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March 19, 2016

Donald Trump is using a line from a famous Holocaust movie

I wrote about the movie entitled “The boy in the striped pajamas” on a previous blog post:

Today, I am commenting on a recent news article which I am quoting:

Throughout this election season, Donald Trump has been drawing comparisons to Adolf Hitler from his detractors. There have been quite a few of these comparisons, in fact. One comparison, however, was inadvertently made years before Trump bursted onto the campaign scene with his “Make America great again!” slogan.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a movie from 2008 that explored what the Jewish extermination camps of Hitler’s Germany looked like by framing events from the perspective of a young interned boy and the young son of one of the camp’s head officers.

End quote

Words similar to Trump’s words were used in the fictional movie entitled “The Boy in the Striped pajamas.”

I wrote a review of the movie, on my website, when the movie first came out:

This quote is from the news article, cited above.

Begin quote

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a movie from 2008 that explored what the Jewish extermination camps of Hitler’s Germany looked like by framing events from the perspective of a young interned boy and the young son of one of the camp’s head officers.

There is a poignant scene during which the son of the commandant talks to his sister about what their father really does after he discovers the true nature of the nearby camp. After he calls the camp a “horrible place,” his sister tells him this:

It’s only horrible for them, Bruno. We should be proud of Dad, now more than ever before. He’s making the country great again.

End quote




  1. The slogan Trump is using,he can back up. Pop always told me,”don’t write checks with your mouth,that your ass can’t cash”. Trump can back up his slogan. This might be an isolated incident,I don’t know. However I haven’t heard of any other big businessmen doing this. Stop and think about it,Trump couldn’t have got to much mileage out of this. A lady in Tifton ( I think that’s the town) Georgia was about to lose the hog farm that was in the family for generations. They sold a lot of land,her husband bumped himself off for the life insurance policy,people raised $180,000,even Don Imus had his listeners donate. They still came $80,000 short. Trump heard of this. He and a friend covered the remaining 80,000. This still wasn’t over. He called the bank and told them they had the money to satisfy the mortgage. The bank didn’t care. They said ,”sorry. It’s going to the auction block”. Well Trump got nasty with the banker,flexed on him and the bank backed off. The hog farm was saved. You wanna say Trump was throwing his weight around. Fine,but how many other people are willing to help out the little guy. How many people have wanted to put banks ,”in their place”? Ag business ain’t easy. I’m a fluke in the cattle industry. Pop grew up on a dairy farm in Pa. That was my only connection to the Ag business . It’s a complete fluke how I got where I am. I gotta understand the financial aspect of being a ranch owner. I have to understand how cattle genetics work. About 7 years back we had a bad drought here in Texas . Feed prices shot through the roof. They went up because of a base component of feed. Corn. University of Nebraska @ Lincoln offered a course on nothing but corn. It was a course written just for Ag people. Helped us understand corn better and why we were paying higher prices. My point I’m trying to make here is,Ag business is very touchy. I can see how this lady and her late husband could quite easily lose the farm. People might think Trump is just trying to come up with a snazzy campaign slogan,but it’s shit like this that its gonna take to make America great again. People gonna have to work together. I’ve seen where they talk about Amish folks having a “barn raising” event. I don’t know if they really do that or not,but that’s how we are in the Ag business. We help each other out. That’s what it’s gonna take to make America great again. People on here are always at each other’s throats. Going at it like wildcats,but I if push come to shove,I think everyone here could pull together for a greater good. Wether or not Trump got the idea for his campaign slogan from Speilberg or not,is not the issue for me . My issue is will his ass cash the check his mouth wrote. The situation with the family and the hog farm may very well be an isolated incident,but it’s a helluva lot more than most people in his class do. I’m thinking what he did there,was in fact genuine. I don’t see where he’s been dragging that up at the debates or any campaign stops.

    Comment by Tim — March 20, 2016 @ 11:21 am

  2. Why they fear Trump.

    Comment by peter — March 19, 2016 @ 5:43 pm

  3. He got it from Ronald Reagan.

    Comment by Diane King — March 19, 2016 @ 3:24 pm

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