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October 1, 2016

The little boy with his hands up is back in the news

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Famous photo of little boy with his hands up

Famous photo of little boy with his hands up

The famous photo above is from the Stroop Report; the photo was taken in the Warsaw Ghetto in April or May, 1943.

You can the read the recent news article, which includes the photo of “the little boy with his hands up” at

This headline is from the news story, cited above:

LOOK BACK: Hitler and the Holocaust

Begin quote from news article:

President Rodrigo Duterte sparks outrage after he drew parallels between the Holocaust and his own bloody war on drugs …

End of quote from the news article.

Here is the full story about the controversial “little boy with his hands up” photo:

Seven-year-old Tsvi C. Nussbaum, who claims to be the boy shown in the photo above, was one of the Polish Jews who had been arrested, along with his aunt, on July 13, 1943, in front of the Hotel Polski on the Aryan side of the Warsaw ghetto, where they had been living as Gentiles.

Since they had foreign passports, they were sent to the Bergen-Belsen detention camp as “exchange Jews.”

Little Tsvi’s parents had emigrated to Palestine in 1935, but had returned to Sandomierz, Poland in 1939 just before World War II started. Tsvi was one of the survivors of Bergen-Belsen.

In 1945, Tsvi went to Palestine, but in 1953, he returned and moved to America. He became a doctor, specializing in ear, nose and throat, in Rockland County in upstate New York.

Tsvi Nussbaum claimed to be the little boy in the famous photo.

However, this photo was allegedly taken during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which took place between April 19, 1943 and May 16, 1943 before Tsvi was arrested; it is one of the photos included in the Stroop Report about the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The soldier, who is holding a gun on the little boy in the photo, was Josef Blösche; he was put on trial in East Germany after the war and was executed after being convicted of being a war criminal.

End of story