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August 18, 2016

Soviet prosecutor Roman Rodenko

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Roman Rodenko is shown in the photo above.

There has recently been some discussion on my blog about Roman Rodenko, the Soviet prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials. I have a vague recollection of writing about him in the recent past, but I can’t find any of my blog posts where I mentioned him.

I wrote about Special Camp No. Seven on my website at

Barracks in Special Camp No. 7

My photo of barracks in Special Camp No. 7 at Sachsenhausen

Special Camp No. 7 was the camp that was run by the Soviet Union after World War II.

The following quote is from my website:

Begin quote

Special Camp No. 7 was the name given to the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp by the Soviet Union when the camp was turned into an internment camp for German prisoners after World War II ended. According to an Information Leaflet available at the Memorial Site, the former Nazi “preventive detention camp” was converted by the Soviet Union into Zone I for German civilians who were arrested and sent to the Sachsenhausen camp without a trial.

The former brick barrack buildings, which the Nazis had used as a Special Camp for Allied Prisoners of War, were initially converted into Zone II for Soviet citizens who were awaiting return to the Soviet Union. Some of them were former concentration camp prisoners who were looked upon as traitors to Communism; they were waiting to be sent to the gulags in Siberia.

In August 1945, these brick barracks were used by the occupation forces of the Soviet Union as part of their prison camp for German citizens who had been arrested without charges.

End quote

The following quote is from Wikipedia:

Begin quote

He [Rudolf Renko] was the prosecutor of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1944-1953 and Chief prosecutor of the entire Soviet Union from 1953. He is also well known for acting as the Soviet Chief Prosecutor at the main trial of the major Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials and Chief Prosecutor at the Trial of the Sixteen. He held military rank as a Lt.General at the time he served at Nuremberg.

Rudenko was also one of the chief commandants of NKVD special camp Nr. 7, a former Nazi concentration camp, until its closure in 1950.[1] Of the 60,000 prisoners incarcerated there under his supervision, 12,500 died due to malnutrition and disease.[2]

End Quote

Special camp No. 7 at Sachsenhausen

My photo of Special camp No. 7 at Sachsenhausen

Barracks for German prisoners at Sachsenhausen

My photo of barracks for German prisoners at Sachsenhausen

My photos of the Sachsenhausen camp were taken in the rain. Yes, I took a chance on ruining my camera, in order to get these photos. Photos in this area were forbidden, so I was really taking a chance on getting caught, and possibly being thrown into prison.



how to get a head

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This photo allegedly shows Hitlers head

This photo shows Hitler’s head, but is it a real head?

The photo above might show the head of a statue of Hitler, but I am sure that Hitler’s real head is not in the photo. Hitler allegedly killed himself in his bunker in Berlin, and his body was burned beyond recognition.

On this blog post, I wrote about George Elser, the man who allegedly tried to kill Hitler, but failed: