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June 19, 2016

I am re-blogging what another blogger wrote….

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The following words were originally posted on another person’s blog.  You can read what was originally written on this blog:

This photo is at the top of another person's blog

This photo is at the top of the original  blog post, which I have copied

Begin quote from another person’s blog:

Since history was recorded, the Jews have been a hated people. We can pick up an Old Testament, a New Testament, or any other historical document from any ancient culture, and it records the same thing; hatred for the Jews.

The media in this country, and for the most part, every white nation on earth is now under the control of the Jews. And because of this, you will never find any discussions of the reasons why, only constant moans of the poor, innocent Jew who is hated and oppressed for no reason at all. According to them, they’re just the race that everyone loves to hate. I find it ludicrous that my fellow Aryans haven’t demanded the truth long before now. No one has ever been hated as deeply or for as long as the Jews without some damned good reasons behind that hatred.

By studying ancient history on up to present day, we find a pattern. This pattern is why Jews are despised by every race on the planet. It is a pattern of hatred for all non-Jews on a maniacal level. It is also a pattern of intense greed, cheating, theft, dishonesty, conspiracy, murder, aggression, cruelty, manipulation, and spiritual evil on a par with hell’s own demons.

There are in fact a long list of past nations that were destroyed in large part, due to Jewish subterfuge. They would slowly and quietly “immigrate” into a host nation that was kind enough to take them in. As soon as they got settled, they would work together as a single unit, like ants, to buy up an entire industry, be it clothing, metals, manufacturing, whatever.

Then, after they had created a monopoly, they would jack up the prices to crippling heights and drop the worker’s wages to slave level. Industry after industry would fall to them, using the profits of the last conquest, then in the end they would have complete control of the nation’s economy and start draining off its wealth and moving it to foreign banks. The populace would starve in the streets and the Jews got richer and richer. In the end they were finally evicted at gunpoint by that host nation. But by then the damage was done and the wealth spirited away.

This is why over the past 700 years the Jews have been evicted from 79 different countries. Tells you a lot, doesn’t it? Funny how not a single word of this is ever discussed by the media, isn’t it? In fact this is exactly what they were doing to the German people in 1934, and why Hitler was able to rise to power so rapidly. The German people were literally dying of starvation in the streets. Whole families starved to death while rich Jews actually stepped over their dying, pleading bodies on their way to a nice restaurant.

Many Germans knew that if they were to survive at all, they would have to destroy the parasites killing them. Suddenly they awoke to the evil of the Jews and their long history of bleeding the hated Goyim for their living. The Jews are a parasite race. They produce nothing in industry. They live off the fruits of others’ labors and genius. Whites are their favorite prey because they are so productive. That’s why you’ll find more Jews in the US then you will even in Israel. They go where the money is. That’s why that outside the White countries of Argentina and Chile, and the remnants of once White-run South Africa, you won’t find hardly any Jews in South and Central America, Black Africa, or any other third world nation. No money there. A mosquito needs blood, and a Jew needs money.

Many have cursed the Germans for how they treated the Jews in their concentration camps, and anyone who’s seen the pictures of the victims feels sick over it. But before you go judging them, remember something: Every one of those Germans suffered horribly their entire lives at the hands of those beasts. They held their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and other loved ones in their arms as they slowly died of starvation and disease because the fat, greedy Jews were deliberately starving them to death..and gloating over it.

Their scars were soul deep, and the emotional and spiritual damage they suffered was on a national scale. And as cruel and merciless as they were to the Jews, it still didn’t even the score for all the decades of evil and the uncounted atrocities Jews perpetrated on millions of innocent, hard working people.

First they robbed them, then they took their dignity, then they starved them to death. The Jews had it coming..and a lot more. In fact the world today would be a utopia if the Nazis had been allowed to finish the job. All the evils we now face as a race were caused by the survivors, who learned nothing from that ordeal. All it did was make them ever more vicious. It’s like I’ve always said; you can’t reason with evil, you can only kill it.

The greatest mistake the Aryan peoples have made down through the ages is in underestimating the intelligence and craftiness of the Jew. He is diabolical. He will spend every waking moment, from sun-up to bed, thinking of ways to siphon money from you..and then to destroy you when he’s done.

For his other mania is our destruction. His hatred of the dreaded goyim is even deeper than his monumental greed. This makes him the most dangerous enemy we have ever faced. Several times in history we have had the opportunity to completely rid the world of this vermin, but in every case our higher traits of mercy and compassion betrayed our sense of self preservation, and we spared them.

History will record this as our undoing. For the Jew has no gratitude in him. Like saving a viper, it will still bite you with the exact same ferocity it had before you saved it. Because like the viper, the Jew is a beast. He prides himself on his spirituality, yet no God in the universe would be so cruel and demented as to approve of the actions and evil of such a depraved race of animals..unless they were worshiping the Devil himself. And recent revelations point to this exact possibility.

Over the past 80 years, the Jews have been focusing all their energies on destroying all Aryan civilizations, including our very race. Through decades of careful and well planned conspiracies, high crimes and treasons, they have slowly degraded, corrupted and polluted every facet of our culture and lives.

And now they are attacking our very gene pool with a barrage of continuous propaganda, trying to get our young and gullible females to breed with blacks, of all things, and are attempting to created a mongrelized race of sub-human slaves. And the real horror of it all is that so the most part, it’s working. The thing that makes Jews so despised is the fact that they enjoy being evil. They like it. It’s the mentality of the spider.

Today’s white men must be held accountable for the raising of their daughters, teaching them the dangers of interracial dating and breeding, as if it were a death sentence. For that’s exactly what it is for us as a race. I would shoot a mulatto with the exact same gusto I’d use on a black.

-The Lone Haranguer



  1. I couldn’t remember where I first saw this. Purely by chance,I ran across it. I’ve mentioned before,the Romans bent over backwards somewhat for the Jews. Somewhere I saw where the Jews made up a big population of Rome,for like 2,000 years. Now this shit has nothing to do with money. It deals with Romes tolerance for the Jews religion among other things. I read something about that Rome did tax them for it. Caesar allowed the Jews to follow their religion. This continued under Augustus. “Religio licitia”. Fancy way of saying they tolerated their religion. Hadrian came along and their free ride was pretty much over. I read something about something about Hispanus saying all Jews that were not Italian,had to get out of the country. Italian Jews (ones that were born there,could stay). Makes me ask why they bitch about Israel . Italian Jew,Italian Decent. Sounds like they have a home in Italy . I read that some of the Romans who held Jews as slaves,got sick of them and told them to hit the bricks. Their reasoning was,”they couldn’t handle their customs,they were obnoxious “. I’m running across articles that speak to people hating them. At the same time I’m finding articles where in ancient times,folks tried to help the Jews. How did the Jews repay their kindness? They shit on them. So do people hate Jews for the reason they can be ungrateful,in addition to their greed?

    Comment by Tim — June 24, 2016 @ 1:07 pm

  2. What a load of horse shit.

    Comment by Jeff K. — June 21, 2016 @ 8:35 am

  3. Comment by hermie — June 20, 2016 @ 5:34 pm

    • I thought “our Debs” was supposed to be a plain old frump in real life – but this gal is not a bad looker at all. But why is she is saying so much? The impression I got at the original trial was that she hadn’t got anything to contribute at all, and that’s why her lawyers told her to stay silent and sit at the back of the court.

      I was wondering how they would cast the character of David Irving; and it is clear from the movie trailer that they deliberate chose an old-fashioned, ugly guy with a bloated face, He would come across to the audiences as a ready-made villain – who stands in contrast to the modern, saintly, attractive Lipstadt. From what we could see, the Irving character is portrayed as a lonely obsessive man – an outsider, who is loud, bombastic and shrill, while Lipstadt is presented – quite frankly – as a combination of the virgin Mary and Mary Poppins.

      Comment by Talbot — June 22, 2016 @ 12:08 pm

  4. Don’t (re-)blog stuff like this anymore.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — June 19, 2016 @ 6:28 pm

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