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February 13, 2016

More misuse of old World War II photos

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Photo taken at Ohrdruf

Photo taken at Ohrdruf, a sub-camp of Buchenwald, shows German civilians being forced to look at dead bodies of Jews

The photo above is included on this website:

The title of the website is

Top 10 Major Reasons why People hate Jews

The headline above the photo, shown above, says Top 10. Racial Cleansing.

I have this same photo on my website page about the true story of what happened at Ohrdruf:

The photo does not show “Racial Cleansing.” It shows civilians, that lived in the town of Ohrdruf, who were forced, by the U.S. Army to come to the Ohrdruf subcamp of Buchenwald to view the dead bodies found there.

General Patton wrote in his book that he had suggested that the inhabitants of Ohrdruf  should be brought to the Ohrdruf camp the next day. He wrote that the army had previously “used the same system in having the inhabitants of Weimar go through the even larger slave camp (Buchenwald) north of that town.”

On Patton’s orders, German civilians were brought from the town of Ohrdruf to exhume the bodies in the mass grave there and bury them again in individual graves.

Survivors of Ohrdruf talk to General Hayden Sears

Survivors of Ohrdruf talk to General Hayden Sears on April 8, 1945

In the photo above, notice how the poor mistreated survivors of Ohrdruf are nicely dressed and appear to be in good health.  Why weren’t these prisoners killed by the Germans?  Because that is not what happened.  Read the whole story on my website at