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December 1, 2016

Irving Roth — famous Holocaust survivor

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In the past, I have written several blog posts about Irving Roth; you can read two of these blog posts at

You can read a recent news article about Irving Roth at

The following quote is from the news article, cited above:

Begin quote

As a native of Slovakia, Roth fled with his family to Hungary to escape the Nazis. First they tried to flee Europe in 1939 and come to the United States.

Some 36 countries around the world, except for the Dominican Republic, slammed their doors on Jewish immigrants, only allowing in strict quotas, Roth said in an earlier interview with the Independent Record. […]

Hitler saw the world’s response as a signal that “no one wants the Jews,” Roth said.  […]

The Holocaust began with a series of laws against the Jews, he recounted.

“I couldn’t go into the park.”

Signs went up at Roth’s local park, “No dogs or Jews allowed.”

“I had to take my warm sheepskin jacket and give it to the police department,” he said, because it was considered a luxury.

“Our radio was taken away.”

“My girlfriend who was Russian Orthodox was told by her father not to talk to me because I was Jewish.”

He was told he couldn’t go to school or play on the local soccer team.

“Jewish attorneys were not allowed to practice law,” he said. “Jews were thrown out of government jobs. They were no longer allowed to own businesses.”


By July and August 1941, the Nazis rounded up Jewish men, women and children in Poland and Western Russia, he said.

Many were ordered into ditches and shot.

“This is too costly,” Roth recounted the Nazis’ discussions. “Every Jew takes five bullets to kill.”

That’s when some Germans came up with a more efficient method of murder — the death camps. Running gas chambers and crematoriums around the clock, they killed 6 millions Jews.

“The next chapter is winding up in a cattle car,” he said, and being shipped to Auschwitz and later Buchenwald.

End quote

The poor Jews; why did no country want them?


  1. In 2007, during a presentation to an audience at the “Memorial Library of the Olga Lengyel Institute in New York. Irving Roth stated that he was liberated at Buchenwald in 1945 by two battle-hardened American soldiers – one black and the other white, who broke into tears when they saw the state of the inmates.

    This is not true of course, the US Army was heavily segregated on racial lines during WW2. White and black GI’s had their own, completely separate regiments, and the latter were not involved in front line fighting at all, and thus any black servicemen arriving at Buchenwald would only have reached there many days later.

    But the reason why Mr Roth wanted to impart this falsehood to his audience was not just to add some vivid emotional and sentimental ballast to his story, but to emphasise the standard holocaust narrative of the Nazis being pure evil racists, while his American liberators were the champions of civilised values, equality and tolerance.

    He claimed that while living in Slovakia, in 1939, there were signs at the entrance to the public park say “No Jews – No Dogs”. Fair enough, that does sound callous and deeply offensive, but even in Britain during the 1950’s, hotels and owners of rented properties often put up signs in their windows saying “No Irish – No Dogs”.

    No one is disputing that Irving Roth had a hard time during WW2, but then so did many other youngsters of his age – many of whom did not survive the conflict. But he, on the other hand, did – and was able to meet up with another young Jewish friend of his and they returned to Czechoslovakia where he found both his mother and father still alive, and living in the very same house as they did before the war. Soon afterwards, the Roth family gained passage to the United States, where they settled down and lived happily ever after.

    All in all – no big deal. Oh, by the way, Irving claimed that the corpses in Auschwitz turned green from Zyklon B. But I suppose if you are color blind – or a blatant liar – then you can easily mistake bright pink or cherry red, for a sinister hue of devilish green.

    Comment by Talbot — December 1, 2016 @ 9:36 am

  2. Five bullets to kill one jew??? What utter nonsense and they then make the leap to that being the reason why the holocaust gained pace and technical excellence to murder six million. LOL! Liar liar pants on fire.

    Comment by mr b — December 1, 2016 @ 8:14 am

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