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December 29, 2016

Henriette Von Schirach on AHC

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Henriette von Schirach

In episode 5 of their new series about Hitler on the American Heroes Channel, titled “Hitler:The Monster”, around six minutes into the episode, an incident at the Berghof, involving the beautiful Henriette von Schirach, is discussed.  In the show, it was claimed that Henriette was banished from the Berghof for bringing up the “brutalization of Jewish women in Amsterdam”.  In the words often repeated in the show: “but it was all a lie.”  She was back at the Berghof the next evening, where events caused her to leave with her husband in a huff, never to return again, for a completely different reason.

A different account of the incident, which took place in late June 23rd and 24th, 1943, is recorded in the 2002 version of David Irving’s book “Hitler’s War” on page 595.

Begin Quote:

The ‘Jewish Problem’ was taboo at the Berghof… Bauder von Schirach and his pretty wife Henrietta were in Hitler’s house party.  They joined the fireside circle, slumped into the deep armchairs in the semi-darkness.  While Hitler sipped his special tea and the others their wine or cognac, Henriette exclaimed that she had just witnessed at Amsterdam the loading of Jews into open trucks for deportation.

‘Do you know about it?’ she asked.  ‘Do you permit it?”

Hitler retorted, ‘They are being driven 0ff to work, so you needn’t pity them.  Meantime our soldiers are fighting and dying on the battlefields!’  Later he added, ‘Let me tell you something.  This is a set of scales’ -and he put up a hand on each side like pans. -‘Germany has lost half a million of her finest manhood on the battle field.  Am I to preserve and minister to these others?  I want something of our race to survive a thousand years from now’  He reproached her: ‘You must learn how to hate!’

The Schirachs were still there the next evening, June 24, when Goebbels wickedly brought the fireside conversation around to Vienna.  Until after four A.M. Hitler drew savage comparisons between Schirach’s Viennese and Goebbels’s Berliners until tears welled up in Henriette’s eyes: the Berliners, he said, were hard-working, intelligent, and politically shrewd.  Goebbels wrote, ‘Frau von Schirach in particular acted like a silly cow…and later summed up her unhappiness by saying that she wanted to go back to Munich with her husband and would the Fuhrer send [Gaulieter] Giesler to Vienna instead.’  ‘Tell me,’ Hitler challenged her, ‘is your husbnd our Reich representative in Vienna-or is he Vienna’s man in the Reich?’  The Schirachs departed in a huff the same night, and never saw Hitler again.

End Quote

In the notes section on page 912 in his book, Irving cites five different sources for his account including both Schirachs.  While I agree that it is brutal to load Jewish women into trucks to take them to work, [the film footage of women being abused does not show them being loaded into a truck.] clearly Henrietta and her husband did not leave the Berghof immediately after her question about the final solution.

On the show Guy Walters claimed that on the 23rd “He [Hitler] just orders her out, and she left in tears never to be seen at the Berghof again.”  Clearly, if we can believe Goebbels’ account, she was still there the next night, on June 24th, acting like a silly cow.

What the world needs now — more Holocaust museums!

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In this news story, you can read about a new Holocaust museum that will soon be going up in Great Britain:

The following quote is from the news article:

Begin quote

On 18 November, the Government announced the 10 shortlisted teams in the running to design a £50 million national Holocaust memorial for Britain, to be erected in Victoria Tower Gardens just outside the Palace of Westminster. The memorial project is a legacy of the coalition government led by David Cameron, whose cross-party Holocaust Commission recommended its construction after a survey revealed that of 8,000 British secondary school children, less than a third knew what ‘anti-Semitism’ was, and ‘the majority of those surveyed did not know some of the most fundamental facts that explain why and how the Holocaust happened’. Announcing the subsequent design contest, Cameron’s successor Theresa May said: ‘We need to ensure that we never forget the horrors of the Holocaust and the lessons that must be learnt from it.’

End quote

This photo of the Jewish Museum in Berlin is included in the news article

This photo of the Jewish Museum in Berlin is included in the news article

I have a photo, of the structure shown above, on my website at