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December 7, 2016

The original Trump tower — in Germany

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Tower in Rothenburg Germany

Rothenburg, Germany

I took the photo above on one of my several trips to the old city of Rothenburg, Germany. I saw the word Trump on the tower, that is shown in the photo. If I had known that some day, there would be a man named Trump who was the president of the United States, I would have taken a photo of the name.

The point that I am making here is that the name Trump is German. Donald Trump’s ancestors were originally from Germany.

The photo below shows the bottom part of the Trump tower.

Part of the Trump tower is shown in this photo

Part of  Trump tower is shown in my photo above

The oldest home in Rotyhenburg that is still standing

The oldest home in Rothenburg that is still standing

December 7, 1941 — a day that will live in infamy

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The attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor attack

You can listen to President Roosevelt’s “day of infamy” speech here:

I was an 8 year old child when this happened. I recall going to school, the morning after the attack, and hearing that “Pearl Harbor was attacked.” I assumed that Pearl Harbor was a woman who had been attacked. People in America were saying, jokingly, that “She was probably asking for it.”