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May 21, 2016

Middle school students create a gas chamber for an art project

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The following quote is from this news article:

Begin quote:

Over the past few months, students have been studying the World War II and the Holocaust period in history, science and English classes. So, [Alexandria] DeLong pitched the idea of creating a life-like gas chamber in art class.

“It’s a pretty out there statement — let’s make a gas chamber,” DeLong said.

The 24-year-old art teacher, who’s finishing out her first year at the middle school, had the students hooked — they brainstormed fog machines, imitation gas lights and barbed wire. They talked about how to act out a gas-chamber scene and how each taped figure should look.

For students, the fun of playing with packing tape was met [with] a serious tone.

“It makes us think about the awfulness of the Holocaust and be like, yes that actually happened,” Hughes said. “Would you rather read about it in a book or see it with your eyes?”

Figures made by students are supposed to look like people inside a gas chamber

Figures made of tape, by students, are supposed to look like people inside a gas chamber. This photo, by Kevin E. Schmidt, is available for purchase.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote
With coffee cup in hand Monday morning, Alexandria DeLong doled out some haunting instructions for her seventh-graders at Bettendorf Middle School.

“This one needs to look more half-dead, don’t you think?” DeLong said to a student as they positioned a figure formed of tape. “Some should look more dead than others.”

It was almost time for the big reveal of their latest art project: recreating a Holocaust-style gas chamber with dozens of people-like figures constructed out of masking tape.

“There’s definitely the creepy factor,” Madi Hughes said, while hanging a figure from the ceiling in the school’s wrestling room. “But it’s also awesome how much we have learned.”

To create the sculptures, classmates wrapped each other with masking tape, from toes to shoulders, and carefully slipped the tape off. They went through about 100 rolls of tape.

“It’s the best project we’ve ever done,” Hughes, who is 13, said. “We can do some boring things in school, but this project was like boom… like fireworks.”

Over the past few months, students have been studying the World War II and the Holocaust period in history, science and English classes. So, DeLong pitched the idea of creating a life-like gas chamber in art class.

“It’s a pretty out there statement — let’s make a gas chamber,” DeLong said.

End quote

I ask you, dear readers: Can you think of a better way to trivialize the Holocaust? I hope that this teacher is Jewish — otherwise she could be headed to prison for perpetrating this stunt.

My photo of the gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp

My photo of the gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp


  1. The most-riveting feature is the yellow circles on the floor. Says it all, it does.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — May 23, 2016 @ 11:16 am

  2. A snippet of news from Russia Today, dated 22nd May 2016;-

    “Denmark approved a new law this week, making it legal to seize refugees’ belongings. Critics of the legislation have compared the new law to the Nazis’ confiscation of gold and other valuables from Jews during the Holocaust”.

    This is just a tiny example of how the holocaust is used as a handy propaganda device to employ in political debate. The small, proud nation of Denmark is naturally concerned by the sheer number of unregulated migrants flooding northwards throughout Europe, and is introducing sensible measures to ensure that immigration is kept under control, and that the existing population ( which includes legitimate migrants who were permitted to enter the country legally ) is protected from becoming overwhelmed by unregulated outsiders.

    But we all know who is behind this flood of migrants from outside Europe: it is none than old friend, George Soros, the international tycoon, and great benefactor of mankind. But I’m reluctant to point out the ethnic origin of our dear, sweet George – because I don’t want to be accused of being an anti-Semitic hater.

    Comment by Talbot — May 23, 2016 @ 10:51 am

  3. “Like boom. Like fireworks”……like BS. I figure the Jews would love this. They get to brainwash 13 year old kids. I wonder if they would consider doing an art project on the Niponese hell ships. You know,the ones the Japs put all our boys on,when they became POWs. Probably not. It has nothing to do with Jews .

    Comment by Tim — May 22, 2016 @ 5:46 am

  4. I can’t quite work out if the art project above is a serious attempt by the school to teach youngsters about the holocaust, or whether its a deliberate parody designed to let the kids have a good time while mocking and laughing at the incredible holohoax.

    But whatever the truth, what we are witnessing is yet another symptom of the gas chamber myth unravelling before our eyes. Because, if it is a serious project, then the Bettendorf Middle School is delivering a massive insult to the victims who allegedly perished inside the chambers. But if its a parody, then obviously the school regards the holocaust as merely a bit of light-hearted fun for the youngsters to enjoy in their art class.

    Comment by Talbot — May 21, 2016 @ 7:13 pm

    • The news article says that the Middle School kids are learning about WW2 as well as the holocaust period of history.

      Well, I suspect they won’t be told about the episode involving “The Air Raid On Bari” on 2nd December 1943.

      Quote from Wikipedia;-

      One of the destroyed vessels—the U.S. Liberty ship John Harvey—had been carrying a secret cargo of 2000 M47A1 mustard gas bombs, each holding 60–70 lb (27–32 kg) of the agent… The destruction of John Harvey caused liquid sulfur mustard from the bombs to spill into waters already contaminated by oil from the other damaged vessels. The many sailors who had abandoned their ships into the water became covered with this oily mixture which provided an ideal solvent for the sulfur mustard. Some mustard evaporated and mingled with the clouds of smoke and flame. The wounded were pulled from the water and sent to medical facilities which were unaware of the mustard gas. Medical staff focused on personnel with blast or fire injuries and little attention was given to those merely covered with oil. Many injuries caused by prolonged exposure to low concentrations of mustard might have been reduced by bathing or a change of clothes.

      Within a day, the first symptoms of mustard poisoning had appeared in 628 patients and medical staff, with symptoms including blindness and chemical burns. This puzzling development was further complicated by the arrival of hundreds of Italian civilians also seeking treatment, who had been poisoned by a cloud of sulfur mustard vapor that had blown over the city when some of the John Harvey’s cargo exploded. As the medical crisis worsened, little information was available about what was causing these symptoms, as the U.S. military command wanted to keep the presence of chemical munitions secret from the Germans…

      …By the end of the month, 83 of the 628 hospitalized military victims had died. The number of civilian casualties, thought to have been even greater, could not be accurately gauged since most had left the city to seek shelter with relatives. The U.S. destroyer escort (DE)—USS Bistera—though lightly damaged—picked up survivors from the water during the raid and put out to sea; during the night members of the crew went blind and developed chemical burns.”

      The episode was all hushed-up at the time of course. But it begs the question – how many other Allied munitions vessels were shipping poison chemicals into Europe. This policy only came to light because the ‘John Harvey’ was struck by an enemy air raid – there could have been countless other shipments as well that we don’t know anything about. The presence of stockpiled mustard gas (in blatant violation of its use in warfare) being brought into an urban civilian port must come very close to being classified as a war crime.

      Comment by Talbot — May 22, 2016 @ 6:37 am

      • I thought that shit was outlawed (not that anybody would pay attention to the fact they were outlawed)

        Comment by Tim — May 22, 2016 @ 11:38 am

        • Tim wrote: “I thought that shit was outlawed (not that anybody would pay attention to the fact they were outlawed)”

          Not only mustard gas, Tim. Chemical warfare in general was prohibited by the Geneva Protocol of 1925. And the prohibition was respected during WW2, IMO more because it had lost its main purpose (i.e. reaching enemy soldiers in trenches, out of reach of traditional weapons) during that war and because both sides feared what the other side might have at its disposal than because the belligerents wanted to stick to the Geneva Protocol about chemical warfare. Since Victors never commit any atrocities or break any rules and Vanquished are always human-looking evil monsters (as clearly established by the Nuremberg jurisprudence), the attempts to regulate/humanize wars in fact turned into a fiasco and the rules of warfare are completely useless. The only real war crime is defeat, as brilliantly demonstrated by the Victors of WW2.

          Comment by hermie — May 23, 2016 @ 6:40 am

          • Okay. Clears that up . Who’s Rabbi Stephen Wise. I was reading another comment on the website where I’m taking that free holocaust course. I looked up something in reference to a comment one of the people on there made. He said,”I would rather have my fellow Jews die in Germany “. He made this quote on “the eve of the holocaust” ( whatever the hell that means). I don’t think this fella is too popular with “his fellow Jews . I went to the Jew museum and when I got to their homepage,I put this ol boys name in the search box. Nothing came back. I tried it with and without using “rabbi” in front of his name. No luck. Has this guy rubbed someone the wrong way? This article said he was “a well respected Jew leader”. Go to “” . The article is called ,”how mainstream Jewish leaders,failed the Jews in WW 2″. How come everyone wants to throw all this shit on Germany’s doorstep,when the Jews can’t even stand their own people? This is starting to look like the Jews can’t stand each other. How can anyone tell if other people hate the Jews ? Think about it. What this fella said,it’s looks like their turning on each other like a pack of rabid dogs. Hell,leave them to their own devices. Seems to me like they’ll destroy themselves from the inside out. We’re supposed to feel sorry for them over their production of the holo.? Why am I supposed to feel sorry for a group of people,that can’t even stand themselves.

            Comment by Tim — May 23, 2016 @ 9:00 am

            • You wrote: “Who’s Stephen Wise?”

              I wrote about him on this blog post:

              Comment by furtherglory — May 23, 2016 @ 9:12 am

              • Okay. Germany said to boycott Jew goods. Then idiot rabbi wise tells everyone to boycott German goods. Why am I just now hearing this? Clearly it’s not in the history books in school,or I would’ve heard about it. Seems to me like it’s more shit the Jews are trying to stir. What’s up with the shit about the one day boycott of German goods,so it would stop the newspaper stories about how the Jews were being treated? How much shit did the Jews actually have to eat. If I read the story right,it mentioned that hitler had just become the HNIC of Germany . I figure if that’s the case,he’s gonna have a ton of shit on his plate ,going into his new job. He knew he had to turn shit around and make Germany prosperous again. I just don’t see the Jews being at the top of his list,right out of the starting gate. They talk about his plan for the Jews . I’d be Thinking that his first plan , was to get Germany back on her feet

                Comment by Tim — May 23, 2016 @ 12:17 pm

                • I did a short video on the Jewish boycott of Germany…


                  Comment by jrizoli — May 23, 2016 @ 12:32 pm

                • I viewed your video. Excellent work. You are looking good on this video.

                  Comment by furtherglory — May 23, 2016 @ 1:28 pm

                • Okay that expounds on that a bit more. I’m really trying to find some credibility in what the Jews are saying . I’m not the person that thinks the world is full of roses and rainbows . I like to believe there’s good in everybody. The thing that I can juxtapose with this,is my time in Nam. I ran across this somewhere. Seems Hanoi has a museum dedicated to Americas involvement in Nam. It has nothing to do with the French or the Niponese. I read the short article on this. The museum is full of so much BS,that it’s not even funny. They try to make it sound like they took care of us at the prisons. I met a guy that was a “guest” at a VC prison. He said he didn’t know how he made it out alive. Now I listen to the Jews and what they present online and at the Jew museum. Well I’m finding out that’s all BS. You got a front page article that said,”the hebs declare war on Germany “. Isn’t that something that should be important in world history,when they teach the kids? I was talking with Jeff on here one time. He said in depth study of the holo should be college courses. I can accept that. Most high school kids are still dealing with their hormones going ape shit. Not that college kids are much better,but I think their intellect has matured somewhat and they could wrap their heads around it. Yeah I know they would be fed a shit sandwich without the bread in college holo courses,but some of them might actually question it. Like I said. I think something happened with the Jews ,as to what extent,I don’t know . All I know is whatever bit of support I may have for them,is dropping off sharply. I use the quote from Nietzsche. “It’s not that I’m mad because you lied to me. I’m mad because I’ll never be able to trust you again”. That may not be verbatim,but it’s close. The Jews just keep lying. I don’t just depend on FG’s site to get all my info. I go to other sources . The other sources expound on this a bit more,but they still say the same thing I see here. If I get my info from more than one source and they all pretty much say the same thing,the it’s starting to look like a better part of the holo is BS. I’m reading Mein Kampf. I’m at a part where it speaks of hitler and the Jews . Uncle Adolph said he never heard anything negative from his father about the Jews,when he growing up. He spoke of having a Jew in a class he took in school. He said he and his class mates never had any animosity towards the Jewish kid. He did say he and his classmate were on their guard when they were around the Jew. I read something one time that said,hitler pretty much hated Jews from an early age. Yet hitler said opposite in his book. Once again the Jews always seem to say they’re peaceful and they don’t start shit. I ran across something one time and It spoke of the Romans working with the Jews . The revolt came around and the Jews killed a shitliad of Romans. Rome responded by going after the rebel Jews . They wasted a helluva lot more Jews . So why do the Jews always go around with the ,” I’m a poor abused Jew . Pity me”.
                  If that’s the case,then I can see why everyone kissed the Jews ass. They’ve told lies to get the rest of the world to follow them. I dont know why their supporters are willing to take the shit they tell them. These people don’t want to go to an outside source to see if what the Jews say is the holy gospel.

                  Comment by Tim — May 23, 2016 @ 5:41 pm

                • Tim wrote: “the Jews always seem to say they’re peaceful and they don’t start shit. ”

                  Not all the Jews said that…

                  Tim wrote: “If that’s the case,then I can see why everyone kissed the Jews ass. They’ve told lies to get the rest of the world to follow them.”

                  Comment by hermie — May 24, 2016 @ 4:47 am

            • Tim….Wise is a Zionist Jew and Tim he choose he wanted his fellow Jews Germany to go to Israel because that’s what the Zionists think is going to be where God’s going to run the world from so any jew the didn’t want to go Israel are expendable. So they could care less if they died there a Germany if they didn’t go along with the Zionist program then they were as good as dead looking at it from the Zionist view. Zionist hate their fellow brothers that don’t go along with their views and they would rather see him dead then oppose them.


              Comment by jrizoli — May 23, 2016 @ 9:33 am

              • Either way,it looks like the Jews can’t even trust each other. We’re supposed to trust them about their holo. I’ve said before,I try to keep an open mind here,but why should I trust what they say,when they turn on each other. Why doesn’t this fools name ever come up? I think if people knew about his shit attitude towards his own people,they’d probably be willing to look at the holo in a different way. I saw a movie one time about a U S Navy diver. He was the first black deep sea diver in the navy. I told my friend to watch it. He said he didn’t want to because it was another,”feel sorry for,cause I’m a poor abused black man.” In the movie the guy had to go through a ton of shit to become the diver,because he was black. Hindsight being 20/20,I’m thinking the movie Schindlers list and other holo movies are the same shit. The only difference being,everyone is saying,”feel sorry for us. We’re poor abused Jews”

                Comment by Tim — May 23, 2016 @ 11:54 am

                • People have to understand how religions still run the world… this case in WW2 The Zionist Jews tried to get things going their way but things didn’t work out so well for them. Thousands were hung out to dry by their own tribe……..Hitler had them pegged for what they were but he worked with them (Zionist) to get them all out of Germany. He had to shake hands with the Devil to get the job done
                  with the Transfer Agreement……trouble is time ran out. Hitler thought he would finish outing the Jews after the war….He didn’t think about losing.


                  Comment by jrizoli — May 23, 2016 @ 12:09 pm

            • Tim wrote: ” Who’s Rabbi Stephen Wise.”

              Rabbi Stephen S. (for ‘Six million bleeding arguments in favor of Zionism’) Wise was the most prominent and significant Zionist leader in US history. He founded the first Zionist organizations in the US as early as 1897. He kickstarted the six-million figure in the 20th century and he was also the guy who told the world for the 1st time about the alleged ongoing genocide of European Jewry during WW2, in late 1942. What an amazing ‘coincidence,’ isn’t it?

              Comment by hermie — May 23, 2016 @ 5:01 pm

              • Why do they look up to him. He tells Neville Chamberlain in so many words ,Jews need to die in Germany . So the Jew survivors,never came down on this Jew? I figure a comment like that they’d look at him like a Benedict Arnold.

                Comment by Tim — May 23, 2016 @ 5:49 pm

              • Okay. We’re back to the damned numbers again. So according to these articles,president Roosevelt is told,2,mill ( Jews and others)have died and an additional 5 mill are on the books to be bumped off. Who’s the eyewitness to this? It certainly wasn’t us. The army was in North Africa and the Marines were busy with the Nips at Guadalcanal. The Brits had their hands full too. One of these articles said some poor slob had a copy of hitlers plan to rub the Jews out. The article made it sound like they had a plan that was on paper in their possession. Didn’t say how they came across this gem,but they had it. I figure something like this would be of great importance. People would hang on to it. Possibly put it in a museum. So where’s it at? One article said something about the nazis raiding an orphanage. They got the HNIC for the orphanage and 20 orphans. They hauled all of them off and gassed them. Okay. For the sake of argument,let’s say the rounding up of millions of people by the nazis and they killed them is all true. Never in any of those stories have I ever heard them talk about rounding up a handful and hauling them to the gas house and executing them the minute they get there. How come nobody ever wants to promote this story? You can get some serious mileage outta that shit. 20 innocent,never done anything to anybody ,orphans murdered. Why didn’t that shit hit the front page in America and the UK? They wanna turn everyone against the nazis,there’s your ticket. In all these articles,there seems to be only one sensible person. That Robert Borden fella. He made the comment that none of the reports have been substantiated. He’s the only one who seems to be rational here. Whatever comments FDR made about the Jews ,I think he was just going along with the shit he was being fed. This was ’42. We had only been in the war for a year. We still had a long way left to go. Why would he be concerned about the piddly ass shit involving the Jews . It seems to me,this shit dealing with the holo started long before Nuremberg. I’m willing to say the Jews started the shit,before WW2 even started. Back in ’34 ( I think that’s the date) when the front page paper said the Jews were waging war against Germany . I think they took advantage of a bad situation. Germany was like every other country ( unlike all the other countries,Germany accomplished the goal), trying to dig out from under the financial collapse. The Jews know German is working hard at that,so they’re gonna throw a monkey wrench into the whole program. I don’t blame them for rounding up Jews and wanting to ship their asses outta the country. I’m still trying to figure one thing out. Towards the end of the war,Germany was losing. That’s no secret. If you’re gettin your ass kicked,why are you gonna be concerned with running these ump teen billion prisons? I’d be thinking their attitude would be,”f–k this shit. I ain’t using our manpower and other resources to run prisons,when we got Papa Joes boys closing in on us”. Even if they did stay at the prisons till the last moment,why would they make a mad dash to kill these prisoners at the last moment? Self preservation is the first thing that comes to my mind. All this shit is starting to look like misdirection. The Jews hand out what they say are “facts”. When someone gets to close to the truth,they throw up a roadblock so the person has to go in another direction . When’s Rod Serling gonna pop up and say,”youve just crossed over into the twilight zone”?

                Comment by Tim — May 24, 2016 @ 9:28 am

                • Tim wrote: “Whatever comments FDR made about the Jews ,I think he was just going along with the shit he was being fed. This was ’42. We had only been in the war for a year. We still had a long way left to go. Why would he be concerned about the piddly ass shit involving the Jews .”

                  FDR was a Jew-loving Mason and a close friend of Rabbi Wise. During WW2, he let his good friend Stephen play his Zionist Holohoax drama under the spotlights of US atrocity propaganda. But he knew what was and wasn’t actually happening in Europe, and he acted accordingly (he was enough blamed for that – i.e. for doing nothing to stop the alleged slaughter – in recent years).

                  “When [FDR’s Zionist friend and adviser] Felix Frankfurter confided in him (Roosevelt) his fear that the Jews were being systematically exterminated, the president told him not to worry too much. His information was that the deported Jews were simply set to work on the Eastern frontier to build fortifications.” – Klaus P. Fischer, Hitler and America, p. 163

                  Tim wrote: “It seems to me,this shit dealing with the holo started long before Nuremberg. I’m willing to say the Jews started the shit,before WW2 even started.”

                  True. Can you believe that, as early as in 1906, some Zionists charged the Czar of Russian with an alleged plan for the extermination of 6 million Jews as the solution of the Jewish question?

                  Tim wrote: ” I’m still trying to figure one thing out. Towards the end of the war,Germany was losing. That’s no secret. If you’re gettin your ass kicked,why are you gonna be concerned with running these ump teen billion prisons? I’d be thinking their attitude would be,”f–k this shit. I ain’t using our manpower and other resources to run prisons,when we got Papa Joes boys closing in on us”. Even if they did stay at the prisons till the last moment,why would they make a mad dash to kill these prisoners at the last moment?”

                  Those Jews were needed as laborers. So they were evacuated to Germany and Austria. Hitler had never planned to be defeated. I think he believed he could finally turn the tide until almost the end…

                  Comment by hermie — May 24, 2016 @ 1:56 pm

                • I do have to take issue with one thing. My wife’s father,grandfather and great grandfather,were all Masons. Hardcore Masons. When her father died,he said his Free Mason ring was to go to her uncle ( he was the only Mason left in the family). When V E (her uncle ) passed away,both rings went to the lodge. My wife took her fathers and her cousin took V Es ring to the lodge. Those 2,were very clear on that . No more Masons in the family,so the rings go to the lodge. Neither here nor there,they were both Masons and neither one could stand Jews . When Barry was elected first time back in ’08,they swore up and down the “God damn Jews put him there “. Remember “Solyndra”? Barry gave them $500 mill. Couple weeks later,they file for bankruptcy. My wife’s uncle was fire chief for Houston back in the mid to the end of the 70’s. We had a first class bitch for mayor. Kathy Whitmire. Her uncle was always locking horns with Whitmire. He swore up and down Jews were pulling her strings. I can’t speak for all the free masons,but I know 2,that totally loathed Jews.

                  Comment by Tim — May 24, 2016 @ 4:13 pm

                • Tim wrote: “they were both Masons and neither one could stand Jews .”

                  Didn’t they have any problems within Masonry because of that?

                  Some time ago, I visited my mother, and a friend of hers was there on that day. She (not my mother, her friend) was a prominent Mason (founder and leader of female Lodge). They were talking about the economic crisis of 2008 and the following years. At one point, she asked my opinion about that. Even if I was aware that she was a prominent Mason, I answered something like ‘As a National Socialist myself, the remedy to the misdeeds of all those Jewish banksters and their collaborators is very clear and simple to me.’ After a short moment of shock and consternation, she asked me how that had happened as if that was a terrible disease (what I found amusing), but she didn’t want to know my opinion anymore. From that day, my mother and her never met again. I was sorry for my mother because that woman was a good friend of hers and I hadn’t intended to deprive her of a good friend.

                  Concerning FDR, beside his Masonic membership, he was a former Governor of New York. Do you believe that he could have worked in NY politics and arrived anywhere near the White House if he hadn’t licked countless Jewish boots in the process? In fact, no US president before and after FDR ever surrounded himself with as many Jewish advisers and political allies as FDR did.

                  Comment by hermie — May 24, 2016 @ 4:51 pm

                • I can’t speak to that. All I know is what their opinions were. I know I’ve seen where in D C there are black,Hispanic and white boys that are masons . All I know is they don’t look at the Jews to positive . They didn’t hate them,but don’t expect them to break bread with a Jew . I saw a picture in one of my wife’s fathers photo albums. It was taken in front of his lodge with the other Masons. There were only white boys in this picture. I can guarantee you,there were no Jews at that lodge.Does that mean they were racist? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I know my wife had a free mason key ring. Her dad saw that and blew up. His logic was simple. You’re not a mason,so you can’t have the key ring. Her dad lived anything to do with the Templars. I heard they had something to do with the masons. I’ve always thought the conspiracy stories you hear about the Free masons,were all BS. Okay. Now knowing there are Mason Jews,it’s possible some of the stories about Masonic conspiracy,might be true. U don’t know. My wife would ask her father Masonic related questions . Her dads response was always,” if I have to explain,you ain’t gonna understand”. Hey maybe the Masons love for people to think there’s something sinister going on behind the scenes in the Masonic world

                  Comment by Tim — May 24, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

            • Tim wrote: “Rabbi Stephen Wise. […] said,”I would rather have my fellow Jews die in Germany “. ”

              You’ve just been Zio-bamboozled, Tim. 😉

              Wise told Chamberlain: “I would rather have my fellow Jews die in Germany than live in lands which bear the imprint of yesterday’s occupation by Germany and which may tomorrow be yielded back.” He answered this when Chamberlain was offering him the British-held former German colony of Tanganyika as an alternative Jewish homeland (instead of Palestine). Rejecting British offers of alternatives to Palestine was an old Zionist game, from the Zionist rejection of Britain’s Uganda proposal to the months prior to WW2. Of course, Wise didn’t mean that he wanted to have his fellow Jews die in Germany. He only meant, in bombastic style, that he would never accept any alternative to Palestine as a Jewish homeland, that it was Palestine or nothing. Deceptive cuts are just one of Zionists’ bamboozlement tricks.

              Note how wickedly-motivated Wise’s rejection was. Lands which may have been German again some day? No! Lands which were currently German? Yes. Absurd. In other words, Palestine or death. Wise was leaving Chamberlain no real choice but his own demands. What a swindler…

              Comment by hermie — May 23, 2016 @ 7:44 pm

              • I think I know a bigger part of the reason why wise didn’t want it. He was probably thinking,”Africa ! Hell no! Too many ni–ers. Like I said,living in south Florida ,I saw just how racist Jews are when it comes to blacks.

                Comment by Tim — May 24, 2016 @ 9:35 am

                • The Zionists were offered several homelands in various areas of the world, not only in Africa. Some former Zionists like Israel Zangwill even founded a movement (the Territorialists) and organizations (the ITO and others) tasked with finding and establishing various ‘Jewish homelands’ throughout the world. No need to say the Zionists hated those ‘traitors’ beyond everything. When Isaac Nachman Steinberg (the co-founder of a Territorialist organization) was leading negotiations with the Surinamese government to create a ‘Jewish homeland’ in Suriname, Wise even wrote to Ida Silverman (a Zionist colleague): “I personally believe, that Steinberg needs to be lynched or hanged and quartered, if that would make his lamented demise more certain.”

                  I’m not saying that Jews are not racists. I know that they are. I’m just saying that they rejected Jewish homelands in Africa mainly because they wanted nothing but Palestine.

                  Comment by hermie — May 24, 2016 @ 5:14 pm

  5. Okay so now we go on to one of the Horror rooms at Horror Disneyland let’s see how it worked.
    Please show me how you put people in a room and you get gas them in 15 or 20 minutes with bug spray that’s what I like to see not a hard question to answer.


    Comment by jrizoli — May 21, 2016 @ 12:31 pm

    • You wrote: “you gas them in 15 to 20 minutes with bug spray”.

      Are you calling Zyklon-B “bug spray”? Just because Zyklon-B was used to kill lice in the camps doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to kill humans. Killing lice, which spreads disease, was done with Zyklon-B. I don’t think that any prisoners were killed with Zyklon-B because that would have been too dangerous.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 21, 2016 @ 1:45 pm

      • You can kill anyone with anything if the product is not used correctly. Obviously this bug spray is zyklon-b was just used to kill bugs. I’m not saying that somewhere Germans didn’t at some point might have used it to kill people but I don’t know what they did. But if they did they would have had to use a high concentration of it to kill them in a short period of time and it would have to be done in a facility that could have handled it properly.
        They were more powerful and dangerous things to use that could have killed people but they used a product with that was not as dangerous as some others.
        If they were going to do it use the best product that you have…. but they didn’t do it.
        Sarin would of been a good one.
        There is a gas more powerful than Sarin but I forgot what it is I’ll have to look it up.


        Comment by jrizoli — May 21, 2016 @ 1:54 pm

        • jrizoli wrote: “There is a gas more powerful than Sarin but I forgot what it is I’ll have to look it up.”

          I think the name you’re looking for is TABUN.

          Comment by hermie — May 23, 2016 @ 6:15 am

      • This would of worked….

        To this day, phosgene is considered one of the most dangerous existing chemical weapons. It was first used in combination with chlorine gas on December 19, 1915, when Germany dropped 88 tons of the gas on British troops, causing 120 deaths and 1069 casualties. During World War I, it accounted for 80 percent of all chemical fatalities. Although it is not as toxic as sarin or VX, it’s much easier to make, which makes it more accessible to all.

        Phosgene is an industrial chemical used in the fabrication of plastics and pesticides. It’s made by exposing chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds to high temperatures. In other words, it can be made at home by exposing chloroform to UV-light for a few days.

        Phosgene is a choking agent that works by attacking lung tissue. Initial likely symptoms of coughing, choking, tightness in the chest, nausea, and occasionally vomiting occur minutes after exposure. This may seem quick but it actually means that victims continue to inhale it until symptoms become apparent. Delayed effects can occur up to 48 hours after exposure.

        At room temperature and pressure, it’s an almost colorless gas that smells of freshly cut grass in low concentrations. It’s nonflammable and evaporates when heated above eight degrees, which makes it volatile. But its vapor density is more than three times that of air, which means that it’ll linger in low-lying areas, including trenches.

        Comment by jrizoli — May 21, 2016 @ 1:58 pm

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