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October 19, 2016

Hitler’s birthplace might be torn down

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My photo of Hitler’s birthplace is shown above.

While I was taking the photo above, everyone who passed me on the street smiled and nodded to me. I took this to mean that the Austrians still love Hitler, and that they were happy to see an American visiting this building.

In today’s news, there is an article, which claims that Hitler’s birthplace in Austria will soon be torn down, but I don’t think that this will ever happen.

You can read this news at

The photo below accompanies the article.

Hitler's birthplace in Austria

Hitler’s birthplace in Austria

This isn’t the first time that Hitler’s birthplace has been scheduled to be torn down. I wrote about plans to tear down this historic building on a previous blog post at

I have a section on my website about Hitler’s birthplace:

Hitler was a great man, but he made the fatal mistake of kicking the Jews out of Germany. He can never be forgiven for that. The Jews are back in Germany now — one million at last count. They are safe in Germany now. Who would ever kick them out again?