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November 17, 2016

The story of the little boy with his hands up is taught at Penn University

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The little boy with his hands up

Famous photo of the little boy with his hands up

I have blogged about “the little boy with his hands up” until I am blue in the face.

My most recent blog post about the little boy with his hands up is this one:

This blog post about the little boy gives some important information:

According to this news article, this unimportant story is the subject of a college course at Penn University.

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

To teach about the Holocaust is to confront human beings in their most evil form. Scholars who teach about the tragedy retell and relate accounts of ungodly cruelty and indescribable misery, agony, and pain.

Teaching the Holocaust can be distressing to one’s soul. Not some long ago, far off catastrophe solely chronicled by history, it lives with us today, present in current affairs and a part of Jewish life. There are people walking the Earth right now who lived it, breathed it, endured it, and miraculously survived. Their pain is a lived pain, their suffering a firsthand horror.

Courses concerning the Holocaust are offered across Penn, scattered throughout the University. They are taught by survivors and the children of survivors, individuals with a personal connection, and researchers with an academic interest.

The study of the Holocaust is as interdisciplinary as Penn, spanning several fields, including literature, language, the law, history, science, medicine, ethics, and film.

End quote

In my humble opinion, the Holocaust should not be taught in America’s universities.