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July 6, 2016

the death of the last priest who was imprisoned at Dachau

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An altar that was used by the priests in the bunker at Dachau

My photo of the altar that was used by the priests in the prison at Dachau

This news article tells about Father Hermann Scheipers, the last surviving priest who was imprisoned in the notorious Dachau prison camp, [who] died June 2 in his North Rhine hometown of Ochtrup, Germany, at age 102.

On this page of my website, I wrote about the priests, who were imprisoned at Dachau:

The following quote is from the web page cited above:

Begin quote

Dachau became the camp where 2,720 clergymen were sent, including 2,579 Catholic Priests. The priests at Dachau were separated from the other prisoners and housed together in several barrack buildings in the rear of the camp. There were 1,780 Polish priests and 447 German priests at Dachau. Of the 1,034 priests who died in the camp, 868 were Polish and 94 were German. Source: “What was it like in the Concentration Camp at Dachau?” by Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler.

Other clergymen at Dachau included 109 Protestant ministers, 22 Greek Orthodox, 2 Muslims and 8 men who were classified as “Old Catholic and Mariaists.”

Dr. Johannes Neuhäusler, an auxiliary Bishop from Munich, was one of the 8 clergymen at Dachau who had a private cell in the bunker, the camp prison building. He was free to leave his cell and walk around the camp. He could also receive visitors from outside the camp. The worst thing that happened to Dr. Neuhäusler at Dachau was that he was once punished by being confined indoors in the bunker for a week. He was punished for secretly hearing the confession of a former Italian minister who had just arrived at the bunker the day before. Dr. Neuhäusler wrote in his book entitled “What was it like in the Concentration Camp at Dachau?” that he had been betrayed by a Bible inquirer (Jehovah’s Witness) who worked as the Hausl (housekeeper) in the bunker.

Dr. Neuhäusler did not mention any ill treatment at Dachau but he did write about how he was beaten when he was initially sent to the Sachsenhausen camp.

End quote

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

He [Father Hermann Scheipers]  escaped being sent to the gas chamber [in Dachau] because his twin sister, Anna, pleaded with authorities in Berlin, warning that his death would stir the Catholic population around Ochtrup.

Scheipers subsequently managed to escape from a death march to Bad Tolz, Germany, in 1945.

End quote



  1. I read the following on FG’s “Dachau Scrapbbook” page;-

    “Ronald J. Rychlak write the following in a review of the book written by Father Bernard:

    There was so little food that Fr. Bernard tells of risking the ultimate punishment in order to steal and eat a dandelion from the yard. The prisoners would secretly raid the compost pile, one time relishing discarded bones that had been chewed by the dogs of Nazi officers. Another time the Nazi guards, knowing what the priests intended, urinated on the pile. For some priests, this was not enough to overcome their hunger.

    Ronald J. Rychlak also wrote the following about what he read in Father Bernard’s book, Priestblock 25487:

    Priests at Dachau were not marked for death by being shot or gassed as a group, but over two thousand of them died there from disease, starvation, and general brutality. One year, the Nazis “celebrated” Good Friday by torturing 60 priests. They tied the priests’ hands behind their backs, put chains around their wrists, and hoisted them up by the chains. The weight of the priests’ bodies twisted and pulled their joints apart. Several of the priests died, and many others were left permanently disabled. The Nazis, of course, threatened to repeat the event if their orders were not carried out.”

    Do you know something – ladies and gentlemen; we know that the Nazis ill-advisedly burnt books during the 1930’s, but one can’t help feeling that they should be around today, so they can throw all these dreadful holohoax books on a huge public bonfire!

    Comment by Talbot — July 7, 2016 @ 9:09 am

  2. This is why I asked if the nazis trashed the Catholic Churches . I read a story you wrote about the priests being locked down

    Comment by Tim — July 6, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

    • You wrote: “I read a story you [not me] wrote about the priests being locked down”

      I wrote about the priests in this blog post:

      Comment by furtherglory — July 6, 2016 @ 7:27 pm

      • That’s why I asked about the churches being trashed out. All the priests they had locked down. Who is this David Israel that took statements from the prisoners? What is specialty in the area of law. I’m guessing he had an area of specialty in criminal law. If not,why was he taking statements. He’s not gonna know his ass from a hole in the ground. He’s gonna be incompetent . Trust me. I know what incompetent legal counsel will get you . When it comes to the law,every aspect of it,has to handled professionally . Far as I know 45th is part of Oklahoma National Guard. No where in there just it say they are JAG. So why was he taking statements? If I was defense for the accused,I’d been questioning why they took statements,to no end.

        Comment by Tim — July 7, 2016 @ 6:37 am

        • You wrote: “Who is this David Israel that took statements from the prisoners?”

          David L. Israel was the author of a book entitled “The Day the Thunderbird Cried” which is a book about the Dachau massacre of German soldiers who had surrendered. He wrote in his book that there is no evidence of a surrender of the Dachau garrison by Lt. Heinrich. Skodzensky. The Dachau camp was surrendered by another man who was then killed by the Americans.

          Comment by furtherglory — July 7, 2016 @ 6:57 am

  3. It bothers me when they bring up this gas chamber crap.
    So was the priest a liar?? I guess he went along with the propaganda that there was a homicidal gas chamber there.
    Facts being what they are we now know there wasn’t one so he must of been saying things that he heard from others.
    When the legend is accepted as fact then print the legend.


    Comment by jrizoli — July 6, 2016 @ 3:56 pm

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