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December 12, 2016

Frederick the Great

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Today, a young person who is studying world history, asked me about “Frederick the Great.” This young person wanted to know what Frederick ever did that made him so great?

For one thing, Frederick the Great was involved in the history of Theresienstadt.

I have a whole section, about Theresienstadt, on my website at

My photo of the original old fortress at Theresienstadt

My photo of the original old fortress near the city of Theresienstadt

My photo of the main gate into Theresienstadt

My photo of the main gate into Theresienstadt

Theresienstadt was a prominent place that became involved in the Holocaust.

The following quote is from my website:

[Before World War II started] there was a dispute between Germany and Poland regarding the free city of Gdansk, which had formerly been known as the German city of Danzig. The population of Danzig was 100% German; the city of Danzig had been taken from the Germans in the Treaty of Versailles.

Another bone of contention was the industrial section of Silesia which had been given to Poland after World War I.

In a self-determination vote, the people of Silesia had voted to become part of Germany, but this was ignored by the League of Nations, even though this was one of Wilson’s Fourteen Points.

Although war had been avoided in the conflict between the Germans and the Czechs, this time there was no “appeasement” of Hitler.

Great Britain and France, after signing an agreement to protect Poland in case of an attack by Germany, were forced to declare war on Germany. World War II began two days after the Germans fired the first shots near Danzig on September 1, 1939.

Hitler’s prediction that another World War would mean the annihilation of the European Jews, then became an actuality.

The town of Theresienstadt soon became one of the most infamous transit centers in Hitler’s systematic plan to exterminate European Jewry.

With the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, Czechoslovakia again became an independent country and all the ethnic Germans, except for the few who could prove that they were anti-Fascist during the war, were expelled from their homes and sent into war-torn Germany, many of them dying along the way from hunger and exhaustion.

The Czechs and the Jews exacted their revenge by attacking these refugees as they fled to Germany. Many of the refugees had to live for as long as 18 years in the former Nazi concentration camps, such as Dachau, until they could find new jobs and homes, as Germany was slowly rebuilt.

As soon as a typhus epidemic at Theresienstadt was brought under control, the prisoners were released and the Small Fortress at Theresienstadt became a prison for German Nazis from 1945 to 1948.

In its long and ignominious history, Theresienstadt has come full circle and is now the Czech town of Terezin. The country of Czechoslovakia has now been split once again into the two independent countries: the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


  1. FG
    This is what you published in 2009:
    ‘It was Joseph II of the Hapsburg family, the ruler of the Austrian Empire, who built the town and named it Theresienstadt (Theresa’s city) after his mother, the Empress Maria Theresa. This is the same Joseph II, in whose honor Josefov, the Jewish quarter in Prague, was originally named Josefstadt in 1850. Although his mother, Empress Maria Theresa, was an anti-Semite who had expelled the Jews from the Austrian empire for three years, Joseph II was an enlightened monarch who emancipated the Jews of Prague when he became Emperor in 1780 after the death of his mother.’
    It was meant as a bulwark against the Hohenzollern, particular Fredric the Great’s expansian policy towards the south, tthe Empire of the Habsburg
    Fredich II had nothing to do with Theresianstadt

    Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 13, 2016 @ 1:00 am

    • Herbert, I am awarding you a prize for one of the most intelligent comments on my blog for some time now. Fredric the Great was more of a contemporary of Maria Theresa, the mother of Joseph II. Fredric the Great was the King of Prussia from 1740 – 1786. Maria Teresa came to power that same year [1740] becoming, among other things, the Queen of Bohemia, and the Archduchess of Austria.

      Fredric and Maria fought each other in at least one famous war. I took a Previgen pill this morning to help me with my memory, but am still having a hard time remembering exactly how long this war lasted.

      Anybody who wants to, can show how smart they are, by remembering the answer.

      Also, Maria Theresa had a daughter who was famous for advocating the eating of cake. [“Let them eat cake.”] For bonus points, can anybody remember her name?

      My young friend is still wondering what made Fredric the Great so great.

      Comment by furtherglory — December 13, 2016 @ 11:16 am

      • FG

        Message for your friend:
        GFrederick II (German: Friedrich; was King of Prussia from 1740 until 1786, the longest reign of any Hohenzollern king. His most significant accomplishments during his reign included his military victories, his reorganization of Prussian armies, his patronage of the arts and the Enlightenment in Prussia, and his final success against great odds in the Seven Years’ War. Frederick was the last titled King in Prussia and declared himself King of Prussia after achieving full sovereignty for all historical Prussian lands. Prussia had greatly increased its territories and became a leading military power in Europe under his rule. He became known as Frederick the Great (Friedrich der Große) and was affectionately nicknamed Der Alte Fritz (“Old Fritz”) by the Prussian people. Although he was a first class military tactician, he carried a sachet of poison with him, in case he was taken prisoner. As a by-note he even concluded a treaty with the USA, that existed at that time only of 13 States.

        Other changes he made were the emancipation of serfs, the first ruler in Europa, he made his subjects eat potatoes as a healthy nutrition.

        It has been stated that he was homosexual, this could well be true, there are preserved letter to his coachman at his castle ‘Sansouci’, as Fredric had lost his testicles when his horse through him, refusing a jump over a picket fence, were the Der Alte Fritz landed.

        Comment by Herbert Stolpmann — December 13, 2016 @ 3:54 pm

  2. Great history lesson….but you do know the Holohuxsters here are going to challenge you on the notion that the camp was used as a transit camp…..they are going to say if it was WHERE DID THEY GO…..LOL
    I always falls upon us revisionist to prove what we say but with the HoloHuxsters what they say requires NO Proof.
    So 6 million Jews died in whatever way they say, using whatever method they say, buried wherever they say…..
    With NO Proof of any of it ever happening but some good imaginations dreaming the whole thing up….and then the best part is in the end the Jews benefited handsomely by it with their blood reparation money for a life time.
    Not to mention the movie deals, speaking assignments, books written, chaching chaching…..Lots of money made on the lie. And of course their Holohoax museums to keep the HoloHoax Cult amused and entertained for years to come.
    Horror Disneylands are pretty much every country sucking in all the money. Yup, this is even better than the movies….and the best part is WE get to pay for it. How cool is that? You know the Jews are behind it when they don’t use any of their money.

    Remember folks ….things that happen to a group of people don’t happen without it being planned out first.
    Then as time goes on the story is tweaked to fit the latest lies, or adjustments to make the lies continue without questions.
    So now the latest lie is…… instead of diesel gas being used in the Reinhardt camps it’s now petrol.
    Yet they told the diesel story for 70 years….but they could only spin that tale for so long or until the opposition exposed it as just plain stupid and not workable. So for the record the latest HoloHoax explanation is…..The three ways of death are….now Petrol gas( carbon monoxide) the same used in the Gas vans, and of course the infamous Zyclon B (bug spray)
    Thats all I ask is please show me how ANY one of these things worked logistically to do the dirty deed.
    Should be pretty easy to duplicate it with all the technology that there is today to replicate it without even using people.
    So far no reasonable answer….but plenty of humorous ones. I’m sure there will be more HoloHoax changes coming as time goes on.


    Comment by jrizoli — December 12, 2016 @ 2:23 pm

  3. Hitler never had a systematic plan to exterminate European Jewry.

    Comment by Jett Rucker — December 12, 2016 @ 1:17 pm

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