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May 3, 2016

“the Poles killed more Jews than the Germans did” Say what?

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The quote, in the title of my blog post today, is from this news article:

 Princeton professor Jan Tomasz Gross speaks in Warsaw on Wednesday. Photograph: Alik Kęplicz/AP

Princeton professor Jan Tomasz Gross speaks in Warsaw. Photograph: Alik Kęplicz/AP

I have written about Jan Michael Gross, who lives in America, in several blog posts including these recent posts:

In case you don’t understand all this, the point of this news story is that Jan Gross is trying to claim that the Poles were as bad as the Germans because they killed Jews, the same as the Germans.

There is no worse insult than to claim that some other group of people is as bad as the Germans.  The Germans are the worst people in the world, and they can never be forgiven. There are now more than one million Jews living in Germany, and they are keeping an eye on those murdering Germans to make sure that they don’t kill any more Jews.