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January 31, 2017

January 31st, 1943 Paulus surrenders at Stalingrad

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Classic “World at War” episode 9 footage on the battle of Stalingrad.

In an earlier blog post I asked what happened on January 31, 1943.  I also asked about a song played in Germany on this sad day.The winners can now be announced:

Begin winning comments

Paulus surrendered at Stalingrad. Those poor soldiers…and it was all Hitler’s fault.

Comment by brycesdaddy1105 — January 30, 2017 @ 4:08 pm


For info, Bruckner’s beautiful adagio was played twice in Germany during WW2: on January 31, 1943, after Paulus surrendered, and on May 1, 1945, as prelude to the announcement of Hitler’s death by Karl Dönitz.

Comment by hermie — January 30, 2017 @ 5:01 pm

End winning comments.

I blogged about Paulus before; you can read more about him by clicking the link below:

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