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April 26, 2016

April 29th, the 71st anniversary of the Dachau massacre

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This news article tells one version of the Dachau massacre [aka “The liberation of Dachau”]:

Begin quote

Friday, April 29 is the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Nazi Germany’s first concentration camp — a day that changed Homecrest man Seymour Kaplan forever.

The 90-year-old World War II veteran — among the last living eyewitnesses to Holocaust horrors — was a fresh-faced, 19-year-old machine gunner with the 42nd Infantry Division in Munich when he was ordered into a jeep that day in 1945, and unbeknownst to him driven 10 miles to Dachau Camp to serve as a Yiddish interpreter for prisoners.

End quote

A Yiddish interpreter for the Dachau prisoners? Was Dachau a death camp for Jews? Did the Dachau camp have to be liberated before all the Yiddish-speaking Jews could be killed in the Dachau gas chamber?

The reason this subject is so important is because the liberation of Dachau is symbolic of the liberation of Germany from the Nazis. It is symbolic of the Allied victory over Fascism and the preservation of the freedom of Americans, which had been threatened by the mere existence of Hitler’s Third Reich.

It is symbolic of the Allied liberation of the Jews from persecution by the Nazis, and the end of the Final Solution which claimed the lives of 6 million Jews.

The liberation of Dachau was one of the most significant events of World War II and one of the most important events in world history. All of the soldiers in the 45th and 42nd Divisions of the US Seventh Army can rightly claim to be heroes because they participated in the liberation of Dachau.

Here is the real story!

By the Spring of 1945, the whole country of Germany lay in ruins with every major city destroyed by Allied bombs. Churches that had taken 200 years to build were now empty shells. Bridges had been blown up, train tracks had been bombed and every road was clogged with German refugees. Thousands of women in eastern Germany were drowning themselves, rather than submit to rape by the Russian soldiers, who were advancing towards the capital city of Berlin.

Boys of 14 and old men of 60 years of age were fighting in a hopeless last ditch effort to save Germany from Communism. German soldiers, who had survived the bloody conflict on the Eastern front, were stripping off their uniforms and jumping into the Elbe river to swim naked across to the west side so that they could surrender to the American Army.

Whether soldiers or civilians, the German people were deathly afraid of the Russians, who already had a reputation for committing unspeakable atrocities, even before they reached Berlin.

There was complete chaos in Germany: the infrastructure of the country had been destroyed, the cities were nothing but huge piles of rubble, and everywhere there was complete devastation. Animals in the Zoo in Berlin had to be shot when they escaped after a bomb attack.

German citizens were cowering in underground bomb shelters in the cities or waving white flags of surrender from the windows of their homes in the small towns, including the town of Dachau.

Former concentration camp prisoners, who were now free because some of the  camps had been abandoned by the guards, were wandering aimlessly through the countryside, looting and stealing from the German civilians who still had a home left after repeated Allied bombing raids.

Subways were flooded; phone lines were down; electricity was off. The water supply of the bombed cities was contaminated or non-existent.

Thousands of homeless German civilians had taken shelter in the bombed-out shells of the churches, and were cooking over open fires in the streets of every major city.

Refugees trying to flee from the war zone sat for days beside the railroad tracks waiting for trains which never came. Others were on the road, trying to escape on foot, carrying a few meager possessions, but there was nowhere to go.

Allied planes were strafing everything that moved, including cows grazing in the fields and the trains that were evacuating concentration camp prisoners in an effort to keep them from being released. Former concentration camp prisoners, bent on revenge, attacked the German civilians as they tried desperately to escape. Everything was in short supply, including food, clothing, medicine, coal and even wood to make coffins.

The stench was unbearable; everything smelled of smoke from the charred remains of burned buildings. Corpses were dragged out of the bomb shelters and buried in shallow graves in the gardens of destroyed homes.

Thousands of dead bodies of German civilians were still buried under the collapsed buildings in every large city. In the historic city of Nuremberg, there were 20,000 bodies still buried under the rubble at the time that the trial of the German war criminals began in November 1945.

The Nazi war machine, that had once rolled ruthlessly across Europe and smashed every country in its path, was now suffering a crushing defeat by the superior forces of the Soviet, British and American armies. Soon the world would learn of the Nazi atrocities in the concentration camps and forced labor camps all over Germany. Dachau, the name of the worst camp of them all, would soon become a household word in America.

Photo of the surrender of Dachau

Photo of surrender of Dachau

Another photo of the surrender of the Dachau camp

Another photo of the surrender of the Dachau concentration camp

The main Dachau camp was surrendered to Brigadier General Henning Linden of the 42nd Rainbow Division by SS 2nd Lt. Heinrich Wicker, who is shown in the photos above. Wicker was accompanied by Red Cross representative Victor Maurer who had just arrived the day before with five trucks loaded with food packages. In the first photo above, Marguerite Higgins is shown, with an arrow pointing to her. She one of the reporters, who was covering World War II.

No one knows for certain what happened to 2nd Lt. Wicker after he surrendered the camp, but it is presumed that he was among the German soldiers who were shot that day by the American liberators or beaten to death by some of the inmates.

Lt. Col. Howard Buechner, a doctor with the 45th Division, wrote the following in his book entitled The Avengers:

Begin quote

Virtually every German officer and every German soldier who was present on that fateful day paid for his sins against his fellow man. Only their wives, children and a group of medics survived. Although a few guards may have temporarily avoided death by disguising themselves as inmates, they were eventually captured and killed.

An investigation conducted between May 3 and May 8, 1945 by Lt. Col. Joseph M. Whitaker, known as the I.G. Report, concluded that the total number of SS men killed on April 29, 1945 at Dachau was somewhere between 50 and 60, including the SS soldiers killed after they surrendered at Tower B, shown in the photo above. Most of the bodies had been thrown into the moat and then shot repeatedly after they were already dead, according to testimony given to the investigators by American soldiers who were there.

Tower B is shown in the photo below. Notice the bodies of dead German soldiers at the base of the tower.

End quote

Tower B is shown in the photo below.


No Americans were killed, nor wounded during the liberation of Dachau. The SS men had been ordered not to shoot and there was no resistance as they were massacred by the liberators.

American soldiers at Dachau

American soldiers at Dachau

In his book about Dachau, Flint Whitlock quoted T/5 Oddi, one of the soldiers in the photo above, from a telephone interview in January 1997:

Begin quote

Our group was the first part of people to go in there [to the prisoner enclosure]. When they saw us, they knew right away we were Americans and they started shouting and waving tiny flags. I don’t know where they got the flags – I imagine the women who were there made them out of swatches of cloth.

End quote

On 28 May 1945, Brig. Gen. Charles Y. Banfill, an Air Force officer who was with the 42nd Division soldiers when Brig. Gen. Henning Linden accepted the surrender of the concentration camp from Lt. Heinrich Wicker, wrote an official report, quoted by John H. Linden in his book, in which Banfill stated the following:

Begin quote

1. This is to certify that I was present at Dachau on 29 April 1945 as a member of a party headed by Brigadier General Henning Linden, Assistant Division Commander, 42nd Infantry Division, U.S. Army.


5. With one exception, all American personnel, who came under my observation during this period, conducted themselves in an exemplary fashion. The exception noted was that of a soldier who I believe to be a member of the 45th Infantry Division. He called himself to my attention by a loud and obscene series of statements revolving around who had first reached the concentration camp. I approached him and noting that he was apparently under the influence of intoxicants, called him to attention and identified myself to him clearly and explicitly. He immediately quieted down. I noticed the neck of a bottle sticking out of his jacket. I withdrew the bottle which was nearly empty and apparently contained wine and threw it into the moat. At that point, Brig. Gen. Linden approached and directed the soldier to move over to a point some 20 feet away. I noticed that Brig. Gen. Linden spoke emphatically to him for about a minute and then apparently directed him to rejoin his unit. The soldier walked away.


7. It is my considered opinion that Brig. Gen. Linden did everything in his power to carry out his Division Commander’s instructions to keep the prisoners within the prison enclosure. As determined by discussions with English speaking prisoners, the camp had been under extreme tension for many hours. The prisoners did not know (a) whether they would be massacred by the Germans, (b) whether they would be involved in a fire fight between the German and American troops, or (c) whether they would be liberated by the timely arrival of the Americans. The sight of the few American uniforms that appeared at about 1505 hours resulted in an emotional outburst of relief and enthusiasm which was indescribable.

End quote

An intoxicated soldier, who was creating a disturbance at the gate, was also mentioned by Lt. William Cowling in his official report to headquarters. A German soldier who survived the Dachau massacre mentioned that some of the prisoners were also drunk that day and were killing the guards with shovels. The drunken 45th Division soldier at the gate was never identified.

German soldiers shot at Dachau

Dead SS men who had surrendered the Dachau concentration camp

The photo above shows the bodies of Waffen-SS soldiers who had been sent from the battlefield to surrender the Dachau concentration camp. They offered no resistance to the liberators.

The original of the famous photo above hangs in the 45th Division Museum in Okalahoma City; the photo was copied in Munich, only weeks after World War II ended, and was offered for sale to the men in the 45th Division.

Ted Hibbard, who works at the 45th Division Museum, has identified the picture of the dead SS soldier above as a photo taken by a member of the 45th Division named Edwin Gorak. According to Hibbard, the freed inmates were given 45 caliber pistols by soldiers in the 45 Division and allowed to shoot and beat the SS men who had been sent to surrender the camp.

American soldiers in World War II were very proud of committing war crimes. Only the “krauts” were ever prosecuted, and they continue to be prosecuted to this day.





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    Comment by Tim — April 27, 2016 @ 8:47 am

  2. In the second photo showing the surrender at Dachau, there is a little geezer center stage who appears out of place. He’s certainly not a military guy in his tie and jacket. And he’s got a very “knowing” sort of smirk on his face, as he puts one hand in his pocket and brandishes (I think) an iron bar of some sort with his left hand.

    I wonder if he is some kind of official choreographer of these events – and knows exactly what’s going to happen very soon!

    Comment by Talbot — April 27, 2016 @ 8:15 am

    • I checked my website pages about the Dachau surrender and I found this quote:
      Begin quote:
      Another description of the liberation, quoted in the same book, was written by T-5 William Veitch. He was the twin brother of 20-year-old John Veitch who accompanied Brig. General Linden when he accepted the surrender of the Dachau camp on April 29, 1945. Below is William Veitch’s account, which was told to him by his brother, John, after the war.

      Begin quote:
      The camp commandant came out carrying a white flag, evidently in an attempt to surrender. The general said to my brother, “Veechems, go get that Kraut!” John did so and took the flag away from the officer. Then General Linden said, “Tell that Kraut to put his hands on his head.” Either the “Kraut” didn’t understand my brother’s command, or he refused to obey. John then called back to the General. “I did, General, but he won’t do it.” The general strode over to the German and, with his stick, gave him a whack on the head. The German caught on.
      End quote
      The man with the stick is Brig. General Linden.

      Comment by furtherglory — April 27, 2016 @ 8:41 am

      • And we weren’t abusive towards the enemy. Whatever.

        Comment by Tim — April 27, 2016 @ 8:58 am

        • You wrote “we weren’t abusive towards the enemy”.

          I wrote about the fact that no Americans were ever put on trial, after World War II, no matter what war crimes they had committed.

          Comment by furtherglory — April 27, 2016 @ 9:07 am

          • Yet when we got to Nam,we were all to quick to prosecute Lt. Calley,for doing what he was ordered to do. Don’t stash weapons for the NVA or VC and there won’t be any problems. The Germans didn’t try to pass the buck. Who was that one ol boy. Joachim Peiper? That his name? He goes in the court and says he’ll take the heat for everything. Just leave my men out of this. They did what I ordered them to do.,I guess the concept of,”be a man and do the right thing” is foreign to the prosecutor at his trial. He knew he was setting himself up by taking the heat for everything,because he knew that was the right thing to do . Something our military leaders could take a lesson from. Same thing with Capt. McVey. Instead of finding the real reason behind the sinking of the Indy,they dumped it all on McVey. The u s navy dumps everything on him.

            Comment by Tim — April 27, 2016 @ 10:41 am

          • Thats why I’m always on my soapbox when it comes to Dreden. Through the years I thought we were right in bombing it. Then I find out,there was no military value in wrecking the town

            Comment by Tim — April 27, 2016 @ 10:50 am

  3. This is off the topic. It does poke holes into the myth ( that’s what it’s beginning to like to me),that the Krauts were racists assholes. I was watching on the history channel about the Red Tails. One of the black flyers got shot down. He was taken POW. He was talking about when he was interrogated . Never once did he say the Germans were being “abusive” towards him. This is a black man in the hands of the German military. If they were being abusive towards him,he’d been crying a river over it. Germans treated him like any other fighter jock. They put him in with white pilots. If they were being abusive towards him,he never mentioned it. I don’t think they were. They could’ve made his life hell at the POW prison,but they didn’t . So it shoots the accusation that the Krauts were all racists,full of holes. I’m not saying there weren’t any racists Germans . They exist in every race of people. The Krauts weren’t the racists everyone labels them as being

    Comment by Tim — April 26, 2016 @ 12:18 pm

    • The movie entitled Red Tails was shown on TV yesterday. This was the worst movie ever made. It only stayed in the theaters for about two days.

      I wrote review of the movie here:

      Comment by furtherglory — April 26, 2016 @ 12:29 pm

      • Great video! To see Dachau shooting go 51 minutes into video, of course it’s the Hollywood version but still good.

        Jim Rizoli

        Comment by jrizoli — April 26, 2016 @ 1:07 pm

      • I saw both movies about the Tuskegee Airman. This wasn’t either movie. It was a documentary. The irony here,the Krauts ( who were supposed to be the enemy),treated those fighter jocks with more respect than the military or the country they fought for. Like I said, every ethnic group will have some racists in there,but saying all the Krauts were evil racists,are hollow accusations that don’t hold water . In one of the movies one of the airmen made a comment about making sure you don’t get shot down. The Germans hate blacks. Clearly that movie line was fiction,because of what the black flyer in this documentary,”wasn’t” saying. It’s like with Sgt. Ruben Rivers. He was one of Pattons Panther. His whole division of tanks were gettin dropped by Panzers left and right. He made himself and his crew a target,so the remaining tanks could pull out. The guy that was telling the story never once said Sgt. Ruben wanted to kill racist Germans . I’ve figured out,they’ve tried to make the General look like he hated Germans . If he hated Germans so much,why did he want to help the country get back on their feet? Ike didn’t give a shit on the other hand. I think he was too busy looking to the White House

        Comment by Tim — April 26, 2016 @ 1:18 pm

        • You wrote: “The irony here,the Krauts ( who were supposed to be the enemy),treated those fighter jocks with more respect than the military or the country they fought for.”

          I have made many trips to Germany, and it is my impression that the German people are very respectful and polite. They don’t laugh at you, or make fun of you if you make a mistake.

          Comment by furtherglory — April 26, 2016 @ 2:38 pm

          • Exactly. They had a black POW. He said they were questioning him to get intell. He said he was thirsty,so they offered him a glass of water. No where did he say they were being disrespectful to him,based on his race. Like I said,the shit about all Germans being racists,don’t look like it holds water.

            Comment by Tim — April 26, 2016 @ 3:32 pm

    • Tim wrote: “They could’ve made his life hell at the POW prison,but they didn’t . So it shoots the accusation that the Krauts were all racists,full of holes.”

      The Negroes hadn’t taken control of their country. So the Germans had no reason to be after them. The National Socialist revolution was a struggle for liberty, not the avalanche of senseless racist violence depicted by mainstream media and academic twhistorians.

      Clear that all the Jews of America would be hanging off lampposts if American Jewry had plunged the United States into a misery as abject as the one caused by Jewry in Germany during the interwar era. As if trying to start a Bolshevisk revolution in Germany (successful in Bavaria, where the Nazi party later emerged) hadn’t been bad enough to be disliked…

      Comment by hermie — April 26, 2016 @ 4:53 pm

      • I know what I wrote. You don’t have to remind me. We don’t say “negros”,it’s blacks. Walk up to a black man here in Texas and call him negro,you’ll be picking yourself up off the ground (if you’re still alive). What do you mean by “taken control”? They hadn’t been accepted ? I’ve said it before. My moma grew up in depression era Alabama . The Klan ran the state,along with the rest of the south. Did you mean to say “the black man hadn’t been accepted yet? My papa was one of the biggest racists in the world. From an early age,she knew that was wrong. My memaw knew it was wrong too,but she wasn’t gonna say much around papa. My moma accepted blacks as human beings from an early age. Growing up the longest amount anywhere ,was Orlando, Florida . Pop retired outta the Air Force there . Trust m e. It wasn’t a magical,mouse filled,wonderland. I’ve heard inbred rednecks talk about,”huntin nigras”,Ina Saturday night. That was mid to late 60’s. I remember seeing on the evening news the Chicago riots of ’68. There was a black Chicago PD standing face to face,with a black rioter. Sound like somebody accepted that black Chicago officer. Here’s the one that will blow acceptance out the window. Benjamin Davis Jr. He was in command of the 332nd fighter group. He was the fourth black man to graduate from West Point . His daddy,Benjamin Davis sr.,retired from the army as a Brig. Gen. When his daddy was stationed in Wyoming,he was in command of an “all white” cavalry unit. Sounds like they were accepted somewhat. When I went to Nam,I learned to be tolerant of different races. I fought with blacks,Mexicans and Puerto Ricans . You learn real quick color of a mans skin don’t matter when you’re hoping to live long enough to see the sunrise. Those of us who didn’t drink ourselves to death or OD,we still meet once a year. You said America . It’s the individuals that choose to accept the blacks or not. That had nothing to do wether the Krauts treated that black man fairly or not. I don’t give two shits about the national socialist party. At the end of the day,socialism is like everything else. It’s all philosophical. It’s what a few people think would be the ideal world. You got off the subject. I don’t give two shits what the Hebs may or may not have started. I’m figuring out,there’s a shitload of misinformation being taught out there. I was taught in school,the Germans were one big collective of racists. That German officer that interrogated that black fighter jock,proved otherwise. That German officer proved he’s an individual,capable of independent thought and judgement . He treated that black man with respect. I was bought to believe,Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens. Come to find out,the Krauts treated Jesse with respect that is due to any human ( okay. Maybe not Charlie Manson or Ted Bundy). So if the blacks had taken “control” of their country,the Germans would have a reason to hate them? What? The black man is in his place in the food chain,so we don’t have to hate him? That’s racists right there. I’m going with,”the Germans ain’t the demons everyone thought they were “. Truth be known,a lot of military commanders can take a lesson from that German officer. He was fighting against the country that black man represented. However that black man was extending respect to that German,so the German returned the respect . That man was the only black POW in that prison. He bunked with white boys. They all got along fine. Looks like his fellow (white) POWs accepted him. Nobody has taken control of anything. If anybody exploits the blacks,it’s the Jews . I was watching a show one time. Himmler was walking through one of the prisons. He stopped because an inmate was talking to him. If may or may not have been a Jew . I don’t even know what they were talking about. Clearly you could see Himmler listening to the man. When he finished,Himmler said something back to him. If Himmler thought he and the Krauts were so high and mighty,he would’ve given that man the one finger salute and kept on walking.Like I said,my whole point was the Germans weren’t the assholes,history made them out to be . I hope the generation that is going to school now days,will do some independent study and come to their own conclusions. Back when I was in school,we only had encyclopedias . They got the internet now. They don’t have to take what their teachers say as the holy gospel.

        Comment by Tim — April 26, 2016 @ 6:38 pm

        • Tim wrote: “What do you mean by “taken control”? They hadn’t been accepted ? I’ve said it before. My moma grew up in depression era Alabama . The Klan ran the state,along with the rest of the south. Did you mean to say “the black man hadn’t been accepted yet?”

          No, when I said “their country”, I meant the Germans’ country. I don’t think that any German cared about the political and social status of negroes in the United States. Not their business.

          Tim wrote: “I don’t give two shits about the national socialist party. At the end of the day,socialism is like everything else. It’s all philosophical. It’s what a few people think would be the ideal world.”

          Like other kinds of Socialism, National Socialism was not ‘all philosophical,’ neither more nor less than Anglo-Saxon wild Capitalism is. It was a set of political & economic policies with practical implications on the life of people. This is a great achievement of Capitalists to have successfully installed in the brain of most Americans the false belief that only wild Capitalism is real economics and that regulation of financial behavior is unrealistic, all philosophical. Leaving the hands of the hyenas of finance free is as philosophical and unrealistic as putting those ruthless brutes under leash for general interest.

          Tim wrote: ” I don’t give two shits what the Hebs may or may not have started. ”

          Fortunately, there were people in Germany and elsewhere in Europe giving a shit about that and being willing to oppose the Jewish actions for a Bolshevik bloodbath in Europe.

          Tim wrote: “So if the blacks had taken “control” of their country,the Germans would have a reason to hate them? What? The black man is in his place in the food chain,so we don’t have to hate him? ”

          As I said above, ‘their country” meant Germany. Sure the Germans or any other Europeans would have had good reasons to hate the negroes if the latter had taken control of their own country. Europe is the private property of the White race. No non-White should be allowed to live, and even less to hold influential positions, on the White race’s continent. That’s an abomination. White Americans are of course free to sink as low as they wish in the depths of Jew-organized race-mixing annihilation, but Europe should be saved from that by any means. I’d even say that the mongrelization/bastardization of America would be a good thing for Europe. The weaker America, the better for Europe.

          Tim wrote: “I was watching a show one time. Himmler was walking through one of the prisons. He stopped because an inmate was talking to him. If may or may not have been a Jew . I don’t even know what they were talking about. Clearly you could see Himmler listening to the man. When he finished,Himmler said something back to him. If Himmler thought he and the Krauts were so high and mighty,he would’ve given that man the one finger salute and kept on walking.”

          National Socialism was not about being “so high and mighty.” It was about the Germans becoming the bosses at home, the masters of their own future, again. It was a struggle for the recovery of lost liberty…

          Comment by hermie — April 27, 2016 @ 3:34 am

          • Please stop saying ,”Tim wrote”. I did more than my fair share of drugs in the 70’s,but my memory is still pretty sharp. My whole point with what I wrote was,everybody wanted to believe Germany and her citizens,were racists. Hence the reason I bought up the officer that was questioning the Tuskegee Flyboy. Schools teach the opposite. I never said NS was about being “high and mighty”. It just looked to me like people taking pride in themselves,after they’d been browbeat to hell and back. After Nam I can damn sure see where the German citizens were coming from. I had a society that made us feel like dog shit. My was a struggle for loss of self worth. Not much different from the Germans . Now when you start flinging shit around like,” white Americans are free to sink as low as they want” or “the weaker America is”,those are words that I’ll go toe with somebody over. Now I got you yammering about “white Americans sinking as low as they wish”. Ou credit that,to the Hebs. You’re starting to look at us as a collective. I’m not part of any group. My sinking by way of drugs and prison,I did that to myself. There weren’t any Jews (or other race for that matter) that put me there. I pulled my time,got out,pulled my head outta my ass and kicked the drugs. Now,I’m an independent cattleman. I tell people,my destination was one of the biggest flukes of all time. Moma was raised on a cotton farm. Daddy comes from a dairy farm. Clearly neither one were involved in that when I came along. Listening to their stories of growing up in their ag based environments,was the extent of my exposure to agriculture . I’m where I’m at today,through my own accolades . Yeah,this is a privilege to be where I’m at. No Jew had dick to do with my arrival. I study Zen and Budahist philosophy . There’s a Buddahist quote that describes that speaks to “destiny” . I love it,because it best describes my arrival at my destination. “I do not believe in fate that falls upon men by how they act, but I do believe in a fate that falls on them if they don’t act.” No Jew out there has made me weaker or determined my ultimate destiny. They sure as shit haven’t determined wether I’m weaker or stronger. That’s exclusively my own. They didn’t help me get here,I did. They didn’t get me the job working in the oil patch,that ultimately got me into offshore work. Doing offshore work gave me the financial means to buy land that put me on the path to where I’m at. Not a single f–kin Jew got me here. I did. To imply that they’ve a hand in making this country “weaker” or able to control her citizens,is pure BS. If the Hebs are able to control some of Americas citizens,then that’s their fault for their inability to man up. They wanna be lap dogs,fine. As for me,I’m under no mans thumb. I live about 2 hours west of Houston (depending on where you think Houston starts. The city keeps spreading out). This community and the surrounding communities were built by people of German blood. I know a couple of my fellow cattlemen,work the family ranch that was founded back when Texas was still having problems with Santa Anna and Mexico. General Houston took Texas from Mexico . We still have the spirit of that in us. Nowhere do the Jews influence or control that. Try to tell some of these men they do,it’s gonna be a bad day for that person . Now Austin is filled with liberal crybabies. Jew population is growing there,but they know their place. They don’t venture into our territory. Then again I don’t give a shit what happens to Austin .

            Comment by Tim — April 27, 2016 @ 7:31 am

            • I didn’t imply that your memory is deficient, Tim. I always quote the comments I which I reply. Clearer that way, I find.

              Rural America shouldn’t feel safe. The 2 Jewish centers of gravity in America – L.A. and NYC – are watching you. They’ve got plans for you. And if their plans fail with you, they’ll surely succeed with your kids or the kids of your kids. I used to work with a prominent Mason who often travelled to America for Masonic activities, and she told me on several occasions how her fellow Masons and their Jewish friends despised the America located between the west coast and the east coast (the America of retards [according to their views] in contrast to the America of enlightenment [according their views again]) and how they were working very hard to make that area conform to their own standards. You’re free to regard my words as paranoia or catastrophism, but you’d better keep that in mind nevertheless and sometimes look how it matches reality. Just some friendly advice…

              Comment by hermie — April 28, 2016 @ 7:49 am

              • I only look at your words as one thing. Your opinion. Hell if we had more people like you questioning our wars,we may not be getting into so many. Think about it. Most people won’t be critical of a war like ww2,because they’ll be accused of being unpatriotic. People think as long as we had people like hitler and tojo,then everything was okay with the war.,No matter how many lives we lost. Like Country Joe and the Fish song goes,”gotta go out and get those reds,cuz the only good commie is one who’s dead. You know that peace can only be won,when we blow ’em all to kingdom come.” Like the saying goes,”only the dead have seen the end of war”. It makes sense why you recap what you’ve said when you respond to me. There might be first time visitors here that are coming in to the middle of the discussion . If you’re just throwi ng a response out there,they’re gonna be lost. In a discussion like this,it’s really the only responsible way to go about answering something . So. My bad on that one. I still wish my memory was lacking. Might sleep better at night. I’ve yet to hit ” The Wall” in DC. Few names on it that I wouldn’t have any problem with remembering. That’s one thing I don’t want to remember. They say good times out weigh the bad. Not when it comes to that . Stay vocal on WW2. The world needs more people like you to question that kinda shit. Maybe you can help save a few lives.

                Comment by Tim — April 28, 2016 @ 9:09 am

              • Long as I’ve got your attention,I’ve a question please. Lemmy Kilmister is the front man for Motothead (he passed on last December ). He’s a big collector of Nazi memorabilia . He was wearing a SS uniform at a concert they did in Germany. Now he’s under investigation by the German government (not that he gives a shit. He’s dead anyway). So in addition to breaking the law if you buck the account of the holo,it’s also illegal to collect nazi memorabilia? He’s hard core collector. He’s got a Luftwaffe Damascus sword. One dealer said it would bring at least $10,000 at the auction house. Lemmy said he loves nazi uniforms. He said they were the rock stars of their day. There’s a company, They sell memorabilia from all wars. With WW2 they replica nazi gold bars,hitlers dress hat,replica of the SS central command station ( complete with 2 SS figurines. Next is Amazon. The sell hitler action figures. So if someone lives in a country with holo laws,I guess they’d get busted if they ordered any of those collectables. Correct?

                Comment by Tim — April 28, 2016 @ 12:26 pm

                • I don’t think it’s illegal to collect nazi memorabilia in Germany. But it’s illegal to appear in public there wearing a nazi uniform, displaying nazi symbols or/and promoting nazi ideas. Germany doesn’t joke with a possible resurgence of ‘the fool beast.’ Today’s Germans are outright overzealous about that. And Europeans, not only Germans, have a quite different definition of freedom of speech and freedom in general than Americans. Most Europeans are not shocked that there are revisionists in European prisons for thought crimes and that it’s forbidden to say eg ‘Jews rule over our country!’ if they think that. They find it normal.

                  A colleague of my mother’s has just found in some belongings of his deceased father 3 old copies of Mein Kampf, including a deluxe copy, autographed by the hand of the Führer himself. Big money on the horizon for him….

                  Comment by hermie — April 28, 2016 @ 7:36 pm

                • If it’s okay to collect nazi collectables,then I’m guessing it would be okay for a person to order nazi collectables,then it would be okay to order the hitler action figure from Amazon. This whole thing is rediculous. It’s not like they’re collecting child pornography or snuff films. Truth be known,they’d probably rather a person did that. I don’t know why they’re sweating a resurgence of the nazi party. I don’t wanna say it’s happening here. I guess it’s more along the lines of people admiring the nazi party. Go to any prison (federal or state) in this country . Look around at the general population of the prison. You’ll be able to identify every person in there that is a member of the ABs. They’ll have a swastika or the eagle with the swastika below it (I think it’s the eagle I’m thinking about) ,tattooed on them somewhere. I was watching the news one night. They did a story about the DEA an Texas Department of Public Safety conducting simultaneous raids on people who were members of the Banditos motorcycle club. They had three groups of objects displayed on a table. They had the cash group. The money group and a shitload of nazi memorabilia . Theres already a ton of people who follow nazi beliefs in this country. I know if a person is a Jew ,prison is the wrong place to be. Earl Krugel,who is a member of the Jewish defense league,got sent to the Phoenix federal pen,for conspiring to blow up a mosque in Culver City,California . He was only there for three days. Then the ABs that are locked down there,found out they had a Jew in there. One of the ABs took Earl out,by caving his skull in with a brick. The ABs hate Jews worse than they hate blacks. I’m still waiting for someone to give me a definitive answer,as to why holo laws exist. I used to think people that said Jews run the world,were paranoid. After I first found out about holo laws,I was beginning to think,those people may not be paranoid after all. I can’t think of laws being passed to pacify special interest groups ,other than the Jews . It’s like their shitting on people,that are law abiding citizens. They’re turned into criminals overnight,just because they don’t agree with everything that history teaches us. I think it’s BS to ruin someone,just because of their opinion. Then again that’s just me. Anymore the world is starting to end up like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”.

                  Comment by Tim — April 28, 2016 @ 8:53 pm

                • You wrote: “Europeans, not only Germans, have a quite different definition of freedom of speech and freedom in general than Americans.”

                  You are correct! I learned very early, in my travels in Germany, that the German people will not say one word about World War II nor one word about the Holocaust. They will not say one word about the Nazis. It was my impression that the German people live in fear of the Jews.

                  Comment by furtherglory — April 29, 2016 @ 8:36 am

                • You wrote: “I thought all these inmates they freed,were afflicted with mal nutrition.”

                  American soldiers did not “free” the prisoners at Dachau. The camp was SURRENDERED to the Americans under a white flag of truce. The Americans then proceeded to murder the German soldier who had surrendered the camp.

                  After that, the American “liberators” went berserk and killed as many German soldiers as they could. All this was kept secret for 40 years.

                  Although the facts are now known, the American soldiers, who were there that day, are still proud of what they did.

                  Comment by furtherglory — April 29, 2016 @ 10:58 am

                • I’m guessing you’re referring to my comment about the pic of the “party animals”. All I was saying was,they don’t look like they missed too many meals. Are here any comments about what the allied soldiers saw when they rolled up to the prison? I’m asking because I wanna see if any are giving a “boo hoo” accounting of the inmates. If they did,then that pic of the “frat boys”gonna contradict it.

                  Comment by Tim — April 29, 2016 @ 12:17 pm

                • I may have asked this,I’m not sure. Is there any truth to,”The Boys from Brazil”? I’m asking because I read somewhere that the “Odessa File” book,led to the arrest of “The Butcher of Riga”(I forgot his name). I remember seeing somewhere,some Kraut freelance crime reporter had something to do with this guy,as far as wanting to find him (the butcher). This guy ended up on Wisenthals doorstep. Wisenthal proceeded to tell this ol boy about Odessa file. Seems to me like Wisenthal has a hardon for nazis,so I don’t know if I’d trust him to talk about Odessa. Coming from him,I don’t even know if it’s real. Basically there was a small bit of truth in the Odessa Files. Is there any truth to the Boys from Brazil. Even a small amount,or is it all Hollywood Bullcorn?

                  Comment by Tim — April 29, 2016 @ 2:21 pm

  4. This was not a good day for the Germans and a inglorious day for the Americans one of the worst examples of human cruelty during wartime.
    But of course the victors write the history and the rest is as they say history, albeit bad history.


    Comment by jrizoli — April 26, 2016 @ 11:58 am

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