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December 20, 2016

12 people dead in “terror attack” in Germany

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Terror attack in Germany

Terror attack in Berlin, Germany when a truck was driven into a Christmas market

You can read about the deadly terror attack in Germany in the news at

Every town in Germany has a “market square” where farmers bring their vegetables and other products to sell.  This used to take place every Wednesday and Saturday, and for all I know, it still does.  During the Christmas season, there is a Christmas market where one can buy a Christmas tree and ornaments to hang on the tree, along with a goose for the family Christmas dinner.

There used to be a market square in the city of Berlin, but it is long gone. It was bombed into oblivion. Now the Christmas market takes place in front of the ruined church in the heart of Berlin.

Ruined church in the heart of Berlin

Ruined church in the heart of Berlin in Germany

Kaiser Wilhelm Church, the old church that is shown in the photo above, was built at the end of the 19th century and destroyed by British bombs in November 1943. Part of the ruins have been preserved as a memorial. A new modern church and a tower have been built beside it.

When I lived in Germany for 20 months after World War II, I was told that the Germans were forced to leave this church in ruins, to remind them not to start any more wars.


Now the Germans have lost control of their country. Angela Merkel, who is shown in the photo above, has let in 800,000 refugees. This was the cause of the “Christmas Market Terror in Germany” according to the news shows about this terror in Germany.

I visited Berlin in 2001, and I wrote about the city on my website at