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January 26, 2017

Hitler’s Zombie Army (AHC)

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I have just watched a TV show, on the American Hitler Channel (AHC), entitled “Hitler’s Zombie Army”.

I am not making this up; you can watch this show on demand on AHC until 1/31/2017. Better hurry, or you will miss it.

I must admit that I might have missed some of the Zombie footage, when I got up to make a sandwich.

I thought that with all the anti-impotence drugs advertised in the frequent commercials, I would be able to get back before the show started again.  I was able to quickly pull up some Nazi Zombie pictures off the net, but these photos were not used in the show.

The show talks a lot about Karl Maria Wiligut who you can read about on Wikipedia by clicking here:

I noticed that many of the photos on the show looked exactly like my photos of the Wewelsburg castle on my website:

On my visit to the Castle, I took numerous photos, in spite of the signs that warned against taking photos there.  The first sign that warned against taking photos was just before you reach the entrance. A guard who was standing there told me not to take any photos. He said that if I wanted photos of the Castle, I could buy them in the gift shop later.

In spite of all these warnings, I took numerous photos. My camera just kept going off because I was holding my camera by the flashgun which was equipped with a solenoid button. That’s the way that newspaper photographers do it.

The show featured the General’s Hall, which you can see on this page of my website:

I even took photos of the crypt where Nazi Generals were buried. This was strictly forbidden, but I did it anyway.

You can see photos of the crypt on my website at

When I left the Wewelsburg Castle, there was a man standing at the exit. He was interviewing tourists to see how much they had learned on their visit.

I was able to answer all the questions, from the Jewish point of view, so I passed the test with flying colors, and I didn’t get arrested.


Hitler:The Monster (updated)

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Rob Photo.jpg

Robert Cintino made an interesting comment on the TV show entitled “Hitler:The Monster” which was shown on the American Heroes Channel (AHC).

Begin quote from Cintino:

“There is no paper trail linking Adolf Hitler to the holocaust and this is an extraordinary thing in such a highly bureaucratic state that kept meticulous records of every single minor activity.”

End quote from Cintino

I wrote about this in an earlier blog post but I wanted to include an exact quote from the TV show, in this update on the subject.

Begin quote from my earlier blog post:

One interesting aspect of this series is that it addresses the issue of the fact that there is little or no evidence, in the written German records of the time period, that Hitler ordered the Holocaust.  This idea was first brought to light by the research of David Irving, when he offered a cash bonus to anybody who could find a written order from Hitler regarding the Holocaust. Irving’s offer was considered a serious act of Holocaust Denial.

The show never mentions David Irving, nor introduces the topic of Holocaust denial.  Yet, on the latest episode of the show, a whole group of Holocaust historians basically admitted that Irving was right.  Maybe all these Historians should be put in jail; if they get a lawyer and try to defend themselves, their lawyer should be put in jail as well.  They have, in part, vindicated the notorious Holocaust denier David Irving!

End quote from earlier blog post

Maybe we should let poor Cintino out of jail on probation.  For one thing, he is a visiting professor at the United States Army War College.

Cintino is actually a very good writer and I have learned that he has written many good books on military history.  You can follow the link below to read some of his comments about Stalingrad.

But I still think that, before David Irving, this would have been Holocaust denial: saying that Hitler did not order the Holocaust in writing.

The story of Anne Frank is back in the news….

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Who doesn’t love Anne Frank? — the Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis for years, living in an attic in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank at the age of 13

I have visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and I have written extensively about Anne on these two pages of my website:

Front door of the Anne Frank house

My photo of the front door of the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam

You can read the latest news about Anne Frank at

The following quote is from the news story:

Begin quote

BANGOR, Maine — Nearly every American first learns of the Holocaust by reading the “Diary of Anne Frank,” first published in 1952. While an unedited version of the diary was published in the 1990s, the sanitized version of her diary influenced how the Holocaust has been viewed by Americans for decades.

Anthony Wexler, a faculty fellow in religious studies at Colby College, will discuss how the diary contributed what scholars have call the Americanization of the Holocaust at 7 p.m. Friday at Congregation Beth El, 183 French Street, Bangor. It is sponsored by local synagogues and Jewish Community Endowment Associates and is being present on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Because of the way the diary was edited by her father, Otto Frank, Anne was made into a kind of All-American girl,” Wexler said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “The Holocaust was a very acceptable event [in the first version of the diary published]. It didn’t feature the aspects of the Holocaust that were most terrifying.”

Other Holocaust scholars have criticized how the historical event has been portrayed in the U.S., including how the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. is designed.

End quote

You can read a description of the Anne Frank house on my website at

In order to see the attic, where Anne was hiding, you must climb some very steep stairs. Don’t worry about falling down these stairs — there are plenty of people on the stairs behind you, ready to catch you if you fall.

The people who work there won’t tell you this, but there is an elevator that you can use — but only if you are a prominent Jew, or if you are in a wheelchair — and a Jew.