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November 8, 2016

The difference between a blog and a discussion forum

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What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Forum?

Dear reader:  What you are reading now is a blog, which I started 6 years ago. Over the years, I have written thousands of blog posts, which are archived and can still be read.

Every day, my blog is being read by over 1,800 people, who are located in countries around the world. Some of these readers are located in countries that I didn’t even know existed, before I started my blog.

Recently, my blog has turned into a discussion forum where people are carrying on long discussions about everything except what I have written. I have learned that some of my new commenters are people who have been kicked off other discussion forums, and have recently come to my blog to continue their discussions.

My photo of the main gate into the Dachau camp

My photo of the main gate into the Dachau concentration camp