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February 9, 2016

Holocaust survivor who was born in Auschwitz will testify in trial of former camp guards

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The main Auschwitz camp

The Auschwitz 1 camp was not a death camp

The following quote is from a news article about former Auschwitz guards who will soon go on trial, charged with committing war crimes, due to their former work in Auschwitz, a so-called Nazi death camp.

Begin quote

Two former SS men will go on trial this month for their alleged complicity in the murder of thousands of people at Auschwitz, as Germany accelerates its bid to prosecute ageing Third Reich criminals.

Reinhold Hanning, 93, faces court in the western town of Detmold from Thursday, charged with at least 170,000 counts of accessory to murder in his role as a former guard at the camp in occupied Poland.

Hubert Zafke, 95, will have to answer at least 3,681 counts of complicity in killings in separate proceedings in the eastern town of Neubrandenburg from Feb. 29.

Zafke was a medical orderly at the camp in a period when 14 trains carrying prisoners — including the teenage diarist Anne Frank — arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau where many would eventually be killed in the gas chambers.

Holocaust survivor Angela Orosz, who will take the witness stand in the Hanning trial, told AFP that all Auschwitz staff “were part of this killing machine.”

“Without these people and their active support for the Holocaust, what happened in Auschwitz, the murder of 1.1 million people in just a few years, would not have been possible, and perhaps many of my family members would still be alive,” said Orosz, who was born in Auschwitz just over a month before it was liberated on January 27, 1945.

End quote

Did you catch that, dear readers? Angela Orosz was born in Auschwitz and allowed to live so that she could testify against former Auschwitz guards 71 years later. Why oh why were the Nazis so stupid?  Didn’t they know that the babies that were born in Auschwitz might live for 70 years and eventually testify about the Nazi war crimes that were not yet crimes, until ex-post-facto laws were passed after the war?

Arbeit Macht Frei gate at Auschwitz

Arbeit Macht Frei gate at Auschwitz 1 camp

The newspaper article continues with this quote:

Begin quote

The defendants face between three and 15 years in jail, but in view of their advanced age and the period required for any appeals, they are unlikely to serve time.

Nevertheless, Andreas Brendel, who leads the prosecuting team against Hanning, said Germany “owes it to victims and their relatives” to pursue Third Reich criminals.

“Age has no bearing for me,” he said.

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, agreed.

“If anyone deemed responsible for any aspect of the Holocaust is still able to stand trial, he or she should be prosecuted,” he told AFP.

“As long as it’s possible to bring any of them to justice, it must be done. There is no statute of limitation for mass murder, and there shouldn’t be.”

The two trials come on the heels of last year’s high-profile case against Oskar Groening, dubbed the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”.

Groening was sentenced last July to four years in prison, even though he had previously been cleared by German authorities after lengthy criminal probes dating back to the 1970s.

But the legal foundation for prosecuting ex-Nazis changed in 2011 with the German conviction of former death camp guard John Demjanjuk, solely on the basis of his having worked at the Sobibor camp in occupied Poland.

Separately, a German court announced Friday that another former guard at Auschwitz, 93-year-old Ernst Remmel, would have to stand trial in April.

Hanning, like Demjanjuk, was a camp guard, and stands accused of having watched over the selection of which prisoners were fit for labour, and which should be sent to gas chambers.

He is also deemed to have been aware of the regular mass shooting of inmates at the camp, as well as the systematic starvation of prisoners.

“Through his capacity as a guard, he facilitated… the several thousand killings of inmates by the main perpetrator,” prosecutors said.

Hanning has admitted to working in Auschwitz but denies a role in the killings.

Zafke likewise claimed he knew nothing of the mass murder.

Ahead of proceedings, prosecutors said the former medic was “aware of the purpose of the Birkenau camp as an extermination camp” as well as of its structure.

End quote

The Jews are determined to destroy what is left of Germany and they are succeeding.  The motto of the Jews is “Revenge, revenge, revenge.”


  1. This is the only time I have ever heard of some testifying in court to things they witnessed when they were less than a month old. How could she be considered a credible witness.

    Comment by mcmash54 — September 11, 2016 @ 12:36 pm

  2. There is for sure, nowhere on earth, a people so without morals and decency as these holohoax liars. There are approximately six million of them in Palestine. Just maybe their wish will eventually come true. Maybe their nuclear stash at Dimona will blow up and the six million will really vanish.

    Comment by derickwrite — February 11, 2016 @ 6:03 am

    • Your comment seems like something that Adolf Hitler would have said.

      Adolf Hitler wrote the following in Mein Kampf:

      Gab es denn da einen Unrat, eine Schamlosigkeit in irgendeiner Form, vor allem des kulturellen Lebens, an der nicht wenigstens ein Jude beteiligt gewesen wäre? Sowie man nur vorsichtig in eine solche Geschwulst hineinschnitt, fand man, wie die Made im faulenden Leibe, oft ganz geblendet vom plötzlichen Lichte, ein Jüdlein.

      Was there any excrement, any shamelessness in any form, above all in cultural life, in which at least one Jew would not have been involved? As soon as one even carefully cut into such an abscess, one found, like maggots in a decaying body, often blinded by the sudden light, a kike.

      Mein Kampf, 1925, Volume 1, p. 61.

      Comment by furtherglory — February 11, 2016 @ 6:38 am

      • I have often wandered why the Jews are so vehemently opposed to “Mein Kamf”. After all the book is written in an honest and balanced way by any standards. The problem is that the book nudges, those who are honest with themself, into introspection. And that alone blows the whole bag of Zionist lies to smitherines.

        Comment by derickwrite — February 11, 2016 @ 8:18 am

  3. Ah yes the Holoco$t…. “Holocaust survivor Angela Orosz, who will take the witness stand in the Hanning trial, told AFP that all Auschwitz staff “were part of this killing machine.”

    “Without these people and their active support for the Holocaust, what happened in Auschwitz, the murder of 1.1 million people in just a few years, would not have been possible, and perhaps many of my family members would still be alive,” said Orosz, who was born in Auschwitz just over a month before it was liberated on January 27, 1945.”…. Um miss Orosz, the original # killed at Au$chwitz was 4.1 million, you are calling it 1.1 million, the official # is now 270K, about half of them Gypsies, and yet we are still bombarded with the 6 million #’s. Can you slowly explain this to me as I just can’t wrap my head around this nJew math….

    Comment by Russ Merritt — February 10, 2016 @ 5:44 pm

    • Let me help you out, Russ.
      The original plaque at Auschwitz never said Jews. It also never said anything about gassing, either.
      It just said 4 million people.
      People can mean anyone.
      I don’t know where you get the whole 270,000. The number will likely stay at 1.1 million.
      I hope that eases your mind and you don’t have to stress about the math, Jewish or otherwise.

      Comment by Jeff K. — February 10, 2016 @ 7:34 pm

      • I think that you are wrong to assume that the numbers at Auschwitz will not go any lower. The numbers at Majdanek have continued to drop. I wrote about the numbers on this blog post:

        The 1.1 number is an ESTIMATE. New evidence could be found that would put this number lower. The number of 6 million is set in stone; that number will never change, but the 1.1 million number at Birkenau is based on nothing.

        Comment by furtherglory — February 11, 2016 @ 6:17 am

        • “The 1.1 number is an ESTIMATE. New evidence could be found that would put this number lower. The number of 6 million is set in stone, that number will never change, but the 1.1 million number at Birkenau is based on nothing.”
          Actually the 6 million is not set in stone. I’ve seen estimates of it ranging from 4.8-5.9 million. Only deniers ramble on and on and on about “6 million.”
          The general public is also fixated on “6 million” because people round up. A simple Google search will give the numbers I’ve stated.
          I think the 1.1 million is pretty solid. There’s no reason to think the research is flawed.
          As far as Majdanek, I agree the numbers were inflated and research has corrected this issue.

          Comment by Jeff K. — February 11, 2016 @ 7:08 am

  4. If a country were hell-bent on genocide, WHY WOULD THEY KEEP RECORDS?? WHY would they build “camps” hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away with sanitary facilities, housing, recreational, medical and other ancillary facilities. Would it not have been easier to just “eliminate” them without going through all of this trouble? The jewish communist Bolsheviks did just that with the non-communist civilian populations of the conquered countries in the communist orbit.

    Something BIG “stinks” in this whole jewish “holocaust ™” deal. It is no secret that jewish Zionists made “deals” with the Nazis in order to make life “uncomfortable” for jewish Germans.

    The establishment of a “homeland” was a Zionist “dream” since the 1800s. What better way to encourage “emigration” to a barren land than to make things difficult for the “cream of German society” (jews)?? The TRUTH about the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” is out . . .

    The so-called jewish “holocaust ™” has been turned into a de-facto “religion” in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish “holocaust ™” truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the “tribe” that FEAR the real truth of the jewish “holocaust ™” being exposed is evident.

    The truth about this minor event in human history will change much of the world’s perception about those that are using this event as a “cash cow” that “keeps on giving”. . . “there’s NO business like “SHOAH business”.
    Jewish complicity in this event is carefully “covered up”.

    It is curious to note that jewish interests will hunt down and imprison a 90 plus year-old German “camp guard” while looking the other way when their “own kind” was involved in truly brutal actions. Camp “capos” and “sonderkommandos” (who were primarily jewish) come to mind. Not one of these jewish “collaborators” has been brought to (jewish) justice. I guess blood is thicker than water.

    A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question “official” jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy. Most European countries have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the “official” jewish “holocaust” story. WHY?? In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to “all things holocaust”.
    Ask noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment. . .

    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the “chosen”) to engineer the jewish “holocaust”, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish “holocaust” was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many “holocausts” of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish “holocaust” is the only one that counts . . .

    Most jews will never be satisfied with knowing that those that commit evil deeds on earth in this lifetime will pay for it in the next life . . . they have taken vengeance from the Creator and appointed themselves the exacter of vengeance (in contradiction to mosaic law but not their anti-gentile talmud).

    Most jews are vengeful people that will never pass up a chance to “make a buck” by screwing a gentile (goyim) out of money or property. jews were hated in Germany for taking advantage of the non-jew Germans between the two world wars. The average German did not have a pot to piss in while his wealthy jewish neighbor was trading food for land . . . taking advantage of the jewish bankster situation in Germany.

    Look at the “commercialization of the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten. To assure a continuing supply of jewish “holocaust ™” “survivors”, jews are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean “camp” numbers) on their children and grandchildren.

    Since the jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933), the Germans had no choice but to complete the Zionist plan of marginalizing German jews (to say the least).. This fulfilled the Zionist plan of forcing German jews to emigrate to Palestine while making the world grant jews a “homeland”–Israel.

    Zionists have been predicting a jewish “homeland” for the last two-hundred years while predicting a “holocaust ™” of 6 million for the same amount of time. The ACTUAL number of non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations is approximately 731,000, NOT 6 million (official International Red Cross figures).

    Regarding that “holocaust ™” “showplace” Auschwitz, there are engineering inconsistencies in the design of the so-called “gas chambers”. The doors are not of a gas-tight design; it would have been impossible to retrieve the bodies, and there is no means to ventilate the rooms after the so-called “gassing” took place”. From an engineering standpoint, these are very serious errors that would have caused the deaths of the “operators” of these supposed “gas chambers”.
    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported “gas chambers”, had them tested and published his results. The absence of methylene blue in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the “gas chambers” did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing.
    Mr. Leuchter was rewarded for his search for TRUTH by his professional and personal character assassination by those of the “tribe”. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts “law” for “practicing engineering without a license”–a law which had never been used before or since. . .

    It is no secret that after WW2, the Soviets attempted to “create” the “death camps” for propaganda purposes.
    The engineering inconsistencies proves that these “death camps” were recreated for communist propaganda purposes. Germans were excellent engineers, and as such, would not have made the engineering “mistakes” that are evident.
    Yes, there was extreme deprivation and suffering–many people perished. However, the prime cause of death was typhus. As allied bombings destroyed most of the infrastructure, typhus was at epidemic levels. THIS is what caused the massive amounts of human deaths . . .NOT gassing.

    After the end of WW2, these same “camps” were used to intern German civilians. These German civilians were subject to much greater deprivation and suffering than the previous “occupants” of these “camps”. In fact, jews were controlling these camps, at the behest of the Allied forces, and were vicious in their treatment of those interned. In fact, the German civilians interned were defined as “disarmed enemy combatants” despite being civilians, so that Geneva Convention rules would not apply to them.

    In fact, it was JEWS that ran the internment camps after WW2. I guess vengeance was theirs, as the Germans made the jews WORK (manual labor in the camps) for the first time in their lives…

    Comment by anarchyst — February 10, 2016 @ 2:43 pm

    • You are so wrong on so many levels it would take me too long to go point by point with you.
      You don’t know the difference between Kapos and Sondercommandos.
      I have no idea where you get the “700,000” non-combatant deaths.
      You don’t know the difference between a boycott and a declaration of war.
      I could go on but I’m already bored.
      I’ll get into specifics if you want me to but your prattle is so disorganized it’s a bit hard to follow.

      Comment by Jeff K. — February 11, 2016 @ 1:25 pm

      • Anarchyst misspelled Kapo. When spelled with a c instead of a k, the word means something different. That doesn’t mean that anarchyst does not know the difference between Kapo and Sondercommando.

        Comment by furtherglory — February 11, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

        • “Camp “capos” and “sonderkommandos” (who were primarily jewish) come to mind. Not one of these jewish “collaborators” has been brought to (jewish) justice. I guess blood is thicker than water.”

          Kapos and Sondercommandos are not the same. The Germans utilized Kapos throughout the concentration camp system. They WERE NOT primarily Jewish, though, of course there were Jewish Kapos. Kapos generally were Germans or ethnic Germans recruited among the the prisoners among concentration camps. They were generally, though not always, political prisoners (Communists or Social Democrats) because, oddly enough, the SS trusted them more.
          Later, as the concentration camps extended into other countries, the SS used the same “Kapo” system. They preferred Germans but they did utilize Czechs, Poles and even some Soviet or Jewish prisoners.
          Kapos did run the barracks and work details for the SS but the SS were still in charge. Kapos could and did punish prisoners but they themselves were subject to discipline.
          The allies did actually prosecute some Kapos after the war for excesses against prisoners.
          Sondercommando were different.
          They handled the baggage from incoming transports, cut hair, sorted clothing, money and jewelry, hauled the dead out of the gas chambers, cleaned the gas chambers and cremated bodies. They were active in all the death camps. They were Jews, though the term “Sondercommando” is all encompassing and I’ve found Polish Sondercommando who did the same thing for the Germans when the Germans were exterminating Polish disabled on Polish soil.
          The Sondercommando had no choice in the matter. It was either collaborate or die. I don’t think any of them was ever prosecuted for this reason.
          So, no, Anarchyst is dead wrong (and is spelled Anarchist).

          Comment by Jeff K. — February 11, 2016 @ 2:38 pm

          • …there were no “gas chambers”…that was a fabrication created by the soviets AFTER the war. In fact the “chimney” at Auschwitz is not connected to anything…

            Comment by anarchyst — February 11, 2016 @ 3:15 pm

            • I assume you are talking about Auschwitz I.
              That gas chamber is a well known reconstruction. The Germans converted that gas chamber into an air raid shelter. After the war the Soviets and Poles reconstructed the air raid shelter into a replica of a gas chamber.
              The Germans blew up the Krema that held the gas chambers in Birkenau so they wouldn’t be embarrassed again like they were at Majdanek.

              Comment by Jeff K. — February 11, 2016 @ 3:47 pm

          • I know all about the Kapos. I have written about them on several blog posts, including this one:

            Comment by furtherglory — February 11, 2016 @ 3:20 pm

  5. Until the Germans stand up to the Jews, the Jews will bully, humiliate, steal from and ultimately eradicate the German people from earth. They vowed to do it eighty years ago and it is happening to Germany and the rest of Europe right now. It is in the interest of all Europeans (whites) to stand up to the Jews.

    The holocaust story has already been exposed as a fraud many times already but it appears the oppressive Jews won’t back down until they are violently overthrown, just as they have done to others (Russia – 1917).

    The holocaust lies against the Germans have been exposed many times over. Auschwitz shows the Jews and their allies to be the biggest liars in history. For almost 50 years the Jews had a sign there that said the Germans murdered 4 million people at Auschwitz and in the early 1990’s they admitted they lied when they replaced the sign with one saying 1.5 million people were murdered there. Then they lowered the figure to one million people, still without a shred of proof.

    The 94 year old former bookkeeper, Mr.Groening said what he had to in order to have a chance at staying out of jail. These others about to go on trial will probably be advised by their lawyers to do the same thing. Anyone that claims innocence in a German court when accused of a WW II war crime is considered a “holocaust denier” and receives a stiffer sentence. Lawyer Sylvia Stolz is in jail for a second time now. The first time she was dragged out of court and put in jail for defending her client (“denying” the holocaust) and now she is in jail again for making a speech on the censorship laws Jews have imposed on Germany and Europe.

    Meanwhile, any surviving allied soldiers that had gang raped two million German women at the end of the war walk around free in the former Soviet states and the USA.

    I advise anyone that has not seen this speech by Ms. Stolz to watch it. It is a magnificent speech and she is now in prison again for delivering it. With English subtitles.

    Comment by Peter — February 10, 2016 @ 1:35 pm

    • Fantastic video, Peter! Thank you for posting it. Admirable woman, great German, truly wonderful human being of character, high ethics and courage. Inspiring.

      Comment by ariadnatheo — February 10, 2016 @ 6:52 pm

      • Thank you Ariadna. I agree.

        Comment by Peter — February 11, 2016 @ 12:12 am

  6. “What those defendant still are able to say may be a precious source for serious historical research.”
    No kidding! If they Jews are so interested in research how come they pushed through laws that JAIL historians and researchers like Irving and Faurisson? Instead they consider the testimony of babies born in the labor camp on month before liberation as “precious sources for serious historical research”? That is so shameless a lie that one can only laugh with bitter contempt.

    Comment by ariadnatheo — February 10, 2016 @ 12:41 pm

  7. Trust old Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress to open his big mouth about these forthcoming show trials in Germany. I would have thought that he and his chums in the WJC would be better employed locating the child victims of their former deputy leader – “Lord” Greville Janner – and ensuring they were given full restitution and generous compensation.

    Comment by Talbot — February 10, 2016 @ 3:45 am

  8. Just today I learnt from a fellow Jew that at the London Treaty of 1945 only facts occured after September 1, 1939 and not those commited “only against the Jews from 1933 on” considered “internal affair of Germany” by the so called Democracies considered as Plutocracies by the Nazis. So what the hell is all the chater here about Jewish revenge or Jewish rule or similar non sense?

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — February 10, 2016 @ 3:14 am

    • On, this previous blog post, I wrote about what some people call “the Jewish revenge” after World War II:

      Comment by furtherglory — February 10, 2016 @ 6:43 am

    • “So what the hell is all the chater here about Jewish revenge or Jewish rule or similar non sense?”
      Because they find it comforting, Wolf.
      When you can reduce all of life’s complexities to a single bogeyman it makes things simple, black and white instead of shades of grey.

      Comment by Jeff K. — February 10, 2016 @ 6:51 am

      • You are right, Jeff about reducing everything to a single bogeyman, even when the bogeyman is the REST OF MANKIND– all despicable “nations” who have it in for the much persecuted Jews only because they are envious of the superior beings the “chosen” are.

        Comment by ariadnatheo — February 10, 2016 @ 12:17 pm

        • That’s nice.
          I hope you get to feeling better soon.
          I suggest a nice hot bath, a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate with some chicken soup.
          Just keep repeating “There are no Jews in the room with me. There are no Jews in the room with me.”

          Comment by Jeff K. — February 10, 2016 @ 12:23 pm

          • Got down go your intellectual comfort level now?

            Comment by ariadnatheo — February 10, 2016 @ 6:54 pm

            • Well, your rant made me concerned for you. I thought you were having visions of being attacked by fanged Jews.

              Comment by Jeff K. — February 10, 2016 @ 7:04 pm

  9. SCHLAGETER. First of all LECK MICH AM ARSCH. Not for you but for the readers I can point out that in Germany, Austria and Hungary the overhelming majority of Jews had been faithfull and patriotic citizens, often hit thenselves by the bolshevic policy. There had been Jews who left their religion joining the atheist bolshevism and, at a certain moment, were victims of stalinist purges. I have still a prayer book with the prayer for the health of the Emperor.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — February 10, 2016 @ 1:47 am


    ‘I first told him no. Then, I heard the testimony of one of the survivors, who embraced Herr Groening in the courtroom and publicly forgave him, and my blood was boiling.
    ‘We survivors cannot forgive in the name of the six million who were murdered. Then I decided I was going to testify after all.”

    Two things: first, listen to this woman’s preposterous tales. She was born (and has managed ti live to a decent age) in a supposed “death camp” where people were allegedly gassed upon arrival or systematically worked to death, the sickly and young ones being selected for “Sonderbehandlung” (like a woman suffering from early-stage pregnancy and morning sickness?)
    Yet her pregnant mother survives –manages to give birth to her in the dead of winter, and she, too– weighing the same as a severely premature baby- survives!! Surely a medical miracle! And all of this was right under the noses of those ruthlessly efficient Nazis. Or did the SS get tired of playing catch with infants using their bayonets or smashing their little skulls on the platform?
    These people don’t even realize how their very existence falsifies so many of their ridiculous fairy tales! And of course, what Auschwitz tale of horror could be complete without the evil Dr Mengele making an appearance…

    Now, in what court of law would any testimony from this woman– who wasn’t even a year old when the “crimes” took place– be considered competent or reliable? In countries with rational legal systems, witnesses (unless they are experts) are only qualified to testify *from personal knowledge*. Anything this old coot has to say on the subject is the very definition of hearsay and is therefore excludable under the most basic principles of fairness, justice and logic. It’s a fucking joke to even allow her into the courtroom as anything other than a spectator.
    As for her own infirmities: it is well known that severe malnutrition en utero and in early infancy can severely affect cognitive function and mental development. She clearly states that she has suffered physically from this early maltreatment (I guess we are supposed to believe that those hardly rare 4’10 Jewish grannies all got that way due to the evil Nazis abusing them in infancy, mutating an otherwise strapping and robust race.) But if true, she is also admitting to some form of mental retardation, too– you can’t have one without the other!

    Second point: listen to the pure hatred that this tribe displays. She has zero memory of any of this, knows nothing of these defendants own hardships and tribulations, yet her desire for revenge consumes her over 70 years later. The venom dripping from her fangs is palpable. There has never been a more hate-filled bunch than the jooz.

    Comment by Colonel Klink — February 9, 2016 @ 3:21 pm

    • “Then I heard testimony of one of the survivors who embraced Herr Groening in the courtroom and publicly forgave him, and my blood was boiling.”

      Angela Orosz is here referring to the actions of another one of these infamous old Auschwitz survivors – Eva Mozes-Kor, who carried out this highly publicised stunt for the benefit of the news media, and so Angela decided to use it as justification for her own pathetic excuse to get involved in this latest international pantomime paid for by the German taxpayer.

      Its quite amusing to see the way that these so-called “survivors” operate – they don’t just take their cue from the everlasting holocaust industry, but feed off one-another’s stories in order to increase the power-punch and pathos of their own sorrowful tales.

      Comment by Talbot — February 10, 2016 @ 5:59 am

  11. “said Orosz, who was born in Auschwitz just over a month before it was liberated on January 27, 1945.”
    This is why these trials wear me out. How on earth can you possibly say this is a reliable witness. I’m thinking whoever wrote this story messed up the quote.
    “The Jews are determined to destroy what is left of Germany and they are succeeding. The motto of the Jews is “Revenge, revenge, revenge.”
    I think a better thing to say is that the Germans are desperately trying to make up for their piss-poor job of actually convicting real criminals in the 50’s and 60’s. This trial is not in Isreal, it’s in Germany.

    Comment by Jeff K. — February 9, 2016 @ 3:03 pm

  12. I suppose jews expect us Goyim to pay no attention to the fact that this old jewess was witness to nothing but her birth a couple of months before Auschwitz was closed in 1945 – so everything she knows about the place is word of mouth stories told to her by parents and relatives, and others. This hearsay would not be allowed in any other court of law – But in a court run by Holocaustians, the truth isn’t worth much.

    Comment by ionwhite — February 9, 2016 @ 2:42 pm

  13. The 100.000 Jews – many decorated and promoted on battlefield – enlisted in WWI in German Army certainly did not want the destruction of Germany, In 1918 the aristrocratic political and military class faced its bancruptcy but it had been up to the socialist government to ask for truce and sign the surrender enabling so the Military Comand to organize the regular retreat of the soldiers and avoiding them the fate of prisoniers of war. USA President Wilson – a puritan and racist fool – wanted the destruction of the German and Austro-Hungarian Empire paving so the way to Nazism and WWII with all related tragedies.
    Nowadays, Germany is the leading power in Europe and the Chancellor is the FUEHRER.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — February 9, 2016 @ 12:58 pm

    • Do you really want a rundown of all the Bolshevik Jews who destroyed Russia and tried to destroy Germany, Bavaria, and Hungary in 1918-22?

      Comment by Schlageter — February 9, 2016 @ 1:27 pm

  14. “The Jews are in no way determined to destroy Germany; clear?” no not clear. Plenty of evidence to the contrary then, as now.

    Comment by Schlageter — February 9, 2016 @ 11:17 am

  15. The Jews are in no way determined to destroy Germany; clear? What those defendant still are able to say may be a precious source for serious historical research.
    At any rate You in USA, before stating critical remarks on German Justice, should mind about Your justice where courts presided by his (Dis)Honour so and so pronounces very hard sentences when the defendant belongs to Afro-American or Hispano-American minority group or has not the money to hire a high level lawyer. Would we remember all the death sentences and the execution after long stay in the Death Cell; see the last case in Georgia. Then the custom to compell defendants to denounce other people in order to obtain a lower sentence; like the Holly Inquisition procedure. Then let us seak about the many persons shot by policemen; like the SS or so. Until 1968 in some USA States had laws of racial discrimination and/or sterilisation based on social-racial selection criteria; Hitler could believe that his rules would not meet critic by the “Western Democracies” the Nazis called Plutocracies.

    Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — February 9, 2016 @ 10:51 am

    • You wrote: “The Jews are in no way determined to destroy Germany; clear?”

      The Jews are moving back to Germany now, so they do not want to destroy what is left of Germany.

      At one time, the Jews DID want to destroy Germany, as I wrote on this blog post:

      Comment by furtherglory — February 9, 2016 @ 11:11 am

      • FURTHERGLORY. In that blog no mention about Jews is made. At any rate the about 100.000 Jews enlisted in German Army certainly did not want to destroy Germany; indeed many of them had been decorated and had been promoted on the battlefield for merits. As to your accusation of Jewish revenge note that Denjanuk had been aquitted in Israel but then sentenced in Germany. In November 1918 the Prussian aristocratic political and military class faceds its bancruptcy and asked the new socialist government to ask for truce. USA President Wilson – a foolish racist puritan – wanted the destruction so of the German as of the Austro-Hungarian Empires paving so the way to the rise on power of Hitler as to WWII with all connected tragedies.
        Now Germany is really the leading power of Europe and German Chancellor is a kind of FUEHRER of Europe.

        Comment by Wolf Murmelstein — February 9, 2016 @ 12:48 pm

        • The hilarity of Jews in their attempts to rewrite history show no shame.

          How many stories are we subjected to about “looted art” from the 1920s? Contrast that with ordinary Germans pushing wheelbarrows loaded with worthless Reichsmarks trying to get a loaf of bread.
          Germans just like everyone else right? Pfft

          Comment by Schlageter — February 9, 2016 @ 1:30 pm

      • The Jews are determined to destroy what is left of Germany and they are succeeding.

        The Jews are moving back to Germany now, so they do not want to destroy what is left of Germany.


        Comment by eah — February 9, 2016 @ 2:33 pm

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