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March 2, 2016

Will your children ever have the chance to meet a Holocaust survivor?

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My blog post today is a comment on a news article which you can read at

The headline of the article is this:

Opinion: Millennials will soon be responsible for kindling the Holocaust’s flame

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

[the word “millennial” refers to young people today]

Many adults seem exasperated by the “typical” millennial attitude, and our tendency to disregard problems that do not directly impact our own lives. We have been dubbed “Generation ADD” and “The Selfie Generation” by those who do not believe we are capable of being the future movers and shapers of society.

However, in the next decade or so, one incredibly important responsibility will fall upon our shoulders: keeping the memory of the atrocities of the Holocaust alive.

It’s not an easy period of history to recall, whether you are Jewish, German, or of any other cultural background. But the reality is, there will come a time when those who actually lived through these events are no longer with us. It is not unlikely that my own children will never meet a Holocaust survivor.

End quote

The article continues with this quote:

Anne Frank’s diary must remain a staple in schools, as it plays such an important role on educating young people about the monstrosity of the Holocaust, and making us feel connected to the events that transpired. Just this year, a new German film based Frank’s diary premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, and Variety says that it is a “compassionate and intelligently made contribution to the ever-growing body of work on the subject.” Art about the Holocaust must be continually produced, as it makes knowledge about the topic accessible to almost everyone. Young people are fully capable of creatively sharing more stories about the Holocaust in the forms of literature and writing, plays, songs, poems, and films. We can continue exposing the subject, and we must. We should not leave the teaching to a chapter in a history textbook.

End quote

“Anne Frank’s diary must remain a staple in schools…”

Sorry, but I think that Anne Frank’ diary promotes Holocaust denial.  Anne Frank was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau after her hiding place was found and her family was arrested.  She stayed there only 5 months before she was transferred to Bergen-Belsen on a “sick transport.”  She died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen.  How does her story prove the Holocaust?

My personal opinion is that the Holocaust should be laid to rest. People today are suffering from Holocaust fatigue.  Enough already!