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April 2, 2016

Otto Skorzeny, once nicknamed “the most dangerous man in Europe”

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The title of my blog post today comes from the words in a comment by one of the regular readers of my blog.

The words in a comment by Tim are quoted below:

Begin quote

I got a question(actually two questions) It’s off the subject . Anybody that knows of this,feel free to jump in. Otto Skorzen. He was one of hitlers most favored ss men. Heard he went to work for the Mossad. It said he told Wiesenthal he’d go to work for them,if Wiesenthal tore up the arrest warrant he had on him for war crimes . I don’t know what his “crimes” were,but if the hebs put out the arrest warrant,I’m guessing it had something to do with the holo. He was put on trial at the end of WW2 ,by the Americans,for something unrelated to the holo. He became a contract killer for mossad. I don’t care if you’re a hired gun for mossad or you worked at one of the units in the nazi prison system . Murder is murder. Yet this guy is handed a “get out of jail free card”,because he becomes a killer for Israel .So what’s up here ? You’re going to be arrested for crimes involving the holo,but if take out marked people for Israel,they’ll turn a blind eye to your past transgressions ? I’m beginning to think they weren’t to overly concerned with getting justice for the Jews . How many other nazis did the Jews let skate,because they went to work for them? I know Israel had their own hit people. What. Did they feel like God having a former ss man under their thumb. They pull shit like this,don’t bang on my door looking to borrow a cup of sympathy.

End of Comment by Tim

Otto Skorzeny

Otto Skorzeny

I have written at length about Skorzeny on my website. The words below are from my website:

In another Dachau [trial] proceeding, which began in August 1947, Lt. Col. Otto Skorzeny and nine others were charged as war criminals for the illegal use of US Army uniforms and with killing more than 100 Prisoners of War during the Battle of the Bulge. Lt. Col. Rosenfeld was also the law member of the panel of judges in this proceeding, but this time he allowed defense testimony that US troops had worn German uniforms in combat during World War II in similar efforts to confuse the enemy.

An affidavit from the Malmedy Massacre proceeding was introduced by the prosecution in the Skorzeny case, and when the defense protested, Lt. Col. Rosenfeld dropped the charges of killing POWs. There were no corroborating witnesses for the killings, and Rosenfeld ruled that the case could not be tried on affidavits alone.

This was an important ruling because in all the war crimes military tribunals conducted in Germany after World War II, witnesses were not required to appear in person and affidavits were allowed to be entered, so that the defense had no opportunity to cross-examine the person who signed the affidavit.

Otto Skorzeni

Otto Skorzeni

Otto Skorzeny, shown in the photo above, was acquitted after the presiding judge allowed testimony that the American military had committed the same crime of wearing enemy uniforms during the Battle of the Bulge. Although he was acquitted, Skorzeny was still held in prison after the verdict; he finally escaped and fled to South America.

In the first few days of the Battle of the Bulge, there was mass confusion caused by a team of 28 Germans dressed in American uniforms, led by the famous commando Otto Skorzeny. Riding in stolen American jeeps, they created havoc by directing American troops down the wrong road, changing signposts and cutting telephone wires to General Bradley’s field headquarters. Four of the team were captured and when they confessed their mission, the American army immediately broadcast the news that there were thousands of Germans operating behind enemy lines. Skorzeny and his men were later brought before the American military tribunal at Dachau in another proceeding.

Although there was an automatic review process in which American military personnel reviewed all the Dachau proceedings, there was no appeal process for war crimes verdicts handed down by the American military court. This did not seem fair to Everett, who was a southern gentleman from a prominent family in Atlanta, GA. Everett prepared a 228-page analysis of the pre-trial interrogations and the trial, which he sent to the officers who would be conducting the automatic review of the case. This report included the accusations against the prosecution interrogators.

When 12 of the death sentences were upheld by the review board, including that of Col. Jochen Peiper, Everett decided to petition the US Supreme Court for a writ of habeas corpus on the grounds that the 73 accused were being illegally held in Landsberg prison after being convicted as a result of “illegal and fraudulently procured confessions.”

When the news of Everett’s charges, that the Malmedy Massacre accused had been forced to sign confessions, was leaked to the media, the American public was outraged. World War II was “the Good War” in which Americans fought for their democratic ideals and their freedom. The Malmedy Massacre case had made a mockery of the rights of the accused to a fair trial. This was not the American way. American soldiers had fought and died to preserve this freedom.

When the case came to the attention of Secretary of the Army Kenneth C. Royall, he ordered a stay of execution for the 12 men who were scheduled to be hanged in just a few days, and then directed General Lucius D. Clay, the highest authority of the American occupation in Germany to investigate Everett’s charges against the prosecution. Not satisfied with that, Royall then appointed a three-man commission, headed by Judge Gordon Simpson of the Texas Supreme Court, to investigate not only the Malmedy Massacre case, but other Dachau proceedings, which had involved the same Jewish interrogators. The other two members of the commission were Judge Edward L. Van Roden and Lt. Col. Charles Lawrence, Jr.

After a six-week investigation conducted from an office which they set up in Munich, the Simpson Commission made its recommendation to Royall. The Commission had looked at 65 mass trials of German war criminals in which 139 death sentences had been handed down. By that time, 152 German war criminals tried at Dachau had already been executed.

The 139 men who were still awaiting execution were staff members of the Dachau concentration camp, SS soldiers accused of shooting POWs at Malmedy and German civilians accused of killing Allied pilots who were shot down on bombing missions over Germany. On January 6, 1949, they recommended that 29 of these death sentences, including the 12 death sentences in the Malmedy Massacre case, be commuted to life in prison.

In February 1949, an article entitled “American Atrocities in Germany,” which was allegedly written by Judge Van Roden, was published in The Progressive. In his article, Van Roden wrote as follows:

American investigators at the U. S. Court in Dachau, Germany, used the following methods to obtain confessions: Beatings and brutal kickings. Knocking out teeth and breaking jaws. Mock trials. Solitary confinement. Posturing as priests. Very limited rations. Spiritual deprivation. Promises of acquittal. Complaints concerning these third degree methods were received by Secretary of the Army Kenneth Royall last Spring (1948).

The statements which were admitted as evidence were obtained from men who had first been kept in solitary confinement for three, four, and, five months. They were confined between four walls, with no windows, and no opportunity of exercise. Two meals a day were shoved in to them through a slot in the door. They were not allowed to talk to anyone. They had no communication with their families or any minister or priest during that time.

This solitary confinement proved sufficient in itself in some cases to persuade the Germans to sign prepared statements. These statements not only involved the signer, but often would involve other defendants. Our investigators would put a black hood over the accused’s head and then punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him, and beat him with rubber hose. Many of the German defendants had teeth knocked out. Some had their jaws broken.

All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was Standard Operating Procedure with American investigators. Perl admitted use of mock trials and persuasive methods including violence and said the court was free to decide the weight to be attached to evidence thus received. But it all went in.



  1. Total BS. Skorzeny never worked for the Israelis. Zero substantiated evidence or proof, as is common with most of these silly “claims”.

    Comment by Schlageter — April 3, 2016 @ 1:34 pm

  2. British SOE heroine Vera Atkins (aka Vera Rosenberg) got a confession from everyone she interrogated. U.S. Army court reporter Joseph Halow wrote in Innocent at Dachau that refugee German Jewish U.S. Army interrogators trained at Camp Ritchey and the Camp Sharpe Annex beat POWs to death with impunity. re Senator Joseph McCarthy. I stumbled on a long out-of-print book by a forgotten Washington DC gossip columnist named Helen Lombard (she was married to a diplomat at the French embassy) entitled Washington Waltz in which she fingered Air Force General Joseph T. MacNarney as the person tasked by president Eisenhower to “disappear” the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) files on subversives that McCarthy was planning to use to back his claim up that Communist agents and “comsymps” had infiltrated the upper eschelons of U.S. govt. Contrary to consensus thinking and Hollywood’s recent biopic celebrating the life of Dalton Trumbo, McCarthy has have been vindicated by the release of the Venona Transcripts and in two recent books by Stanton Evans and Diana West.

    Comment by who dares wings — April 2, 2016 @ 11:13 am

    • Even Wikipedia mentions the severe abuse meted out to many German prisoners:

      Malmedy massacre trial: The_Simpson_CommissionAll but two of the Germans in the 139 cases we investigated had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard operating procedure with our American investigators.

      One can reasonably ask: Amid such torture, how many men would not say whatever they were told to say/the interrogators wanted to hear?

      Comment by eah — April 2, 2016 @ 11:36 am

      • eah
        I did meet an ex SS-man in Dachau who [he was a driver in the Motor Pool} had been incarcerated and tortured there to sign stories against other members for conviction, which he initially refused. He was beaten with a wooden truncheon the MP’s normally carried, but only over the stomach and intestine area that would not show any traces of bruises when dressed and appeared on the witness stand. Yet he felt that his liver had been damaged during this type of treatment and was suffering from it.
        Although he had joined the Black civil SS prior to 1933 and had stood guard at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich as well as part of a small team protecting our beloved Führer from harm, he was what was called during the De-nazification a ‘Mitläufer (Running along)
        An interesting individual, as he knew how and where Hitler had lived in doss houses that are very rarely ever mentioned in these days. He had gained the impression that Hitler was outright lazy and shy of physical work, if he found it, on building sites apparently he wanted to talk rather than work.
        He was also convinced that Hitler shot his niece, though the post trial investigation which was highly politicised found him not guilty, she had what could have been a defensive wound on her right hand middle finger,

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann von Waldeck — April 2, 2016 @ 4:38 pm

  3. Jewish vengeance. It continues today, stronger than ever – against new “offenders” as well as old.

    MOST JEWS don’t know about it, approve of it, nor desire it. But it IS done by Jews, and even “for” Jews.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — April 2, 2016 @ 10:59 am

  4. Far out! This has more info about the man than the stuff I was trying to read about him yesterday . Okay next thing. I read something about him and Bush (Daddy Bush) having to do with getting the modern CIA up and running. This joker was also accused of killing Tesla. No. I don’t buy into everything I read,but I’ve discovered over the years,”truth is stranger than fiction”,is pretty accurate. What about ODESSA? Good movie or did it really exist in the real world? It said they helped Otto out. I found it ironic that Otto lived in Boyton Beach. South Florida is Jew paradise. When I lived in Lauderdale,you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a Jew . Okay there’s a ton of Castros rejects there,but the Jews are a pretty big part of the population. What I find funny about him living in South Florida,not a single Jew ever recognized him. Every time (or it seems like it)a kraut is living a quiet,peaceful life,a Jew just happens to be living near that person. The Jew always pops up and says,”hey. That kraits a murdering nazi”. Shitload of Jews ( quite a few are survivors too) ln south Florida and not one of them knew of Otto or didn’t recognize him. I read he was given a new identity from the CIA (as clumsy as they are,I’m surprised Otto didn’t get found out). I am trying to figure out why he moved from Boyton Beach to Spain (where he died). I read his memorial service was attended by former nazi pals. Some where giving the Hitler salute.

    Comment by Tim — April 2, 2016 @ 9:47 am

    • In all, forty-four German soldiers wearing US uniforms were sent through US lines, and all but eight returned, with the last men being sent through the lines on 19 December; after this, the element of surprise had been lost and they reverted to wearing German uniforms. It was not an uncommon practice at the time to send camouflaged reconnaissance units behind enemy lines, but because of the immense psychological impact of Operation Greif, every occurrence of this was attributed to Skorzeny’s men. In addition, German infantry often salvaged any items of US Army clothing they found, thus it was not out of the question that regular German troops might be killed or captured wearing items of US uniforms.
      Operation GREIF was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler, and its purpose was to capture one or more of the bridges over the Meuse river before they could be destroyed. German soldiers, wearing captured British and US Army uniforms and using captured Allied vehicles, were to cause confusion in the rear of the Allied lines. A lack of vehicles, uniforms, and equipment limited the operation and it never achieved its original aim of securing the Meuse bridges.
      And Eisenhower was reportedly unamused by having to spend Christmas 1944 isolated for security reasons. After several days of confinement, he left his office, angrily declaring he had to get out and that he didn’t care if anyone tried to kill him.
      Not even British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery was exempt from Skorzeny’s commando paranoia. Upon hearing of Eisenhower’s confinement, Montgomery took off in his staff car towards Malmédy to increase his own prestige among American troops. Little did he know that a rumor had been spread in the Ardennes that one of Skorzeny’s commandos looked strikingly similar to Montgomery and had identified himself as such at several American checkpoints. When American guards halted his car at the first checkpoint, Montgomery told them that he would not put up with such nonsense and ordered the driver to keep going. The guards angrily shot out his tires and dragged the field marshal to a nearby barn where he was detained for several hours. Montgomery was enraged and called for the court martial of the American privates if they did not release him. He was also insulted that they did not recognize him after the guards demanded his identification. He was only released after a British captain known to the Americans properly recognized the fuming field marshal. An amused Eisenhower got great pleasure from the incident, saying this was the best thing for which Skorzeny had ever been responsible.
      Montgomery detested Eisenhower, they never saw eye to eye, sic)
      Source Wikipedia

      Comment by Herbert Stolpmann von Waldeck — April 2, 2016 @ 12:53 pm

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