jewish leaders in the ghetto for their resistance against the Nazis, even though it meant death for two of the Elders.

                  So you can see that if you were a Jewish Elder at Theresienstadt, your life was in danger. As a small child, Wolf was very aware of this.

                  Comment by furtherglory — January 3, 2016 @ 11:20 am

                • furtherglory wrote: “there is a plaque which lauds the Jewish leaders in the ghetto for their resistance against the Nazis”

                  The execution of the first 2 Elders of Theresienstadt didn’t come out of thin air. Both played and lost. Cheating the Nazis (1st Elder) and inciting the ghetto (2nd Elder) are understandable reasons for a hard punishment. And in times of war, hard punishments are very often executions. It seems the third Elder, wolfie’s father, finally found the proper way to go through it without compelling the Nazis to execute him: i.e. by not messing with them.

                  And being afraid for his father’s life doesn’t justify wolfie’s baseless allegations about a nonexistent gas chamber and a nonexistent mass execution order. Fear is no justification for lies and bamboozlement.

                  Comment by hermie — January 4, 2016 @ 7:18 am

                • This is for Wolf…..

                  Holocaust survivors: are they victims of the false recovered memories syndrome?
                  A recent book entitled ” a Holocaust fraud” by Jewish author Calev Ben-David shed some light on the inner workings of claims made by Holocaust ” survivors” and the treatment of such claims by the media.In 1995, a Holocaust memoir entitled Fragments, written by Binjamin Wilkomirski, was published in Switzerland . It told of the author’s childhood experiences growing up in the Riga ghetto, his alleged deportation to Auschwitz, his experience in a Cracow orphanage after the war, and his eventual adoption by the Swiss family that raised him. The book received effusive critical praise. The Guardian newspaper called it “one of the great works about the Holocaust” and a the US magazine The Nation said: “This stunning and austerely written work is so profoundly moving, so morally important, and so free from literary artifice of any kind at all that I wonder if I even have the right to try to offer praise.” “Fragments” won the National Jewish Book award, and Wilkomirski became a celebrity-survivor, giving readings and lectures across the world, becoming ( very) rich in the process.

                  In 1998, Jewish author, Daniel Ganzfried wrote an article which charged that Wilkomirski, far from being a Holocaust survivor, was a native-born, non-Jewish Swiss citizen named Bruno Grosjean, who had invented the story of his childhood in war-time East Europe and the camps. Wilkomirski denied the accusation But as journalists began to poke into the story, the truth of Ganzfried’s charges – and the lies in Fragments – looked more and more evident, and calls were made for the book to be pulled out , or at least relabelled as fiction. The publishers hired a Jewish historian, Dr. Maechler, to investigate . The result, together with the text of Fragments, is now being put out by the same companies that published Wilkomirski’s text in the first place. Maechler makes it clear that Wilkomirski-Grosjean made up absolutely everything in Fragments connected with the Holocaust

                  The height of the scam , reports Maechler, came when Wilkomirski addressed a meeting of the Holocaust Survivors Group of Los Angeles, and was embraced there by a woman in tears named Laura Grabowski, who claimed to remember him from the camps. It later turned out that she was actually a non-Jewish, US-born woman named Lauren Stratford, who had falsely accepted Holocaust reparations ( reportedly in excess of a million dollars) and had also previously claimed to be the childhood victim of ritual abuse by Satanic cults. Like all adherents of the so-called “recovered memory” movement in the US, Wilkomirski is diagnosed by Maechler to be a psychologically disturbed individual, who totally created, based on books and movies he was exposed to, and then accepted as truth, his fake Holocaust-survivor identity. To this day, even when confronted with absolute proof of his lies, Wilkomirski refuses to admit his scam, a good indication of mental disease. Even worse, some of his Jewish admirers refuse to back down from their position – and claim that to now attack the author and his work is to be, what else, an anti-Semite.

                  What is unbelievable about the whole scam is why a slim, vague and poorly documented work received such acclaim. The answer, of course, is because it deals with the Holocaust.
                  . Maechler himself, at the end of his report, writes: “The rise and fall of the figure of Binjamin Wilkomirski reveals more than just the mechanisms that are now part of the Shoah and its remembrance, and it would be wrong to discuss the phenomenon only within that framework.”

                  I am interested here in the actual relationship between ” recovered memories” and so-called Holocaust survivors.In the 1980s the recovered memory or false memory syndrome (as the vast majority of researchers now call it) exploded onto the American media scene with a vengeance. Many people were sent to prison based entirely on memories of abuse, much of it centered around widespread Satanic cult conspiracies, that they claimed they repressed as children but were able to “recover” as adults with help from therapists ( usually aided with hypnosis and barbiturates ). Sexual abuse books like Courage to Heal went so far as to suggest that most mental diseases in women, from low self esteem to to depression, were caused by repressed memories of sexual abuse. The recovered memory movement’s excesses led to its downfall. Although many people believed the claims of Satanic conspiracies and repeated that victims could never be doubted, the claims made by recovered memory therapists and patients became so outageous and bizarre that all but the true believers began to wonder if something else might be going on.

                  Elizabeth Loftus, an expert in memory who did well known studies on the fallibility of eye witness accounts of crimeby demonstrated that it was relatively easy to implant false memories into experimental subjects. By the mid-1990s recovered memory therapy was viewed as a fraud. Some recovered memory therapists found themselves on the short end of civil lawsuits brought by their patients and/or people they had help put in jail.On 1998-FEB-12, a letter by Dr. H. Merskey was published in the Toronto Globe and Mail. Dr. Merskey is Canada’s leading expert in the field of recovered memories. He commented: the term “delayed memory” is a new euphemism for “recovered memory” “There is no scientific reason to accept that truly recovered memories have ever been properly corroborated. The few cases for which vociferous claims are made, all have problems.”

                  Merskey goes on to say “”, “But even something that’s implausible can be infused with plausibility. It’s a two-stage process. First you increase the plausibility of an event and then suggest it happened to the subject. It mimics the kind of thing that happens in a physician’s office. It’s like getting an X-ray and having the doctor tell you that you have pneumonia. But in this case, low self-esteem and depression means you were abused as a child. It’s an analog for that kind of situation. … This shows why people watching ‘Oprah’ or those in group therapy believe these kinds of things happened to them. People borrow memories from others and adopt them as their own experiences. It’s part of the normal process of memory.” Most courts have already started rejecting recovered memories as reliable for testimony.

                  What, therefore, is the link between Holocaust survivors and false recovered memories? It is well known that many guest speakers talking to seniors who were displaced by the war in the 40s, strongly use elements borrowed from the technique used by therapists in eliciting ” fake memories”. As an example, the keynote speaker at a recent Holocaust remembrance reunion was none other than Marjorie Agosin, a so-called ” daughter of holocaust survivors”. I include here the title of the presentation:

                  “Marjorie Agosin (Chilean Poet, Daughter of Holocaust Survivors)– Second Generation: Creating Borrowed and Recovered Memory”
                  With other guest Speaker: DR. MARGARET ROMAN, English Dept.

                  During the show trial of John Demjanuk in Israel , thousands of Israelis presented an affidavit to the courts , wanting to appear as witnesses, claiming to have been tortured, raped by the accused. The vast majority of these claims were found to be based on no credible facts. The few witnesses who gave testimony were vague, imprecise about the details and so forth. One thing they were certain, the accused was guilty. A verdict of not guilty shows how credible these claims were.

                  Are Holocaust survivors really a group of seniors, who traumatized by being in a high stress war situation for years , who are evoking false memories based on highly suggestive and manipulative texts, images and speeches presented on a rolling fashion by scores of high-profile authors, filmmakers, and the such ? I believe such a theory deserves to be closely investigated.

                  P.L. Herndon, “False and Repressed Memories gain Media Spotlight”, Practitioner Focus, newsletter of the American Psychological Association, 1994-FEB; P. 3, 15
                  Kirk Makin, “McLellan to look into recovered-memory debate,”, The Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON, 1998-MAY-20, Page A3
                  A. Piper, “Multiple Personality Disorder: Witchcraft Survives in the Twentieth Century,” The Skeptical Inquirer, 1998-MAY/JUN, Pages 44 – 50
                  PBS TV program, “Searching for Satan,” Frontline, 1995-OCT-24.
                  Pamela Freyd, FMS Foundation Newsletter, 1998-DEC, Vol 7, #10.

                  Comment by jrizoli — January 4, 2016 @ 7:47 am

                • HERMIE. 1. I remember well the night between 17 and 18 April 1945 when my Father in some way managed to avoid the worst but then had had a nerve crisis. 2. Some years ago I had been contacted by a German gentleman who from April 10 to April 20 stood with his Wehrmacht unit near Theresienstadt and far away from the battle front. So, I can say that that unit of PANZERGRENADIERE stood ready to repress a revolt, arranged by “agents provocateurs”.

                  Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 5, 2016 @ 2:26 pm

                • C’mon. Your hearsay testimonial ‘evidence’ don’t convince people anymore, wolfie. Stop ridiculing yourself…

                  Comment by hermie — January 5, 2016 @ 6:53 pm

        • After Dante the Jewish poet Emanuele Romano remade a Jewish version of the Divine Comedy showing Hell and Paradise. We do not believe in a purgatory.

          Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — January 2, 2016 @ 11:58 pm

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