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August 18, 2016

how to get a head

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This photo allegedly shows Hitlers head

This photo shows Hitler’s head, but is it a real head?

The photo above might show the head of a statue of Hitler, but I am sure that Hitler’s real head is not in the photo. Hitler allegedly killed himself in his bunker in Berlin, and his body was burned beyond recognition.

On this blog post, I wrote about George Elser, the man who allegedly tried to kill Hitler, but failed:



  1. I wonder how many German women he raped on his way into Berlin – ten?, fifteen”, a couple of dozen maybe?

    He’s certainly a very happy and joyful little soul, but where’s he going with that object under his arm – down to the old SS workshops to have it turned into a shrunken head, so that when he gets back to Moscow he can present it to the Soviet Academy of Fine Arts and Humanities ( courtesy of J. Stalin and L. Beria).

    Comment by Talbot — August 18, 2016 @ 5:58 pm

  2. It’s definitely not Uncle Adolphs head. The Reds have pieces of his skull,at the archives in Moscow. Now if that was Hitlers head,I’d only have one thing to say. ” The Nazis are uncivilized barbarians ?” Even carrying around an effigy of Hitlers head is kinda f–ked up. If people wanna say the Nazis are uncivilized,I’m gonna have to question the cheesedick in the picture. How civil is he? I’ll admit when I go hunting,if I take down a nice buck,his head just become a trophy ( when it comes to deer season,I suck. I got an 8 point buck one time. That was a fluke on my part. I got that trophy on my wall). People want to display Hitlers head,thats just f–ked up. Nobody wants to call Stalin down on anything. He quoted one time,”the victorious in a war,can lie all they want”. Something like that. I do find one of his quotes interesting. ” Death solves all problems. No man,no problem”. They want to call Hitler an insane mass murderer? Stalin got everyone beat there . Let’s not forget,Stalin enjoyed spousal abuse. Then it escalated to where he just killed his wife. Real big man there. How come nobody ever mentions Eva’s body? She was burned with Hitler,right ? I’m not trying to sound cold here,but it’s for the best she took her life. I can only imagine what the inbred,savage Ruskies would’ve done to her.

    Comment by Tim — August 18, 2016 @ 11:46 am

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