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May 26, 2016

The walls of the Auschwitz gas chamber before the scratches were made

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One of the readers of my blog asked me if I have any photos of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp BEFORE the scratches were allegedly made on the wall by the dying prisoners.

Today, tourists are told that the prisoners clawed the walls with their fingernails, trying to get out of the gas chamber before they were poisoned to death with Zyklon-B gas pellets.

Allegedly, the Auschwitz gas chamber was packed, to capacity, with adult prisoners, and then babies were thrown into the gas chamber, on top of the adults. Somehow the adults were able to reach up, over the bodies of the babies, and make scratch marks with four of their fingers, and their fingers just happened to be all the same length.

My first visit to Auschwitz was in September 1998. I also visited the camp again in 2005 and in 2007. My 1998 tour guide told me that I was not allowed to take photos inside the gas chamber, but I was so nervous that I just kept hitting the button on the flash gun that caused the camera to go off accidentally.  Sorry that I was so disrespectful to the Jews who were gassed there.

The earliest photo that I have, which shows the scratch marks, was sent to me by Simon Roberts on Jan 12, 2004. His photo is shown below.

Alleged fingernail scratches on gas chamber wall

Alleged fingernail scratches on gas chamber wall in Jan. 2004

In the photo above, it appears that previous fingernail scratches have been covered over with white paint.

My 1998 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

Note that my 2005 photo, shown above, was taken from a spot near the back door into the gas chamber. Today’s tourists enter the gas chamber through the open doorway that is on the left side of the photo above. In 1998, I was told that the victims entered through the back door, which is behind the camera in my photo above. Now tourists are told that the victims entered the gas chamber after going through the oven room where the bodies were being burned.

My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 2005 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber shows the entrance door used by the SS men when this was a bomb shelter

My 1998 photo shows mark on the floor

My 1998 photo shows the Auschwitz gas chamber with very little white paint covering scratch marks made by tourists

My 1998 photo of gas chamber with one large white spot

My 1998 photo of Auschwitz gas chamber with white spots on the wall but no visible nail marks

Back door into the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 1998 photo of the back door into the Auschwitz gas chamber

When I visited the Auschwitz camp in 1998, I was told by my tour guide that the victims entered the gas chamber through the back door, which is shown in my photo above.  Now tourists are told that the victims entered the gas chamber through the oven room where bodies were being burned.

My 1998 photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber

My 1998 photo of the gas chamber shows white spots on the left hand side

In my photo above, notice the white paint covering the wall on the left hand side. The fingernail marks that tourists see today are located just above the last white mark near the door into the gas chamber which is shown in the background of the photo above. My photos show that the nail marks were made AFTER 1998 when I took these photos.

Today’s students who visit Auschwitz are so brain-washed that they actually believe that the gassing victims were ushered into the gas chamber through the oven room.

When I first saw the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber in 1998, I knew that something was wrong because there was no high smoke stack on the building, like the one that I had seen on the gas chamber in Jefferson City, MO when I was a child.

As you may recall Fred Leuchter got into big trouble when he pointed out that the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers had no high smoke stack.




  1. “Each year for decades, tens of thousands of visitors to Auschwitz have been shown an execution “gas chamber” in the main camp, supposedly in its “original state.” In January 1995 the prestigious French weekly magazine L’Express acknowledged that “everything” about this “gas chamber” is “false,” and that it is in fact a deceitful postwar reconstruction.”

    ( Eric Conan, “Auschwitz: La Memoire du Mal,” L’Express, Jan. 19-25, 1995, pp. 54-73. See also: “Major French Magazine Acknowledges Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud,” Journal of Historical Review, Jan.-Feb. 1995, pp. 23-24. )

    Note the date, folks – 1995. Yet here we are – 21 years later – with the wretched, criminal, Auschwitz Memorial / Museum still allowing the general public to accept that this facility was a homicidal gas chamber.

    I can only repeat an earlier question;- When is the Polish Police Department finally going to arrest some of the top personnel there, and open an investigation into the fraudulent Auschwitz complex. Is it not time that the entire place should be closed to the general public, so that a thorough examination can take place into what actually occurred there during WW2?

    Comment by Talbot — May 27, 2016 @ 11:34 am

    • Excellent point…..jail them all they have lied to us for 75 years…. time to execute judgement.
      How about throwing them in Krema 1 at the main camp and sprinkle some ZB pellets down upon them and see what happens.
      NOTHING WILL…..but it will sure scare them….LOL


      Comment by jrizoli — May 27, 2016 @ 11:52 am

    • Wow ! I’ve always maintained the French are assholes. Might be hope for them after all. I’m guessing they’ve got holo laws. If so,do the statute of limitations ever run out on folks who break them. If holo laws came about after ’95,would they be able to prosecute the author of this article,on a “retro” basis. Something like that.

      Comment by Tim — May 27, 2016 @ 12:13 pm

    • Talbot: “Note the date, folks – 1995. Yet here we are – 21 years later – with the wretched, criminal, Auschwitz Memorial / Museum still allowing the general public to accept that this facility was a homicidal gas chamber.”

      The Auschwitz memorial-museum now concedes that the ‘gas chamber’ is just a postwar forgery – a place “partially reconstucted” as they put it – but goes much less far than Eric Conan did in 1995 ( Conan wrote “Everything is fake in there” (Tout y est faux) while the Auschwitz museum only says “several openings in the gas chamber roof […] were rebuilt” and ”the holes in the roof through [which] the SS had poured Zyklon B were sealed [by the Germans].” Nothing about the glazed door of the ‘gas chamber’, the walls brought down after the war, or anything else…

      Signs now displayed at Auschwitz I:

      Comment by hermie — May 27, 2016 @ 3:34 pm

      • And they want to know why people question these events. Once again like
        Neitzsche quoted. ” I’m not mad because you lied to me. I’m mad because I’ll never be able to trust you again”.

        Comment by Tim — May 27, 2016 @ 4:05 pm

  2. They could get away with not having a smokestack if they had a way to open the doors and air the room out for a day or two.
    The problem was they didn’t air the room out as they would of had to do for the next batch of victims who were standing happily outside
    in cold and heat, in rain and snow, 24 hrs a day for the next two and a half years, waiting to be gassed…Funny we don’t have ANY pictures from the planes showing this happening.
    I guess when the planes were flying over the Jews were on lunch break enjoying their lunch, when the planes were flying over.
    Had to believe the Holohuxsters believe this stuff but they do, so enough said for the intelligence factor coming into to play here.

    Lets not forget the HoloHoax story says over 1 million people went through the Auschwitz camps which would be the equivalent to over 1100 people a day
    for two and a half years nonstop ….30 months if my math is right. Lets not forget the original figure in Auschwitz was 4 million which is even worse.
    It even gets more complicated because in Krema 2 I believe, Dario Gabbai, Holohuxster extraordinaire said 2500 were gassed at a time.
    So was there only one gassing per day? If so, that figure would be doubled the deaths of the 1100 I used per day.
    So they weren’t gassed 24 hrs a day…..This sure gets confusing when they don’t get their facts straight and the numbers are all over the place.
    Yet the six million figure stands with all the deaths of the Jews only and another 5 million for everyone else. Interesting the other 5 million other victims aren’t heard from, I wonder why?
    Ok great then show me how it was done.


    Comment by jrizoli — May 26, 2016 @ 12:25 pm

    • You wrote: “They could get away with not having a smokestack if they had a way to open the doors and air the room out for a day or two.” Does Fred Leuchter agree with that statement? I think that Fred would say that the smoke stack is essential.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 26, 2016 @ 12:47 pm

      • I’m just looking at it as I would be looking at the fumigation Chambers the fumigation Chambers as far as I can see do not have Smoke Stacks so I really can’t see why these buildings would have them if they could open the doors and let air them out. The fumigation Chambers seem to be easy to air out because they were open at both ends or at least have the fans blowing in them.. if someone can show me a picture of a fumigation chamber with a smokestack then I will agree with them. I do know in America the gas Chambers had smokestacks there is no doubt about that.


        Comment by jrizoli — May 26, 2016 @ 2:15 pm

        • I have photos of the disinfection chambers at Dachau on my website at

          At the bottom of the web page, cited above, click on Previous to see more photos of the disinfection chambers. At the time that I wrote these web pages, the Dachau shower room was being called a gas chamber, and it still is.
          I wrote my website, starting in 1998, from the point of view of a True Believer, since I did not want to go to prison for Holocaust denial. The first time that I went to Dachau was in 1995. I did not go into the shower room because I thought it was a gas chamber and I thought that this was something that was too horrible to see.

          Comment by furtherglory — May 27, 2016 @ 6:25 am

          • No smoke stacks seen with those pictures.


            Comment by jrizoli — May 27, 2016 @ 8:14 am

            • I could be wrong,but I could’ve swore someone made a comment about a building being minus the stacks. The response was,there were no stacks due to a “bombing”. Yeah I know. The building escaped being scathed. The stacks were the only thing destroyed In the bombing.

              Comment by Tim — May 27, 2016 @ 8:48 am

            • There were smokestacks (pipes out the roof) for each of the Dachau delousing chambers. The roof was modified in the late 50s and the pipes were roofed over. Here are pictures of what it originally looked like:

              The Holocaust narrative has it that the alleged gas chambers (kremas) were aired out with a fan. In Richard Green’s “Chemistry is Not the Science”:

              He figures the airing out with fans to nonlethal levels to take about 20 minutes or at most about an hour. Look under the section titled “Ventilation”.

              The logistics of what would be needed for the alleged gassings don’t pan out as in the accepted Holocaust narrative; but smokestacks are not absolutely needed of course. I don’t think Leuchter claims they were needed either. Baltimore’s gas chamber doesn’t have the tall smokestack like the one Furtherglory keeps bringing up. Germar Rudolf addresses the subject in his book as well (as Green mentions in the linked article).

              Comment by blake121666 — May 27, 2016 @ 2:49 pm

              • Thanks for the info…


                Comment by jrizoli — May 27, 2016 @ 2:55 pm

              • A FAN is the important thing needed to air out a room quickly. HCN disperses very rapidly once out in the open air. It doesn’t have to go out a smokestack.

                BTW, my contention, as well as Fritz Berg’s contention, is that the scenario described for the alleged Auschwitz gassings is that a fan would be REQUIRED for rapid killing of people in those kremas. That or a ridiculously large amount of Zyklon – which would entail a whole other can of worms to deal with.

                Your smokestack idea has merit of course; but it wouldn’t have been absolutely necessary though. Zyklon fumigations were typically NOT done in rooms with smokestacks of course.

                Comment by blake121666 — May 27, 2016 @ 3:01 pm

                • What about the chemical residue? You know,what would end up on surfaces,Zoe was that something that was not a big concern

                  Comment by Tim — May 27, 2016 @ 4:19 pm

              • One sentence caught my eye in Richard Greens and Jamie McCarthy’s presentation;-

                “We note that conditions (e.g., temperature, quantity of Zyklon, etc.) undoubtedly varied from gassing to gassing so it is not surprising if there is some variation in the amount of time that witnesses report for a gassing to occur.”

                The trouble with this explanation, is that the operatives outside the “gas chamber” would have no idea of the temperature within, unless there was a thermometer placed inside which could be monitored from outside; or, that there was an in-built heating system that could be controlled from outside. But the holocaust proponents have never claimed either of these were in place.

                Nor have they ever suggested that the quantity of Zyklon-B ever varied. We have always been told that the SS “Disinfector” opened each vent in the roof of the chamber, and poured the entire contents of a can of Zyklon B through the aperture.

                Lastly – one has to ask what “etc.” means in this context. Were there other factors that had to be taken account of in the amount of time each gassing took.

                Comment by Talbot — May 27, 2016 @ 4:21 pm

                • You wrote: “We have always been told that the SS “Disinfector” opened each vent in the roof of the chamber, and poured the entire contents of a can of Zyklon B through the aperture.”

                  The Zyklon-B pellets were not thrown through the vents on the roof of the Dachau gas chamber. The vents on the roof were for venting the gas out of the gas chamber. At Dachau, the Zyklon-B was thrown through vents on the outside wall; these vents were added later by the American liberators of Dachau. You can see photos of all these vents on my website at

                  Comment by furtherglory — May 27, 2016 @ 5:05 pm

                • They could have thrown the pellets up through the toilet it still wouldn’t have made any difference because the way the pellets were made and what they needed to work wouldn’t have worked.
                  The only way the pellets could have worked is if room were set up like the fumigation chamber.
                  I’m still waiting for someone to show me how you dump zyklon-b pellets through the roof and they bounce on the floor and they turn into zyklon-b gas how does that work.
                  I try to look at things scientifically and not magically.


                  Comment by jrizoli — May 27, 2016 @ 5:12 pm

                • There’s no “Reply” button for either Tim’s or jrizoli’s comment – hence my comment under Talbot’s which are comments to them.

                  Re Tim: The alleged homicidal gas chambers were essentially the same thing as fumigating arbitrary rooms with Zyklon – which was done (alot as a matter of fact). Only the alleged homicidal gas chambers had people in them while being fumigated. There is no “residue” danger with Zyklon fumigations of rooms and therefore would not be with the alleged homicidal gas chambers.

                  Re jrizoli: Arbitrary rooms and buildings were fumigated with Zyklon without any fancy equipment or procedure. Exposing Zyklon to air is all that is needed for fumigation.

                  The claims for the alleged homicidal gas chambers has all the people in the room dying in under 15 min. Fumigation of buildings was done for amounts of time based on temperature: from 32 hours if under 5C to 6 hours in very warm weather. The reason for this is that the evaporation of HCN from the Zyklon pellets is temperature-dependent. The Degesch equipment such as at the Dachau delousing chambers reduced the time to possibly under an hour (although I think they fumigated for 2 hours there). The main time-saving innovation of these things was the kreislauf principle – using a blower to distribute the HCN around the room. Otherwise it takes awhile for the appropriate HCN concentration to have been applied everywhere in the room – even though the HCN evaporates from the Zyklon at a pretty good pace (it doesn’t reach EVERYWHERE in the room as quick as claimed in the HGCs and its concentration is somewhat erratic around the room w/o a fan).

                  For the HGC claims to be met, we either need fans to distribute the evaporating HCN from the Zyklon pellets uniformly throughout the room or we need to throw down a very large amount of Zyklon so that a large enough amount of HCN evaporates quickly enough to have reached lethal concentrations at least once everywhere. It takes from 5 to 15 minutes (depending on temperature) for the Zyklon to have evaporated about 10% of its HCN. So we need to place about 10 times the amount of Zyklon to kill everyone in the room in under 15 minutes than it would take in the hours to fully use up the Zyklon. This being the case, the claimed HGC scenario would probably require about 20 kg to 50 kg for each gassing. The largest can made was 2 kg. So the scene as told to us of persons on roofs dumping can contents through the roof would have to be them dumping the contents of multiple cans. The weight of the Zyklon (not the HCN) would be about 130 lbs. The scenario as claimed would be 4 people each lugging about 35 lbs of zyklon up the roof and each opening and dumping about 3 cans into the roof holes.

                  Comment by blake121666 — May 27, 2016 @ 8:07 pm

                • Long story short……..there were NO Homocidal gas chambers.


                  Comment by jrizoli — May 27, 2016 @ 9:09 pm

                • Yeah,but the gas penetrates the smallest of cracks. That’s why they used it for rodent control. Makes perfect sense to use it on clothing . Someone just makes sure the clothing is properly cleaned. They used it on rail cars coming from Mexico at the border . The Rio Grande Valley sector of the USBP used it on the clothing of the Wets coming into this country through my state here in Texas . So if they use this stuff for that purpose ,there has to be residue. There’s no way in hell every crack and crevice can claim to be 100% sanitary and free of them chemical

                  Comment by Tim — May 28, 2016 @ 7:52 am

                • I should have continued on with the HGC scenario after the dumping of the pellets.

                  Since you’ve only used about 10% of the Zyklon after everyone is dead in the room, you are stuck with Zyklon still evaporating its HCN. I’m not sure how the Holocaustians handle this.

                  If the Germans were to have blown air across the Zyklon pellets, the HCN would evaporate much faster and the HCN would distribute around the room much more quickly. So much so, that it is hard to believe that they would not have done this. Such a very simple thing, which they knew very very well – given their delousing chamber designs, and they went with just tossing Zyklon on the floor as was done in their delousing of arbitrary buildings (which took HOURS to delouse).

                  Comment by blake121666 — May 27, 2016 @ 8:45 pm

                • You wrote: “If the Germans were to have blown air across the Zyklon pellets, the HCN would evaporate much faster and the HCN would distribute around the room much more quickly. So much so, that it is hard to believe that they would not have done this.”

                  On my website, I have photos of the disinfection gas chambers at Dachau. In the 4th photo on the page cited below, you can see that hot air WAS blown across the Zyklon-B pellets to activate the poison. In the alleged homicidal gas chambers, the gas pellets were allegedly thrown on the floor and no hot air was blown in. It would have taken hours to gas people without heating the pellets, but after an hour or two, the victims would have died of suffocation from lack of air in the alleged homicidal gas chambers.


                  Comment by furtherglory — May 28, 2016 @ 6:50 am

                • After 10 minutes or so only 10% of the ZB is dispersed… if the victims were killed in 15 minutes then 90% of the ZB is being wasted and the room has not reached it’s full killing potential.
                  So they are killed on 10% of ZB which sure doesn’t seem enough to do the job.
                  Letting it disperse for an hour and you get the full shot of ZB, which you would think been enough to kill them.
                  So which scenario is it? Short time short dose of ZB longer time full dose to kill but way to long from the HoloHuxsters timetable they say it happened.
                  Of course the whole thing is moot if you don’t have fans there to disperse the ZB all around the room. The ZB would just be stagnant in one section of the room.
                  So what are the HoloHuxsters going to do to make this right. Oh I know LIE some more.


                  Comment by jrizoli — May 28, 2016 @ 7:23 am

                • So the gas was not that effective. Here’s one I can’t figure out. Why didn’t the Krauts go after a proven method of how to execute someone in a gas house? The first execution in this country was in the 1920’s. It happened in Nevada . Wouldn’t it make sense that the nazis would’ve have run across that little bit of information while researching their plans for a gas house. I mean if they’re gonna build all these gas houses,they’re gonna want a 100% out of them. I don’t think plans for a gas house would’ve been scribbled out on a cocktail napkin during happy hour. What about all the testing they did before building all of them? They’re gonna have to test their design before its put into full scale production. If they didn’t and the design proved useless,they’re just throwing good money after bad. Is there any reports or data they used to test their designs before they come up with the gas house thats to be the standard of all the gas houses? While we’re at it,are all these gas houses built exactly the same? They should be,that way the results would be the same from each prison they are built at. Seems to be too many loose ends here

                  Comment by Tim — May 28, 2016 @ 8:17 am

                • Once again. Why wasn’t anyone wearing a HazMat suit that worked with this shit. Like I said,”I don’t care if the shit was in a dormant state or not. I don’t think the higher ups in the German military are gonna knowingly throw their people in harms way. They’ve already seen how lethal the shit is with rodents and what not. Why would they want to take a chance with a human life around that shit? “Throwing the pellets into the gas house.” That one has set well with me. A highly volatile chemical. That sounds like an extremely careless way to handle it. If that’s truly the handled it,then they probably stashed the unopened cans on the pantry with the canned peaches and peas. I’m sorry. Shit like this would have to be dispensed and used under strict supervision. I don’t hear anything like that here

                  Comment by Tim — May 28, 2016 @ 8:03 am

                • FG’s Dachau Scrapbook page says;- “The gas input device [for fumigation purposes], manufactured by the DEGESCH company, was designed to automatically open a can of Zyklon-B pellets and dump them into a wire mesh basket. Hot air was then blown into the room to raise the temperature to 78.3 degrees Fahrenheit so that the poison gas would be released quickly and distributed throughout the room.”

                  There is also a photo image of the machinery that dispenses the pellets inside the fumigation chamber. Note; that it says “designed to AUTOMATICALLY open a can of Zyklon B pellets.” This means that the SS had no need to clamber about on the roofs outside the alleged “homicidal gas chambers”, nor pour in the pellets through hatches in the walls – because they had perfectly adequate equipment to install inside the chambers themselves. The device would be placed behind some sturdy iron bars – to prevent the victims gaining access to it. The SS guy would have placed the sealed cans inside the equipment before the victims entered the chamber, and then automatically opened the cans, and switched on the heater and fan from outside. He would have no need, therefore, to don a gas mask at all, and neither would he have to physically open a can of poisonous chemicals out in the open air!

                  But of course, the “homicidal gassing” story is all made up from out of people’s fetid and fevered imaginations, and that is why they offer us half-baked explanations as how it all happened.

                  Comment by Talbot — May 28, 2016 @ 8:14 am

                • As I have said before, I was in the fourth grade when I first heard that the Jews were being killed in gas chambers. I assumed that they were being killed two at time, as was done in the Jefferson City, MO gas chamber, which I had seen. My immediate thought was that this didn’t sound right; the German people are known for being very efficient and killing the Jews two at a time would be the epitome of inefficiency. So I was already a Holocaust denier in the fourth grade.

                  Comment by furtherglory — May 28, 2016 @ 8:23 am

              • Tim says;- ” I don’t think plans for a gas house would’ve been scribbled out on a cocktail napkin during happy hour. ”

                No, neither do I – but sometimes one does get the impression that the plans were devised in this way. We’ve got three gassing methods that were employed – and all three can only have been dreamt-up by untechnical people who were in a state of inebriation when they sat down together to concoct the schemes.

                In fact, describing them as “untechnical people” is far too kind. The methods they finally came up with could only have been conjured-up by a bunch of low-life characters who dwell on an illegal “gypo” and “pykie” trailer encampment. These methods are the sort of mad-cap schemes they would get up to.

                1) slipping some bucks into the hands of a local road gang in order to bring in their pneumatic drills to the site, so they can punch holes through the concrete roof of an enclosed structure. They would then drop fumigation pellets through the apertures to hopefully kill everyone inside on an open-ended timescale. (ie;- at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek)

                2) scavenging a battlefield for a disabled enemy tank; bringing it back, and rigging up a hose pipe from its exhaust pipe and feeding it into an oddly-built structure and hoping for the best that the system works without “backpressure” causing it to seize-up, or even the tank itself to blow-up. (ie;- at Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec)

                3) getting hold of a rusty old van and climbing underneath it to saw off half the exhaust pipe and attach the remainder through the floor of the vehicle in order to kill everyone inside with Carbon Monoxide. (ie;- Chelmno and Maly-Trostonets – outside Minsk).

                Yes, Happy Hour indeed !

                Comment by Talbot — May 28, 2016 @ 10:05 am

                • So my “cocktail napkin at happy hour” theory might hold water. If they in fact were dragging dead tanks off the battlefield to use as a gas house or the trucks with the trailer mounted on the truck frame,it don’t sound like anyone would’ve had he first clue. If I’m in a hurry to liquidate as many people possible,in a given time period,I’m gonna make sure the method for doing it is a 100%. From what I’ve heard,the nazis were damned efficient. So why would they mess with something that hasn’t been proven ?

                  Comment by Tim — May 28, 2016 @ 10:22 am

  3. Can you post a hi rez copy of your picture which shows the wall without the scratches, but with an arrow pointing out the location please? This should be shouted out loud as it is clear proof that the holocaust is a lie and has been manipulated.

    Comment by Mr B — May 26, 2016 @ 11:54 am

    • I concur. That would be great.

      Comment by hermie — May 27, 2016 @ 3:43 pm

  4. Forget that. If they were packed like sardines,how did someone manage to crouch down low enough,to carve the star of Dave into the wall

    Comment by Tim — May 26, 2016 @ 9:55 am

    • Did I say that there was a “Star of David” carved into the wall of the gas chamber? I think that it was only fingernail marks that were scratched into the wall by the babies that were thrown into the gas chamber over the heads of the adults.

      Comment by furtherglory — May 26, 2016 @ 10:23 am

    • Tim’s right – there is a “Star of David” inscribed into the wall ( as though anyone in such a cramped, panic-stricken state of mind would use his fingernails to carve such an emblem in a concrete wall just before they are going to die !). But there is also a sort of “Christian Cross” below it. Has this been added to “wow” the bulk of the visitors – especially Roman Catholic Poles – so they don’t feel left out of the pantomime horror show? Note, that the Cross is below the Star, which of course is politically correct – Jews always take precedence over goyim.

      Its way past time that the Polish police raided Auschwitz; closed the complex down; and arrested all the senior staff on charges of false representation and fraud.

      Comment by Talbot — May 26, 2016 @ 11:21 am

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