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October 4, 2016

here’s the deal on the new memory enhancing drug Prevagen

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You can read about the new drug, called Prevagen, at

I have been watching the TV ads for Prevagen, which is claimed to improve “short term memory”.

A few days ago, my son bought me a bottle of Prevagen pills, and I tried them. After taking only one of these pills, I was able to recall the names of every President of the USA, starting with Obama and going back to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the president in 1933, the year that I was born. I was able to rattle off these names without missing a beat. It was a miracle!

I was overjoyed. My memory had been restored. The next day, I had trouble remembering my own name.

What the ads don’t tell you is that you must keep on taking these pills because they only improve your memory for one day; the next day, you must take another pill.

IOW, you are now hooked on a drug that costs $40 for one small bottle.  Who knows what will happen to you if you keep on taking these pills!

Fortunately, my memory has not been wiped out completely, but I am glad that I threw these pills into the trash after only two days.

The only use for these pills, that I would suggest is that the pills could be used by students who are taking an exam and they need to remember what they have read the night before.

In my younger days, I had an eidetic memory, which means that I could literally remember whole pages in books.  I could see the pages in my mind’s eye. That is gone now, and I have some problems with my memory.


  1. Furtherglory wrote: “The only use for these pills, that I would suggest is that the pills could be used by students who are taking an exam and they need to remember what they have read the night before.”

    Students should neither study the night before an exam nor take such pills. They’d better study during a sensible number of hours and then make a long night of restful sleep prior to each exam. Sleeping is very important for memory. Roughly, it can be said that under normal conditions (nighttime sleep, daytime awakening) brain stores at night what has been learned during the previous day(s). No student would need to study during the night before an exam if he/she hadn’t naively believed that he/she could study 500 pages at one stroke in just 24 or 48 hours. Wouldn’t happen if he/she had learned to organize his/her work properly as an adult. Too many immature young adults with a teenage mentality, fully deserving to fail their exams. A pill shouldn’t be used to mitigate the results of immaturity. Western youth will never grow up that way. Universities should reward deserving young adults, not pamper tall spoiled kids with pubic hair.

    Comment by hermie — October 6, 2016 @ 9:31 am

    • Right On ! I had a math instructor in college that said ,”cramming”,is not a good idea. He said when lay down at night to sleep,have your head cleared of everything. He said if you cram,it’s gonna be going over in your head. You’ll be questioning how competent you’ll be to take the exam.

      Comment by Tim — October 6, 2016 @ 9:49 am

  2. Don’t Carl hear you say,” my son bought me a bottle”. She said ,she’s known you forever and a day,and that you are a male.

    At any rate,that shit is snake oil,being sold by snake oil salesmen. If that shit is so great,why hasn’t Pfizer,H J Rohr or other pharmaceutical companies,offer a buy out to the people that make it? That shit would be the Alzheimer’s medical break through from hell. All any of pills like that,are nothing more that natural ingredients

    Comment by Tim — October 4, 2016 @ 12:11 pm

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