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March 3, 2016

Historian Jan Tomasz Gross is back in the news as Poland seeks to change history

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You can read the latest news about historian Jan Tomasz Gross at

I learned about Jan Tomasz Gross on my first trip to Poland in 1998. My Polish tour guide told me the story of Jewabne and the killing of the Jews by the Poles. Now the Poles want to deny this and blame it all on the Germans. What a revolting development this is!

My 1998 photo of a house in Poland

My 1998 photo of a log house in Poland

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The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

Historian Jan Tomasz Gross, who has been censured by the Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party for highlighting the role some Poles played in perpetrating the Holocaust, has warned that the [Polish] government is looking to take its whitewash of history into the country’s classrooms.

Mr Gross, who discovered two weeks ago that the government was considering withdrawing an Order of Merit awarded to him in 1996 by the then president, Aleksander Kwasniewski, for his research into the Holocaust and Polish-Jewish relations, said: “The current regime in Poland is nationalist, xenophobic, and authoritarian.”

“It openly states that it will enforce a political agenda with respect to teaching and commemorating Polish history.”


Mr Gross said his claim last year that the Poles murdered more Jews than Nazis in Poland during the Second World War, as well as his documentation of the role of Poles in massacres of Jews during the Holocaust, had set the Law and Justice Party against him.


Mr Gross said that the Polish prosecutor’s office had been urged to investigate the Project Syndicate article by a variety of nationalist organisations and politicians.

The probe could lead [to] Mr Gross being indicted on the charge of slandering the Polish nation.

End quote

My 1998 photo of a charming house in Poland

My 1998 photo of a charming house in Poland


My 1998 photo of a house in Tykocin, Poland

My 1998 photo of a house in Tykocin, Poland

I am showing my photos, taken on my trip to Poland in 1998, because I was completely flabbergasted by how backward the country of Poland was. This latest news about the Poles leads me to believe that the Polish people are still backward.