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August 6, 2016

the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is “the Americanization of the Holocaust”

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My photo of the entrance to the USHMM

My photo of the entrance to the USHMM in Washington, DC

In the past, I have written 3 blog posts about the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

I have personally visited the Museum on two separate occasions. While there, I could not identify anyone as being Jewish.  There were school groups lined up outside, and they entered the museum every 15 minutes. The USHMM is a place for the goyim to worship the Jews, not a place for the Jews to visit.

The USHMM is now being featured in the news here:

My photo of the USHMM

This photo of the USHMM is shown in the news article

The following quote is from the news story:

Begin quote

Throughout the 1980s and the early 1990s, a network of mostly conservative West German officials and their associates in private organizations and foundations, with [Helmut] Kohl located at its center, perceived themselves as the victims of the afterlife of the Holocaust in America. They were concerned that public manifestations of Holocaust memory—for example museums, monuments, and movies—could severely damage the [German] Federal Republic’s reputation in the United States.

Of course, the Nazi past had affected the image of the [German]Federal Republic abroad since its founding in 1949. But the 1980s were a unique time: as the Federal Republic came to see itself as a nation-state with its own positive traditions and history, it was a central goal of the Kohl government to escape Hitler’s shadow. At this historical juncture, however, representatives of the American Jewish community, including prominent Holocaust survivors like Elie Wiesel, were also in the process of transplanting the perspective of Holocaust victims into the popular, political and academic culture of Germany’s superpower ally, the United States.

End quote

Another quote from the news article says it all:

“In the end, all German efforts to change the content of the USHMM failed.”

In my humble opinion, now that Fake Holocasust Survivor Eli Wiesel is dead, there should be some changes made at the Museum; the true story of the Holocaust should be told.